50 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay | Part One

  • Published on Mar 31, 2021
  • Here are 50 cooking tips to help you become a better chef!

    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    A lot of us can't even cook but just love listening to him

    • Agenda In Mind
      Agenda In Mind 7 days ago

      And 25 commercials

    • Question Everything
      Question Everything 7 days ago

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    • ForcY TX
      ForcY TX 11 days ago

      @Italian mafia Boss I’m African same thing here

    • Janitor
      Janitor 19 days ago

      You are at too many places my dude

    • WavyKJ
      WavyKJ 20 days ago

      Speak for yourself

  • William David
    William David 23 days ago +342

    Beginning- Sharpen a Knife
    1:10 Stop Cutting board from moving
    1:22 Get the most from your peeler
    1:46 Peppermill
    2:06 Peeling Garlic
    2:24 chop an onion
    3:33 Preheating
    3:45 Wastebowl for cleaning
    4:05 Room temp°. Meat
    4:27 Deseeding Chili
    5:10 Chili versatility
    5:43 Zest a Lemon
    6:47 Chopping/Mincing Garlic
    6:59 Teaspoon/Washing to peel Ginger
    7:12 Keep the Vanilla Pods
    7:24 Leftover spices in an artight jar
    7:34 How to cook the Perfect Rice
    9:47 A good cook wastes Nothing
    9:59 Lemon & Water to stop Browning
    10:14 Keep Herbs Fresh
    10:40 Cooking Pasta
    12:07 Using Spare Bread
    12:21 Chickpeas & Lentils
    12:30 Perfect Potatoes
    12:52 Skin & Debone A fish
    14:47 Flavored stress free veggies
    15:02 Crispy roast potatoes
    15:16 Browning meat & fish
    15:37 Leftover wine for cooking
    15:49 Soups or stews in tubs
    15:58 Homemade Ice cream
    16:13 Leftover Limes & Lemons
    16:24 Perfectly Carve a Chicken
    18:10 Skewers for Kebabs
    18:23 Marinating Meat & Fish
    18:33 Lemon/Lime for Marinating
    18:46 Lemons for Rice
    18:54 Cooking Steak Rare
    19:14 Cooking meat or fish faster
    19:25 Stain Free Tupperware
    19:50 Planting Chili Seeds

  • Shahd Almalky
    Shahd Almalky 4 months ago +1982

    He actually sounds like a good teacher when he’s not yelling lol

    • Corey Tohme
      Corey Tohme 2 months ago +6

      @time _lapse Yep, watch any videos where he is a guest on a talk show, or at home with his family. He is a kind, witty, and funny guy who knows a lot about cooking.

    • time _lapse
      time _lapse 2 months ago +3

      @Corey Tohme yeah I'm sure when they aren't on camera Gordon is way nicer its more for views then anything but I get it that's understandable

    • JakePomg ‘
      JakePomg ‘ 2 months ago

      @Shahd Almalky אחלה יום חבר😁

    • Corey Tohme
      Corey Tohme 3 months ago +5

      You guys do realize that the yelling and harsh reactions are over dramatized for TV shows, right?

    • RWaN
      RWaN 3 months ago

      @Shahd Almalky مرحباً شهد 🤗

  • Floogly
    Floogly 4 months ago +355

    I love how lively he is. He bounces and hops around. So animated

    • KenoBeatZ
      KenoBeatZ 8 days ago

      ADHD may be ?

    • Lpc Mark
      Lpc Mark Month ago +1

      He always has to pee

    • Just a Broadway Baby
      Just a Broadway Baby Month ago +4

      He seems high or inebriated

    • Drache Pumpernickel
      Drache Pumpernickel Month ago +6

      It's clear he absolutely loves cooking and that energy is contagious. It's why he's one of my favorite cooks to watch and get pointers from with his teaching videos. Honestly the only people he yells at are the ones that should know better, or don't listen to good advice. With most everyone else that's actually trying he is supportive and forgiving of mistakes because that's how you learn.

    • Sara-Marie Carstens
      Sara-Marie Carstens Month ago +3

      To me it looks like he needs to pee. Urgently. :D

  • Toria Preston
    Toria Preston 16 days ago +21

    I've always loved how he describes how to properly hold ingredients/utensils. Love the easy techniques that go such a long way in the kitchen!

