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  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.

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  • robert leybourne
    robert leybourne 2 years ago +90

    Congratulations joe on getting bob lazar on the show, unbelievably edge of your seat session. Love the podcasts but this is the best one yet by far. WOW just amazing

  • rt dc
    rt dc 2 days ago +26

    I love the way Bob describes and speaks about this stuff. A simple minded smart man. Probably just a great guy to be around on any occasion

    • 007Pat
      007Pat 4 hours ago +1

      @David Herbella that has me confused to lmao

    • David Herbella
      David Herbella 6 hours ago +1

      Simple minded?

  • Natalia Orsini
    Natalia Orsini Day ago +11

    In the late 80s my mother and her entire family were staying in a ocean front hotel in Puerto Rico. They all said the same story. They saw a UFO flying over the water that would come close then zip away and was flying making “radical” movements just as Bob explains the craft would fly during testing. At the same time, the hotel lost power. The story always gave me chills and hearing this story from Bob just confirms that they have been here for a very long time. I love learning more about these unknown foreign crafts.

  • Fletch Keilman
    Fletch Keilman Day ago +40

    This is one of the few podcasts that i listen to again about every 4 or 5 months. I enjoy this one immensely

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 20 hours ago

      @Fletch Keilman Please note that your cowardly attitude towards the truth doesn't get you anywhere closer to it. The narcissistic attitude behind what you said might be good enough at a Marjorie Taylor Greene rally, but it doesn't pass the acid test for anyone genuinely curious about the truth. Hope that's helpful.

    • Fletch Keilman
      Fletch Keilman 22 hours ago +2

      @Luis Cayetano please note that i didn't ask you. In fact, i don't think anyone did.

    • D3RPJosh!
      D3RPJosh! Day ago +3

      @Luis Cayetano where and how is it confirmed??

  • JsMuturi.
    JsMuturi. 6 days ago +110

    I'm from Kenya, been always interested with UFO since was young. Bob just makes me eager to search more after stories from my Grandfather. I remember him say we are not all alone in this galaxy, the way he could read the stars and predict weather while looking at the sky and saying one day the world will know. Rest in peace chief Muturi

    • Ginger Snap
      Ginger Snap 2 days ago

      @::facepalm:: wait do you know this guys grandpa?? Small world?!

    • Alice Fossum
      Alice Fossum 2 days ago


    • Carlan King
      Carlan King 3 days ago +1

      What a wonderful story for you to have from your grandfather, and to pass down for generations to come. I would love to see Kenya through your grandfather’s eyes!

    • JsMuturi.
      JsMuturi. 4 days ago +1

      @::facepalm:: yes sir Leo

  • Luke Beaney
    Luke Beaney 3 months ago +638

    Joe please do a part 2!
    The best podcast I have ever watched and I have watched it numerous times 👍

    • Jeff Rock
      Jeff Rock 2 months ago

      No it's not

    • Daniel Hosler
      Daniel Hosler 2 months ago

      @Luis Cayetano I hope that's a copy pasta, because you have a massive ego if you think people are gonna read all that

    • jamaicawaka
      jamaicawaka 2 months ago

      Spotify won't allow it

  • ILikeApples
    ILikeApples 12 days ago +122

    Joe at his best. Thank you Joe. Great podcast well done sir.

    • Joshua Dilley
      Joshua Dilley 5 days ago

      @ILikeApples 🤣

    • ILikeApples
      ILikeApples 5 days ago

      @Joshua Dilley Nice quote good will trolling.

    • Joshua Dilley
      Joshua Dilley 5 days ago +1

      How you like Dem apples!

    • Joshua Dilley
      Joshua Dilley 5 days ago

      @ILikeApples he gave people the ability... mic drop

    • ILikeApples
      ILikeApples 5 days ago

      @Joshua Dilley How did it go from thanking Joe for another great podcast to preaching about god? Religion is an advertisement for a product that doesn't exist. At least the U.S military has evidence of these things, when was the last time god was caught on video.

  • Tamara George
    Tamara George 6 days ago +81

    Hands down my favourite rogan interview! His style of interviewing Lazar is so gentle, drawing him in to answer the poignant questions while being mindful that this guy is nervous af!

    • Mark
      Mark 24 minutes ago

      @Sek war you do know Bob built a particle accelerator and a hydrogen-based car as well, right?

    • Sek war
      Sek war 9 hours ago

      @D3RPJosh! His story is all over the place: he's evasive one moment and goes into conspicuous detail on the same subject the next, his migraine act is utterly transparent, he constantly canvasses sympathy, he keeps retrospectively adding new details to back up new adlibbed
      inconsistencies, he talks and acts like a man who has painted himself into a corner and has no idea how to get out of it.

    • D3RPJosh!
      D3RPJosh! Day ago

      @Sek war how is Bob clearly lying?

    • Sek war
      Sek war 4 days ago +2

      Yeah, Bob is clearly lying and Rogan is softballing him because he's either ridiculously credulous or so desperate to believe that he somehow suspends disbelief when faced with the most blatant conceit and obfuscation that he has ever been party to platforming.

  • Aliyah Farooqi
    Aliyah Farooqi 10 days ago +164

    My God!! this interview was an eye-opener, it was a roller coaster of emotions. I don't know what I'm feeling rn. I'm freaked out about extraterrestrial civilizations, I'm excited about technology, I'm upset at what's going on without our knowledge, and I'm sad that this might be destructive for humanity. and simultaneously I'm happy that people like Bob are bringing it to light.

    • I steal NFT's
      I steal NFT's 8 hours ago

      @Luis Cayetano I mean so are the politicans who discredit these people it's hard to tell who to believe in a world full of liars

    • Carlos Flores
      Carlos Flores Day ago

      @Luis Cayetano damn

  • Matt Massey
    Matt Massey 4 days ago +48

    I'm very grateful that this podcast in particular also remains on YT as it deserves the most amount of reach possible, and despite how some people might feel about him moving to Spotify. Just remember this video is here solely because of him

    • Matt Massey
      Matt Massey 4 days ago +6

      @Luis Cayetano you entitled to your own opinion, however I will say his interviews have been reviewed by world renowned body language experts(human lie detectors) and they have said he is telling the truth or at least he believes he thinks he is. If not he is the world's best liar in history and can hide all of the physical mannerisms consistent with lying

  • Properly Duct
    Properly Duct 2 years ago +12587

    “This is top secret information, no one has evidence of this technology”
    Joe: “Jamie, pull that up”

    • Scotty too hottie
      Scotty too hottie 4 days ago


    • Georgie M
      Georgie M 7 days ago

      Hey asalamualikum. Its all fake

    • Pat De
      Pat De 8 days ago +1

      I just laughed so hard I s*#t myself...

    • Lazy Tongue
      Lazy Tongue 8 days ago

      Joe you LOVE to hear yourself talk..

  • I. M. Hipp
    I. M. Hipp 2 days ago +68

    In 1989 my wife and I saw one of these UFOs. We were coming back from LA to Vegas. It was a clear day about 1PM. It was a black triangle about 8 to 10 feet tall and as wide as the road. We were in our Motorhome and it came down at freefall speed and stopped and hovered for a few seconds and the took off straight back up at the same speed. The whole thing only took about 10 seconds if that. It had rounded edges with no windows or ports or vents. It also made no noise and was only about 60 to 100 yards in front of us. When you see something fall from the sky, hover off the ground and then take off straight up it makes you a believer.

