The Terrors of Yuma Territorial Prison


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    We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

    • GT Zeus
      GT Zeus 17 days ago

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network hope you guys got rabies vaccines, cause that would have been bad

    • Margo Giordano
      Margo Giordano 17 days ago

      Oped: Shane seems pretty spooked after y’all heard the footsteps investigating the gates riot.

    • Luz Juarez
      Luz Juarez 17 days ago

      For the postmortem:
      Have y’all ever considered pulling out the spirit box or the flashlights when you unexpectedly hear noises?
      You might be able to capture whatever is in the room better than just yelling. #wantproof #synicalboogara #shaneishilarious

    • Hamsterdance 12
      Hamsterdance 12 17 days ago

      I was worried for you guys! Got attacked by a bat and had to get rabies shots. They are not fun! Happy you guys were safe!

    • Diane Logan
      Diane Logan 17 days ago

      Ryan is more afraid of the bats than the ghosts, which makes sense because bats carry rabies. If there were ghosts in that prison, they were WEAK! Most of the "footsteps" were probably bats... So why was Shane yelling at the spirit box?

  • Zave Crave
    Zave Crave 11 minutes ago

    Anyone els from Yuma?

  • Willi Nillio
    Willi Nillio 43 minutes ago


  • Catalina Lopez
    Catalina Lopez 2 hours ago

    Maybe u and guys can make a movie... It'll be phenomenal. 👍

  • Ashley L Belina
    Ashley L Belina 3 hours ago

    My Sister Hates Bats And She Thinks That All Bats Are Vampire.

  • lysandrar1
    lysandrar1 4 hours ago

    This is actually one of my favorite spots to go visit. I attended and graduated from Yuma High School. We would have our pep rallys at the watch tower before football games. The last time i was walking along the Colorado River, my brother and i were snapping pics under the Ocean To Ocean Bridge and there was orbs in pictures. Lost of energy and spirits out there. Thanks for the video guys!!!

  • Callie Herring
    Callie Herring 4 hours ago

    Aw, those poor bats though... they were just having a peaceful night, eatin' some bugs... and then two dudes show up to yell at them and shine bright lights everywhere...

  • Jae Christin
    Jae Christin 5 hours ago +1

    I shall now only refer to bats as devil birds

  • Natalie rondon
    Natalie rondon 6 hours ago


  • It’s Ya girl
    It’s Ya girl 7 hours ago

    14:27 - 14:40 Me explaining to my parents why I’m single 😂😂

  • Danielle
    Danielle 8 hours ago

    15:52 on the left. Thought is was someone for a sec.

  • Lana Rio
    Lana Rio 9 hours ago


  • Diane Hardie
    Diane Hardie 10 hours ago

    at 10:20 wtf was that noise??

  • Summer Dennis
    Summer Dennis 10 hours ago

    Y’all should go explore the old Palestine hospital in Palestine, Texas while its still up. Palestine has a few of haunted legends and y’all should also check those out!

  • Senthil Velan
    Senthil Velan 11 hours ago

    May be it was the spider

  • Naomi Pereira
    Naomi Pereira 11 hours ago

    Let’s get this bread

  • Jay Cheshire
    Jay Cheshire 12 hours ago

    Aw I would totally be ok with being in a room with a lot of bats! Bats are amazing and fascinating creatures!

  • Cata Labrin
    Cata Labrin 15 hours ago

    Ryan really reminds me of Jake Peralta sometimes... Anyone else?

  • GailStorm08
    GailStorm08 17 hours ago

    I wished they talked about the voices and footsteps like they used know when they talk inside the recording get me?

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 19 hours ago

    Finally Yuma getting some clout(I'm from yuma it's boring here also its hot here everyday)

  • Megan Marie Banda
    Megan Marie Banda 19 hours ago

    The bats are disturbed by Shane and his yelling 😂😂😂

  • Scabs
    Scabs 20 hours ago +1

    Not today, devil birds.

    JAHZEAR TV 21 hour ago

    I live in yuma

  • kale chip
    kale chip Day ago

    8:58 fuckin jumpscared me i literally ripped my earbuds out

  • Mia Olivares
    Mia Olivares Day ago

    "That's a thicc spider." "Dassa Chunky B0I"

  • Inferno Studios
    Inferno Studios Day ago

    Bat that waches unsolved: yay the BOISare here
    Ryan: I hAtE BaTs
    Shane: lol🤣

  • Marissa28
    Marissa28 Day ago


  • Oliver Steinbeck

    19:28 Ryans mating call

  • M W
    M W Day ago

    so the thing that scared shane the most of this entire series was the fear of rabies. ...that sounds about right.

  • Michael Xie
    Michael Xie Day ago

    LOL hard to feel scared when these guys are so hilarious. But poor Ryan. I hope his $20 USD/hr wage is worth it.