  • Roman Manuel
    Roman Manuel 9 months ago +12988

    How Gordon Ramsay reads his kids a bedtime story:
    Kids in bed. Done. Grab a book. Amazing. Open book. Now the secret is to read slow to put them to sleep quicker. Read. Beautiful. Relax...let the book do the work…perfect. Finish book. Kids asleep. Done. Layer the kids with some lovely sheets of wool or any local blanket variety. Little kiss on the cheek. Really brings out the love. Let rest overnight. Walk out room. Done. Oh my lord. So good

    • Glenn Hanson
      Glenn Hanson 11 days ago

      Damn I gotta start following your comments! Outstanding. Hope Gordon saw it.

    • brenna
      brenna 11 days ago

      This is fantastic!😂😂

    • Shannon Sutherland
      Shannon Sutherland Month ago

      But you missed… f**k me 😁

    • pricesymonej
      pricesymonej Month ago

      Brilliant!!!! He needs to see this!!!!!

    • Sara-Marie Carstens
      Sara-Marie Carstens Month ago


  • Leo Vinetti
    Leo Vinetti 14 days ago +16

    Loads of useful tips. I've been cooking, baking, frying stuff for a long time and I definitely value the extra techniques. You're very generous sharing these tricks with the public, Mr. Ramsay. Thank you

  • Megan Gustafson
    Megan Gustafson 4 months ago +1128

    Onion cutting tip: The chemical in the onion that makes you cry when you cut it is attracted to water, normally your eyes are the closest source of water, so take a wet paper towel/towel and lay it over your cutting board and cut them on that. I’ve done this tons and it works amazing!

    • Axy-dent-ly Me-Myself-and-the-blues
      Axy-dent-ly Me-Myself-and-the-blues 14 days ago

      You need a very sharp knife. My kitchen knifes are almost as sharp as a razor blade, never sensed something after cutting onions… It‘s all about not squeezing the onion cells full of that juice to sprinkle in the air, rather slicing effortless every cell open

    • Monkey Tennis
      Monkey Tennis 29 days ago +1

      The stuff isn't going in your eyes, it's going up your nose. Just breath with your mouth and you'll be fine.

    • Elvis Presley
      Elvis Presley Month ago +1

      Just wash the onion before cutting 🙄

    • Tim Billings
      Tim Billings Month ago

      Breath through your mouth you won't cry...

    • Dani Ramdhanie
      Dani Ramdhanie Month ago

      Why not just do it the way Gordon said to do it?

  • Mitchell Bard
    Mitchell Bard 2 months ago +28

    Watching him is so soothing. His love for cooking, even after decades of it, even through all the terrible foods he's had to endure throughout his career, is truly watching an artist build a masterpiece, every time.

  • J Ward
    J Ward 4 months ago +12

    Thank you Gordon! I have learned a lot from your shows and videos. The quality of our cooking has gone from bland and ordinary to wonderfully flavorful and much more efficient and healthy!

    • Andrew Documented
      Andrew Documented Month ago +1

      a good student lifehack is Stop wasting water on number 2s! just squat over a sandwich bag and sling it in the trash 👍

  • Inam Manqina
    Inam Manqina 9 months ago +3224

    I love how he gets to the point and doesn't ask us subscribe, like, follow Instagram,Twitter, TikTok, buy his book, watch a documentary, volunteer, join a cult

    • Michelle Stella
      Michelle Stella 3 days ago

      Yeah. Cause he has millions of fans and over 18 mio subs
      What a ridiculous comment

    • Rebecca S
      Rebecca S Month ago +2

      Or a jar of tears from a virgin

    • Thy Nguyen
      Thy Nguyen 3 months ago

      Or click the bell for notifications 🤣

    • Kirabo Joy
      Kirabo Joy 3 months ago

      Join a cult 😂

    • kissit012
      kissit012 3 months ago +1

      This isn’t for the internet, it was for tv

  • Aron Smith
    Aron Smith 3 months ago +20

    it's so refreshing to hear how down to earth these tricks are, and awesome to see them in use.

  • Tiger One
    Tiger One 7 days ago +3

    "A good chef wastes nothing."
    Including his instructions. He's an excellent teacher. Pithy tutorials, with broad applications. Superb video!