    • Emily Parmenter
      Emily Parmenter Hour ago

      I would pee my pants

    • Johnny Cage
      Johnny Cage Hour ago

      @Lucky Number8 they already are. Your phone is one of them. The alien tech is a Trojan Horse.

    • Chris
      Chris 12 hours ago

      @Lucky Number8 yeah you definitely have some awesome points. And I'd of loved to of seen what you have. I don't personally think ur BSing.. im a stranger what would you get from lying to me? But I'm open minded and do believe that if something is so huge that we can't possibly put our mind to just how big it is and has no end that we know of.. it has to be said that we have to be small minded or closed minded to even think we are the only living creatures in the universe.. imho you have more chance of a fish spending its entire life alone than you do of us never finding out that they are out there .. the ocean is FULL of fish.. the universe has to be FULL of life.. its just a HELL of alot bigger.. and we have to travel further to find it we just arnt advanced enough yet and maybe something else is and has visited us and maybe it was a test.. for e.g voyager 1 landing on a planet now. Being collected etc .. we could just think we lost contact with it.. wouldn't necessarily start sending another to go collect it

  • 👾 TonyGoneMad 👾
    👾 TonyGoneMad 👾 13 days ago +88

    I’ve watched this on repeat for a few months now I’m not even kidding I’ve studied it thoroughly 🤣👍🏻 amazing talk show One of the best interviews ever

    • Marcus MTM
      Marcus MTM Day ago

      @CL Walters U R SCORCHING HOT CL, and I'm searching for a Wife and she look's just like you Sweetheart❣

    • Pugger21
      Pugger21 5 days ago

      @Quentin I have maxed out my research on Lazar - I suspect you still have a long ways to go. Here is a youtube channel dedicated to Lazar, its called "BobLazarAndBeyond". Watch all his old videos.

    • Quentin
      Quentin 6 days ago

      @Pugger21 Hey man, I am actually interested in your findings, I recently started analyzing this word for word too. Interested in sharing something w each other?

    • 👾 TonyGoneMad 👾
      👾 TonyGoneMad 👾 7 days ago +2

      All I’m saying is the Guy is not talking bullshit this is an awesome interview with some really really clever questions and Bob was made to feel at home he wasn’t being put into a corner. Which is the respect he deserves!!
      If anybody disagrees with what I’ve said I honestly couldn’t give a flying shit I’m a bit smarter than that if you don’t like what I said and that’s too bad 🫡
      We should’ve listened to this man years ago!! I’ll be completely honest all they have to do is keep this quiet for a lifetime in other words when Bob one day passes and crosses into the next life it will be forgotten and all that will be left is this talkshow and some documentaries the truth will be forgotten unless it is exposed! 👊🏻
      If you don’t like what I’ve just said then I hope you miss judge a fart and shit your pants 🫠👍🏻

  • Soul Extract
    Soul Extract 7 days ago +14

    I love the info they bring in! Always good to see good information being seen well on TheXvid anyway and it's good to see that military personnel came forward with this too as long as we don't talk to much about it we won't get listed as well as threat to them if you catch my drift.

  • CombatWombatSTL
    CombatWombatSTL 3 days ago +22

    When I was a kid I saw two airplanes making crazy maneuvers in the sky and I was so focused on them that I hardly noticed the flying disc making circles about the larger area I was observing. I only noticed it when it made an abrupt jump behind and then began to chase the what I now realized to be fighter jets. They began evasive maneuvers and I saw lights split out from one of the jets as if it were firing weapons and then as I was watching the jets do a paired, acrobatic turn mid-air, the object stopped midair, rotated, and then it was just gone. It didn't just disappear in the blink of an eye though, it leaned and almost slid off to the right at a high rate of speed. The jets split and began to circle each other until they lined back up behind each other almost as if they couldn't believe what had just happened themselves. This was on vacation for my mother's wedding in Tahoe, Nevada on 11-10-11 at around 4pm (her wedding was 11-11-11). It stopped on a dime and then easily went 10x faster than the jets and itself were flying in a fraction of a second. These ships are real and I think they created us and they're watching us. It literally brought tears to my eyes. As an engineering student at the time it was the most in-comprehensive, beautiful, and terrifying thing I have ever seen. It didn't look real it looked like somebody was aiming a laser pointer that controlled a space ship and jerking it around the sky. That's the only way I can describe it. If a human was onboard they would either be dead from G-force or ejected out of the side of the craft. We are not the apex.

    • el presidente
      el presidente 3 days ago +1

      if it was a disc shape, then how could you tell if it rotated from literally thousands of feet away..

    • Carlan King
      Carlan King 3 days ago +1

      To Silver
      Having a lot of fun playing with the kids I think.

    • Silver
      Silver 3 days ago +1

      Why would a massively intelligent race do loops in the sky letting people see them?

  • Just_Because
    Just_Because 2 years ago +185

    Joe Rogans interviewing skills have really evolved throughout the years. He was always good but now he’s phenomenal. I know you hate comments Joe but thanks!

    • #EllipsesYT ATellipsesTWTR
      #EllipsesYT ATellipsesTWTR 2 years ago +2

      I Was thinking same.JR can hold his own amongst the smartest dudes on earth.I tip my hat,Mr Rogen,I've been on this journey every step of the way.Whatta ride

    • George Feb
      George Feb 2 years ago +1

      Thanks to Joe I've learned many interesting new words! He himself expanded his vocabulary due to this podcast! P.S. English is my second language, so cheers Joe and co!

    • Robert Abugelis
      Robert Abugelis 2 years ago +4

      We just keep making things better and better.

  • They're hiding what? They've got bases on where?

    If a UFO was to gently land on Bob Lazar's website, it could take hundreds of years to find it among all the wreckage.

  • Joe Esposito
    Joe Esposito 9 days ago +25

    Best 2 hr podcast ever ty Joe, and Bob! I would love to see a podcast with Joe, Bob and Elon Musk. Only way it would top this episode!

  • Kieran Hart
    Kieran Hart 11 days ago +40

    Thank you Mr Lazar. You rock brother!!!

  • G Ad92
    G Ad92 2 years ago +453

    *Jeremy has so much to say but he’s too excited to say it right lol*

    • Super Megadong
      Super Megadong 2 months ago +1

      He’s just not a likable person, the beginning of the documentary was SO hard to get through really could have put that all in the end and asked the same questions over and over again

    • Kailee Hofman
      Kailee Hofman 2 years ago +1

      Jamey Hibberd how? Not that I don’t believe they’re “not there” haha otherwise I wouldn’t watch the podcast, how do u know? Not trying to be rude just wondering!

    • Verse Contro
      Verse Contro 2 years ago +3

      You're right. He speaks like Adam from adam ruins everything but you can tell he actually did his research and wasn't spoon fed what he's saying. I think he spent so much time with Bob that he was trying to help bob out of questions he didnt/couldn't answer. Or he's in on the whole thing and was there to male sure bob didn't say to much. Either way one of my favorite joe rogan podcasts by far

    • Hypereia
      Hypereia 2 years ago +5

      Yeah, and about half the time he started talking, he just went off on a tangent, damaging his credibility. I think if he listened more and talked less, he'd be more believable.

