Beyonce Shadiest /Top Bossiest Moments

  • Published on Dec 12, 2016
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  • S S
    S S 4 hours ago

    'Did you just spit on me?'

  • FloggnationTV
    FloggnationTV Day ago

    Its been 5 years now and that guy who smacked beyonce's but still hasn't washed that hand.

    NAZO BANDOLERO 2 days ago

    Someone Who Does Not Settle And It Shows !!! Amazing

  • Shantel Love
    Shantel Love 2 days ago

    Gosh I love her..but I can't work with her.
    I'm a Taurus

  • Marco Peter
    Marco Peter 2 days ago

    I used to no like her. After seeing this. I fucking love her. Such a hard working Queen.

  • DreamyFish
    DreamyFish 3 days ago

    Being a pisces watching this is like my worst nightmare lol But i do find similarities with virgo , we both do stuff to please others (her show for her fans) deep down i'm also a perfectionist @ times and very idealist (i have a vision & want it my way) It's crazy , i do understand her very well , it's the passion she has for it that makes her so critique & perfectionist , haha love ya'll virgos .

  • Keshawn Spruill
    Keshawn Spruill 5 days ago

    She is very analytical she understands music. I’m analytical when it comes to creating art or clothing.

  • Roma Janolino
    Roma Janolino 6 days ago

    She is perfectionist but she has a good attitude. She's not being a bitch, i mean, compared to other female artist-who're completely bitchy with her crew and fans. She just want everything to be great.

  • lucy t
    lucy t 6 days ago

    Sometimes u have to be that way. And u have to go solo too. If it's the best thing u gotta do it by urself. Lol 😍 nothing wrong with Beyonce!!! Every chick is this way at one point. 😊Shows u give a fuck about ur work. And u can't have ppl fuckin with ur work. LOL

  • Jade Pope
    Jade Pope 6 days ago

    Man Beyoncé just put her business first . She wasn’t worried about all that extra ‘ish. This is what it looks like to be serious about making your way to the top

  • AnniePooh TV
    AnniePooh TV 6 days ago

    Beyonce is obviously a very hard working, smart woman! The shows and art she creates are not easy.I have always loved her and respected her and always will. I don't know how she does it. Like when does she rest? Also, is this from a full documentary? I'd like to see it.

  • Gabriel Cruz
    Gabriel Cruz 7 days ago

    Such a boss love her God bless her and the family . Specially her baby she look so adorable. Am sick of fame lol

  • Chuong Nguyen
    Chuong Nguyen 7 days ago

    “Im a black girl, u cant put blue light on black girl” .....

  • Antonio Brooks
    Antonio Brooks 8 days ago

    Michelle was the biggest threat vocally to Beyoncé in the group, that’s why she was always trying to challenge her and Michelle always caught it and was always over her lol

  • Marissa R.
    Marissa R. 9 days ago

    Honestly for someone of her caliber, she has a great attitude overall. This is nothing compared to how people with less talent and success act. I like her.

  • Muff Funk
    Muff Funk 9 days ago

    I knew she was a bitch. Stupid monkey with a wig

  • J'Shyn James
    J'Shyn James 9 days ago

    Love how annoyed she looked with jayz. Lol. Love me some B!!

  • shview james
    shview james 10 days ago

    Virgo’s have the perfectionist trait,hard workers, and attention to detail.

  • Pheel Balliana
    Pheel Balliana 12 days ago

    she is not bossy at all, she is working

  • Tamar Hardman
    Tamar Hardman 12 days ago +1

    She's acts like a Scorpio lol she reminds me of myself in all these clips

  • Proud Kuripot
    Proud Kuripot 12 days ago

    That's why she is so successful! I admire her more after seeing this vid. I did not know that she is a perfectionist, and very hands-on. I would love to have a boss like her.

  • Urvashi Sharma
    Urvashi Sharma 12 days ago +1

    That Kelly Rowland comment was unnecessary.not everyone has to be Beyonce to be valuable. Besides alot worked in Beyonce's favour , she's very talented but so are alot of other people.

  • Neli neli
    Neli neli 12 days ago

    Im actually jealous of her perfectionism more than her performance .. got to apriciate the restless souls , i know i do ..

  • Neli neli
    Neli neli 12 days ago

    I think i saw a woman drinking water infront of her

  • walt686868
    walt686868 13 days ago

    Didn’t Obama call her a role model? Yikes.

  • Suzie K
    Suzie K 13 days ago

    what???Why u comparing her to Kelly Rowland n saying things abt Kelly??just stick to Beyonce.. Kelly is big in her own right,this is uncalled for...dumb

  • Derek Lowery
    Derek Lowery 13 days ago

    "Being A Kelly Rowland?" Wow... I'm still trying to get past that first caption. Smh

  • Earth Boy Sun And Rain.

    I don't worship her like everyone else and NEVER will...but what I will say is that she has a vision, so that takes her from being a mere entertainer to being an artist. And that I can respect.

  • Carlos Rafael Arce
    Carlos Rafael Arce 14 days ago

    She is an artist. A true artist.