  • Aimi Moque
    Aimi Moque 3 months ago +12

    Gordon, you just gave me the best advice ever! 💕 My mom loves a dessert that is like a lemon pie made with "galletas María" and you have to zest a lemon, but every time we try to make one, it ends up tasting super bitter, horrible! Now I understand that it ends up like that because we zest the white bitter part of the lemon, thanks a lot!

    • emofdr
      emofdr Month ago +1

      Have you used his tip? How'd it go??

  • C. Pouliot
    C. Pouliot 3 months ago +12

    If you're just dealing with an uneven counter top, the rubber non-slip drawer liners for tool boxes work great for eliminating butcher block wobble (and they stop the block from slipping).

    If the block itself is uneven, the damp cloth under the butcher block might actually contribute to the wobble over time. Eventually, you just need to sand it down with an electric sander (unless you have unlimited time to do it manually). Then refinish with food grade mineral oil or a wax blend made for butcher blocks.

    A good way to tell if your block needs refinishing is to sprinkle water on it and let it sit for five minutes. If the water soaks in, time for a refinish.

  • stockicide
    stockicide 9 months ago +2710

    I know everyone enjoys watching the shouty man lose his cool, but my favorite thing about Gordon Ramsay is his genuine enthusiasm for making good food.

    • Under Your Bed
      Under Your Bed Day ago

      @Asherah Best I ever had was Warm Ketchup on BK fries. I would love to eat at his restaurant. 👋

    • Under Your Bed
      Under Your Bed Day ago

      My next favorite about him is Love for Family and Strangers.

    • Kristian Jeffery
      Kristian Jeffery Day ago

      Yep me too

    • Black Blacky
      Black Blacky 8 days ago

      U mean when he loses the cool he never had to begin with

    • Alex L
      Alex L 19 days ago +3

      I had no idea that you needed to remove salmon skin and bones before cooking. My mom never did growing up, I thought you just had to be careful and spit the bones out 😂

  • vinilzord
    vinilzord Month ago +3

    Thanks Chef Ramsay. I usually cook for myself, nothing too fancy. I like to keep my dishes simple but rich in flavor. Anyways, these tips are really useful to make the cooking experience smoother and more fun.

    I had no idea I was cooking rice the wrong way 😁 not entirely wrong, but the way you cooked it makes more sense

  • dedpxl
    dedpxl Month ago +13

    Something endearing about seeing this guy demonstrate the absolute basics.

  • Skeeter DeBeaux-Stibick

    This has been winter Gordon Ramsay season

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago +4

    My favorite chef! a true master of his craft I love how much passion and emotion he puts into his food

  • Anna Chase
    Anna Chase 5 months ago +4187

    "A good cook wastes nothing." This is actually refreshing to hear since so many professional kitchens waste so much food

    • kraols
      kraols 6 days ago

      @Anna Chase its not like "the food that the customer doesnt eat... for safety purposes". its about food that the cooks prepared not super perfectly. that was always a huuuuuge waste, and hearing this from Gordon Ramsey is pure hipocrisy.

    • Eli Merel
      Eli Merel 7 days ago

      bruh he literally wasted a lemon just to squeeze on his hand

    • James Roberts
      James Roberts 14 days ago

      Yeah but he didn't save any of the pasta water and he put oil in water saying it stops the pasta sticking together. You could see all the oil on top of the water when it was boiling. So he wasted like ~5L of water and ~3 Tbsp of olive oil.

    • Yoo Toob
      Yoo Toob 23 days ago

      Not to include the cooking shows.

    • shelandre1
      shelandre1 27 days ago

      @Anna Chase it

  • Barbara Cranford
    Barbara Cranford 20 days ago +2

    Really useful tips and such an expert at handling all the processes. Makes me feel as if I can do these things:)

  • Barry Westfall
    Barry Westfall 3 months ago

    Thanks for all your help Gordon! My love for cooking is growing everyday 🤩

  • dee Anne
    dee Anne Month ago

    Thank you for teaching me how to cook Gordon. I went from not being able to cook anything to being the best cook in my family.

  • Michael Tacy
    Michael Tacy 3 months ago +3

    Great video I love most of these tips but I disagree with the oil in the water for pasta.

