10 BEST OF QI Moments With Stephen Fry!

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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Comments • 129

  • Lisa Kazmier
    Lisa Kazmier Day ago


  • artur297
    artur297 3 days ago

    that robot's walk reminds me of angela merkel.

  • Shelldamage
    Shelldamage 5 days ago

    Brilliant brilliant entertaining !

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles 6 days ago

    Yes, you look like a knob 'ead.

  • Lucifronz
    Lucifronz 10 days ago

    Having no context for that guillotine made me very nervous even though I knew Daniel Radcliffe did not die on an episode of QI.

  • Smurfette101
    Smurfette101 11 days ago

    That bee debate is so iconic

  • Fingers Titan
    Fingers Titan 11 days ago +1

    Jo's face is my face during anything Rob does tbh..

  • Des Perkins
    Des Perkins 12 days ago +1

    Was Jo not shot years ago.oooooooooooooooooooo I fucking wish

  • Bruce Laister
    Bruce Laister 13 days ago

    Behind every robot is a human!
    Such a waste of money!

  • eleriel
    eleriel 14 days ago +15

    9:10 Rob: "you're being humane are you? No you're not. you're getting a kick out of it."
    Dara: "no, it's getting a kick out of me."

  • morenauer
    morenauer 14 days ago

    When a robot has better moves than you...

  • ipodguy9
    ipodguy9 14 days ago +3

    Mitchell’s angry logic 😅

  • Franca Perotti
    Franca Perotti 15 days ago

    Fight fight fight fight

  • tahutoa
    tahutoa 15 days ago

    Cheri Monocle

  • Joshua Enker
    Joshua Enker 15 days ago +17

    ‘There’s also no Latin name for Maltesers.’

  • Twenty-First Century Fudge

    Something tells me Rob Brydon never got prepped for this show. Legend.

  • ivan carlson
    ivan carlson 16 days ago +12

    They say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is...

  • Jamie Finn
    Jamie Finn 16 days ago +2

    Was that Daniel Radcliffe at the hight of his fame, with the last 2 films yet to come out on QI.... I feel he asked them not them asking him...

  • fiachraswaz
    fiachraswaz 16 days ago +1

    My depression sets in when i realise asimo has better dance moves than me

    • Hal
      Hal 7 days ago

      Than I*

    • DotBone89
      DotBone89 14 days ago

      @Gary Ravinsky Yes!

    • Gary Ravinsky
      Gary Ravinsky 15 days ago

      @DotBone89 was that a reference to Rachel Riley?

    • DotBone89
      DotBone89 16 days ago

      ...said Rachel!

  • Diabulus Darkdoom
    Diabulus Darkdoom 17 days ago +13

    Watching asimo in a time where robots can run parkour and do front flips is kind of cute

    • Rv
      Rv 14 days ago +1

      I find that entire clip so fukcing terrifying

  • capbarker
    capbarker 17 days ago

    wtf is that single frame at the end with 2 women in red dresses??

  • TheDave159
    TheDave159 17 days ago

    "all I would really like is a dance with Jo"... That's not been said before has it XD

  • Monty Python the Flying Circus

    This is the best Stephen Fry QI video thexvid.com/video/Fki5pi_Y5IY/video.html

  • tenshinseishin
    tenshinseishin 17 days ago +1

    Wish he still did it. Awful show now.

  • Iain 123
    Iain 123 17 days ago +27

    ..."here I am, brain the size of a planet" 🤣😂 nice Hitchhiker's Guide reference from Alan...

  • Ballconei 2
    Ballconei 2 17 days ago +1

    I turned 37 yesterday and Dara O'Briain (in this video) looks older than my father does now in 2019.

  • Cool Coyote
    Cool Coyote 17 days ago +5

    Brydon is a dork, but he did have the funniest moment with his 'its not the fire that kills you, its the smoke bit.🤣

  • Peter Mortimer
    Peter Mortimer 17 days ago +2

    The giant tortoise segment was the funniest but the competition was bloody good apart from the last segment on the Acropolis which I've always thought was a joke that went on too long.

  • jujubear 01
    jujubear 01 17 days ago

    This is best moments with David Mitchell

  • Nathaniel Raddin
    Nathaniel Raddin 17 days ago +2

    I am 13.8 Billions years old just like the rest of us.

  • Fino Menezes
    Fino Menezes 17 days ago

    It takes a dozen bees a fortnight to make a teaspoon of honey, but only two wasps a weekend to make a whole fucking jar of Marmite.

  • filbert the frog
    filbert the frog 17 days ago

    Brydon is a boring arse that always interrupts with long rambling shite because he loves the sound of his own voice, exactly why I don't watch Would You Lie To Me... ruddy face git

  • egg arts
    egg arts 18 days ago +1

    Now we know why Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t been in much since Harry Potter

  • PLF
    PLF 18 days ago +6

    Somehow think it's a white person who've programmed those dance moves

    • anonUK
      anonUK 17 days ago +9

      Japanese person, I think.

