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Comments • 80

  • O1_Ibra15
    O1_Ibra15 29 days ago

    Everyone do this it is around 400k

  • Timo Latif
    Timo Latif Month ago

    He roasted ea

  • Tyler Boreham
    Tyler Boreham Month ago

    I finished the sbc today and I got shapeshifter lucas Moura in one of the packs

  • JezzA
    JezzA Month ago

    I love the card I hate his Afro in games give him dreds ffs

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    i use him at st in div 3 on marksman hes played 32 games scored 62 goals with 12 assists his shot is so good the weak foot isnt even noticeable

  • Farakh
    Farakh 2 months ago

    Hes better than totgs mbappe in every stat

  • Charlie O'Meara
    Charlie O'Meara 2 months ago

    Is this guy stupid or something?

  • User0815
    User0815 2 months ago

    Leroy Sané best man in Premier League ... Look @ Man City now without Leroy 😁
    Bayern will win The Champions League with Sané before City will get The Cup
    MiaSanéMia 🔴⚪❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • XeKawhi
    XeKawhi 2 months ago

    Isn’t this sane just sanes last year card

    MRTHUNDERSPANK 2 months ago

    Yeah if he was 250k everyone would get him... he’s 91 rated with 99* pace (99 sprint speed). 550 is NOT overpriced just expensive for a GERMAN LW (just play him on the RW for Christ sake) and MAN CITY player... 550k is fair and right in the middle so you have to grind for him and not just anyone can afford this inSANE card...

  • Sergi Torras
    Sergi Torras 2 months ago

    I got him an our after iot went out

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans 2 months ago

    I have a serie a team so it’s a no from me

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon 2 months ago

    Uhhh yeah got kante from headliners challenge

  • RandomAs
    RandomAs 2 months ago

    Is that nick knowles

  • The North Manc
    The North Manc 2 months ago

    Surely an anchor Nep?

  • Shrey Arora
    Shrey Arora 2 months ago

    I just packed a kevin de bruyne out of that rare player pack.

  • Archie Ralph
    Archie Ralph 2 months ago

    Is your podcast out yet?

  • L‘enfant Terrible
    L‘enfant Terrible 2 months ago

    lookin like a super saiyjan

  • Arianit Gjergjaj
    Arianit Gjergjaj 2 months ago

    nep i fucking love you, i got a ronaldo out of that rare players pack. if i hadnt watched your vid i woudnt have seen it would never have gotten him so thank you my guy

  • Ham Ham
    Ham Ham 2 months ago

    Just waiting for him to complete the sbc on the RTG.

  • Lukio00
    Lukio00 2 months ago

    i can hear the crickets now

  • Tyler Maugle
    Tyler Maugle 2 months ago

    I did 95 hazard so no sane for me...

  • WIll Richardson
    WIll Richardson 2 months ago

    I packed 93 lewa from the 50k pack leshgooooooooo my team is insane now

  • Xxtentaction xX
    Xxtentaction xX 2 months ago

    Do these player moments stay in the game till the end as there’s no time limit

  • Andrea Saibanti
    Andrea Saibanti 2 months ago

    Hey Nep! Just FYI, I can hear the buzzing sound in this video!

  • Neskutočný Advokát
    Neskutočný Advokát 2 months ago +2

    What do you think about 87 Anderson?
    btw: I've got Dybala from that Rare Pack

  • ravi pahal
    ravi pahal 2 months ago

    Ea pull cards out their ass the guy has been injured for months and gets a 91 rated card

  • Joel Smedley
    Joel Smedley 2 months ago

    does anyone no when we will receive the community reward?

  • Pokéstacks !
    Pokéstacks ! 2 months ago

    Just got prime cannavaro from my 125k pack for winning 300 rival games.

  • Leonardo Vega
    Leonardo Vega 2 months ago

    Nep, sprint speed over 99 that’s why

  • Karim Salman
    Karim Salman 2 months ago

    Yo Nep what do you think about werner’s last potm?

