Liverpool legend Steve Nicol worried about title race after Manchester United draw | Premier League

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf break down what made Premier League leader Liverpool look second-best in its 1-1 draw vs. Manchester United and how the result affects the title race, with Manchester City closing the gap to six points at the weekend.
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Comments • 580

  • D Licious
    D Licious Month ago

    I just have to 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • arunN. Delish
    arunN. Delish Month ago +1

    Everybody keep saying Liverpool wins is by luck, who is stopping the rest of the teams from being lucky. In my opinion Liverpool played very well against MU, but MU pride is to play with all the strength against rivals and go on loss all other matches. Look how they played against Chelsea with pride, but wait and see how they will play Mcity they will let Mcity screw them easily. But no worries we got this, Ynwa

  • X G
    X G Month ago

    Spurs will win at Anfield...slump is ion.

  • Thales87 G
    Thales87 G Month ago

    I dont know if that is totally fair, liverpool definitely played badly and united were for sure up for it and played well, but i think in that last 30 minutes liverpool picked themselves up and fought for the draw. If the match had gone on 10 more minutes liverpool would've gotten a second goal

  • AI Youngboy
    AI Youngboy Month ago

    United will still lose to Norwich next week nothing’s changed.

  • AI Youngboy
    AI Youngboy Month ago

    Uh oh, we’re on pace to get 104 points, title hopes in danger, sound the alarm! Please.

  • Yarene otaigbe
    Yarene otaigbe Month ago

    30yrs no title seems likely to continue

  • William Dougherty
    William Dougherty Month ago

    am sure nicol is not a Liverpool supporter

  • pes 19 updates
    pes 19 updates Month ago

    One time next year

  • Krish Dante
    Krish Dante Month ago

    Steve didn’t you hear our coach said at the beginning we stop doubting and start to believe. Such a fool. 🤙😄

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 Month ago

    Title race it's only Octobik ffs

  • Tony 92
    Tony 92 Month ago

    Once Liverpool start to bottle...they bottle for real...Stevie looks worried

  • Paul Faid
    Paul Faid Month ago

    *Steve Nicol gets worried about title race after realising a team winning 38/38 games is almost impossible^^

  • Yoeal Esho
    Yoeal Esho Month ago

    They are worried after 1draw. What would they do if they had injuries like man city???? Snowflakes

  • Chibz92
    Chibz92 Month ago

    Honestly I expect us to bottle it; you can say I’m being a downer but when you’re 27 and you’ve seen the sun rise everyday you begin to count on it. If we do win the league I’ll be pleasantly surprised then

  • Sane Fran
    Sane Fran Month ago

    Man city are always favourites to win league....lfc has decided to fight....but who knows....if keita can remain fit and play enough games there might be a chance.....Ox will take time to be effective....maybe next season....

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      Liverpool were favorites with the bookies from the start and still are 🤷‍♂️

  • Georgio Fekete
    Georgio Fekete Month ago

    You’re officially morons. I’m never watching this channel again.

  • ChrisXian
    ChrisXian Month ago

    It's funny how Liverpool hasn't even lost yet in the League and they're worried about them not winning. I'm not a Liverpool fan but this is ridiculous. They are still 6 points ahead and yea it's a long season so why even worrying now.

  • death bystereo
    death bystereo Month ago

    As a utd fan amd after watching the game sunday I am convinced man city will win the league comfortably even tho they are behind now.

  • Memory Machingambi
    Memory Machingambi Month ago

    Nicol hit the nail on the head. Depth (or lack thereof) will cost Liverpool again. The way these pundits are going on 9 games in you’d think they’ve forgotten last year - city made up a 10 point gap with way fewer games to go. Both teams are a hair below what they were last season but I think city has the easier fix coz their issues are tied directly to losing Laporte whereas with Liverpool, no one seems to know exactly why they’ve dropped off. Liverpool were lucky to beat Leicester the other day, Southampton a few weeks back and now the fortunate draw at Utd. I’m not putting my money on Liverpool just yet

  • Ryan Loco
    Ryan Loco Month ago

    It was hard to play and win a game if your opponent was backed by the referee and VAR!!!

  • rrradodddupa
    rrradodddupa Month ago

    "Liverpool legend Steve Nicol".... oh my god, really? He is a legend? Nobody, literally nobody would ever remember this "legend" playing there if he wasn't still appearing in tv. There are at least 200 better players in history of this club.

    • rrradodddupa
      rrradodddupa Month ago

      @• Haze • Appearances don't make legends grandpa. To be a legend you have to be great player. Jamie Carragher player over 500 games and he was very average defender. To people like you there are 100 so called legends in every club, to me there are only few. You are one of those people who are calling Gary Neville United legend or great player, I'm not. Steve Nicol is from the same category of players.

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago +1

      Nearly 500 appearances in the great team of the 80s with 5 league titles, an FA cup and a European cup. So yes an absolute fucking legend.
      The only people who won’t remember are those who think football started in 1992, glory hunters or still have their mothers milk wet around their mouth. Which one are you?