  • Andrew Britton
    Andrew Britton 18 days ago +4

    Turtle soup, anyone?

    • Daniel Seelye
      Daniel Seelye 17 days ago +1

      Foot clan grunt: Master Shredder will have four bowls, with a _Rat_-atouie appetizer, please.

  • Irishwolf137
    Irishwolf137 18 days ago +48

    Shows how naturally funny David Mitchell is when he's in a lot of these clips

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 11 hours ago

      I appreciate your enthusiasm but I can't stand the man. Never liked him. Funny how humans have different preferences.

    • Sarah Kinsey
      Sarah Kinsey 18 days ago +2

      Gotta love his Angry Logic!

  • Irishwolf137
    Irishwolf137 18 days ago +2

    God I miss this

  • Bruce McKay
    Bruce McKay 18 days ago

    I fucken hate that robot...

  • Ryan Springer
    Ryan Springer 18 days ago

    What could Asimo successfully be used for?

    • The Mediocre Collector
      The Mediocre Collector 14 days ago

      Maybe a robotic servant

    • Aseem Sharma
      Aseem Sharma 15 days ago +1

      He's not serving any serious practical purpose i feel. however, robots are the future and Asimo is a step in the right direction. A crucial milestone that is also doing well in the publicity of robotics.

    • W8 M4N
      W8 M4N 17 days ago

      Entertainment, research maybe.

    • egg arts
      egg arts 18 days ago +2

      Ryan Springer A friend

  • nivlac
    nivlac 18 days ago +2

    bring him back.....at any cost...

  • mc finn
    mc finn 18 days ago +1

    Wonder what Asimo's up to now...

    • Aseem Sharma
      Aseem Sharma 15 days ago

      Being an absolute legend obviously.

    • saltytrey
      saltytrey 18 days ago +1

      Here I am, brain th size of a planet, dancing with Jo.

  • deekat3279
    deekat3279 19 days ago +12

    "They make you look like a knob-head." 😂
    They do look like women's short stockings.

  • Wykeisha Craft
    Wykeisha Craft 19 days ago +4

    What a fun show ,that kept you laughing while I was eating. As almost got choke. Wow, What A Day

  • Wykeisha Craft
    Wykeisha Craft 19 days ago

    Great story

    LET'S_ROCK_AND_RIDE 19 days ago +3

    So much better with Stephen

  • Christoffer Ung
    Christoffer Ung 19 days ago

    Wish Sean Lock would've been on that Asimo ep. so someone could point out how shit that was.

    • your right I'm sooo sorry
      your right I'm sooo sorry 19 days ago


  • Fikra Akhmad Maurisha
    Fikra Akhmad Maurisha 19 days ago +105

    is it just another excuse so they can upload the acropolis where the parthenon is?

    • Matthew Bailey
      Matthew Bailey 7 days ago +1

      @MICHAEL DUKES a sherry monocle?

    • jacobthehodge
      jacobthehodge 12 days ago +2

      I’ll agree that the Acropolis bit is great, but the best clip in my opinion is the Giant Tortoise one.

      MICHAEL DUKES 14 days ago +1

      Call me what you will, but I actually feel the Acropolis moment is a bit overrated. “Madeira pince-nez” is a lot funnier, in my opinion.

    • Donald Chapman
      Donald Chapman 15 days ago +1

      And I'm ok with that

    • Michael Naisbitt
      Michael Naisbitt 16 days ago

      Do have have some kind of objection to humour Fikra Perhaps it offends in some way if so do tell so we can organise a revolution

  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright 19 days ago +12

    Is Phil Jupitus ever anything less than spectacular on QI?

    • Aspartem
      Aspartem 16 days ago +1

      The sun...

      ...it's not there.

    • Sarah Kinsey
      Sarah Kinsey 18 days ago +1

      Some of his best stuff is from QI!

  • Tim Unwin
    Tim Unwin 19 days ago

    fuck you, fuck your channel, get off my recommended

  • Lewis Wilkinson
    Lewis Wilkinson 20 days ago +5


  • ida dybing
    ida dybing 20 days ago +26

    You shouldn't give honey to a starving bee, but rather sugarwater! Because if you give honey, there may be viruses or other pathogens in the honey from the colony that produced it which you have now given to a new bee that will fly home and infect the rest of its colony.

    • dan stone
      dan stone 14 days ago

      Isnt Alan Davis a vegan/ veggie so he shouldn't be eating honey at all. As bees die in the process of making honey

    • ida dybing
      ida dybing 18 days ago +1

      @David Gould I know, but I still think it's a good idea to post the correct information so that less people will take what he says for fact👍

    • mc finn
      mc finn 18 days ago +2

      @David Gould twat

    • deekat3279
      deekat3279 18 days ago +2

      @Robin Brennan I think his, er, "twat-ism" comes more from him going for laughs over being correct.
      One day the answer will be, "blue whale," (again) and Alan will get it.

