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Beyonce Shadiest /Top Bossiest Moments

  • Published on Dec 12, 2016
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  • OG
    OG Day ago

    Beyonce is wack

  • S B
    S B 2 days ago

    Whoever created this video ... shady.

  • Jaguar Kaboom
    Jaguar Kaboom 3 days ago

    she's trying to copy michael jacksons 14 years of no interviews......... it's all a *******PUBLICITY TACTIC***********

  • Jaguar Kaboom
    Jaguar Kaboom 3 days ago

    she's trying to copy michael jacksons 14 years of no interviews......... it's all a *******PUBLICITY TACTIC***********

  • Jaguar Kaboom
    Jaguar Kaboom 3 days ago

    she's trying to copy michael jacksons 14 years of no interviews......... it's all a *******PUBLICITY TACTIC***********

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin 4 days ago

    Beyonce is not famous.....she is a dictator and bitch

  • Joscel Mendoza
    Joscel Mendoza 4 days ago


  • Hot Cheeto
    Hot Cheeto 4 days ago

    She looks like she stinks.

  • bb b
    bb b 6 days ago

    I dont get the part where she complains to her father about working alot ?! And fast?! Like that what she‘s doing today ?! Can someone explain :)

  • Jorn Kirkengard
    Jorn Kirkengard 6 days ago +1

    That kelly Roland point was petty as hell

  • sweetiepie
    sweetiepie 7 days ago

    I'm a virgo like her we perfectionist lol

  • beyoncé stan
    beyoncé stan 8 days ago +1

    you shouldn’t have put kelly down, i’m the hugest bey fan but kelly is AMAZING!!

  • LeShaun Jenkins
    LeShaun Jenkins 8 days ago +1

    Beyonce is the best!! she a boss!!

  • kristofer .robbyn
    kristofer .robbyn 9 days ago +1

    Beyoncé is not bossy or shady, she’s just an unapologetic black woman invested in her money and time .. but that’s the same thing to you I guess... ☕️☕️

  • Mitch Contreras
    Mitch Contreras 9 days ago

    When did being petty become a virtuous personality trait?
    So... Basically she, and her fans, can't appreciate where she came from or the help she got.
    Beyonce didnt become Betonce by herself. And I can't say I see the "perfection" her fans see in her solo.

  • Verona Gomez
    Verona Gomez 10 days ago

    I hope she gets her bad karma the way she treats people isn't right people need to rest and eat people can't perform 24/7

  • Verona Gomez
    Verona Gomez 10 days ago

    Nope beyonce is a nasty bitch that steals other people's ideas and not give them credit for it. She doesn't realize that the people she's working with have been doing there job for 30 years way longer than her

  • Jay stevenson
    Jay stevenson 11 days ago

    Fix your face...!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Cabrera
    Maria Cabrera 12 days ago

    Somebody’s getting fired 😂😂

  • kck
    kck 12 days ago

    She's a woman that knows what she's wants and not afraid speaking her mind, BTW she's paying for it!!

  • Erica Dozier
    Erica Dozier 12 days ago

    Seems like it was like walking on pins and needles around they were afraid to piss her off or something

  • Bobby Hemmit Snippets
    Bobby Hemmit Snippets 12 days ago

    she has to check on these white poeple that like to F you up in underhanded ways and ignore waht you are saying.

  • Bobby Hemmit Snippets
    Bobby Hemmit Snippets 12 days ago

    Any creative person has their vision. she is the center. I dont' see any bossiness here. you hve to direct people.

  • Richardo G.
    Richardo G. 13 days ago +3

    The more I see this, the more I wanted to work like how she works.. the work ethic is just beyond our capability...she's just woww

  • Max Malanaphy
    Max Malanaphy 15 days ago +2

    "did you just spit on me"

  • Max Malanaphy
    Max Malanaphy 15 days ago +1

    Farrah get on Beyoncé NERVES

  • Adrian 1996
    Adrian 1996 15 days ago

    Smart business woman.

  • Amren Dennor
    Amren Dennor 16 days ago

    And this is why she’s so goddamn successful

    Listen and learn

  • ItsYaGirlMa
    ItsYaGirlMa 16 days ago +2

    Ughem.. Its not 'beyoncé the boss' noPe its:
    *Beyoncé THE boss*

  • Turkey Legg
    Turkey Legg 16 days ago +1

    I know you didn't just call queen b petty... You need to stop. Also when they were in the car, bey wasn't annoyed.

  • Cesalee Hall
    Cesalee Hall 18 days ago +1

    One million....
    This girl representing her own name. It better be right to her.