    I've tried it both ways. Oil in the water makes the sauce slide off the pasta rather than be absorbed by the pasta

    • stefano ascari
      stefano ascari Month ago +3

      THANK YOU! NO OIL ON PASTA AFTER COOKING PLEASE. Makes the sauce fall off. Cook pasta in the sauce at end.

  • Curiocity
    Curiocity 9 months ago +2183

    Gordon always looks like he has to pee but feels he has to finish telling you something before he goes.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 3 months ago +2

    I love to cook, Gordon simply inspires me with all the videos of cooking.

  • Kat AO Dagáin
    Kat AO Dagáin 2 months ago +2

    So much respect for you Gordon Ramsay, thankyou for sharing these master tips! It makes cookin a good dinner every night for my family a breeze! Saves us $ and time xxx

  • Kimberly Taylor
    Kimberly Taylor Month ago

    Thank you Chef for these tips. Definitely be using some of them. Would love some more tips since it’s just me in this tiny apartment with a small refrigerator and freezer.

  • Mr Frog84
    Mr Frog84 29 days ago +1

    I love seeing how excited You get while cooking - really man, You look like You're about to paint something with that food :) . I don't know the first thing about cooking but often seeing how energetic You are about this makes me try.... and since I'm writing this - it means it didn't go as bad as I thought it would go.

  • SaberZane
    SaberZane 9 months ago +2890

    It's not like I've seen these tips for a thousand times now, but I'll still watch this anyways

    • Ayesha in Canada
      Ayesha in Canada 9 months ago


    • Mary Tramp
      Mary Tramp 9 months ago

      @Sherryl Lynn Jones why are you so upset? i was knocking the person making a snide remark about watching it so many times and knowing everything already. we all have reasons for watching videos like this. the one i gave is just one of many, don't get your undies in a bundle bc i didn't include memory loss this time. mabe i will next time, IF i remember to.

    • King Esguerra
      King Esguerra 9 months ago

      I love it😍😍😘

    • Friend
      Friend 9 months ago

      @Gordon Ramsay vod what do you even aim to do by giving a number no ones gonna believe you anyway

    • Sherryl Lynn Jones
      Sherryl Lynn Jones 9 months ago

      @Mary Tramp Hello, it's always kind of new to me bc of my memory!

  • Shadow Civilian
    Shadow Civilian 2 months ago +1

    I cook to my liking but absolutely love when everybody enjoys the exact same. I also enjoy introducing people to new food they’ve never even thought of.

  • Joy Bundalian
    Joy Bundalian Month ago +1

    Thank you Chef Gordon for wonderful tips!😃

  • Marguerite Gallant
    Marguerite Gallant 2 months ago +3

    As a young lady that grew up with a very large family, I appreciate all his tips on not wasting! I cannot abide food waste.

  • Lori Layton
    Lori Layton 10 days ago

    Thank you . Watching you since your first shows on TV ! I loved how you traced the world and went to remote area to experience food from different cultures and learn how and why they eat and prepare and hunt for the food they eat !!
    Now you have us watching another competition show !! I’m looking at the basement kitchen and thinking … there’s more there to work with than the remote areas of the world that he traveled to …
    You GIVE so much that we need and love ! Thank you For Sharing your life with all of us ! And what you do ! THANK YOU .
    I’m going back to re watch this video !!!

  • Lord Inquisitor Ignis
    Lord Inquisitor Ignis 9 months ago +1427

    No matter how many times I see Gordon’s knife skills I’m always impressed

    • Sento R
      Sento R 8 months ago

      @Julian Huang dw bro I got the reference 😂👍🏽

    • Sampat Mishra
      Sampat Mishra 9 months ago

      Watch Marco Pierre cut onions to the size of an atom

    • Hello Handsome
      Hello Handsome 9 months ago

      @Ardi Noka you his knife skills when he's says sharpen it at an angle of 45 degrees? OMG

    • Ardi Noka
      Ardi Noka 9 months ago


    • Hello Handsome
      Hello Handsome 9 months ago

      Sorry, but he has no idea about cutting angles,,,, 45 degree cutti g angle would t get thru warm butter,,,, cutting edge should be 8 to 11 degrees either side of the blade

  • Ayla Aaliyah Brkl
    Ayla Aaliyah Brkl 3 months ago +1

    I just honestly love Gordon so much. Everything about him puts a happy smile on my face, even my heart feels like smiling. Such a great soul. 😍😊

  • Angella Palmisano
    Angella Palmisano 2 months ago +1

    I love his passion not only for cooking but also for children!!