  • Fusion044
    Fusion044 2 months ago

    Market Has been inflated
    Hazard has gone from 1.1mil all the way to 1.7mil

    Sane is 500k would have been 300k
    Max 375k
    U Guy r all dumb u donkeys

  • chris vanoirschot
    chris vanoirschot 2 months ago

    How is it not worth it? He literally has better all round stats then hazard and is half the price....

  • World WideGaming
    World WideGaming 2 months ago

    Lads who should I take storyline aouar or storyline Felipe Anderson?

  • Ryan Scholz
    Ryan Scholz 2 months ago

    So what you’re saying is Sane is a far superior card than the 2 cards you tried to compare him with? Ok mate

  • Joe McGonigal
    Joe McGonigal 2 months ago

    Death. Taxes. Nep recommending a maestro

  • Sam needham
    Sam needham 2 months ago

    Him and adama in my team, sweaty af lol

  • Adam Land
    Adam Land 2 months ago

    Got varane from the daily pack, WTAF

  • noggon
    noggon 2 months ago

    I love how this has no time limit, I’m gonna just work towards him

  • Andrej Hristov
    Andrej Hristov 2 months ago

    why is no one acknowledging the PC prices? every youtuber/streamer only talks about ps4 and xbox...

  • Stryker
    Stryker 2 months ago +1

    Wow Sane is one of the biggest rip offs in the game haha again EA have totally lost the plot i would pay 80k for this card thats it this is a hell no but please everyone do this card so i can sell my cards/players on haha

  • Stryker
    Stryker 2 months ago +1

    You doing untradable packs are making EA keep these packs alway untradable don't do them they not worth it full stop

  • Mike Duin
    Mike Duin 2 months ago

    got blue ronaldo out of the daily headliner pack

  • Abdi yeah
    Abdi yeah 2 months ago

    When does team of the year come out

  • Daljeet Hansra
    Daljeet Hansra 2 months ago


  • C N
    C N 2 months ago +1

    Well... since the only real weak spot on my roster was at LM... I went ahead and completed the Sane SBC. After 2 matches... 3 goals, 3 assist, including a 120th minute weak foot game winner in the 2nd match, following a 2 goal, 2 assist performance in the first match. It's too early to say for sure, but with a Marksman on him, he feels like one of the best cards I have ever played with in this game, and he might be the best player on my team...

  • jojag5
    jojag5 2 months ago

    Sane is a pass from me. Just save up for a normal Neymar.

  • Freestyle Football
    Freestyle Football 2 months ago

    surprised you didn't recommend slapping an anchor on sane

  • Q.K
    Q.K 2 months ago

    Hazard is also overpriced then, I think sane is average price

  • Luke Gartley
    Luke Gartley 2 months ago

    Sane 91 and adama 85 will be Insane

  • XJDX
    XJDX 2 months ago +5

    I’m annoyed he says Adama is worth it even though he has 2 star weak and has bad shooting stats and costs near 300k whilst sane has unbelievable stats for 500k

    • XJDX
      XJDX 2 months ago

      Victor Dunia Sukan he needs a lot of upgrades to be worth it

      MRTHUNDERSPANK 2 months ago +1

      He also said he’d be worth it for 250k... and he’s way better than Adama.. cmon nep

    • Sheddy Barglan
      Sheddy Barglan 2 months ago +1

      XJDX I did The Adama sbc and I really liked him until yesterday where the 50k pack sbc came out...

  • Nanditzz
    Nanditzz 2 months ago

    I’m surprised nep didn’t say the most obvious chem style for sane. A shadow will get the most out of him.