  • Its Kat Stef
    Its Kat Stef Day ago

    the spirit box sounded like it said "ryan" "ry" and then "jailbreak"

  • Its Kat Stef
    Its Kat Stef Day ago

    "hanging receptacle" honey thats a frickin hook

  • Sara R.
    Sara R. Day ago

    Imagine being locked up with those spiders.

  • Punky Bruster
    Punky Bruster Day ago

    Eat It!~ Shane trying to have the most feminine voice as possible.

  • Steve Churros
    Steve Churros Day ago

    when the male spirit says "its hard", he was referring to how its difficult to communicate with them

  • fue xiong
    fue xiong Day ago

    Hey guys! Love the videos. Was wondering if you guys would be interested in checking out the Asian side of "ghosts"? Thai, Lao, Singapore, I feel as if you guys would be in for a treat. Again, great videos.

  • Gabby Bee
    Gabby Bee Day ago

    "That's a chunky boy"

  • Anna Miller
    Anna Miller Day ago

    Go to the Monticello opera house! All of Monticello Florida is filled with ghost-y goodness

  • Grumpy ol' Asian
    Grumpy ol' Asian Day ago +1

    15:52 is that his shadow? Is there a light behind him? Why does it disappear suddenly?

  • Pian t
    Pian t Day ago

    “That’s a chunky boi” bold of you to assume it was male

  • Ember Xanarchy
    Ember Xanarchy Day ago

    "Thats a chunky boi."

  • Xandi
    Xandi Day ago

    can you all do a video of the mystery tombstone in Plymouth, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago PLLEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE??????

  • Lilliana Morales

    please do one video over the pearl stone building in dallas tx it's spooky

  • nadia
    nadia Day ago

    _exactly_ 3,069? nice.

  • The Chair
    The Chair Day ago

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network you should go to The Baker Hotel, its a long-shuttered hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. The Baker Hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and it's said to be Haunted

  • BetaRDF
    BetaRDF Day ago

    at 9:58 im pretty sure the voice said "what's that" right after ryan said "gift shop"

  • Oli Fitch
    Oli Fitch Day ago

    I’m so glad my home town I getting some attention. We are so small

  • Val B.
    Val B. Day ago +3

    "Sometimes I do a thing where when I'm scared I just... I locate the part of my brain that is terrified, and I just sort of shut it off." - Shane 2k18.

  • Kelligrace Hernandez

    I hope they got their rabies shots

  • Elise P
    Elise P 2 days ago +1

    What the heck is "crimes against nature"???

  • Nina Raymond
    Nina Raymond 2 days ago

    My question is i know ya'll go to places and try find ghost or try connect with them have you had any encounter with them behind the scenes like at home or has anything really weird happen to any of ya'll in your everyday life because ghosts and spirits do follow you .

  • Alan Tapia
    Alan Tapia 2 days ago

    Why are you 2 in long sleeves, it’s hot all day everyday in Yuma unless it late November all the way to march if we are lucky

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 2 days ago

    Kill that spider, burn it to death!....Oh yeah now back to the ghosts.
    Lol at Ryan calling bats devil birds.

  • Brendon Urie’s Bitch

    that’s a *c h u n k y b o i*

  • Rin Delamater
    Rin Delamater 2 days ago

    Thank you for pronouncing “Gila” right

  • ImNotOkay
    ImNotOkay 2 days ago


  • Archean
    Archean 2 days ago

    12:33 I think when they said "It's hard" they were referring to the "say more than one word" thing. I don't know much about ghost physics but I doubt that communicating though an electric box is as easy as just talking.

  • Dropped My HoTpOcKeT


  • Jayze Pickles
    Jayze Pickles 2 days ago

    Maybe when the ghost said "it's hard" he meant it's hard to talk through the spirit box

  • Zephyr F
    Zephyr F 2 days ago

    "I'm strange! And off-putting! I should not feel confident in the face of any man!"
    Me too

  • Paola Pérez
    Paola Pérez 2 days ago

    *a chonky boi*

  • Queen Justineth
    Queen Justineth 2 days ago

    How did I not know they were in town! I’m so pissed!

  • Kelsie Davis
    Kelsie Davis 2 days ago

    Ahhhhh I'm from Yuma!!!! Wooooo

  • Freda Looker
    Freda Looker 2 days ago


  • Annabelle Evans
    Annabelle Evans 2 days ago +1

    "Sometimes I do this thing when I'm scared where,,, I locate the part of my brain that's scared and,,,, shut it off."
    And that's why we're scared of Shane

  • Noah lewis
    Noah lewis 2 days ago

    Around 15:49 you can see a shadow that looks like a cowboy.