  • maddoxthecreator
    maddoxthecreator 20 days ago

    Beyoncé puts so much into everything. This isn’t shady. It’s her vision and she hires all these people to create it with her. 😍 A true queen

  • Avery Raines
    Avery Raines 21 day ago +1

    whats with all the shade to kelly Rowland and destinys child???

  • Luis Perales
    Luis Perales 21 day ago

    I am not a fan of Beyoncé but after watching this video I can’t help but feel respect for her. I both don’t like her but admire her.

    MIFNP 22 days ago +2


  • Michael Morrisson
    Michael Morrisson 22 days ago

    I was backstage at the gig where they are wearing pink and Michelle was crying non stop with sunglasses on BEFORE they went on.

  • Anna Phoenix
    Anna Phoenix 22 days ago

    She’s such a Virgo.

  • Gislane de Oliveira
    Gislane de Oliveira 23 days ago

    Well, as a perfectionist, I loved watching this because she is the boss and she doesn't have to put up with people who are not on the same page she is.

  • Samantha MacDonald
    Samantha MacDonald 24 days ago

    What's your name hehehe. She's good at what she does though

  • UltimateFireCracker
    UltimateFireCracker 25 days ago

    Michelle: O Shit not again

  • Dulcinea Arroyo
    Dulcinea Arroyo 25 days ago

    She is a creative mind and she knows what she wants!

  • SunKissNicole
    SunKissNicole 25 days ago

    That candle part had me fucking weak,.poor guy lol

  • Feren Isles
    Feren Isles 27 days ago

    Previously on SURVIVOR: Destiny's Child...

  • Right ova Wrong
    Right ova Wrong 27 days ago +1

    Omg whata pain in theass she must be to work with. How annoying.

  • Karan Rene'
    Karan Rene' 28 days ago

    If she was a man she'd just be assertive right? She's a Virgo and they r critical perfectionists with themselves n others...can be annoying but look at what she's done! Inspiring❤bey

  • SLAM Event Production
    SLAM Event Production 29 days ago +1

    Now thats a lady boss! U wanna be in production and in this industry?! Welcome to the real world!!

  • Keyana Bonner
    Keyana Bonner Month ago +2

    3:25 I had to replay it to check if my headphones were still good

  • jester john carno
    jester john carno Month ago

    very meticulous , perfectionist and critical, very intelligent

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander Month ago +2

    There was no need to disrespect Kelly Rowland!! Get off your High horse!! Kelly sold over 30 million records as a solo artist in the U.S.

  • Sarah Yost
    Sarah Yost Month ago

    “Somebody’s getting fired.” 🤣

  • Stephen Eastern
    Stephen Eastern Month ago

    Is it you, Mr. Schue? LOL 13:23

  • Michelle Wheeler
    Michelle Wheeler Month ago

    Beyonce is a real nasty bitch. I wouldn't work for her. Even early on she thought she was the shit. I despise her she's truly OVERRATED. Without the Illuminati and her selling her soul she would be nothing special. She has a man's voice when she talks.... All those expensive fake ass weaves and fake eyelashes can't change the fact that she's truly rotten to the core. Fuck Beyonce!!!!!

    • Too Deep
      Too Deep 25 days ago

      Bitch shut your bum ass up. Your slow ass don’t have to ever worry about working for her because your dusty ass would never be given that opportunity.

  • The Difference
    The Difference Month ago

    She's such a bitch ewwww

    • The Difference
      The Difference 25 days ago

      @Too Deep Nope. You just worship the bitch. My Mom's a real Queen.

    • Too Deep
      Too Deep 25 days ago

      The Difference I think you have her confused with your Mother sweetheart 💋

  • Leticia Castillo
    Leticia Castillo Month ago

    She is a typical Virgo! Over analytical, perfectionist, hardworking, shy, yet don’t fuck with me attitude. I am always right and you are wrong. No time for stupidity, pettiness or errors lol. I am a Virgo. Just like Her, Michael and Kobe! Lol. That’s what I always tell my boss lol.

  • sonyapeach
    sonyapeach Month ago

    To me it seems like she is being very patient with a bunch of incompetent people. I have worked with a group of creatives, and in the corporate world and there are so many people who do the bare minimum to try and skirt by.

  • Terelle Tipton
    Terelle Tipton Month ago +4

    "She didn't get there by being a Kelly Rowland" that's super disrespectful. smfh

  • Dee F
    Dee F Month ago

    I loveeee Beyonce

  • The Ayanna Show
    The Ayanna Show Month ago +1

    3:51 😂😂😂

  • MrS98VAC
    MrS98VAC Month ago

    "You can't put blue lights on black girls"

  • Jay stevenson
    Jay stevenson Month ago +2

    "Fix your face...."
    Im dead rofl😂😂😂😂

  • ada g
    ada g Month ago

    10:54 what video Beyonce refers?