  • Champions Of Europe
    Champions Of Europe 2 months ago

    Doing BPM and playing Rivals fut champs and SB to save to do him

  • Yousif 123
    Yousif 123 2 months ago

    Dm for free fifa coins
    Insta; Y_ma_n

  • josuecuevas98
    josuecuevas98 2 months ago

    Three star weak isn’t bad at all honestly

  • Trevor Trevor
    Trevor Trevor 2 months ago

    lmao got sason headliner from that sbc

  • JC Gaming
    JC Gaming 2 months ago

    I hit sergio ramos and vertongen in the rare player's pack

  • nile king
    nile king 2 months ago +1

    i packed headline neymar yesterday sold him for 4.2 mil so gassed😁😁😁😁

  • Tristan Maeers
    Tristan Maeers 2 months ago

    How does a player with finess shot trait automatically get 99 curve? Even if his stats say he has 85 curve? Surely the curve stat will determine how good his finess shot Trait is, higher the stat better the finess shot?!

    EL ASSY 2 months ago +1

    Why do you never consider the marksman chemstile

  • Trunder
    Trunder 2 months ago

    Who got an 82 from the 50k pack??? 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen 2 months ago +1

    Imagine Adama and Sane on your wings.

  • raydn23
    raydn23 2 months ago

    too expensive for one low on coins (me).

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen 2 months ago

    I think at 400k he would be a good price. Anything too low crashes the market

  • HTR OS
    HTR OS 2 months ago

    I'm going to use him my 93 debruyne untradable and bernardo silver + r9

  • Ryan Peak
    Ryan Peak 2 months ago

    I’d rather get storyline Felipe Anderson or milestones trossard. They free

  • Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector

    Can we get a Flashback Rooney please? It’s time to give England and Uniteds top scorer some love.

  • Shaun Richards
    Shaun Richards 2 months ago +1

    I've done exactly the same team. Comes up at 78 Chemistry??

    • Shaun Richards
      Shaun Richards 2 months ago

      @breadboy26 thanks for the heads up. i didn't realise that was a factor

    • breadboy26
      breadboy26 2 months ago +1

      His cards are first owner that's why

  • Louie Hill
    Louie Hill 2 months ago

    Who else is a big fan of NepentheZ

    I’m so close to 3k subs btw

  • Joshua Bull
    Joshua Bull 2 months ago

    I crafted Player Moments Hazard and couldn't be happier. Always finishes and can play anywhere in the attack. Don't know about Sane 🤔 no expiry could actually be a big bonus

  • Jack Herbert
    Jack Herbert 2 months ago +1

    can anyone help me, i copied the SBC team and don't get 85 chem????

  • Julian Jongen
    Julian Jongen 2 months ago

    I currently have neymar in my squad do u think its worth replacing him for sane

  • Isaac Curwen
    Isaac Curwen 2 months ago

    Does anyone know if inform 86 or 85 werner is good

  • Joel Bryan
    Joel Bryan 2 months ago

    Just packed headliner neymar from the daily SBC give me likes

  • Kc Banks
    Kc Banks 2 months ago

    People forget if you take untradable rewards like I do week in week out and you have cards that you’ve collected or worked towards that you’ve not got any more use to you can dump into cards like this.. it’s a card that last forever.. you can grind this card and at the start of team of the season he’ll cost next to nothing and give you a genuine option ea have overpriced them but that’s something else to grind for..

  • TwinedHorizon3
    TwinedHorizon3 2 months ago

    Di Maria is a BEASTTT, he was only 130k and was sooo worth it

  • LeedsUnited 1
    LeedsUnited 1 2 months ago

    He’s a good card when you consider a German LW is not a easy position to get, a good link between POTM Werner and EOAE Schwienstieger

  • Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby

    I appreciate another sbc without an expiry, appreciate another top tier player, but ffs, I don’t need another left wing🤣

  • Kyle Lewis
    Kyle Lewis 2 months ago

    I get where he is coming from with how there are better choices but there is no way I can pass up on the card. I have Son UCL already untradable at striker so I can't use his IF. I have also tried the likes of Trossard and really don't like him. The Sane just looks so nice.

  • UmerPK 4
    UmerPK 4 2 months ago +3

    Just bought Sonaldo, on your advice Neppo!
    He bloody scored a hat-trick in the first rivals match. 😄