  • roberto c
    roberto c Month ago

    That's interesting. I remember watching Liverpool in the 80s with Steve in the team. It was a great team but we always struggled against United. It's nothing new. These games are always close.

  • Jimmy james Computers
    Jimmy james Computers Month ago +1

    liverpool will never win the league. FINISH

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      Tell me Mystic Meg, will I ever win the lottery?

  • biggz shaw
    biggz shaw Month ago

    So Liverpool has one injury and they worried, about City who has been injury plagued from the community shield? Well wat will happen come the second half of the season when Manchester City players are making their return 🤔🤔🤔

  • Robin LaBouche
    Robin LaBouche Month ago

    It's now official...all of the stupid premier league pundits are saying that Liverpool are in crisis.....6 points in front of Manchester City...and only 15 FIFTEEN points ahead of !!!!!

  • Shuush HD
    Shuush HD Month ago +1

    Steve aint a liverpool legend

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      Nearly 500 games for Liverpool, 5 league titles, an FA cup and European Cup. He’s the definition of a Legend you moron.

  • B R
    B R Month ago

    How's the panel sensationalizing a draw..

  • Naila F
    Naila F Month ago

    I have been Liverpool fan long enough (a quarter century and counting) to know that a draw is most likely result, a win is fabulous.
    For ManU players, Liverpool at home match is always treated like a cup final.
    So not surprised at all

  • Basilio from Panama

    this is stupid analysis... there is rivalry between Man Utd and Liverpool, that being said even if a team loses all its games and are playing a top side they still beat them

    THE WATERSHED Month ago

    City are Levels above Liverpool. A lot of these fine margins that have been going in Liverpool's favour and contributed to their 17 game winning streak until Sunday, will start going against them and City will eventually finish above them by 4 points. City will do the double over Liverpool.

      THE WATERSHED Month ago

      @• Haze • I'm a fully fledged homosexual mate. So what insecurities am i projecting onto you, sugartits? All bitcing aside, you sound a right laugh. Wish we were brothers!

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      Raiders Of The Gay Earring You’ve resorted to projecting your insecurities now? Funny how your subconscious had the thought of two gay guys in it. Got something to tell us cupcake? Hahahahahahahaha indeed. Spam fake laughs more, it’s endlessly entertaining watching you try to hide your true feelings. And tell me more about this homosexual fantasy you have? Sounds interesting.

      THE WATERSHED Month ago

      @• Haze • Hahahhahahaha! He's back! What's up pal? Your boyfriend not putting out tonight?

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      Raiders Of The Gay Earring That’s it princess, do as you’re told. Cry more but with more caps.

      THE WATERSHED Month ago

      ​@• Haze • BOOOO-HOOOOOO!!! BOOOO-HOOOOO!!! There! I hope I made you happy mate! HAHAAHAAAAHAHA

  • Jon Sinkkonen
    Jon Sinkkonen Month ago

    Last week Liverpool were champions,now they draw one game after 17 victories and they maybe relegated probably.
    World has gone mad in everyway

  • David Cripps
    David Cripps Month ago

    As usual, an over reaction, but then they're paid to come up with opinions. This is the same team that lost by one point last year and won the Champions League. They're good enough to win both this year but it always takes luck AND talent Don't forget, Keita and the Ox are working their way back in, too.. It's only October, anything can happen. It might even end up involving more than Manchester City and Liverpool. Feb/March, that's when you can start to make predictions or panic. I agree, though, Liverpool thought they had this game in the bag. Just goes to show how small the differences between teams really are. Maybe it'll end up being a useful reminder.

  • Peter Helmore
    Peter Helmore Month ago

    what have they steve . , you

  • King Tut
    King Tut Month ago

    8 wins and a draw to united away. Wow this is terrible

  • Huzik 123
    Huzik 123 Month ago

    Salah has scored 0 goals against man utd how is he important

    • 19Lion8
      19Lion8 Month ago

      @Huzik 123 We don't need Salah to score against utd when our bench player Shaqiri can score. Btw, when's the open top bus parade for the point against the Champions of Europe?

    • 19Lion8
      19Lion8 Month ago

      @Huzik 123 A 2nd tier trophy lol even Arsenal could win. Not the CL.

    • Huzik 123
      Huzik 123 Month ago

      @19Lion8 pobga ain't a forward or a winger and our striker marcus has 3 goals against pool. 1 trophy after soo soo long relish it

    • 19Lion8
      19Lion8 Month ago

      Because he is a world class player who played a big part in them winning the CL. How many goals has Pogba scored against Lpool & how many CL finals has he taken utd to?

  • Ay Samuel
    Ay Samuel Month ago +2

    So no praise will be given to Ole, for his tactical masterclass?