  • ada g
    ada g Month ago

    we need an updated version! ;D

  • ashphoenix123 phoeboe

    Them faces she making at Farrah

  • Dubai's Lover
    Dubai's Lover Month ago +1

    She's a VIRGO!!!

  • hafsa Abbas
    hafsa Abbas Month ago

    All I see is a perfectionist and a hardworking woman. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

  • ColeBe94
    ColeBe94 Month ago

    I like the video but not the dissing

  • unbothered cocooning

    Bahaha she said I dont trust them they dont know what their doing. Ahh!

  • Rio D
    Rio D Month ago

    U can get a job done without being a witch, hopefully she pays her crew/staff extremely well.

  • Dimples R Us
    Dimples R Us Month ago +2

    “Somebody gettin fired” 😂😭

  • PeryglusHuman
    PeryglusHuman Month ago

    The title of this video would be so different if she'd be a man. This isn't shady or bossy, this is leadership!

  • Douglas Andrews
    Douglas Andrews Month ago

    She just seems like a perfectionist..she knows what she wants to do.

  • truth truth
    truth truth Month ago

    She's a satanic DEMONNESS though.

  • CrownCreations ByEffie

    Wow, she is amazing. I love her business ethics, I’m not a super fan but I loved seeing this side of her.

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    What a virgo😂

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    Never rude, never raising her voice, demanding just as she should be... Honey u don't see no shade, u see a boss.

  • Deeky 8323
    Deeky 8323 Month ago

    Lol she's funny

  • Sensei Aishitemasu
    Sensei Aishitemasu Month ago +3

    Thumbs down for mentioning Kelly, that’s wack

  • Jocelyn Blanco
    Jocelyn Blanco Month ago +2

    by doing a Kelly Rowland... let's be nice here please. lol

    • K H
      K H 21 hour ago


  • Kay D
    Kay D Month ago

    She so busy correcting everyone else but her voice aint got it all either

  • Mel B
    Mel B Month ago

    If anything this just made me like and respect her even more

  • June Smith
    June Smith Month ago

    She understands her own vision, she hears a certain song/orchestra in her head and she has a particular way to make it all come to life as long as he’s has the right support and individuals who can follow details. Basically, if she can run an special military unit to make her dream come true, it’ll happen within the time she expects it lol

  • Allen Ross
    Allen Ross Month ago

    She alwasy devoted to craftsmanship and she hungry for what she wanted and was not letting no 1 and I'm mean nobody stand in her way of that not her dad not even Jay Z that a powerful women

  • LK TX
    LK TX Month ago

    RESPECT earned boss... It’s her name on everything!

  • Rose Mandizha
    Rose Mandizha Month ago

    I said that yesterday

  • tOnySi
    tOnySi Month ago

    That's called being a Virgo on control and perfectionist.

  • Angelica Jacob
    Angelica Jacob Month ago

    She just knows what she wants.

  • Astro Venus
    Astro Venus Month ago +2

    Sept. 4, 1981
    Virgo ♍️
    👁 for detail
    Critical of self and others

  • Lashon Hunter
    Lashon Hunter Month ago

    B sold out wakeup

  • Sung Mook
    Sung Mook Month ago

    She didn't get there by being a kelly Rowland? Damn

  • Baby Mario
    Baby Mario Month ago


  • AmaraMoses
    AmaraMoses Month ago +12

    The title should’ve been called “How to become the greatest of all time.”

  • Tony C
    Tony C Month ago

    The comments must read Beyonce's mind.

  • dangboof
    dangboof Month ago

    "i always pretend that im completely fine."
    just because it looks good doesnt mean it is.
    perfectionism can ruin a lot of great things. [all while looking great doing it]
    i bet shes intense af to be around.. and she smiles through the whole thing.

  • t Smitty
    t Smitty Month ago

    That video of her and Michelle was funny af they were fasho annoyed with each other lmao

  • R B
    R B Month ago

    Everytime I see this video, I am reminded of the parody of Destiny's Child on madtv. Lol

  • Mera MG
    Mera MG Month ago +2

    She's not bossy, i think she's doing that because she wants to make her perfomance look perfect
    And besides she the boss

  • Mera MG
    Mera MG Month ago

    0:04 i saw future blue ivy

  • dokess Ezeaka
    dokess Ezeaka Month ago +3

    No need to shade Kelly, like why the hate?

  • Mimi Ankrah
    Mimi Ankrah Month ago

    Somebody getting fired😂😂😂😂

  • Tahniya Dawson
    Tahniya Dawson Month ago

    I loved this