Rhett Gets Hypnotized To Love Cats

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • This week, Stevie and the guys discuss how Link feels about tomatoes now, reveal what actually went down when Rhett was hypnotized to love cats by Glenn Rottmann, and share a behind the scenes clip with Thomas Lennon. Let's Talk About That! LTAT #029
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Comments • 3 262

  • Elisa Requena
    Elisa Requena 2 hours ago

    Rhett and Link’s new video brought me back here 🐕‍🦺🦮🐈

  • Marques Acosta
    Marques Acosta Day ago

    I used my dogs pas

  • Marques Acosta
    Marques Acosta Day ago

    He TV ffgdff CB yrfxx VZ jo

  • Anonymous Political person

    Hypnotist: do you like this ice cream?
    Rhett: this is mayonnaise

  • Anonymous Political person

    Rhetts hilarious

  • Alyssa Thomas
    Alyssa Thomas 2 days ago

    19:46 Rhett’s foot looks like it was put on backwards lol

  • Cora Miller
    Cora Miller 3 days ago

    Is rhet wearing vans?!?!!?!?🤨

  • Jacob Nichols
    Jacob Nichols 3 days ago

    “It’s mayonnaise”

  • jasmine aroyan
    jasmine aroyan 9 days ago

    I can’t understand why he hates cats, they are so cute!

  • Explorer Chan
    Explorer Chan 9 days ago

    i s t i l l s e e i t

  • Stabby_ stabby_fan
    Stabby_ stabby_fan 10 days ago

    Disliking cats might be a mental illness no one knows

  • norsk son
    norsk son 10 days ago

    You can see the butthole again

  • System K
    System K 11 days ago

    Rhett’s ankle is so skinny

  • たっくん
    たっくん 13 days ago +1

    "Can you make a cat like a tomato?" 😂😂😂

  • Hannah Rannah
    Hannah Rannah 17 days ago

    Rhett doesn't like cats because cats are the animal-ification of people who don't think he's a genius

  • A Pitt
    A Pitt 21 day ago

    Thats what I dont like... And look! You can see the butthole again.

  • Ashley Setzer
    Ashley Setzer 24 days ago

    “It’s mayonnaise”

  • the comentator
    the comentator 24 days ago

    Me with my friends when one does something without me 15:17

  • Harrison Ehresmann
    Harrison Ehresmann 26 days ago

    Hypno Guy: " look how beautiful this cat is"
    Rhett: " I don't like how you can see its butthole."

  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas Martinez 29 days ago

    Rhett’s so stubborn

  • no one at all
    no one at all 29 days ago

    hypnosis guy: the claws feel great, you feel no pain.
    link:*puts cat on rhetts shoulder*
    cat:*stabs rhett*

  • Alaina Roberts
    Alaina Roberts 29 days ago +1

    Rhett is so stubborn 😂

  • Macey Weaver
    Macey Weaver Month ago

    Rhett was so UNWILLING!

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson Month ago

    Rehtt just hates cats too much

  • emwhyte
    emwhyte Month ago

    My cat barely left my side for like 3 weeks when I was recovering from a motorcycle crash a few years back. Best pet ever.

  • Kneeco
    Kneeco Month ago

    15:38 I don’t know why that made me laugh lol

  • Ulquara
    Ulquara Month ago +1

    *Rhett Tomatoes*

  • Ulquara
    Ulquara Month ago

    Its Rhett and Link not Link and Rhett

  • HotDommy
    HotDommy Month ago

    I never hated the stuffed ones. I Can't stand the real ones either 😂

  • Eryka No Badu
    Eryka No Badu Month ago

    I love Rhett so much, but I really would've loved to see Rhett hold a cat tenderly.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Month ago

    *Oh my god! He is invincible!*

  • Znder
    Znder Month ago +1

    It's Vanilla

    Rhett: Its mayo u bit...... Its mayonnaise...:-;

  • Thia Snow
    Thia Snow Month ago

    Rhett said I don’t like the way I can see its butthole! I was cracking up!

  • Dogo Bloogo
    Dogo Bloogo Month ago

    "mm mmm... mm mmm... mmm.. yup. yup. yup. 'kay. mm mmm. okay."

  • mts2457
    mts2457 Month ago

    what was the purpose of the mayonnaise

  • Jenna S.
    Jenna S. Month ago +1

    *whispers* it looks like a demon

  • TaLC
    TaLC Month ago

    he still didn't eat that delicious peach ? healding it with hist fingers like a rock

  • Blue Potatoes
    Blue Potatoes Month ago


  • Blue Potatoes
    Blue Potatoes Month ago


  • Twenty Øne Piløts?
    Twenty Øne Piløts? Month ago +1

    Rhett: “see, I don’t like that... you can see it’s butthole again!”

  • asteria
    asteria Month ago +1

    there's a painting with a bird behind him

  • Fran McVerry
    Fran McVerry 2 months ago

    OMG its sooo hard to decide whose hypnosis was funnier. I think for me personally, rhett's was funnier, but both of theirs had me rolling on the floor crying and laughing.

  • Tuukka Oranen
    Tuukka Oranen 2 months ago

    The therapist is so cool

  • ActiveFNM
    ActiveFNM 2 months ago +1

    I went to school for this😂😂

  • Audrey Hopkins
    Audrey Hopkins 2 months ago +3

    Ahahahahahahahah “wow isn’t that some great vanilla ice cream” “its mayonnaise”

  • Audrey Hopkins
    Audrey Hopkins 2 months ago

    *whispers* it looks like a demon 15:50

  • Efrain Anguiano
    Efrain Anguiano 2 months ago

    12:12 thank me later

  • Water Wolf
    Water Wolf 2 months ago

    “Can you make a cat like tomatoes?”

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus 2 months ago +1

    I'm dying

  • Hunter Arnold
    Hunter Arnold 2 months ago

    2:21 noice

  • Joona Illman
    Joona Illman 2 months ago

    I feel like he isn't even in the hypnotic state when he starts making suggestions to him. He's only very relaxed.

  • TTyrant
    TTyrant 2 months ago

    Can you get hypnotized to love math and be good in it?

  • BlinkinFirefly
    BlinkinFirefly 2 months ago

    Rhett thank you so much for making my night a million times better. I was laughing so hard at the hypnosis session XD

  • Profit Trump protégé
    Profit Trump protégé 2 months ago

    Rhett is just funny 😂🤣

  • KCH studios: Homemade Movies

    Hypnos guy: it’s gonna be the best ice cream ever

    Rhett: it’s mayonnaise

  • Sarah Vruwink
    Sarah Vruwink 2 months ago

    ...😕... I got hooked watching these guys for like 2 days now but now I know Rhett doesn’t like cats...

  • Deven Leclercq
    Deven Leclercq 2 months ago +1

    Yes ok ok

  • Purple Pickles
    Purple Pickles 2 months ago

    the first 12 minutes are about tomatoes lol

  • Silver and Brass
    Silver and Brass 2 months ago +1

    I like the part when that one person talks

  • Spook s
    Spook s 2 months ago

    Rhett doesn't believe in it and I think he is too dominant to be hypnotized