  • Min yoongs
    Min yoongs 2 days ago

    19:14 me in school

  • Musi Miso
    Musi Miso 2 days ago

    You guys should go to alcatraz

  • Hailey Toone
    Hailey Toone 2 days ago

    You won’t even see this but the “hanging receptacles” in the gift shop are just called pegs. That wall is called a “peg board” in merchandiser terms

  • Rishira Ganguly
    Rishira Ganguly 2 days ago

    Three things: Ryan's muscles, Shane's hair, both of their outfits. YES!

  • Raina Armstrong
    Raina Armstrong 2 days ago

    That is one spoopy voice

  • 1TrickCancer Main
    1TrickCancer Main 2 days ago

    Shane:*plays at the isolation cell*

  • A Sinner
    A Sinner 2 days ago

    Was that a man at 15:50 - 15:54?

  • Jacob Oram Jones
    Jacob Oram Jones 2 days ago

    Did anyone at 10:20 hear the Hmmm

  • Shama Maharjan
    Shama Maharjan 2 days ago

    I'm at a point in which I think Shane is possessed

  • TheWarrior949
    TheWarrior949 2 days ago

    Ryan looking like he stole his shirt from the Boy in the Striped Pajamas 😂

  • Spectral Assassin
    Spectral Assassin 2 days ago

    Shane: Screams at ghosts
    Ghosts: Well screw you I was going to talk to you but now your just being rude

  • john hand
    john hand 2 days ago

    Inmate: What's the reason why you in prison?
    John Ryan: ugh crime against nature
    Inmate: Wait what?
    John Ryan: yeah. i harvest an unripe potato so badass right?
    Inmate: ooh kay
    John Ryan: Dang it. i'll just kill my self

    • Nashay Jones
      Nashay Jones 13 hours ago

      Wasn’t being gay considered a “crime against nature” back then?

  • Adnan Podcasts
    Adnan Podcasts 2 days ago

    Worst episode to date. What's wrong with you guys now? You used to be so awesome at this. Now it's more like living up to the gimmick and less about actually investigating. Both were such douches about this place. Like wth?

  • kotoko Lee
    kotoko Lee 2 days ago

    *grow a therapist* W H A T

  • Michala Tyner
    Michala Tyner 3 days ago +1

    Ghost: *literally cusses at Shane*
    Shane: wHAtChU sAaAY?!

  • Ethan Salvino
    Ethan Salvino 3 days ago

    at 15:51 theres a shadow on the left of the screen. It might shane though.

  • Anxiety
    Anxiety 3 days ago

    "How about grow a girlfriend" 🤣🤣

  • Chel_ galaxy
    Chel_ galaxy 3 days ago

    when the ghost cussed at Shane...
    ghost: fck u
    shane: *offended* WhaT?? spEaK uP! coWarDs!

  • Sidney Villamin
    Sidney Villamin 3 days ago

    I lost it when the ghost cussed at Shane XD

  • Nikkita Wilson
    Nikkita Wilson 3 days ago

    13:46 it said shane

  • Jenn Hello
    Jenn Hello 3 days ago

    I think this is the most terrified I've ever seen Ryan, I honestly thought he was gonna pass out. Poor boi

  • AnD SpRiTE
    AnD SpRiTE 3 days ago

    This video is so cool...

    Or should I say ghoul!
    I'll go now

  • QuestioningKate
    QuestioningKate 3 days ago

    “Crimes against nature” meant either beastiality or homosexuality, and considering how no one liked him (including the criminals who did just really awful things) I’m gonna go ahead and say it was the homosexuality. So it really was terrible what happened to him.

  • Tessa Silva
    Tessa Silva 3 days ago

    You should do the Russian experiment. It would be really cool if you did.

  • Yazzy
    Yazzy 3 days ago

    T h A t S a C h U n K y B o I

  • Not so Average human
    Not so Average human 3 days ago +1

    God bless their cameraperson!😨

  • Not so Average human
    Not so Average human 3 days ago +1

    Will they ever reach a conclusion to weather or not ghosts are real...cause I really want to know!

  • Mady Alvarez
    Mady Alvarez 3 days ago

    That voice @ 12:06 definitely sounded like a woman saying "Ryan."

  • Kate Hansen
    Kate Hansen 3 days ago

    2:02 I mean, if he wanted to act heartless, he could go heartless.

  • Vanessa Ann
    Vanessa Ann 3 days ago

    9:57 sounds like "that's true"

    TINA LEDEZMA 3 days ago

    Why not visit Lorraine Warren?

  • Isabella Scully-Tenpenny

    “A chunky boy!”

  • Meme man
    Meme man 3 days ago

    Hey I live there

  • Save the Pitiful Children

    I was born in yuma in a house near there. I'm now cackling for some reason