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee 20 days ago +7

    "Best Moments with Stephen Fry": A bunch of segments that mostly feature the other performers.

    • HRHtheDude
      HRHtheDude 17 days ago +1

      Was bits from his tenure as host.

    • Postghost
      Postghost 19 days ago +5

      Well, the show does quite regularly feature other people, just fyi. The video title wasn't: "Stephen Fry's 10 Best Monologues."

  • Olivier Tree
    Olivier Tree 20 days ago +17

    Madeira pince-nez

  • Paolo Imori
    Paolo Imori 20 days ago +80

    I don't think Rob was using actually long socks. They're regular size socks, only looks like long socks for him

    • Accumulated Sense
      Accumulated Sense 14 days ago +3

      @Sandra Frederick The problem there, is Jo is not funny.

    • tahutoa
      tahutoa 15 days ago


    • Sandra Frederick
      Sandra Frederick 17 days ago

      I confess that Rob was never my favorite, but I think his feelings were actually hurt by Jo's remark. She could have been kinder or at least funny in an off hand way.

    • Tamer Aydogdu
      Tamer Aydogdu 18 days ago +2

      @deekat3279 Famously so.

    • deekat3279
      deekat3279 19 days ago +1

      Is he short? It's hard to tell when they're all sitting.

  • Confector Tyrannis
    Confector Tyrannis 21 day ago +41

    That last bit. Seen it 1000 times.
    Still love it every time 😂😂😂

  • ShadowGaming uk
    ShadowGaming uk 21 day ago +3

    I really miss qi was one off the only shows worth watching on the bbc

    • Despott
      Despott 18 days ago +1

      @ShadowGaming uk Unfortunately gender politics ruined the show.

    • Stitchy
      Stitchy 18 days ago +2

      @ShadowGaming uk wash your mouth, that's uncalled for.

    • Daniel O'Neal
      Daniel O'Neal 19 days ago +2

      Wow. So edgy.

    • ShadowGaming uk
      ShadowGaming uk 19 days ago +2

      Omg Cameron Young/ CG I cant stand that annoying bitch she’d ruin the show for me

    • Cameron Young/ CG
      Cameron Young/ CG 19 days ago

      @ShadowGaming uk Sandi Toksvig's presenting. Series Q is on now, though new episodes are on a break while XL catches up. Currently, XL is being shown on Saturdays, and regular shows on Fridays.

  • Uncle Ned
    Uncle Ned 21 day ago +4

    I love qi

  • Dusty
    Dusty 21 day ago +5

    ASIMO can do it all, the proof is in the paper shredder on his back...

    • deekat3279
      deekat3279 13 days ago

      @blindleader42 you are an Angelj! Thank you so much for the links and everything I could need!
      Blessed Be.

    • blindleader42
      blindleader42 13 days ago +1

      @deekat3279The original BBC release of the two original series is what you want. This is important because there seem to be a variety of later adaptations such as a greatly abridged version done for vinyl. I think it might not be on Amazon.com. amazon.co.uk appears to have it the original 6 CD box set. Looks like the same edition I bought in Glasgow 26 years (yikes) ago: Not cheap.
      Since I heard it when it was first broadcast on NPR in 1978-79, none of the books, the TV series, or the especially bad movie really did anything for me.

    • deekat3279
      deekat3279 13 days ago

      @blindleader42 there was a radio series for, "Hitchhiker's Guide"? I'll have to look it up; any suggestions on where I should start looking? I'll try Scribd and Google to see what I find. Thank you! 💜

    • blindleader42
      blindleader42 13 days ago

      @deekat3279 Most brilliant casting choice in the most disappointing movie I've ever seen. Nevertheless, I hear the line in Stephen Moore's altered voice from the original radio series.

    • Icarus Godleman
      Icarus Godleman 16 days ago

      Jimmy Carr will be ordering one for his tax returns

  • Hung Phung
    Hung Phung 21 day ago


  • Wendy Green
    Wendy Green 22 days ago +49

    Humor is the best medicine and I just adore English Humor... it’s silly and fun and smart. I thoroughly enjoyed this

    • Will Miller
      Will Miller 2 hours ago +1

      @Wendy Green As a British person I think it's a breath of fresh air to hear an American compliment our humour

    • Wendy Green
      Wendy Green 14 days ago +1

      Paul M well thank you, since I’m American, I am correct in my spelling

    • Paul M
      Paul M 15 days ago

      American spelling is equally valid as it comes from a time before there was a fixed way of spelling in English.

    • Wendy Green
      Wendy Green 18 days ago

      Tom Withey I stand corrected

    • deekat3279
      deekat3279 19 days ago +1

      Wendy Green I agree! But, did you think a compliment would get three -- OK, two and a half as one was a correction -- comments correcting you? 😂 (And, yes, I know they're in jest.)