    • Bobby Guajardo
      Bobby Guajardo 2 years ago +20

      Every time he started talking it was completely irrelevant. I don’t even think he knew what he was talking about half the time. Definitely would’ve been better without him

  • Dillon Dees
    Dillon Dees 3 days ago +64

    Bob fighting through that migraine is equivalent to Michael Jordan’s “flu game” 😂

  • King Vidor
    King Vidor 3 hours ago

    I remember listening to the Art Bell program in the late 90's when Lazar was interviewed. He said at that time the space craft was the size of a bus and when he touched it there was a response probably symbiotic response. He also stated that he met Wernher von Braun at the (area 51) location. The interview was during the period Lazar had not yet been verified as far as his experience or work at any gov installation. He is knowledgeable but he reminds me of a kid who can't keep his story straight.

  • Blindspot Spotter🇺🇦.

    Great conversation and observations from Joe @ about 1:45:00 to 1:55:00 regarding humanity’s promise and limitations as we approach “the great filter”.
    I find these topics (human roots/evolution, why we are here, are we alone) absolutely fascinating and Joe Rogan’s knowledge of these topics incredibly well informed and his passion for them is contagious.
    Great show!

    • Blindspot Spotter🇺🇦.
      Blindspot Spotter🇺🇦. 8 days ago +1

      @Luis Cayetano I’ll bite. I don’t know that Bob’s story is true/false/somewhere in between. I would like to have the level of certainty you have though. I think we all want that.
      On the same topic, do you also believe Travis Walton’s, Charles Hickson’s & Calvin Parker’s stories are untrue?

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 8 days ago +2

      I hope you realize that the story he tells is fake.

  • CJHexy
    CJHexy 15 days ago +38

    Jeremy Corbell is the hardest person to listen too and follow, should of just been Bob and Joe on this episode.

    • Aries
      Aries 11 days ago +2

      I think what is happening is that Jeremy is being attacked every day about the subject. His confidence is shaken by this. Anyway is very difficult to listen to him jumping back and forth on the subject.

    • Brian Crawford
      Brian Crawford 12 days ago +5

      I think it's because he's trying to explain but also promote his documentaries at the same time. He just needs to learn how to walk that line better

  • Huda Fuq
    Huda Fuq 2 years ago +746

    Bob Lazar looks like a less creepy edition of Stephen King

    • One Day At A Time
      One Day At A Time Day ago

      Stephen King Lite.

      TRUMP LOST GET OVER IT! 10 days ago

      That's what you got from this interview? 😂 We're doomed!

    • The Metal Jedi
      The Metal Jedi 2 years ago

      both make up stuff for money

    • fredinabun ;
      fredinabun ; 2 years ago +1

      NO WAY how come in 2018 it came out that Bob lied about been at MIT and CALTECH he was never there yet in this podcast 2019 he said he DID go to MIT so he still telling lies about his background and i have to ask myself WHY ? WHY would he LIE about this. ?

    • R. Tafolla
      R. Tafolla 2 years ago

      If Stephen King never touched cocaine

  • france bat
    france bat 10 days ago +19

    Dear mister Joe, it is pretty clear to me after watching a couple of your videos, that you clearly are the bestest of all past & present interviewers ever! I am so impressed with your intelligent choice of questions to ask, you get to the point as clearly and precisely as possible and if they don't answer, you follow up with a second one just as good as the first. Mr. Joe Rogan, you have my admiration, respect and all of my interest in your past, present & futur projects. good luck to you sir, I'm happy to have had the opportunity to write this little note to you, goodbye (please forgive my bad english, I'm French, thank you)
    France D. x

    • Marcin Ratajczyk
      Marcin Ratajczyk 6 days ago

      Dude your English is similar to that of a bot! Congrats!

    • Savage Salvage
      Savage Salvage 8 days ago

      Joe don't read comments, he says so all the time.

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope 10 days ago +4

    Gilbert saw this video for the first time last night and I couldn't sleep it kept me awake I didn't know there was actually something inside of a sound that we've been trying to reverse-engineer for 100 years

  • Joe Esposito
    Joe Esposito 9 days ago +7

    Jamie makes Joe’s explanation the best. Never get sick of watching JRE!

    • Emilio26
      Emilio26 2 days ago

      Joe Esposito even though Joe Rogan has left TheXvid I still follow him Spotify.

  • Jodie
    Jodie 7 hours ago

    We could be so much farther advanced if they opened this technology more publicly so it could be studied correctly by different minds.

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 2 years ago +15913

    US government: We need someone to reverse engineer this technology.
    US Agent: I saw a guy who fitted a rocket to his Honda
    US Government: Bring him in.

    • Will liam
      Will liam 5 days ago

      @Pablo Sawyer to hide the biggest answer to the biggest question? Yeah. They absolutely would. 💯

    • Peter Rosado
      Peter Rosado 2 months ago

      Sounds like the next fast and furious

  • 5AM
    5AM 9 days ago +29

    Imagine being able to see what Bob saw, my brain would melt, in a good way 🥹

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 8 days ago +97

    Welp and here we are today , they’ve held a UAP/UFO hearing and we just get closer to some more ‘I told you’s’ from Lazar! Love it

    • Doneco Strong
      Doneco Strong 4 days ago

      @Luis Cayetano I’m convinced that’s you’re a government official using a fake page because you’re way too invested in proving that his story is fake 😭 it’s rather amusing

    • Rifle Shooter Channel
      Rifle Shooter Channel 5 days ago

      @Rage lol

    • Rifle Shooter Channel
      Rifle Shooter Channel 5 days ago

      @Jon Hall Yeah I like Bob, his stories are awesome and entertaining and I want to hear more of them.
      But I don’t believe them because there is no proof to support them.

  • Atomic_Blast_Pythond
    Atomic_Blast_Pythond 2 days ago +2

    I saw Bob Lazar's story on the news when I was a kid and it changed my life. I have been real into UFOs and science since then.

    • G 222
      G 222 15 hours ago

      @R7Z lazar has no credibility whatsoever. And the places he worked at, they literally said they didn’t have any records on him and he doesn’t have the master degree from the school he said he graduated from.

    • R7Z
      R7Z Day ago

      Go on. Tell us hows he a liar.

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano Day ago +2

      Please not that even though his story is entertaining and interesting to think about, Lazar is a confirmed fraud and liar. I can go into detail about the reasons why if you'd like.

  • M A
    M A 7 days ago +13

    I'm now 60...when I was literally 7 we used to talk about aliens all the time. The main reason we lived just a few miles from Wright Patterson AFB ...where EVERYONE and I mean literally everyone in this entire area knew they had parts of an alien spacecraft and alien bodies. I'm blown away by the fact 99% of the population has ZERO idea that this stuff is going on. When I was 50 I ran into a gal while working at hospital just chit chatting and she worked for years at Wright Patterson. For God knows what reason the UFO thing was joked about and she said yeah at Wright Patt trust me it ain't no joke. Being interested I said oh yeah...tell me. She was like we all know there are MIB's on the base they stay away from everyone etc., and they dress like MIB's. She said the CO called a special meeting one day brought everyone in said I want to talk to all of you about an extremely serious subject. She said he was obviously very pissed off. He said you all know there are some special people on this base...I've been advised recently a few of you thought it would be funny to go up to these people and joke about UFO's aliens etc. She said at this point his face turned red veins bulged in his neck and he said...I'm telling you and you better be listening to me carefully if you ever...ever ...ever pull go up to these people and joke talk mention etc., anything about UFO's ET etc., you will be lucky to only find yourself at Fort Worth. Now if you think I'm joking try me. The point is ...this is the at least the 10th time in my life some story equal or even crazier was told to me out of the blue first hand by highly credible person. Clearly obviously there is 100% something to all this...its 100%.