  • M. Davis
    M. Davis 3 months ago +7

    This man gets so excited, talking about cooking. I wish I had half of his excitement when I cook. Lol

  • BAM Mc
    BAM Mc 10 days ago

    Wow, I love the tips that you are showing, I truly can't wait to give them a try. Thank you for you tips, Gordon 🎊
    I don't know if you have a video on TheXvid of your kitchen and how you run it from organizing your spices to creating your own and if you have your refrigerator organized?
    I am just curious how an exceptional chef operates in his kitchen and and I am curious as to how you store your spices along with leftovers in your refrigerator and things that you are going to get ready to prepare for the next day ? or, do you usually think of what you're going to prepare for the next day on the very next day?
    Thank you, Gordon, for giving such exceptional tips I really appreciate the extra help when trying to reorganize and restructure the way I do things in my kitchen.
    Gordon when I watch you I feel like I'm in Zen and I just truly truly truly feel so relaxed and have a piece about me that is easier to take on any meal that can be prepared however it's always good to have a recipe to use until I continue on cooking a specific recipe and then I go and I recreate it or deconstruct it to make it my own and I think that's what I love about watching you and what you do I appreciate your videos I appreciate your cookbooks I appreciate your TV shows and I am very grateful and I just want to say Gordon thank you and God bless you for taking care of all these people especially with their nightmares of their own and how you go in there and help them out is a true blessing to help them increase business and be more aware of what they can do you truly are an inspiration and it touches my heart when I watch your show. Thank you for being you, and sharing your ideas with us.

  • rex Previously
    rex Previously 8 months ago +4673

    Ramsay's preparation for making videos: Drink a lot of water, wait until he really needs to pee, start recording.

  • Strong Platypus
    Strong Platypus 4 months ago +195

    "A tip for making homemade ice cream"
    "Buy a high quality vanilla ice cream"

    • Tommy Haynes
      Tommy Haynes 13 days ago

      My family liked to make ice cream ...and it was always worse than store bought . I don't get what they liked about it

  • James Ritz
    James Ritz 17 days ago

    I have learned so much from watching you demonstrate in all that you do. I try to watch every show you are in. Thanks for all you do

  • Matthew Pocock
    Matthew Pocock Month ago +2

    Excellent tips. Uncomplicated techniques and no specialist equipment. Thanks for sharing.

  • Media24
    Media24 29 days ago

    I always learn something new every time I watch him cook.

  • Marc Bourbonnais
    Marc Bourbonnais 2 months ago

    Love watching your shows thanks for making cooking fun and better

  • Denise Shergold
    Denise Shergold 21 day ago

    A lot of great tips for all cooks thank you Gordon x

  • Isaac Beeby
    Isaac Beeby 26 days ago

    16:11 I started doing this and it's INCREDIBLE. It really does work and it makes your drinks taste like you're on a beach during a summer holiday.

  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker Month ago +11

    Ramsey is one of the only cooks now who still recommend oil while cooking pasta. Everyone else admits it doesn't prevent the pasta from sticking and actually can make it worse.

    • Suit and Tie
      Suit and Tie 3 days ago

      @Guitars and Gains Gordon Ramsay owns the largest tablespoons known to man

    • Aya A.
      Aya A. 15 days ago

      Who cares it's flavor.

    • Guitars and Gains
      Guitars and Gains 19 days ago

      I find a splash of pasta water added to the sauce does the job. Plus, if you're watching your calories, do you really want to be adding all that olive oil to your pasta? Look up how much is in a tablespoon of olive oil... it's a lot!!!!

  • Type Here
    Type Here 7 months ago +542

    I can’t be the only one who realized how energetic he is when he cooks right?? He’s basically dancing I love it

    He can dance AND cook greatly at the same time this mans a saint

    • Mary
      Mary Month ago

      He always moves like that.. Even cooking with his kids.

    • brendan largey
      brendan largey 4 months ago +1

      The benefits of Cocaine !