  • Elizabeth Fields
    Elizabeth Fields 16 days ago

    I am the same way about my business success and my success in life. Even tho we are both virgos I wont say its a just a virgo thing

  • Jodie Hili
    Jodie Hili 17 days ago

    That's nothing, I've worked with performers who are way worse than Beyonce. She's a Virgo, Virgos are perfectionist, that's why she's a superstar. She puts in the hard work to improve herself, if you simply pay peeps to do your shit you don't own it or control your creativity.

  • OT7 for life and dem jams

    ok but why does she sounds like Princess Tiana kind of.. KIND OF since everyone sensitive

  • Logan Townes
    Logan Townes 17 days ago +1

    I see where she got her nickname QUEEN BEY

  • RVMJ
    RVMJ 18 days ago

    15:45 beyonce admits to stealing show ideas

  • Mesha World
    Mesha World 20 days ago

    That's why she's where she's at now.

  • Serge Banock
    Serge Banock 21 day ago

    Beyoncé is a perfectionist, she's my virgo sister i can relate!!

  • Đức Trần
    Đức Trần 21 day ago

    14:20 I can't stop laughing =)))

  • musique1o1
    musique1o1 21 day ago

    Excuse me. If a guy does this, he is assertive, has vision. If a woman does it, she is bossy, shady, a bitch. Sit down, it is time to change the way we see strong, successful women.

  • Chamilla Robbins
    Chamilla Robbins 21 day ago

    So, im not a beyonce fan and dont care to hear her perform or sing, but she is just a hard worker and constructs and controls all her singing and performing, and yes, it has got her to where she is now. She has a passion for her performances. She did become more successful solo!!!! But kelly does have a prettier voice, she just doesnt sing as strong, and dont be mad at michelle, michelle couldnt sing from get go!!!!definetly makes you see she has some intelligence!!!!!

  • mina bleak
    mina bleak 22 days ago

    Eh, I wouldn't mind. At least she's being critical and not bitchy. Also, you know that whatever she tells you is gonna make things better so no harm in that.

  • Midas Asmorodono Sosronegoro

    I can't even say anything .. I am so shocked. She works so hard to make sure everything is well done. What a perfect boss !

  • Gingerbread Girl
    Gingerbread Girl 23 days ago

    A motherfucking BOSS. Damn. Such a powerful woman.

  • MikeJam Mac
    MikeJam Mac 25 days ago

    I said that yesterday.

  • Leena Walker
    Leena Walker 25 days ago

    She’s a true Virgo: Perfectionist

  • Daniel López
    Daniel López 26 days ago

    5:49 How her mum looks at her.

  • whats good
    whats good 27 days ago

    Lol "somebody getting fired" 😂

  • Aicha Bangoura
    Aicha Bangoura 27 days ago


  • Cathy D.
    Cathy D. 27 days ago

    There's a difference between being a Boss than being a total disrespectful C"nt

  • Kamilah Ahmed
    Kamilah Ahmed 27 days ago

    Tearing down another artist just to compliment Beyonce is pathetic. It makes Beyonce look weak that she can't be great without making other people look bad. If she is so amazing as everyone claims, you wouldn't have to insult other artists to prove it. Lame

    MANISHA SHARMA 28 days ago

    I think some of this bossiness might be bad for her health

  • JReneé TV
    JReneé TV 28 days ago

    So inspiring tbh

  • Roselyne Olewe
    Roselyne Olewe 28 days ago

    I work exactly like this and it ticks everybody off...hehehe

  • Awuondo L.
    Awuondo L. 29 days ago

    Blue Ivy definitely has some Bey in her,"why do I have to be here" lol. n that hand gesture. "Fix your face" LOOOL.

  • Awuondo L.
    Awuondo L. 29 days ago

    If this was a guy, people would respect his work ethic. People really can't stand a woman who's boss and acts like it. Internalized partriachy.

  • Rodney Jackson
    Rodney Jackson 29 days ago

    I honestly think it is best she went solo she got to the point where she did not want to play nice with others!

  • Claudia Armah
    Claudia Armah Month ago

    F**k her

  • sisters of sisters
    sisters of sisters Month ago

    Beyoncé is my role model

  • plum e
    plum e Month ago

    I aspire to be like this

  • Nthabiseng Sithole
    Nthabiseng Sithole Month ago

    "Am a black gal"

  • KingPunisher boy456

    “I’m a black girl, blue lights don’t look good on me” gotta love her😂😂😂

  • MarkEthanTV
    MarkEthanTV Month ago

    Them candles is ugly!!!