    • Meme_Man
      Meme_Man 7 days ago

      didn't read, boomer

  • sde37
    sde37 2 years ago +606

    this interview is way better than the documentary

    • Roman Reckless
      Roman Reckless 4 days ago

      @Rob CLtv what up Rob.

    • BerryFisherman
      BerryFisherman 4 days ago

      @Operation Starfish Prime y yu. Y

    • A-10 Warthog
      A-10 Warthog 28 days ago +1

      John 3:16
      New International Version
      16 For God so loved(A) the world that he gave(B) his one and only Son,(C) that whoever believes(D) in him shall not perish but have eternal life.(E) 🙏!!!!!!!!!!

    • alex buhmann
      alex buhmann Month ago


    • Super Megadong
      Super Megadong 2 months ago

      @Scribs i really had to pull through that trash because I just wanted to see if bob really is legit

  • S Man The African
    S Man The African Day ago +8

    Bob makes me want to study physics. I wish I had paid more attention in my high school physics class.

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 19 hours ago

      @S Man The African Thanks. You should still definitely study physics, but also be aware that there are many kooks and lunatics out there making dubious claims with no evidence. You should become one of the people exposing pseudoscience and nonsense and educating the public.

    • S Man The African
      S Man The African 20 hours ago +1

      @Luis Cayetano that's a lot of information. Thanks for taking the time to write all that. I do have to say it sounded crazy and I agree about him not providing detail to back up his claims.

    • S Man The African
      S Man The African 20 hours ago

      @Luis Cayetano haha lol

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 20 hours ago +2

      It's too bad he never paid attention in physics either. lol

  • Adam Hayden
    Adam Hayden 9 hours ago +1

    I get migraines and I couldn’t sit and have a several hour long conversation with joe let alone anyone. It is physically impairing I always have end up puking after a few hours and then I fall asleep because im so exhausted from pain. I believe this guy, not about the migraine. His story, but 9 craft?! How could we have so many? If we have 9 then some other countries would have to have some also.

  • johny kim
    johny kim 4 days ago +72

    The world needs to rewrite history books for Gen Z, and Bob should be a topic studied in schools during history class.

    • TubeSurfer
      TubeSurfer 16 hours ago +1

      You cant re write history. Events that have occurred are unchangeable. Gen z logic there. Lol.

    • AfroMoth
      AfroMoth 2 days ago +4

      What a great idea, teach in school what random people have said on the internet which has little to no evidence!!

    • MoneyBandz
      MoneyBandz 2 days ago +1

      @Dallas Elgin but we have more money then you scholar 😂😂

    • c431inf 11b
      c431inf 11b 2 days ago

      @Dallas Elgin gen Pixar

    • Username07
      Username07 3 days ago +2

      Calm down Johnny. Let’s not get carried away.

  • Steve Pedrazzini
    Steve Pedrazzini 8 days ago +16

    To bad I just now saw this, I would have loved to ask Bob if in fact he ever heard of or met my dad Wallace Pedrazzini who also worked at special projects and energy measurements. As far as I knew he was in charge of shipping and receiving but also went to the test site alot and saw the stealth before it became public. He couldn't say if he did anything else but I figured he was an important asset to the company he worked for God rest his soul

    • Ethan Gassman
      Ethan Gassman 13 hours ago

      He kept the secrets of his work for his entire life? Wow.

    • Steve Pedrazzini
      Steve Pedrazzini 8 days ago +4

      Who liked my comment? Not necessary to answer. I was just hoping it might be family or someone that knew my dad. If not that's OK too. Thank you for the like.

  • Gerry isaac Herrera
    Gerry isaac Herrera 2 years ago +458

    Jeremy is trying to sell a book. Lazar is just trying to survive.

    • Eduardo Pena
      Eduardo Pena Day ago

      @Brandon Jameson He is making money off of it. He sells merch and has a book. If he really did know anything and was leaking stuff like he is right now, he wouldn't be alive.

    • Eduardo Pena
      Eduardo Pena Day ago

      @Ri Naganub Not true. In the documentary, Jeremy tries to play off that the FBI raided Bob's lab after he and Bob had some private conversation with some very important details. They were the only two around out in the middle of the woods and Jeremy insists that the conversation was bugged by the FBI somehow. Now, you'd think Jeremy being an "investigative filmmaker" would have recorded something like that, but of course he didn't. And the FBI, as well as numerous other agencies, did come to check out Bob's lab because he works with some very dangerous materials and he was being investigating for selling it to people that shouldn't have gotten their hands on it.

    • Trajan Augustus
      Trajan Augustus 4 days ago +1

      @Dick Anderson Bob has books? What are the titles?

    • Ri Naganub
      Ri Naganub 5 days ago +1

      Feds also raided his home..

  • TheJonnyzeus
    TheJonnyzeus 9 days ago +17

    I don’t know whether this is all true or not, but it’s a hell of a good story. Lying in bed listening to it in the dark…..I didn’t doze off for one second.

    • Ri Naganub
      Ri Naganub 5 days ago

      This is true..I can say that. And Steve hmmm.. Your Dad? Ahmm..

    • Richard Finney
      Richard Finney 5 days ago

      Bob don't lie he doesn't need to he's an engineer very intelligent man believe him now go watch the nite sky with a pair of bonokulars you'll see them if your putting in the time peace

    • Steve Pedrazzini
      Steve Pedrazzini 8 days ago +1


    • Pyllymysli
      Pyllymysli 8 days ago

      I mean I'm not sure if it's true either, no way to be. But if it isn't he is a goddamn good storyteller.

  • patrick rawls
    patrick rawls 5 days ago +16

    I had a UFO experience in 1987, 17 years old, during a bright sunny day. Walked down the street, heard a loud growling noise like jet plane, looked up and saw triangle looking military jet for a split second, then gone. I wanted to call FBI nearby but decided not to. Seems like loss of time. Imagine hearing something for one second, seeing one second, and gone.

    • n0d3fm41n
      n0d3fm41n 4 days ago +1

      This exact thing happened to me but the black triangle made no noise and I swear it was there for a second but I got a really good look at it. I can draw it from memory. Altho I'm not the best artist per say. My best drawing involves stick figures FML.

    • Freshjive
      Freshjive 4 days ago +2

      I saw 4 UFOs in 1996 in Southern California (Los Angeles). Clear blue sky around 2pm. I was with my brother who was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We were stuck in traffic and going at a crawlspace. I suddenly saw 4 diamond shaped objects in the sky. They were all lined up vertically and positioned where you would see a blimp flying. They weren't moving though. Just completely stationary. I'm staring at these things and just trying to figure out what I was looking at because it was unlike anything I've ever seen. My brother says to me at that moment if I see those things in the sky. I said yes. And he was like what is that? We stared at it for what seemed like an eternity but was really maybe 15-20 seconds. Then the 2 objects in the middle rotated out of their position outwards and now the 4 objects made a diamond formation. They stayed like that stationary for another 10 seconds I would day and then suddenly all 4 of them moved away in such a rapid manner they were out of sight within 2 seconds. You could see them leaving but they were moving so fast they were gone in 2 seconds. Craziest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

    • Ya Daddy
      Ya Daddy 4 days ago +1

      While delivering pizza 9 years ago, I was driving along a straight road parallel with a small runway, a big ass triangle ship came out of nowhere and stopped. it looked like it hovered right above the trees, but the size of it could of been so big it might of been higher in the sky. It had a VERY BRIGHT light in the middle and 3 smaller but still very bright lights on it's tips, it lit up the surrounding area the same way a lightning strike would. The craft stayed around long enough that people stopped their cars. but by the time people (and me) started getting out it left, it followed the road about 5 miles and took a sharp left. The road i was on went straight for miles and the only crossroad was 5 miles away. IT WAS FOLLOWING THE ROADS.
      edit: It flew away in less then 3 seconds. craziest thing i've ever seen.

