the 11th doctor being iconic for 11 minutes straight

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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    show: Doctor Who
    inspired by allonsy.mp4
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  • Kewe Kira
    Kewe Kira 2 hours ago +1

    The doctor been around the earth for years on End but when someone is pregnant
    "YoU'vE Swallowd A Planet"

  • HAWKBOT 5000
    HAWKBOT 5000 11 hours ago

    11: Blimey! Get a girlfriend!

  • Ehf Ds kexibt
    Ehf Ds kexibt 2 days ago

    The Witcher: I hate teleports
    The Doctor: I hate teleports

  • Robert Bigg
    Robert Bigg 4 days ago

    Ironic he talks about fair use in the description

  • Hannah Pryde
    Hannah Pryde 4 days ago

    Every moment he’s on screen

  • Last Chance
    Last Chance 5 days ago

    F all that. Thank you. But... YOU rock. Not the Doctor, not us, YOU.

  • Robotic Spiderguy
    Robotic Spiderguy 5 days ago

    So the doctor owes Casanova a chicken
    Good to know

  • skyrim lecat
    skyrim lecat 6 days ago

    Get a girlfriend, jeff

  • Viinilikka
    Viinilikka 7 days ago

    "Don't but me on the Dalek ship when I'm holding a broken pit of Dalek!"

  • Bruna v
    Bruna v 7 days ago

    Matt will always be my favourite doctor ❤ I absolutely adore him ❤

  • Ew no
    Ew no 7 days ago

    Suddenly I want to watch this show

  • Nerdy potato
    Nerdy potato 7 days ago

    These videos give me
    L i f e

  • The Spanish Inquisition

    10:03 Didn’t realize ser Davos was in this

  • Zack Halladay
    Zack Halladay 8 days ago

    The 11th Doctor being a manchild with questionable mental health for 11 minutes.

  • Raposa Azul Blue Fox
    Raposa Azul Blue Fox 12 days ago

    ''Did you wish really hard?"'
    I find innuendos where there are none, I catch 95% of existing ones.... and I don't get this one line.

  • Zoko Dog
    Zoko Dog 12 days ago

    Ypuve swallowed a planet!

  • Fire Moon
    Fire Moon 12 days ago +1

    When he was talking to handles (god I miss handles 🥺) and hit him and then said ow I can relate to taht so much

  • Ramazan Ferik
    Ramazan Ferik 15 days ago

    Who Da Man!

  • Morgan Gibson
    Morgan Gibson 15 days ago +2

    Ah yes...
    ...the Doctor’s greatest enemy...
    ...that makes a little bit too much sense

  • Taco
    Taco 15 days ago

    Matt Smith is the only person who can look good in a fez.
    Change my mind

  • iron_ gamer
    iron_ gamer 15 days ago

    Is the time just a coincidence?

  • courtney timmins
    courtney timmins 16 days ago

    The first time I ever saw dr who was the David Tennant doctor and I found it about 7 years ago. I never got to watch much but seeing these complications of them being sassy or iconic makes me want to watch it all.

  • Burak
    Burak 17 days ago

    Type a quote from the video
    make sure to use lower and upper case letters in succession


  • The Noobest Girl
    The Noobest Girl 18 days ago

    "I'm sorry, did you just say "don't hurt us, we're nice"?" 😂

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 18 days ago

    How come the 11th Doctor was so stupid? Like he doesn’t know what football is and acts like a child. I just curious because the doctors before him seemed more intelligent and yet 11 is older than them

  • EliteXander
    EliteXander 19 days ago

    Any one notice how 11s screwdriver kinda looks like a phillips screwdriver

  • MonkeyGod 9
    MonkeyGod 9 19 days ago

    This video says the doctor being iconic for 11 minutes but its 11 minutes and 7 seconds so that's 7 seconds of more doctor being iconic yay

  • BBK113
    BBK113 20 days ago

    This and the 10th are my favourite versions.
    What's yours?