  • thischickrunswithwerewolves

    Too much work. The reason why I’ll never be where she is 😭

  • Empress Prinezio
    Empress Prinezio Month ago

    I think this video has the wrong should be more like 'Beyonce's work ethics'

  • Matthew mufasa williams


  • Lavonn Beal
    Lavonn Beal Month ago

    “Who told them to flat iron a mans hair?” I’m fucking dead😂😂

  • Bennie Best
    Bennie Best Month ago

    She wasn't bossy

  • Written In The Stone


  • Goddess DeVirgo
    Goddess DeVirgo Month ago

    I once was a fan but this chic too extra & makes us virgos look bad. Great for her success but what do she with it nothing! She married her pedophile played games with biology lied to her fans. She treats people like shit. She turned diva 100% & the world could do without those types of people. Be a better person to your people... Bye beyonce

  • Slighty Radical
    Slighty Radical Month ago

    Honestly , her work ethic is amazing

  • Destiny’s Child
    Destiny’s Child Month ago

    i´m gettin so motivated by this anyone else?

  • Alexander Ross
    Alexander Ross Month ago


  • prissview
    prissview Month ago

    Wtf was that 8:13 LMFAO 😂

  • R.S. G
    R.S. G Month ago

    I cant wait for this bitch to die

  • Missbeepage
    Missbeepage Month ago

    I need new version with new clips to motivated my ass

  • Rethabile Jelele
    Rethabile Jelele Month ago

    'then put a disclaimer before my performance'😂

  • Lorraine Choo
    Lorraine Choo Month ago

    I see her Moon in Scorpio 1st house, Midheaven in Capricorn and especially her Mars in Leo very clearly here

    CHRISTI XX Month ago

    12:46 Love this.

    CHRISTI XX Month ago

    Queen things.

  • Pharoah M
    Pharoah M Month ago

    She's so fucking sexy

  • Tatiana Mendonça
    Tatiana Mendonça Month ago


  • P J
    P J Month ago +1

    Jay Z irks me, I wish she would have left him.

  • Party Libra
    Party Libra Month ago

    Maybe that is why she had fallen off stage because she is over working herself. GO BLUE we all love you!

  • Brandy Anderson
    Brandy Anderson Month ago

    Bee needs to get back in somebodies school😂 home girl speak like she’s 10

  • Brandy Anderson
    Brandy Anderson Month ago

    Beyoncé always wanted to work alone.

  • Brandy Anderson
    Brandy Anderson Month ago

    Lol.. this is crazy😆😆😆😆😆

  • Auchie Thomas
    Auchie Thomas Month ago

    if she were a man it wouldnt be a problem

  • desamania
    desamania Month ago

    She wasn't being a bitch at all, nor a diva

  • dbedazzling1
    dbedazzling1 Month ago

    Not eating n not using the bathroom is one thing but expecting that of ppl in your employ is damn stupid. Sorry Miss thing but don't go butting heads with other Virgos. She's unreasonable. I know some bitches that expect you to bow at their dam feet. Please!

  • Lulu Centeno
    Lulu Centeno Month ago

    That Kelly Rowland allusion was tacky AF. You said that shit as if Beyonce would take kindly to it or cut you a check for it.

  • Lorraine Mackin
    Lorraine Mackin Month ago

    Give Me Christina Aguilera any Day of the Week. She is the Best Singer Diva from her Generation out there Today I used to like Beyonce's Songs. But Really the songs she sings these days... It Seems to me that she is more intersted in Promoting her Image on how she looks on stage & in her Music Videos, than the songs what she sings lately. She has changed her looks with Plastic Surgery which I think has Given Her a Hard Look. When in fact their was nothing Wrong with her Looks She was Beautiful. WTF. & just to Say it's Not Just Beyonce Either...I Think the RnB Music Industry these days seem to think that it's more about how Female singers Expose their Bodies by Wearing Next to Nothing 👑👙👠 And Who Can Shake Their Arse Better, Or How a Male Singer Has to show off their Muscles & Six Pack 💪💪To Show How Sexy They All Are.. LOL 😁😁.. I Don't Ever Recall Marvin Gaye, Al Green, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Diana Ross & The Supremes, &, All the other Great Singers & Bands Ect..Singing Half Naked on Stage Or In Their Videos.Their Brilliant Songs are Still being Played All Over The World Today And Have Stood The The Test of Time For Decades.That's Why They are all Legendary Singers/Groups...But Are Also Sexy, But Classy Looking Singers..

  • Gladena Cole
    Gladena Cole Month ago

    This is how us Virgos are. Perfectionists. Self aware.

  • Alain ntwali
    Alain ntwali Month ago

    she is virgo i understand cz i also get critical at times

  • Asyraf Majid
    Asyraf Majid Month ago

    i dont think this is bossy, she is taking charge and want the best in what she do. she gives direction well, i think title is misleading.

  • India Richardson
    India Richardson Month ago

    Vicious. Better recognize the queen. I died when she pointed at Jay Z on stage :()

  • Bree Noele
    Bree Noele Month ago

    Beyonce and her backup singers 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Meera Moran
    Meera Moran Month ago

    song: 4:00? and beginning

  • john dean
    john dean Month ago

    And now we have cardi. Great

  • Lashia Daniels
    Lashia Daniels Month ago

    I like this ! Yes Beyonce

  • Bre Love
    Bre Love Month ago

    Kelly was a good singer tho not just Beyoncé

  • terrica donalson
    terrica donalson Month ago

    Ok imma need beyonce to plan every major life events i have. Wedding, baby showers, etc.