    • Ūñørdñüńg mæk
      Ūñørdñüńg mæk 4 days ago +2

      Sounds like the lockhead f-117 nighthawk stealth bomber

    • Greekpapi
      Greekpapi 5 days ago +2

      About a year ago I came home late from work, maybe I sat out on my balcony to smoke a cigarette before turning in. All of a sudden I see an orange and blue tictac looking light going real slow across the sky..... At first I thought it was a plane flying real high because of its low speed.....but then as it neared some clouds I realized it was not above the clouds, was below!!! Well, this thing zipped one way real fast, then zipped in the opposite direction, then it shot straight up and it disappeared. Freaked me out bro....

  • southerner
    southerner 4 days ago +13

    Question: if the vehicle that Lazar was allowed into had no flight controls, no cockpit or pilot console, how are they being test flown? Who’s flying the test flights? He suggests that at that time there was very little, almost no understanding of the propulsion system, yet it was being successfully flown? If virtually nothing is known about how the craft works, I cannot be flown. The only explanations would be the existence of captured aliens or that it pilots itself. Thoughts?
    Lazar’s story is fascinating.

    • M.S. Olney
      M.S. Olney 11 hours ago

      Or they're manmade knockoffs

    • The Diamond Time Lord
      The Diamond Time Lord 18 hours ago

      @Mike P just going off of what he said, (load meaning a mass) if it's powered on after an amount of time if no load/mass on it/ with in the field it would power down. Same as like a smart electro magnet that's designed to power off if there is no load on it.

    • Mike P
      Mike P 19 hours ago

      @The Diamond Time Lord Right. So once there's a forcefield/anti-gravity bubble surrounding it, that cannot be pierced, how do you get the load off of it?

    • Seann Webb
      Seann Webb 20 hours ago

      probably frequency, or when its turned on had touch display? I'm guessing it ran off radio waves since they were somehow able to talk to someone inside with a radio.

    • Delish Dida
      Delish Dida 23 hours ago +2

      He didn't see how it was flown but he saw that it was flown. He gave the example of how someone may not know how a motorbike works but can still operate it if given enough time with it.

  • Luke Maney
    Luke Maney 11 days ago +33

    This interview is fascinating...It's revealing...Bob is sincere (IMO). Bob and his fellow scientist were being used by A51 as test subjects (guinea pigs), that's why Dennis his handler would disappear...he didn't want to be blown to bits. How did they know that the saucer came from Zeta Reticula, simple....the pilot told them (j-rod?). And the guard jumping Bob for touching the cool. I would of touched it to (not realizing it could electrocute me or infect me with radiation), so real.

    • Luke Maney
      Luke Maney 10 days ago +11

      @Achban Ilacran
      Ok NASA, thanks for your input.

    • Achban Ilacran
      Achban Ilacran 10 days ago +3

      Bob is demented. No one can forget so much about a monumental moment, and be considered sane.

  • David VR
    David VR 2 years ago +382

    Crazy that a guy who claims he worked on alien spacecraft is the most sane-sounding person in the room!

    • Take Jressler
      Take Jressler 2 years ago

      @Trent Snowbarger that's what kept popping up in my head too. I personally believe him but I wont lie it's a pretty easy story to sell

    • Les Grossman
      Les Grossman 2 years ago +2

      It's easy to prove insanity it's almost impossible to prove your sane.!? Just saying.

    • Evolve Together
      Evolve Together 2 years ago +1

      @Trent Snowbarger that's only because the interview is expertly scripted and acted out. I mean, they only brought the filmmaker with them lol
      Bob has told the story so many times it might actually be true in his mind. Same old sci-fi crap over and over again....3 ft tall aliens with flat flying disks.
      The craziest part of all of this is the fact so many people believe it all because it's been in all these movies and shows about aliens. The lie becomes a truth in people's minds if they tell it enough.
      It's more likely that we are the aliens here. Which in a sense is true. Seeing as how before you were born, you were not on planet Earth and now you are and no one can really explain where life comes from. It's painfully obvious that humans are the one species of life on Earth that seem to not belong and want to change earth into something it's not. With imaginative minds at work, eventually, we will turn earth into something that looks like an alien planet from the movies.

    • Wolf Pecker
      Wolf Pecker 2 years ago +1

      @Trent Snowbarger Yeah i think he's 100% legit. You can tell he's not the "1 upper " type of person. On top of that, his story hasn't ever changed. I dont think there has ever been anything to prove he's a liar, but there are more and more things being confirmed, that shows he's been telling the truth on things that couldn't be verified till decades in the future.

    • Trent Snowbarger
      Trent Snowbarger 2 years ago +5

      And that is part of what makes this guy so believable. Do I think he's 100% legit? I'm not sure at all. But the way he presents the information IS convincing, and the rational nature he has all lend credibility to his claims. He doesn't come across as someone who's trying to "make" you believe them.

  • Thomas Gregory jr
    Thomas Gregory jr 3 days ago +20

    After watching this and the documentary, seeing his original interview with George Knapp observing his body language and the way he tells us what he's been through........I don't understand how anyone could think that bob lazar is lying. I really don't

    • Josh Traffanstedt
      Josh Traffanstedt 7 hours ago

      @Sayf Sayef you can find it on TheXvid, but it'll cost like $4.99 to $5.99 to rent.

    • Josh Traffanstedt
      Josh Traffanstedt 7 hours ago

      Probably because he claims to have masters degrees in physics and electronic technology and he doesn't. He doesn't even have the certificates to prove his story. He doesn't even have proof that he got an associates degree, let alone a bachelors degree and then 2 different masters degrees. If he could show just one masters certificate, his entire story would then be credible, but he can't because he never got those degrees.

    • I steal NFT's
      I steal NFT's 8 hours ago +1

      I mean it's hard to tell without all the evidence we'll never actually know unless we could see their memories and if we had that technology fuck goodbye secrets

    • EstebanManolo
      EstebanManolo 12 hours ago

      @Sayf Sayef Netflix

    • Dizz Gaming
      Dizz Gaming 17 hours ago

      @Sayf Sayef I believe it’s on Amazon prime

  • S Mcadams
    S Mcadams 5 days ago +14

    Joe,Bob and Jeremy I absolutely loved the interview..I believe every word Bob says and it really sucks he has to put up with SO MUCH BULLSHIT from all the NAY SAYERS/NON-BELIEVERS in the world..

  • Susie Bear
    Susie Bear 9 days ago +12

    God bless Bob, may he keep you safe and Thank you for speaking out

  • Human Mutilations Covered Up - You're Shitting Me!

    It was reported that one of Bob's fans bought an Area 51 signpost from United Nuclear and later took it back because it was pointing in the wrong direction. Bob gave them a replacement and they went away happy as a pig in mud. 🤣

  • Izzy Veteran
    Izzy Veteran 2 years ago +354

    This is my favorite pod cast from Joe, and yes he should invite bob lazar again but only bob!

    • Semaj Soroj
      Semaj Soroj 2 years ago +1

      Bob and Alex

    • AJ R
      AJ R 2 years ago +1

      What would he do when Bob broke though... Just wait?

