Phineas and Ferb the Movie - Disneycember

  • Published on Dec 29, 2017
  • The crazy adventures of two boys and their pet platypus reach new heights of weirdness, but does that translate into a funny movie?
    Doug takes a look at Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension.
    Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension is a 2011 Disney Channel Original Movie based on the TV series Phineas and Ferb.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +432

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  • The dwahing Squidd 50's

    Isn't Isabella too young to be crushing on
    Phineas? I mean really and her head looks
    like you could use it as an aircraft carrier
    landing deck. Loved the show anyways.

  • The dwahing Squidd 50's

    Candace needs serious therapy, she is
    off the wall crazy as a loon.

  • Briana Lambert
    Briana Lambert 5 days ago

    Honestly, I think anyone can relate to the show, all the wacky ideas you have as a child actually coming true because you're just smart, hard working, and creative enough to make it happen

  • Phinferb Bella
    Phinferb Bella 10 days ago +1

    One of the best underrated Disney Channel Original movies.

  • Cygnus Hyoga
    Cygnus Hyoga 26 days ago

    i love this movie

  • WilliamWallace Of the US

    Funny that Family Guy & Phineas & Ferb while TOTALLY different Both did Star Wars Parodies

  • Joseph Hobson
    Joseph Hobson Month ago

    2:13 Neither do we.

  • Jay Gilbert
    Jay Gilbert Month ago

    This was my favorite show when I was younger, and I still love it. I was three when it came out, and in first grade when this film came out. It was a big deal to me, and I loved it.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 2 months ago +1

    The plot of the TV show is that these kids come up with these outrageously crazy ideas on how to spend their summer vacation each day make building a giant roller coaster the size of their city or climbing Mount Everest or building monster trucks or creating something called S’winter which is the ability to go skiing or snowboarding down a snowy mountain in the middle of winter or discovering a mummy inside of a tomb or turn in their tree houses in the giant fighting robots and the running gag is that they’re older sister Candace is always trying to get them in trouble and Every time Canton is getting so close to revealing what the boys are up to something somehow manages to take it away and make them look completely innocent as soon as the mother turned around to look at whatever the boys were doing. The other side of this is that there’s a secret society of sentient animals that have all been trained to be a secret agents. Perry the platypus live a normal life as the pet of Phineas and Ferb it. He sneaks away during the episodes and goes on his secret missions to five Dr. Doofenshmirtz. It’s usually the result of something that is taking place during the battle between Perry the platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz that takes away whatever the boys are doing a very convenient moment whenever the parents are turning around to look at whatever the oldest sister Candace wants them to look at. So everything is always very coincidental win the fight between Perry the platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz conveniently helps the boys hide whatever it is they’re doing at the same exact time that they’re older sister Candace is trying to make the parents look at what the boys are doing. The only annoying part is that the parents are usually something that’s annoying like for a stupid reason because it’s keeping them from turning around and looking at what the boys are doing. Other than that it’s a pretty fun show. There’s also a guy that’s the chief of the secret agent animal agency and he’s got an assistant that usually does some pretty funny stuff and they make it known that there are several secret agent animals working for this agency but they really only focus on Perry the platypus although on occasion Perry the platypus does team up with some of the other animals. There’s also the side plot where Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to do stuff with his daughter and also Ferb has a crush on her And also Phineas never figures out that Isabella has a crush on him even though she makes it completely super obvious throughout the series except there was one episode towards the end when they were all grown up and they finally got together Phineas and Isabella

  • Dragzilla 66
    Dragzilla 66 2 months ago

    Thank god the show finished.

  • Wonderlust King
    Wonderlust King 2 months ago

    He should check the whole thing out. Its absolutely amazing.

  • Lucas Tigy
    Lucas Tigy 2 months ago

    all of those other animals are part of the same organization perry's from, that's why they all have the same hats, you even showed one going down a tube next to perry's tube

  • Zander Studios
    Zander Studios 2 months ago

    I feel like this would be a good finale to the show’s universe

  • Wonderlust King
    Wonderlust King 2 months ago +1

    One of the greatest shows of all time.

  • spider warrior
    spider warrior 3 months ago

    Who else thinks this is a overrated show ( I’m not usually a fan of very formulaic based shows)

  • Where is the toilet?
    Where is the toilet? 4 months ago

    when i saw this movie before i saw rick and morty and the only thing i knew about rick and morty was what i saw in fanart i had come across i thought rick and morty would be as cool as this movie. it was actually quite the oppisite and i wish . rick and morty was this movie.