  • Elbert Castillo
    Elbert Castillo 20 days ago

    What season and episode is 9:09

  • Max Levine
    Max Levine 21 day ago

    Series 7 Rory is exactly done with everything, prove me wrong.

  • Marvel and sherlock Fan

    yO hO hO

  • Marvel and sherlock Fan

    😂😂😂😂he is A QWEEN

  • Marvel and sherlock Fan

    " *BLIMEY* gEt a GiRlfIeNd jEfF"

  • Shadow Sweetheart
    Shadow Sweetheart 21 day ago

    Matt is way too pure for this world.

  • Skye Death
    Skye Death 22 days ago +1

    Love the title: 'The 11th Doctor being iconic for 11 minutes straight

    An eleven-minute video of Eleven.........CLASSIC

  • Rockin Robin
    Rockin Robin 22 days ago +1

    10 and 11 were the best of modern who. It’s all gone down hill since then

  • -P O T A T O-
    -P O T A T O- 22 days ago

    GO BuiLd a cAbiNet
    ThaTS ReaLLY RudE

  • lightnesse flyer
    lightnesse flyer 23 days ago

    ThAtS ReAlLy RuDe

  • Faiirytones
    Faiirytones 24 days ago

    such a babie🥺🥺ily

  • Faiirytones
    Faiirytones 24 days ago

    catch me crying in my bedroom🥺i miss him🥺🥺so much🥺

  • ShipEnthusiast
    ShipEnthusiast 24 days ago +1

    My favorite doctor, love him.

  • Alex Russo
    Alex Russo 24 days ago

    *G E T A G I R L F R I E N D J E F F*

  • The_Living_Speaker
    The_Living_Speaker 28 days ago

    I’m the Doctor
    Please tell me that a doctor has said that to a child patient just to scare them

  • Kendra Curtis
    Kendra Curtis 29 days ago

    9:35 *sip* omg 🤣

  • Michelle Laufeyson
    Michelle Laufeyson 29 days ago

    10:34 how exactly did they film this scene without dying because of laughing?😂

  • Emily F
    Emily F Month ago

    0:44 what’s Luther doing here??

  • Eyeless Eclipse
    Eyeless Eclipse Month ago +1

    Omg I love Eleven so much

    • nessus47
      nessus47 Month ago

      Yeah, me too. Miss him so much. Best doctor evah🤩

  • Buchanan Games
    Buchanan Games Month ago

    1:03 and i never have

  • Ainsley Hayes
    Ainsley Hayes Month ago +1

    “WHO DA MAN!?”
    You. It’s you.

  • StrangerxGirl
    StrangerxGirl Month ago

    I want him to be my brother

  • Yusuf Çırak
    Yusuf Çırak Month ago

    Wow you guys are so funny you are commenting everything in the video

  • - MrPuppyFan -
    - MrPuppyFan - Month ago

    10:29 @Golden Ticket.”
    “Spacey Month”
    “fReE iCe cReAm”

    C.D SHEZER Month ago

    1:51 i’m laughing so much

  • Tencents49
    Tencents49 Month ago

    Matt Smith looks like a longer haired, babyfaced and british Bill Nye... love it

  • Blink Army
    Blink Army Month ago

    11 is still waiting for his tea from the Daleks.

  • yaymoofin
    yaymoofin Month ago

    I call this the evolution of the eyebrows, I like watching them disappear

  • Meredith Clark
    Meredith Clark Month ago +4

    “What sort of man doesn’t carry a trowel?”
    Oh Arthur you mad muggle loving fool

  • Meredith Clark
    Meredith Clark Month ago

    When isn’t 11 iconic?

  • Jess McNamara
    Jess McNamara Month ago +2

    im not saying i had a crush on 11 but thats exactly what im saying

    • nessus47
      nessus47 Month ago

      I get you, he is a dearie❤

  • Snowdropthewolf
    Snowdropthewolf Month ago

    “Oops I’m wearing *sandshoes!* “