    • TTVtheundeadfarmer
      TTVtheundeadfarmer 2 years ago +1

      Problem is what else could he talk about. But he is great whether its true or not.

  • Counterintelligence for Beginners by L.D. Elizondo

    “Always assume incompetence before looking for conspiracy.”
    - *_Niccolò Machiavelli_*

  • Lord Hacker
    Lord Hacker 10 days ago +4

    Thankyou Bob, you are the greatest superhero that this era has had and your efforts are the foundations of ufology, every day that passes your story is gaining strength and the people who believe in you are growing and that not even the government will ever be able to erase it.

  • wungabunga
    wungabunga 5 days ago +34

    ‘The amount of power we’re dealing with is absolutely terrifying’
    Previous lab guy attacked it with a plasma cutter.

  • youfrog 777
    youfrog 777 14 days ago +8

    Great interview watched it several times even tolerated Corbell’s attention grabbing rants.

  • parKb5
    parKb5 2 years ago +220

    I love the part about the apes using tools and entering their own Stone Age today. Who knows by the time they build their first civilization we’ll begone and we’ll become their “Atlantis.’ For centuries they’ll debate that we never existed and that they are the first intelligent species on Earth.

    • Craig the Scott
      Craig the Scott 20 days ago +1

      Good point

    • TonydlP650
      TonydlP650 Month ago +1

      What if it just keeps happening over and over again and you just waiting your turn to come back and be apart of it again

    • 613
      613 2 years ago +2

      @parKb5 We would leave ridiculous fossils of our technology all over the place. The garbage dumps we find of bones as old as your comment proposes have been found.
      Regional civilizations without inferior technology to our own could have risen and fallen many times, but a global culture like our own with technology and buildings like ours has definitely not existed before us.

    • Danilo Marvel
      Danilo Marvel 2 years ago +7

      YEAH.. except for the fact that the chimps in the future would be able to find 7 bilion fossils or human graves around the earth... then it would be certain that we were a real civilization just like we do about dinossaurs...

    • parKb5
      parKb5 2 years ago +3

      Chris Crijns it depends on how long of a time you’re talking about. It took modern man more than 200,000 years to get to their first civilization and that’s not even counting our ancestors. So if apes are beginning their Stone Age, maybe your talking about another million years before they reach their first civilization. In that time just about everything except maybe the Hoover Dam would be gone, reclaimed by nature. There is a TheXvid documentary called Life After People which goes through, how long until all trace of our civilization is gone.

  • Pablo
    Pablo 9 days ago +8

    Honestly even if this is a hoax, thank you for atleast making it super entertaining and interesting. I hope it’s true tho.

  • Stephanie MacInnes
    Stephanie MacInnes 7 days ago +6

    Thank you for this episode. I know I'm not alone. I've seen things too but you share it. So thank you.

    • D! C0C0
      D! C0C0 5 days ago

      I see lots of things! Until i close my eyes

    • Kevin
      Kevin 6 days ago


  • Christopher Chapman
    Christopher Chapman 13 days ago +13

    I grew up 5 houses down from bob lazar, him and his good friend dan across the street were such nice guys to us kids. On the weekends he would sometimes fire up his jet drag car in his driveway and of course it was the coolest thing ever as a kid to see.

  • Sebastian G
    Sebastian G 9 days ago +3

    Gotta love JR Dude is the best!

  • MA'AT
    MA'AT 2 years ago +282

    It makes sense to have Bob as the raid team General because he knows where the toilets are at the base. When you see your first real alien you're going to need them.

    • Abrupt
      Abrupt 2 years ago

      I’m puking right then and there from fear and excitement

    • LI NY 13
      LI NY 13 2 years ago +3

      MAAT yes he is the team leader. The guy who made the Facebook page actually got the idea from this podcast, when Bob talks about how when they were at Area 51 with his friends they joked about attacking the base and stealing the UFOs.

    • Brian Hickey
      Brian Hickey 2 years ago +1


    • Benzoh
      Benzoh 2 years ago +7

      I agree, alright then I’m boutta head out to pick up bob

  • Southerly93
    Southerly93 4 hours ago +1

    Question, if the reactor repels physical objects when on, and putting the hemisphere on it powers it up, how did they take it back off again

    • Jack Atkinson
      Jack Atkinson 3 hours ago

      He said they have multiple ways of turning it on and off

    B6NITO TV 7 days ago

    What a great video full of information 💯👏🏼

  • Point Man
    Point Man 10 days ago +39

    “Two possibilities exist: either Bob Lazar is a nuclear physicist or he’s a pimp. Both are equally terrifying.”
    - *_Arthur C. Snark_*

  • Dylan Meyers
    Dylan Meyers 6 days ago

    one of my favorite episodes by far

  • CreateFun
    CreateFun 6 months ago +348

    I can't get over when Bob said "The stuff is borderline magic". My favorite part of the whole podcast. It really is scary to think about.

    • Exciter
      Exciter 3 months ago

      Phony guy and story

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker 5 months ago

      @Michael Oberg Yes there is nothing worse then a Guy saying trust me trust me as to convince you or talk you into believing something Corbell I dont know squat about and recently just popped up one day. Lazar ol Bob I believe some of his stuff but not all....

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker 5 months ago

      @Michael Oberg I hear exactly what your saying and just exactly what parts of the story are Truth or Fantasy that is where the problem lies. Literally. I Have done a bit of research on certian things and i do know there is highly advanced craft i do know that much.

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker 5 months ago

      I WILL leave U ALL with this. THE tr uth is stranger then fiction

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker 5 months ago

      PRO JECTION OF PHOTONS so Hologram

  • Chris Eps
    Chris Eps 14 days ago +6

    I love bob. He’s a national treasure. Truly.

    • Trrevor Lewis
      Trrevor Lewis 18 hours ago

      @Nate details of bullshit. Although it was entertaining all of his claims are easily debunked with a few minutes of internet hunting.

    • Nate
      Nate 11 days ago

      @Luis Cayetano quite detailed and consistent for a fan fiction.

    • Brandon m
      Brandon m 13 days ago

      @Luis Cayetano and you still believe everything he said was fan-fiction oh my.🤣

  • Raydead
    Raydead 9 days ago +41

    1:53:40 this whole segment that he is talking about is insane. That means that time travel or time vision is possible and some of these alien devices can look through/travel through time.

  • Aaron Sutton
    Aaron Sutton 8 hours ago +1

    Honestly, if they let everyone know everything about everything about it’s origins to whatever that only gives more possibilities to connect dots and how an entire system works. I feel like I understand why security clearances work the way they do but it’s counterproductive at the same time.

  • The Emissary
    The Emissary 6 days ago +18

    The belief that Bob actually had a migraine is even more incredible.

    • Mike Harrington
      Mike Harrington 4 days ago

      That didnt look right because under studio lights it is suprising Bob didn't have dark glasses to reduce those effects upon a migraine.

  • Arden Bellafiore
    Arden Bellafiore 2 years ago +915

    I could listen to Bob for hours.

    • deegee
      deegee 23 hours ago

      you just did, two years ago

    • baba ganoosh
      baba ganoosh Day ago

      "listen" 🤣

    • Diego Diablo
      Diego Diablo Month ago

      I can sell you some snake oil? 🐍

    • D Murpway
      D Murpway 6 months ago +3

      He's great at talking science fiction.

