Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.

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  • sam t
    sam t 19 hours ago

    Could it be that, because he has told so much, in the government killing him it would pretty much confirm everything he's said

  • sam t
    sam t 19 hours ago

    When someone is lying they act very well at over compensating. I feel Bob is genuine and it kind of just shows in his delivery. If I was trying to remember lots of detail from years ago I would struggle and He has had so many people calling him a liar that just his natural way of explaining seems so genuine

  • chris cullen
    chris cullen 22 hours ago

    2nd time watchin this.. hes bullshittin..they hired him to :fool around" with magnetism

    • Joscelyn Olivier
      Joscelyn Olivier 21 hour ago

      Why would they hire him to 'fool around' with Magnetism?

  • harry tooke
    harry tooke 23 hours ago

    beard guy needs to stfu im already bored of him and hes said a few sentences

  • Krs Villegas
    Krs Villegas Day ago

    Hey I'ma ...I'm Barry
    KRS is my nephew and persuaded me to break my silence

    BR8KTH3CYCLE Day ago

    This is one of the best podcasts I've seen, not Joe Rogans actual podcast, but this actual one with Bob. This shit boggled my fucking mind. Bravo.

  • justin P
    justin P Day ago +1

    If this is true, why would the government let this guy talk about it for YEARS? I hope it's true but something just seems off......

    • wadde faq
      wadde faq Day ago

      Lol if they killed him, people will more believed him. And his story will more convincing. The gov already decided to kill him, when they erased his birth cert and education cert. But bob already spilled out the story, so if they kill him, of course people automatically believed and convince his story. Sorry,english is not my primary language.

  • J K
    J K Day ago

    Put me on the show instead of bearded guy I promise I won’t disappoint nearly as much as he does plus I shave weekly so I don’t have a beard or gel my hair so I’d say I’m a step up

  • Northbound W
    Northbound W Day ago

    I'ma be honest, Bob Lazar might just be one of the least credible people on earth

  • Juan-Mouloud De la Vega

    "I replace the engine of my car with a jet engine and I went to work every day with it, you could hear it from a mile away" mmmmmhhh I think it shows a lot about his personality that's obviously the sign of someone begging for attention.

    Another thing is when he said that when he started working on this supposed antigravitiy engine, he said they had it for a long time allegedly and some people have already worked on it before he came, so if that was true why does it look like that he had to start from the begining ? like he wasn't alone, he was supposed to work with this guy Barry who had been already working on it but when you ask him it looks like they just started working on it, what did Barry and his previous collegue work on ? "they try to cut it in half and the guy died" that's it ? there was no work done other than that before you started working on it ? his story sound so fishy, I'm not saying he's lying nor he's telling the true but as a skeptic there are some huge red flags like trying to link what he allegedly saw with what the Navy pilot David Fravor saw "the way it moves it was the same thing" No it's not, you said you saw two spaceships looking like a flying saucer (back in the 80s flying saucer were the "norm") and what David Fravor saw had a Tic Tac shape so trying to link both with such confidence proves me he's trying hard to convince us like a killer telling a detective he has nothing to do with the murder.

    Im not even gonna talk about how confuse he is when asked about specifics, I mean it was a long time ago and he may really have migraine so his confusion and the fact that he looks like killer who tried to convinced a detetective with an alibi is not necessary relevant.

  • Kevin Cobb
    Kevin Cobb Day ago

    Let me in that bitch, I'll show em how to reverse engineer that shit to the maximum.

  • Alien Free Zone
    Alien Free Zone Day ago +1

    If Jeremy had retracted his tongue instead of Bob retracting key aspects of his original statement this would have been a different podcast:

  • Cristian Tohatan

    Search Results
    Featured snippet from the web
    Zeta Reticuli has no known exosolar planets. On September 20, 1996, a tentative discovery of a hot Jupiter around ζ2 was reported

  • Lord_Freezy
    Lord_Freezy Day ago

    Protect BOB LAZAR! This guy is a god we have to protect

    THESPETNAZ_57 Day ago

    If he says the ufo's gravitational field bends light around it, how would he be able to see it at all while they were testing it? Wouldn't that make it invisible from every side not just underneath it? 44:42

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong Day ago

    Water is just basically thicker air so a sufficiently advanced craft should have no problem manipulating both air and water or even possibly thicker materials like plasma

  • Cousin IT
    Cousin IT Day ago

    I was drunk and thought it said Jerry Cantrell, damn....