  • Andrewtheantivirus
    Andrewtheantivirus 5 months ago +1

    This movie was the last movie that I watched with my grandpa before he passed r.i.p

  • MrGabeanator
    MrGabeanator 5 months ago

    I love it

  • fluttershy thecutest
    fluttershy thecutest 6 months ago

    Its a good show

  • I Rain
    I Rain 6 months ago +1

    The characters are shaped that way because they creators wanted it to be a bit easier for kids to draw them.

  • sacha falcone
    sacha falcone 6 months ago +1

    I’ve been watching the show so long the animation doesn’t even faze me

  • Ibrahim Sheriff
    Ibrahim Sheriff 7 months ago

    Hey, where Perry?

  • Francisco Sanchez Mercado

    This is the greatest kids show of the decade
    Oh and I recommend you watch Milo Murpy's Law it's an another cool cartoon

  • awesomedude 555
    awesomedude 555 7 months ago

    See the show.

  • Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin
    Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin 8 months ago +2

    I just realized that the alternate version of Doof is technically Hitler

  • Amelia's Channel
    Amelia's Channel 8 months ago +1

    you are right, they all are from the series. I think you would like the original show and I definitely prompt you to watch it, it’s very funny and entertaining. Everytime it’s on I just have to sit down and watch it.

  • Josh Waldorf
    Josh Waldorf 9 months ago +1

    Phineas's head looks like an offspring of the Spy guy from MAD TV and a Tortilla chip.

  • Forward and Back
    Forward and Back 9 months ago

    I loved this movie.

  • DieHardMusicMan9125
    DieHardMusicMan9125 9 months ago +1

    Sigh... I always wanted a cross over with kim possible and perry the platipus. dr. D and draken would be so much fun bouncing off of each other. but disney will be disney and only give us what we "think" we want... oh well.

  • Tall Skinny games
    Tall Skinny games 9 months ago

    Watch the show and you’ll get the full experience

  • Danny Langston
    Danny Langston 10 months ago

    2:00: Well, NC, Ferb talked a couple of times. Just rarely. See, his speaking ability is actually very very bad.

  • Aidan Madiba Suess
    Aidan Madiba Suess 10 months ago

    You really should have seen a couple episodes of the show

  • LittleVoices
    LittleVoices 10 months ago +1

    Even if you'll never check out phineas and ferb, you really have to see milo murphy's law. it's by the same people and it's just as strange and the animation is more normal if that makes you feel better ;)

  • courtney timmins
    courtney timmins 10 months ago +1

    I was a huge fan of phineas and ferb when I was a little girl, it was the best thing to keep when entertained when there was nothing else when avatar stopped being shown as well as invader zim and flapjack and all. Got a lot of laughs out of it. When I saw the movie I was blown away. Being much older now I look back at it and I am still impressed by its creativity and ideas.

  • Aram No Last Name
    Aram No Last Name 10 months ago +1

    This movie was awesome at the time when I watched it

  • DalekTheSupreme
    DalekTheSupreme 10 months ago +2

    This movie actually made a pee joke work for me... several times. The best part is when Doofenshmirtz realizes, "You peed on my couch! I just realized, that was a conscious decision! You peed on my couch!"

  • Connor Veenstra
    Connor Veenstra 10 months ago +1

    Kim Possible meets Rick and Morty…
    That’s actually kind of perfect.

  • Frisk plush
    Frisk plush 11 months ago

    I miss the show

  • Jeff Doyen
    Jeff Doyen 11 months ago

    Please do vlogs on Phineas and Ferb. Every episode is accessible via Netflix

  • Dashing Steel
    Dashing Steel 11 months ago +2

    I love it how Critic misses out on classic shows of my childhood.
    First Hey Arnold (“it was just about a boy in the Bronx lol”)
    Now Phineas and Ferb.
    How do ya sleep at night Doug

  • S&N Forde
    S&N Forde 11 months ago

    This show was my childhood. I’m pretty sure it shaped my sense of humor.

  • BJMashPotato
    BJMashPotato 11 months ago

    All those inventions except for the remote baseball were in the show, the baseball I think was just the movie

  • Chris Smalls
    Chris Smalls 11 months ago +2

    If you do decide to watch the show, remember: *DO NOT WATCH EVERY SINGLE EPISODE IN ONE SITTING!!*

  • dino man618
    dino man618 11 months ago

    It's on Netflix

  • Detective Bohobe
    Detective Bohobe 11 months ago

    As always, wonderful review Doug!