  • Nemo
    Nemo Month ago

    Rojo in place of Tuanzabee saved United big time
    I have no idea why Rojo is snubbed so much by Manchester United

  • Boden Smith
    Boden Smith Month ago

    time to start putting chelsea in title race, currently playing better football than so called big two


    I wonder Steve wonder..

  • Minmin Li
    Minmin Li Month ago

    Liverpool vs Man City for the title. But Leicester winning it lol...

  • random person
    random person Month ago

    classic liverpool drawing to united 😂😂😂😂 YNWA you'll never win anything

    • 19Lion8
      19Lion8 Month ago

      @random person In 30 yrs LFC won = 1 League Title (1990)...2 CL's...1 Uefa Cup...4 FAC's....3 league cups...."never win anything" yet have more trophies then MC has fans ..😅😅😅😅😅

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      random person Never win anything? You say to the current champions of Europe 😂🤦‍♂️ And it’s about 15 of those 43 since 2000 actually. Lack of knowledge exposed.
      Get your preparation H ready for your butthurt because number 44 is likely to come in December...

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      19Lion8 43 actually. It’s United on 42

    • random person
      random person Month ago

      @19Lion8 42 trophies in the 20th century 😅😅😅 when has liverpool last won the prem 25 fuckin years ago 😅😅😅😅😅 ynwa you'll never win anything

    • 19Lion8
      19Lion8 Month ago +1

      ....except 42 major trophies. 😂

  • Kuda Sibanda
    Kuda Sibanda Month ago

    Nicol is the worst one-sided pundit

  • Friedo Hubert
    Friedo Hubert Month ago

    This is what happen when you put overtime to "analyze" 1 match over the whole season. What a joke 😪

  • Itay Rudoy
    Itay Rudoy Month ago

    Wijnaldom said they can stay unbeaten all season, that's what happened, they became kocky, so now they will start to lose points. It's not like they played so good this season, they had luck ehich is part of football, but atleast say yoy stay unbeaten only after you play amazingly

  • jermaine tobin
    jermaine tobin Month ago

    Don't even start that reactionary bullshit did people think we were gonna go the season and not drop any points ffs 🙄

  • Pål Abrahamsen
    Pål Abrahamsen Month ago +1

    Chelsea premier league champs 2019/20...

  • BR60
    BR60 Month ago

    Liverpool will win the league if their injury luck carries on...Salah misses one game and Nicol is panicking...haha!!. City have missed key players for long periods such as Sane, KDB, Laporte and Mendy. What would Liverpool do without Mane, Salah, VVD and Robertson for several months.

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago +1

      Literally everyone - City can afford injuries because their squad is so deep.
      City lose a few players to injury - InJuRiEs ArE cOsTiNg CiTy 🤪

  • Karl Grant
    Karl Grant Month ago

    Bullshite!! Man united was good the end guve ucking credit... why does it have to be liverpool was so bad.... man united was good period.

  • Writing Master
    Writing Master Month ago

    What did Henderson contribute?

  • Palestine Exists
    Palestine Exists Month ago +1

    Sheffield Utd beat Arsenal. Now Utd sit on 14th, 2 points off relegation zone.

  • liFE 707
    liFE 707 Month ago

    Liverpool is still the best team in the Epl alongside with ManC but I’ve still yet to see their players play to their full ability last season they played amazing for the most part of the season this season the are kind of sloppy in general

  • Junaid Mohammed
    Junaid Mohammed Month ago

    Liverpool were the better team despite how poor they were a lot of decisions didn’t go our way and still came way with a point

  • whitey 604
    whitey 604 Month ago +11

    Clubs have to be perfect every week or it's doomsday according to this show.

  • Applasamy Subbha Rao

    Yes Repeat of last season....

  • Makainternational
    Makainternational Month ago

    Idiots that thought Liverpool would be ok selling Salah as long as they keep Mane and Firmino! Salah is vital even when he doesn’t score or play particularly well. It’s his presence and runs that make other teams keep eyes on him at all times that creates space for others.

  • Electrifying 3:16
    Electrifying 3:16 Month ago

    I hate these titles so much. For the love of Christ it's October. They're acting like there are 2 games left in the season. In reality we're not even done with half. For all we know Liverpool and Manchester City are gonna get relegated, Watford is gonna win the Premier League and Slavia Prague is gonna win the UCL by beating a 22 men combined team of Juventus and Barcelona.

  • pedro torres
    pedro torres Month ago +4

    He said this was united best game of the season 😂 united tried to press first half and the second half they just defended cuz they got tired 😂😂😂

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott Month ago +1

    Man United was without Pogba, Shaw, Lingard and basically Martial and these dumb punidits contemplating over missig Salah...that's not an excuse for Liverpool performing poor...typical anti biased United haters can't take that Man United were better on the day

  • Spiritual 1
    Spiritual 1 Month ago

    I'm a Liverpool fan but I'm tired of us showing too much respect to united tree year in a row we got them to kill them off but once again it like we went there with fear.