How Humans Broke the Game

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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  • Hard Time
    Hard Time 7 hours ago

    Sadly we will have to reboot the game to make space for our new players


    I heard there still adding updates and new creature in the ocean

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus Day ago

    The human class is very OP. But I heard devs are planning to introduce two new classes in future updates to balance the game, the machine class, and the alien class.

  • Doodle Approved
    Doodle Approved Day ago

    When you think about it.... we're all tier whores

  • Rndo Player
    Rndo Player 2 days ago

    Can’t wait to show this to my history teacher.

  • Some sad dude
    Some sad dude 2 days ago

    You should make a Human Profession tier list (e.g. ranking engineering degrees vs liberal arts and such xD)

  • Imran Akhtar
    Imran Akhtar 2 days ago


  • Krompy
    Krompy 2 days ago

    Ayy i heard there's a new patch coming, global warming! The devs will nerf humans to the ground. Excited!

  • Andrey Dovbysh
    Andrey Dovbysh 2 days ago

    Mozambique 'ere
    I'm dead

  • leah varis
    leah varis 2 days ago

    The comment section could spawn so many other tier zoo videos 🤣

  • Tanner Kennedy
    Tanner Kennedy 3 days ago

    it seems my game is lagging

  • TheFvpss
    TheFvpss 3 days ago

    The text style reminds me of Tibia

  • Travis Hamman
    Travis Hamman 3 days ago

    This video alone got me an A+ on a Biology Project. Thank you for what you do!

  • Alegna Eniarrol
    Alegna Eniarrol 4 days ago


  • Tosaku Joji
    Tosaku Joji 4 days ago +1

    *Me sweating*: ugh, disgusting
    *Our ancestors sweating*: gg antelope

  • Neighdolf Horstler
    Neighdolf Horstler 4 days ago

    When are you going to break down racial dynamics? Whites seem to be an op build.

    • Neighdolf Horstler
      Neighdolf Horstler 9 hours ago

      @- Blackemperor- Yeah but with the influence of the jew sub species rising the Whites will soon get a big buff through ethnocentric cooperation.

    • - Blackemperor-
      - Blackemperor- 9 hours ago

      Sadly, the primate division of straight-white-males is currently unfairly treated.

  • Sam
    Sam 4 days ago

    ll lol

  • Flipperkoek
    Flipperkoek 4 days ago

    there is no proof of humans first being monkeys soooo

  • razorback9999able
    razorback9999able 4 days ago

    We all broke the game!

  • Jeff Killer
    Jeff Killer 4 days ago +2

    I cant wait for the next great patch
    "The global warming"
    Or maybe the
    "Nuclear Fallout"

  • Auto hot key script Person

    i keep getting spawn killed the devs should add a temporary force field when u respawn

  • Yu Li
    Yu Li 6 days ago

    I thought the nethandarls were larger and dumber. Their bigger brains failed them. The sapiens are op

  • Waleed Alotaibi
    Waleed Alotaibi 6 days ago

    10 lvl cook kill man turn in to 100 lvl

  • Deshawn Brown
    Deshawn Brown 8 days ago

    Takkar has enterd the chat~

  • King of the Mountain

    bruh i hope there is an after life and i become a neanderthal or homo floresiensis or homo sapien

  • Boomchucks
    Boomchucks 8 days ago

    Are Europeans Neanderthals that integrated with sapiens? Does that explain why all the top strength competitions seem (at least to me) to be dominated by huge germanic/Scandinavian mountains of men?

  • Aesthetic Plants
    Aesthetic Plants 9 days ago

    I would love to see a video about what animals might have become the op dominant if not humans, or what creatures might be the dominant on a different planet similar to ours

  • Edoardo Battaglia
    Edoardo Battaglia 9 days ago

    there is also a theory according to which Neanderthals and sapiens have mixed, this would also explain the great differences in genetic traits among Europeans that we do not find in Asian and African populations 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Dickless Mic
    Dickless Mic 9 days ago

    5:43 are you telling me humans one upped Neanderthals because they invented the Chuckit?????

  • MissScarletTanager
    MissScarletTanager 9 days ago

    Could you do some videos about how human players crafting skill has ended up breaking the code and is affecting the game world? I know some human players pretend they aren't so they don't lose their favorite money and power skills, but it's really starting to affect the rest of the player base. Some think it'll even start glitching out the game and crashing it soon. I mean, humans OP crafting has even started to game end whole guilds, even their own support classes like the honeybee.