  • Dakota trokey
    Dakota trokey Day ago

    Around 25:50 beard says "four atoms" yet holds up three fingers

  • Just Felix
    Just Felix Day ago

    Joe " What was it , what was it , what , what , was it ? " Rogan

  • Jamie Vorne
    Jamie Vorne Day ago

    Get Barry on .... Surely after all this now and Commander Fravor speaking it's safe for him to speak ?

  • Equipois3
    Equipois3 Day ago

    came back just to see the view count. lol 9 mil

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf Day ago

    All of this is interesting untill you realise that traveling at the speed of light, which is the maximum speed limit, will get you nowhere in the universe. Unless these things can warp time and space, or create wormholes, it's probably not reality.

  • Jet Valencia
    Jet Valencia Day ago

    Bearded man needs to shut up

  • Crystal Nam-Rangel

    I was completely fascinated by Bob Lazar what an incredible podcast, until Rogan started rambling on later in the vid. Omg! Love you Joe, but you should have kept the focus on Bob Lazar's story, his beliefs. Glad he got back on track later in the podcast.

  • tstoneami
    tstoneami Day ago

    It makes no sense that he hasn't been silenced. It makes more sense that he is out there to give out false information.

  • Two Cents' Worth
    Two Cents' Worth Day ago +2

    They did a small survey and asked 100 people if they found Jeremy Corbell in an archaeological dig would they put him back? And 101 said yes they would.
    (Mrs. Corbell wasn’t part of the survey but joined in anyway).

  • Riley Frost
    Riley Frost Day ago


  • VMIGUY02
    VMIGUY02 Day ago

    Jeremy Corbell sounds just about as credible as Tom Delonge did. They must be cousins.

  • Lane Marvin
    Lane Marvin Day ago

    Where can I find the s-4 footage? Looked but can’t find it anywhere

  • Static xXC420
    Static xXC420 Day ago

    Jeremy should not have been on the podcast...

  • MikMiz
    MikMiz 2 days ago

    Idk why but this podcast reminds me of planet 51😂

  • Danii Blake
    Danii Blake 2 days ago

    Truly believe you bob lazar thank you for coming forward im from the UK and my goverment is lying about having craft. Is there any drawings you have done of the craft you seen in detail I would really like to check them out but can't find anything fro google

    MAX MAD MENDAX 2 days ago

    So bob where is the 115 ?😉

  • An Equal
    An Equal 2 days ago

    Jeremy Corbell talks when we kinda jst wanna hear Bob..No offence.

  • falkenlaser
    falkenlaser 2 days ago

    People say Bob’s records at MIT and CalTech were erased and he can still name his professors and classmates, but something I haven’t seen anyone say is what years he attended school, and assuming he graduated high school around 1977 and was working at Los Alamos by 1982, how could he have possibly gotten 2 Masters degrees from 2 different colleges in 5 years?

  • BSman617
    BSman617 2 days ago

    Bob Lazer looking and sounding like the Half Life scientist from Black Mesa

  • Guy Cruls
    Guy Cruls 2 days ago

    wow, rg, that is deep: speculating that we are making a cocoon...

  • Guy Cruls
    Guy Cruls 2 days ago

    facts are 30 years old: it's easy to infer that we'll be building spacecraft powered by that technology. soon. we probably have built craft using alien propulsion technology already. just imagine, flying to Alpha Centauri within this generation...

  • Brog9
    Brog9 2 days ago

    The worst part of this podcast is when Joe opens his mouth

  • Very Tiny Alien
    Very Tiny Alien 2 days ago +2

    You see an intelligent alien life form standing next to an interstellar craft. You're going to show no interest in that being and walk past it to look under the bonnet of the UFO? GTFOH.

  • Very Tiny Alien
    Very Tiny Alien 2 days ago +2

    *MISDIRECTION PEOPLE* They want you to focus on small particulars so you forget to ask the most obvious and troubling question: *WHERE ARE THE NINE ALIEN PILOTS?*

    • Very Tiny Alien
      Very Tiny Alien Day ago

      @Code Tech
      Bob knows that not all the aliens died and so does one of his best friends John Lear:

    • Very Tiny Alien
      Very Tiny Alien 2 days ago

      @Code Tech
      Yes I am aware of that, but where is the skeleton or the remains? And that still leaves another eight pilots to account for. This should have been the priority consideration and yet everyone is fixating on the propulsion system. It beggars belief!