  • Paradox Messenger
    Paradox Messenger 11 months ago +1

    Perry is Brian done right

  • Dragonslasher07 ,
    Dragonslasher07 , 11 months ago +2

    I have nostalgia. not with the movie but that 3D game that came out with it. i need to find that GAME.

  • Mariophreak
    Mariophreak 11 months ago +2

    ""The plot of the show is that two boys go on wild adventures with their pet platypus and yet somehow have no idea they're going on these wild adventures because Perry keeps his secret identity (as a secret agent) a secret." Eh. Close enough.

  • Trevon M.S
    Trevon M.S 11 months ago +1

    Nostalgia critic I know what we’re going to do today

  • Ray Harnish III
    Ray Harnish III 11 months ago

    Disney easily has took over Cartoon Network's spot as one of the greatest podcasters of cartoons in modern day. Serious the new cartoons that Cartoon Network are coming up with is getting worst and worst and dumb. I know its for kids, but even for a kid program most of the cartoons are either too inappropriate for kids, or insulting there intelligences. Disney on the other hand has good variety of comedy and action shows that keeps children entertain while sometimes complimenting or improving there intelligence.

  • TIGER 2354
    TIGER 2354 11 months ago

    Are they're design based off the letters of their names? Actually Yes..........awkward

  • Jay The Bird
    Jay The Bird 11 months ago +1


  • weirdo state
    weirdo state 11 months ago +1

    You got 75% right

  • Matt Millers
    Matt Millers 11 months ago +1

    HANds down the best kids cartoon of the past decade. Their take on Star Wars is particularly awesome. Our whole family has watch these episodes and movies hundreds of times.

  • Jezreel Phil
    Jezreel Phil 11 months ago

    My god i just realised that they are shaped like the first letter of their name

  • GremlinBaron2
    GremlinBaron2 Year ago

    Do a vlog series of this show

  • Lps Mkay
    Lps Mkay Year ago

    Although it's something I Could see no one religiously watching, like Gravity Falls, or Avatar The Last Airbender, Phineas and Ferb is still an overall awesome series. The plot's simple, if not odd, the characters don't really have a development, and all (With a few acceptions) follows the same general idea. But the writing, comedy, inside jokes, and more which completely sells it!
    You can tell that the creators are TRULY invested into this world! It's repetitive, yet timeless! Like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon, it's something you could just put on, and no matter how repetitive you *know* it is, it's still hilarious!
    One of the most impressive things to me is, that during production for what I believe is the third episode, the creators, Swampy and Dan, wrote a song for this specific single episode, and When Disney executives heard it, they wanted them to write a song for every single episode, plus some!
    I looked up a list of every single song, added them all up, now, give or take, not all of these might have made it to the finale cut, but there is a total of *338 songs* listed! Most of which had singing, not just instrumentals! They spent over a decade on this series, and they just felt so committed to it!

  • MaryOnCrack 72
    MaryOnCrack 72 Year ago

    Remember playing the game

  • jaskibok
    jaskibok Year ago

    So you think you haven’t seen the show

  • Magnus Prime
    Magnus Prime Year ago

    It'd be fun to see you do a top 11 episodes of this show, it's definitely got some great ones. I don't think it'd be particularly good for a vlog series though, as it can be fairly formulaic and there would be a lot of episodes where you wouldn't have much to say. I'm not saying you shouldn't watch the show, just that it's not like Avater or Gravity Falls where breaking down a random individual episode will usually result in at least one interesting discussion topic.

  • Steve Denny
    Steve Denny Year ago +1

    what about the amazing world of gumball have you heard of that critic

  • Marisol Kim
    Marisol Kim Year ago +3

    As a huge fan of Doug and P&F, it really warms my heart to see that he enjoyed this movie. :)))))

  • Indignant Heretic
    Indignant Heretic Year ago +2

    Well, you should definitely watch the show. You can’t tell why people adored this show just from the movie.

  • xXx Wazzupy xXx
    xXx Wazzupy xXx Year ago +4

    Still one of my favorite movies ever. I love it so much.

  • Juno Okubo
    Juno Okubo Year ago +1

    I’m glad you liked the movie.

  • Beef boy
    Beef boy Year ago +1

    I freaking love this movie and the TV show

  • Ruffels
    Ruffels Year ago +1


  • EpicTreyMC
    EpicTreyMC Year ago +1

    Yay the only actually good Disney Channel movie

  • A Person With a Name

    Huh, so you enjoyed it even without seeing the rest if the show. Nice.