  • Bobbin' Williams
    Bobbin' Williams 9 days ago

    “...because by this point they’d also upgraded their crafting ability enough to make spears...”
    Uhhh, what other builds have a crafting ability besides humans?

  • Chomiczek Fetor
    Chomiczek Fetor 10 days ago

    4:45 did jew pay you to show homo sapiens as black who take over the Europe?

  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk 10 days ago

    You acted like all humans left the Africa server, yet it’s the second mot populated server

  • Kirian Kador
    Kirian Kador 10 days ago

    Infighting is one of the reasons for such fast paced tech progress. A lot of key technologies were developed because someone wanted to win a war or didn't want to die. Which then trickled down into civil sector to bring you smart phones among other things. People didnt go to space because they wanted to explore it. Soviets wanted ICBM to counter US Strategic Bombers. And Americans rushed to catch up because they freaked out that they were in striking distance on nukes now. Nothing rarely gets the big funding unless it is required to survive, to make money, to pay tribute to the gods or to glorify some royal. This makes war and infighting one of the key driving factors for progress

  • Rng 53
    Rng 53 10 days ago

    As a smash bros player this channel is amazing

  • victor trevino
    victor trevino 11 days ago

    This is awesome

  • Venator-Class Star Destroyer -

    Humans should be nerfed. They are way too op and keep trolling and spawnkilling other builds and players.

  • Denver Downer
    Denver Downer 12 days ago

    The graphics and the sounds were perfect. As well as the knowledge gained

  • Katvano E
    Katvano E 12 days ago


  • omari gibbs
    omari gibbs 12 days ago

    Evolution is false

  • Tommaso Filipponi
    Tommaso Filipponi 12 days ago

    1:46 lmao

    MJ THE GREAT 13 days ago

    Of course this "game" isn't real right?

  • Keeday xD
    Keeday xD 13 days ago +1

    What is the game called and where can I get it?

  • sameer munshi
    sameer munshi 14 days ago

    the reason why we are op is because of society other animals might make a small pack but we humans stay in huge numbers and everyone depends on each other its like a strong rope if a little bit is cut the entire rope splits in 2 fun fact in the old days when humans still had to hunt you would have to be social to survive introverts would have died bc in the old days communication and team work was a thing you absolutely needed to even have a chance at being alive

  • Nw2343
    Nw2343 14 days ago

    Wait, having a larger head doesnt mean the Neantherdals where smarter and more intelligent. What where they teaching me in school all these years. I remember they said homo sapiens where much smarter than the Neantherdals ,and In Europe that a good amount of the Neantherdals where incorparated in the Sapiens species giving us as the hibrides today, being mostly sapiens and a little pit of Neantherdals

  • Chaosboy_X
    Chaosboy_X 14 days ago

    I lost it at Mosambique here

  • jax rammus
    jax rammus 14 days ago

    Bigger brain =/= more intelligence

  • Coolkidnow100 GAMING AND MORE!

    If spore, the history channel , and old school Runescape had a baby.

  • Maria Montgomery
    Maria Montgomery 14 days ago +1

    and also no not Africa this should be in Europe

  • Maria Montgomery
    Maria Montgomery 14 days ago +1

    That game Tripping because how the hell some caveman go take down a woolly rhino which is 20 time more powerful and bigger then the one today gets kill by like five stabs

  • Fei_Ling Bob
    Fei_Ling Bob 15 days ago

    *leaves Mozambique behind even though they don’t even have tools yet *

  • P A V L V S
    P A V L V S 15 days ago

    Isn’t the African origin of humans theory outdated due to recent findings in Greece and Israel?

  • Jobo Pezzono
    Jobo Pezzono 15 days ago +3

    when u realize that sasquatches are just min-maxed humans but with the opposite playstyle

  • Ťøxīç
    Ťøxīç 15 days ago +2

    Even in The real Life are humans OP they Destroy The world

  • X
    X 15 days ago

    I really want full auto mode!

    CRISPY BROS 15 days ago

    I love this!

  • David Turkstra
    David Turkstra 15 days ago

    What's the song with the flutes that plays in the background?

  • Luan
    Luan 16 days ago

    It is a bit sad to see that the humans left in Africa have not unlocked the technological advancement ability yet.

    • DonJuan Yates
      DonJuan Yates 12 days ago

      you cleary know nothing of the many cities throughout the various african countries.....

  • Brian Giraldo
    Brian Giraldo 16 days ago

    *Mozambique hear*

  • jwn5
    jwn5 16 days ago

    Info needs updating... This is pre reboot gameplay