    • Code Tech
      Code Tech 2 days ago

      If they found the craft at an archaeological site (as Bob said he was told) then the pilots died a long time ago.

  • MrBignick809
    MrBignick809 2 days ago

    This guy is lying his ass off

  • Robb Hale
    Robb Hale 2 days ago

    Joe Rogan could probably interview himself

  • Obiwanswat
    Obiwanswat 2 days ago

    I'm here to do my GG/EZ homework. Never thought Mr. Fruit would give me homework.

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith 2 days ago

    loved the interview. So I went to watch the documentary on Netflix and I heard a big discrepancy. Bob clearly states he never saw an alien, heard about them other than the quick glance in the window and thought it was a doll for measuring the size of the seats inside the craft. In the documentary, in 1989, he says "that's when I saw the alien cadavers". Would love to know which is it.

    • Very Tiny Alien
      Very Tiny Alien Day ago

      @Code Tech

    • Code Tech
      Code Tech 2 days ago

      Bob said he saw *pictures* claimed to be alien cadavers in the briefings. Bob never claimed to have seen an actual alien, and does not know whether the pictures are true or are misdirection. Besides that, Bob himself is not interested in aliens, only technology.

  • Randy G
    Randy G 2 days ago

    Joe's pate is shining like a UFO!

  • Delta-Jungly 810
    Delta-Jungly 810 2 days ago

    why does TheXvid not show downvotes on comments

  • leffe 83
    leffe 83 2 days ago +1

    This is like religion.
    You believe it or you don't

  • Inu Ichiban
    Inu Ichiban 2 days ago

    Joe would be better off if he could mask his dislike for Jeremy a little more.

  • rawlikesushi3
    rawlikesushi3 3 days ago

    Ive watched this podcast and the other one with the air force pilot like 3 times each and i swear i dont get bored of it.

    • Two Cents' Worth
      Two Cents' Worth 2 days ago

      Wait until you discover sex you're in for a treat. They reckon it's pretty good with a partner too.

  • vinnytheman 22
    vinnytheman 22 3 days ago

    Joe and lazar is all that was needed

  • Cackling Muse
    Cackling Muse 3 days ago

    bunch of bullshit...if it was real he would be missing

  • Logan Pollock
    Logan Pollock 3 days ago

    Jeremy’s the kind of guy that masturbates to videos of himself.

  • M D
    M D 3 days ago

    Joe, you really know what questions to ask. Thanks for a great interview, again.

  • shatner99
    shatner99 3 days ago +3

    "...I gotta have less Corbell..."

  • Clay LaBrant
    Clay LaBrant 3 days ago

    UFO caught on tape in Tampa Florida

  • josh david
    josh david 3 days ago

    i recently recorded some strange sightings on my page. They go with the description bob lazar had. Very weird. The crafts definitely weren't from this earth

  • Luke Bullard
    Luke Bullard 3 days ago +21

    When Bob speaks, he’s stating facts. When Jeremy speaks, it’s like he’s trying to convince you. I believe Bob’s story but I cringe every time Jeremy talks. He not doing Bob any favors in this conversation.

  • Ryan Rauber
    Ryan Rauber 3 days ago

    Does no one else realize he's lying? He can't recall basic shit about the most shocking aspects of his story, but he knows the aliens are from Zeta Reticuli, even though the government apparently only tells everyone need to know info. Why would a power/propulsion guy need to know where the aliens are from? Also, he's a physicist, but he can't describe or recall anything about what kind of research they did, yet he recalls the shapes of the reactor parts. What he's doing is qualifying his story with pointless facts which is the number one go to of a liar. Any physicist would have immediately and explicitly expressed the shock of discovering antigravity for the first time when questioned about it. The reason he paused and stumbled not only there, but all over this interview was that he is struggling to keep his story straight because he's nervous about being discovered as a fraud. That's also why he qualifies dumb meaningless parts of his answers and struggles to grasp the gist of many of Joe's questions, often times taking the questions way to literally, and in doing so doesn't really answer Joe's question. That's why Joe has to ask so many questions in a row to try to get at the answers he wants. This guy is a 100% certified liar.

  • Derfla
    Derfla 3 days ago +1

    this annoying ass hippy bitch needs to stop staring at the fucking camera. Jesus Christ, we are here to listen to Bob, not to watch you stare into my goddamn soul while you just take up all the breathing room and talk for too long of intervals while you just keep plugging your shitty documentaries.