  • Green bean Salad gaming and vlogs


  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister Year ago +2

    “I hid the self destruct buttons on the bottoms of their feet so nobody could reach them!” -Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz

  • Kaberator
    Kaberator Year ago


  • awesomestorm15
    awesomestorm15 Year ago

    honestly watching this makes me want Doug to watch Kids Next Door

  • Crab Apple
    Crab Apple Year ago

    I haven't seen this show in like 5 years

  • Colorful Siren
    Colorful Siren Year ago

    It kinda surprised me when I heard you didn't watch the show because I really thought it was one you would enjoy but I can understand why. The reason it isn't talked about as much is since it's newer episodes aren't as good and the show just ended. It very heavily relies on a certain formula but can make it work with the humor and songs really help it work.

  • David Underwood
    David Underwood Year ago

    My brother and I, now years older, rewatched some episodes of the show. We thought this Candice's purpose makes no sense. If Phinneas and Ferb were caught with their inventions they would be praised not busted. Anyways, still a fun show.

    • Adam Copeland
      Adam Copeland Year ago

      the episode like "real boy", "she is the mayor" or quantum boogaloo, shows that phineas and ferb would be in serious trouble with their mother if she catches them.

  • Super Cool
    Super Cool Year ago +1

    Says the person who didn’t get interested in dragon ball

  • Omar Kaj
    Omar Kaj Year ago

    The ending bites, since everyone was hit with an amnesia ray on purpose, making this movie a forgotten canon. Otherwise, I liked the rest of the film.

  • Raydoglage
    Raydoglage Year ago +2


  • Pooja Pathak
    Pooja Pathak Year ago +2

    Honestly as a fan of the show this movie was great~!!! The moment where Phineas and Ferb meet Dr. Doof had me screaming: "FIIIINAAALLLY!!!" (oh and of course the part where they find out Perry's secret)
    edit: plus all the references to episodes from the show were great~!!!

  • fritz jungmayer
    fritz jungmayer Year ago +1

    Man watch the Show it is good and has some very funny jokes

  • gabriel smania
    gabriel smania Year ago

    you kwow you are a good show when you use the same formula 99 porcent of the episodes and you are still fresh and funny

  • Nich White
    Nich White Year ago +1

    On;y one of the O.W.C.A. agents was important: Pinkie the Chihuaua. She's the girl Isabella's dog.

  • Quetzal00358
    Quetzal00358 Year ago

    I dont remember if I ever watched the movie or not...

  • Satanz Barz
    Satanz Barz Year ago +3

    The ending made me cry a lot

  • Phan Tom
    Phan Tom Year ago

    Lame, i kind of expected more

  • Sean Whearty
    Sean Whearty Year ago +2

    This is my absolute favorite Disney Channel Original Movie

  • Sean Whearty
    Sean Whearty Year ago +1

    My only problem with this review is that he doesn’t really talk about how it’s a musical. It has some pretty good songs like Everything’s Better with Perry and Brand New Best Friend

  • CaptainAricDeron
    CaptainAricDeron Year ago +1

    Weird thought: just realized that this movie did do the whole "Portal in the Sky" cliche... but I'm more forgiving of it because it came out the year before "The Avengers." Besides, it's Phineas and Ferb. It's so good!! :D

  • CaptainAricDeron
    CaptainAricDeron Year ago

    Doug, you've gotta watch the show. I think you'll love it. :D

  • Molly Fischer
    Molly Fischer Year ago

    I grew up with the show and I love it

  • Channel 821
    Channel 821 Year ago +3

    FUN FACT: before working on Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy’s Law, Dan Povenimre, the co creator of the shows actually worked on episodes of Family Guy.

  • King Corpse
    King Corpse Year ago +2

    Phineas and Ferb Vlogs please

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi Year ago +1

    Well the show is actually about the kids being bored in the summer so they make invention but candes wants to tell the parents and parry goes to be a spy

  • FireheartWarriorlove

    If you watch the show, all of the parts of Professor Doof's tragic backstory is pretty funny. My favorite on I heard was, "It was the day of my birth, when both of my parents failed to arrive."

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    Man this show has been off for 3 years

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    Man 2011 .Man it’s been a long time .This show has ended in 2015 and goodbye to adventure time

  • Madison Davila
    Madison Davila Year ago

    Since you did Disney Channel movies and Nickelodeon Cartoons, you REALLY have to review old Cartoon Network shows!

  • Sonic171000
    Sonic171000 Year ago +2

    I fucking LOVE this movie.