    • Savannah
      Savannah 4 months ago +1

      I think he's just hyperactive after years of training with chefs even more intimidating than him, and also his own attitude when working in his owns kitchens. Passion and a little dash of crazy 😜

    • M D
      M D 4 months ago +7

      Cocaine's a hell of a drug

    • Hubris
      Hubris 5 months ago +1

      He really just needs to pee

  • Reaper Reigns
    Reaper Reigns 29 days ago

    Watching your videos can make anybody a great cook. Thanks Chef Ramsay

  • Summer Nites
    Summer Nites 15 days ago

    I really enjoy watching Gordon's high energy flow...amazing!

  • Sara Bernpaintner
    Sara Bernpaintner 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for the great cooking tips! 🙂

  • Annie lynn-le
    Annie lynn-le 3 days ago

    Wow! Thanks for sharing always Gordon, your skills and techniques are brilliant in every way. Im gonna start practicing the sharpening of knifes, & also cutting or dicing more often. Kinda slow at that lol

  • KuHeNo
    KuHeNo 4 months ago

    Chef Gordon's cooking is so satisfying to watch!

  • aerotigershark
    aerotigershark 3 months ago

    I am amazed that a couple of the tricks he showed, I actually already knew. Most of them, however are very new to me. Thanks, Master Chef Gordon Ramsey. Just to be clear, I am not saying anything negative about Master Chef Gordon Ramsey. I am just amazed that I knew techniques that were so advanced given my amateur level of cooking ability and knowledge. If that makes sense. Like I said, most of that stuff, I never knew about. Does the chilli pepper seed trick work on jalapeños? Those are my favourite peppers though I have to limit my use of them due to ulcers. If it were not for the ulcers, I would just leave the seeds in as I really love really spicy foods.

    Over the last two and a half years I have realized that I am a better cook than I had thought. Am I a good cook? Absolutely not. I had always thought that I was a very lousy cook. Well, compared to Master Chef Gordon Ramsey, I am. Though, I am not as bad as I thought. I wish that I was able to do more of the cooking and baking that I really want to do. I will say this. I can use some of these tips to further improve my cooking skills and am looking forward to doing so.

  • Reza Mirsadeghi
    Reza Mirsadeghi Month ago +2

    Gordon, you're one of my favourite chefs but you're so wrong about pasta. NEVER add oil to the water nor after it's cooked (unless the oil is all you're dressing the pasta with). Otherwise, the oil will coat the pasta and stop it absorbing the flavours of the sauce you're using. In Italy, cooked pasta is usually added straight to the sauce and mixed through but if you really want to serve it separate, just add a little of the sauce and mix it through to stop it sticking.

  • Swiss blader
    Swiss blader Month ago

    Thank you very much for the tips with the garlic. So useful!👍👍👍

  • Bilal Shaik
    Bilal Shaik 9 months ago +3211

    All the TheXvidrs: calm and cool
    Gordon: moves like he has been stopping his pee from 6 hours

    • Klevisa Bashalli
      Klevisa Bashalli 8 months ago

      @T_Fake9 ummm the image is very disturbing and not it wouldn't????? blagh

    • T_Fake9
      T_Fake9 8 months ago

      @Klevisa Bashalli nah bro the pee would burst

    • Klevisa Bashalli
      Klevisa Bashalli 8 months ago

      @T_Fake9 everybody?

    • lllm eala'
      lllm eala' 8 months ago


    • Shiva Henrique
      Shiva Henrique 8 months ago

      Because A chef never be a waster time as you upss sorry😀🔫

  • Alex Lawson
    Alex Lawson 2 months ago +1

    It's fun watching an artist in their zone just bringing things to life

  • Lucs Apacastro
    Lucs Apacastro 9 days ago

    Excelente maestro. Gracias!

  • CyborgSmurf
    CyborgSmurf 3 months ago

    Awesome tips Gordon! Thank you very much!

  • aun dar
    aun dar Month ago

    This is the third time I'm watching him cut an onion It's so satisfying
    ready to watch it a 100 times

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    • BigMuff75
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      @Kiwi Ritter Italian cook here. Can confirm, olive oil in boiling water is necessary ONLY with fresh pasta. With dry pasta it's pretty much useless: it just leaves an oily pan to clean and you waste good olive oil.

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