    • Michael
      Michael 7 months ago +1

      Con men/women the world over must love you

  • Delphine WeaselFat
    Delphine WeaselFat 14 days ago +3

    I believe everything that Bob L has said..I've always been kinda scared to say anything about what I saw in '76+ '77..I've always wondered if these UFO' s could be drones of some kind why they travel so fast in the "blink of an eye!" 🥺

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 13 days ago

      "I believe everything that Bob L has said." Sorry, but that's pathetic. He's a confirmed fraud and liar who chats fake stories.

  • Rebel Without A Pause
    Rebel Without A Pause 2 days ago +4

    Any pimp who can clear hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of debt (documented) and go on to become a millionaire through telling a plagiarized story has my utmost respect. 🤣

  • Romany1111
    Romany1111 8 days ago +5

    Lazar is a great story teller and sincere in his "recollections". And a complete fraud. "Sincerity is not a check on truth"~ Stanton Friedman.

  • Raffaello Ribeca
    Raffaello Ribeca 3 days ago

    Thank you so much Joe, I am a believer, I know bin is telling the truth, and I want to know more so bad, I want to see these things

  • Karen took the Kids
    Karen took the Kids 2 years ago +5538

    Joe eventually managed to wrangle fishing orangutans into the conversation. Never ceases to amaze me.

    • Ch1nkz
      Ch1nkz 6 days ago

      @Soul10ofSwat I. I’m u 🤓🤓🙁😎

    • Ch1nkz
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      @Rocco Walsh I’m so happy 😀 see it this morning when you you use the the link link code in high. Icourt i

    • Ch1nkz
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      @Dusty Patterson uuhhuhuuoi ur uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhk u

  • The Sweenie Todd
    The Sweenie Todd 7 days ago

    This is mind blowing. How is he allowed to be saying this?! I want to be meet this guy.

  • Josh Traffanstedt
    Josh Traffanstedt 7 hours ago +1

    I just find it hard to believe there's no record of any of his educational background.. not so much as a certificate from Bob himself. The majority of us frame our degrees.. its time consuming and expensive, so when you graduate, most people are insanely proud. And they should be, especially if they've got 2 masters degrees. Hes obviously full of sh*t about his education, so its highly unlikely he ever worked anywhere near S4 or whatever else.

  • Justin Hayson
    Justin Hayson 10 days ago +18

    Bob lazar has been so consistent with his story over 30 years, I remember when he first came out and I for the first time shifted my thinking about UFO crafts could possibly be true, then he was arrested for setting up a financial plan for a brothel in Vegas, then all credibility went out the window for allot of people even George knapp was thinking twice about him. turned out he could not get any work because he was seen as a crazy UFO guy, so he just got any job he could at the time, hey the man still had bills and took anything that would pay him. He also had discussed about how Aliens have been involved with human evolution from the beginning. I don’t hear anything about that anymore? I guess he possibly has been media trained and keep it simple and sweet, not creepy and weird?

    • decwow
      decwow 9 days ago

      If you ever looked at that massive picture of our galaxy you would realize that the assumption that we are alone as intelligent beings in the universe, much less even our galaxy, is arrogant so far in the extreme as to be almost impossible to compare it to anything else. Towards the center of our galaxy the solar systems are so close together but we can't even visually tell them apart.... We, in our solar system on our little planet, are so far towards the edge of our galaxy that we're effectively living out in a shed in backwoods nowhere.
      We haven't got the slightest clue what else could be out there. We also don't have the tools to figure it out yet. Making a definitive statement on this is somewhat like a man who has been blind his entire life definitively telling you what color something is that you're holding, and then telling you that you're crazy if you disagree with his statement.

  • George Nassar
    George Nassar 3 hours ago +2

    So if putting the "dome" on the "plate" activated this "anti-gravity" field, and it was a strong enough field that he could no longer touch it (the dome, I assume), how do they get the dome back off to power it down again?

    • Daniel Palombo
      Daniel Palombo 20 minutes ago

      They don't bc he's full of ish!. he also said there was no right angles anywhere in the craft and then shortly after said there was.

    • Emily Parmenter
      Emily Parmenter Hour ago

      Ummmmmm... good point!

  • Tski Brownski
    Tski Brownski Year ago +1178

    Joe - So iv watched every interview you have ever done , you worked at Area 51.
    Bob - No

    • Kamau Karangatha
      Kamau Karangatha 5 months ago


    • mr dragon759
      mr dragon759 Year ago

      Finally a comment with out the guy trying to be a detective and call bullshit on everything

    • Robert Aniol
      Robert Aniol Year ago +1

      rogan is testing him, i would do the same.. Rogan will say that stuff and test where bob guides the conversation

    • MattFosterGymnastics
      MattFosterGymnastics Year ago


  • Stabbath Tv
    Stabbath Tv 2 days ago

    anyone know why Bob was really stressed out by doing the show? He's been on many over the years.

  • To Ricardo Zamorano
    To Ricardo Zamorano 8 days ago +3

    We need part 2 Bob Lazar update. We need more of BOB LAZAR 🤓👍

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 8 days ago +3

      There's no update unless Lazar has invented more fake stories.

  • Weston Mickey
    Weston Mickey 13 hours ago

    This story makes me nauseous and anxiety ridden... If Bob Lazar's story is real, it really makes you question reality and what human origin really is. If his story is real and he was put into that situation, I could only imagine what that could do to a person's psyche and where it would lead.. as well as what that would do to your physical health..

  • Human Mutilations Covered Up - You're Shitting Me!

    I wonder if Jeremy has ever thought about making a documentary.

    • Eduardo Pena
      Eduardo Pena Day ago

      He'll have to find some time when he's not too busy weaponizing his curiosity.

    • Old Wives' Tale
      Old Wives' Tale Day ago +1

      @Luis Cayetano

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano Day ago +6

      It'd be a first for him! I wish him luck in this endeavor.

  • Serge
    Serge 2 years ago +673

    Bob Lazar: "I used to reverse-engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft"
    Joe Rogan: "But have you seen an orangutan fish with a spear? Yeah, they figured it out."

    • saltyp
      saltyp 2 years ago

      One statement is interesting and the other is bat shit crazy.

    • j99808809ify
      j99808809ify 2 years ago

      Can someome edit that into a curb your joe rogan

    • chiku man
      chiku man 2 years ago

      @David David hahhaha

    • magnus zetterqvist
      magnus zetterqvist 2 years ago +1

      Serge A That orangutan was on dmt...🤔

    • Drew Rosenberg
      Drew Rosenberg 2 years ago

      cant have all prophecies in one place at one time, far too much risk

  • Aaron Hayes
    Aaron Hayes 2 days ago

    I’m literally aspiring a channel from this inspiring podcast. Wish I had a cool name for it by now. I’m info HUNGRY!!
    Thank you BOB for your sacrifice, from the bottom of my heart you’re a true courageous fella.

    • Emilio26
      Emilio26 2 days ago

      @Luis Cayetano are you sure about that?

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 2 days ago +3

      He's a fraud and liar, so no.

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 13 days ago +6

    "The stuff is Borderline Magic"
    If this man is lying then he deserves an award for giving the word actor a new meaning

  • MobiusBandwidth
    MobiusBandwidth 12 days ago +4

    there was a time years ago when I wasn't sure about Bob Lazar's sincerity. that was a long time ago. I believe him. the only mystery is why they didn't "dissapear" him, back then.

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 3 days ago

      @Jr Hayes Fair enough criticism. I've got four videos on my channel about why he's a fraud, but to summarize some of the key points:
      -- he lied about his education. He claims to have two "master's degrees", one from MIT and one from CalTech. He can't provide a shred of documentation in his own possession for either degree; can't verbally describe a single result from them (so I guess they "erased" his brain?); named professors who never even taught there; doesn't appear in any of the yearbooks. Could produce documentation for his high school diploma but not for any master's degrees.
      -- he lied about the "Department of Naval Intelligence". No such "Department" exists; it's the OFFICE of Naval Intelligence. He produced two fake documents with the erroneous "Department" designation: a "W2 tax form", and a "reconstructed from memory S4 security badge", which also mentioned "MAJ" (as in Majestic-12, the secret group that never existed)
      -- he drove around like a show-boating idiot with "MJ-12" license plates on his Corvette in the 1990s, even though his life was "under threat from the government"
      -- copied a ton of UFO lore from 1970s & 80s UFO TV specials. We can trace the source of inspiration for virtually every single claim he's ever made. The "sport model saucer" is a virtually carbon-copy of a "Type 1 beam-ship" dinner plate Billy Meier saucer. Lazar was friends with John Lear, the UFO fanatic and Meier defender, before coming out with his story.
      -- his claims are always qualified with convenient escape clauses to allow him to avoid scrutiny if he says something wrong. "It's just what I read in the briefing documents", "I can't remember", "I don't want to get anyone else in trouble". In interviews, he indulges in absurdly long pauses, irrelevant details, and fake migraines to buy himself time when he can't answer a question properly and to make up more bullshit
      -- he's never stood in front of a scientific panel to discuss his "knowledge", despite being a "physicist" who "believes that the technology should be in the proper hands of the scientific community"
      -- lied about element 115. In a 1990 interview (later part of a 1992 TV special), he claimed to have been the "first to identify element 115" and that he was called in to identify it, but that he wasn't sure if it was really 115 and that it might have been 114. Element 115 was being talked and theorized about since the early 1970s. None of his extraordinary claims about it have been confirmed by science
      -- when asked in a 1993 press interview in Rachel, Nevada, what the frequency of gravity waves is, he said "I'm reserving that for myself". When asked if he saw a spectrograph of element 115, he acted like he couldn't really remember, even though in the aforementioned 1990 interview, he said that a spectrograph was definitely used. Oh yeah, what a "physicist" who "was the first to identify element 115"
      -- he invested in a brothel, was deeply in debt for much of the 1980s, and declared bankruptcy before coming out with his story. Then he invested in another brothel in the early 90s
      -- lied about working at LANL as a physicist. He was working as a technician and was under contract from Kirk-Mayer, which hired him out to LANL for a low-level position. Has not one shred of documentation in his possession that he was ever a physicist
      -- his story is almost completely devoid of quantitative detail and makes no logistical or institutional sense. Claims that Edward Teller was involved yet also says that no top-notch physicists were at "S4" and that basically they didn't know what they were doing (even though they "test flew" the craft). Claims he got a top-secret clearance "38 levels about Q level" after only a week or so of his "interview at EG&G". Claims they were desperate for new thinking in order to crack the flying saucer, yet claims he was "compartmentalized" when he got there
      -- was busted for, plead guilty to and paid a fine for illegally selling substances across state lines
      -- has profited from his story in various ways, and currently does so through the sale of Area 51 & flying saucer merchandise on his company's website and the sale of his "autobiography" on Amazon

    • Jr Hayes
      Jr Hayes 3 days ago

      @Luis Cayetano just cuz you said so... Seems legit....

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano 12 days ago

      He's a fraud.

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    Classic great interview!!

  • Juan stennett
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    Joe - So iv watched every interview you have ever done , you worked at Area 51.
    Bob - No

      BEN CALHOUN 4 months ago

      Hahaa totally. #nailedit

    • Jack Lambert
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      @thejonesbass You mean Joe is not a scientist, physicist, philosopher, anthropologist, doctor, lawyer, and Indian chief? I'm gutted.

    • Bull Shit
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      Bob: S4, just 15 miles away from Area51

    • Car TorX
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      @Joseph Falco you called me a moron, don't flip the story. We were commenting on the interview. U came into this the wrong way.

    • Joseph Falco
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      @Car TorX I'm here for the same reason u are. Just because u dont want to talk to me doesnt make u everyone. Why? Do we look alike? I think he's Jewish, I'm Italian.

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    To hear about this in this level on detail is just fascinating. Great interview.

    • Quentin
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      @Luis Cayetano Mate, how much time are you spending digging through all these comments to convince people that you are either right and Lazar is wrong, or the other way around? Why would you want to convince people in such a way? You also have no affirmations nor confirmed proof by any 3rd party.

    • Austin Morgan
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      @Luis Cayetano ppppooop oppose

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      @S S Not the point.

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      @Luis Cayetano Alrighty. Not sure why you felt so compelled to respond to what is probably the most innocuous comment ever. I'm entitled to my opinion and you're entitled to your own, but it seems a bit stupid to jump all over a harmless comment so agressively. If you don't like it....TheXvid is a huge place...I'm sure you can find an interview more to your liking elsewhere. 🙄

  • Sean Gleason
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    I was surprised that not one of them even considered that tesla may have had a bigger picture that was at the time unknown to anyone but him

  • Brad Wade
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    I hate that you were in pain, but thank you so much for sharing, Bob & Joe

  • They're hiding what? They've got bases on where?

    This podcast has given me a new outlook on fraudsters and pimps.

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    Bob: I Worked on advance alien spaceship that can bend space and time.
    Joe: Have you ever seen an orangutan that is fishing with a Spear?

    • T Mst
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    • Sonortubelug
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    I would assume a magnetic field would be our best mindset going forward with back engineering of the reactor. Atleast as for as gravity moving in waves, but combined with a form of gravitational acoustics created by the reactor. Picture 2 pyramids joined together by their flat bottoms (an underated process called structure cavity effect in a dimond shape). By compressing the reactor in the middle of the diamond would make gravitational anomalies at each point. The more pressure the stronger the anomaly. The rotation of the reactor will essentially be the steering wheel that would more or less break the gravitational waves down into fractals similar to how we perceive light. The hardest thing for my primal brain around was getting away from the concept of thrust. It's more like increasing the actual gravity around the mass, then being pulled by the creative gravitational anomalies outside of the gravitational field...

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      PURE BLOOD 7 days ago +2

      Yeah, good idea!
      There is SO much info here, it will take a few viewings to hear it all..

  • Carlan King
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    I read Bob Lazar’s story many years ago and had no doubts about anything he said and revealed as being the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you, Mr. Lazar, for putting yourself out there knowing the ramifications that would follow. I wish you peace and transparency for how you want to live your life. Oh, and you might try those seasickness bracelets for migraine relief. I think I heard, or read somewhere that they help. Take good care!! Regards from someone who cares. ✝️☮️

  • Ann Onymous
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    I have watched Bob Lazar by way of internet for years. He would have had to go to College just to learn how to tell lies about all this man knows, and fluently the words just roll out and on just as someone who has extensive knowledge about what Bob says.
    The one problem is the name Lazar... cool yes, but it's almost Laser like. But that name would fit him even better than Lazar. Thanks.👍

    • VincentClarke
      VincentClarke 5 days ago

      Exaclty: anyone with college education in physics can speak fluently and make it seem like real sh@t while anybody else with the same education will laugh their @ss off