10 Players Your Club SHOULD NOT Have Sold!

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
    Sometimes your club makes a big mistake letting their star go...just ask Chelsea.

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  • Euro Football Daily
    Euro Football Daily  26 days ago +16

    Which player do you wish your club still had on the books?! ⬇️

    • Hazzer 10
      Hazzer 10 14 days ago

      Gueye Delph and benteke I'm a villa fan

    • Oliver Queen
      Oliver Queen 15 days ago

      KDB AND Salah ten times over!!!!!!

    • c. vdg
      c. vdg 21 day ago

      Euro Football Daily eriksen, suarez and ibrahimovic at ajax

    • Pok3master2005
      Pok3master2005 21 day ago

      I think Edimilson Fernandes shouldn’t have left my club, not Reece Oxford, that guy turned into a overrated “wonderkid” imo and probably all of the clubs we sent him out on loan to, and also most of the West Ham fans.

    • Edward rokhum
      Edward rokhum 21 day ago

      Mo salah and KDB for chelsea

  • Gamer Hygge
    Gamer Hygge 20 days ago

    WHERE is Pukki

  • Jack McFadden
    Jack McFadden 21 day ago


  • Paula Stanislaus
    Paula Stanislaus 21 day ago

    Milan should sign kouame💯🙏

  • C M
    C M 21 day ago

    Joe Grind made the list.... Ok

  • Sean Deacon
    Sean Deacon 22 days ago

    Sorry but Oxford is shit

  • Yurhomi 24
    Yurhomi 24 22 days ago +1

    No one apart from Salah and De Bruyne, two of the best players in the world in their position. So tragic. But we move on.

  • Albi Idrizi
    Albi Idrizi 22 days ago

    Who the fuck is eji west ham signed haller fornals and albian ajeti not eji wtf

  • L Wilde
    L Wilde 22 days ago +6

    I'm an Augsburg fan and I have to say Oxford is trash,I'm disappointed we signed him. He's soooo overrated.

  • Alfie J
    Alfie J 22 days ago +3

    Oxford didn’t want to be West Ham why would they bother keeping him?

  • YTComps HD
    YTComps HD 23 days ago

    It's easy, Morata, llorente and Mormoso is traitors

    • Dominic Bellchambers
      Dominic Bellchambers 22 days ago

      How ? morata , llorente and hersomso never got much game time at real

  • YTComps HD
    YTComps HD 23 days ago

    I think that transfermarket often is wrong about player values

  • George Davis
    George Davis 23 days ago

    Serge gnabry

  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus 24 days ago

    Weres alexis sanchez?

  • Home Of The Kings
    Home Of The Kings 24 days ago


  • Alfie
    Alfie 24 days ago

    I understand all the others are ‘wonderkid’ but reece Oxford is literally shite, theres a reason he’s been on 3 loans to a variety of different level clubs, and even though he doesn’t have the ability, his agent/attitude are both very poor, he will not become the player he thinks he is

  • Thabane Ntshangase
    Thabane Ntshangase 25 days ago

    In other words, Zidane is an idiot...

  • Luke Scanlon
    Luke Scanlon 25 days ago

    People saying about all the mainstream and known sales, it’s nice to here something abit different than the norm of sancho, De Bryune etc

  • M Express
    M Express 25 days ago +1

    What a stupid haircut again by Zac the cringe

  • Chris De La Cruz
    Chris De La Cruz 25 days ago

    Wow Arsenal letting go of Gnabry when you needed a winger, letting go of Bennacer and Adelaide when you needed a CM because you let go Ramsey for free.. just a great business model you guys have over there huh

  • Jeremy Hobbs-Awoyemi
    Jeremy Hobbs-Awoyemi 25 days ago

    Stat of the day: in 2100 minutes Guendozi managed to win the ball back just 3 times

  • Euan McCormack
    Euan McCormack 25 days ago

    PSG let moussa dembele go for free to fulham then fulham let him got to celtic for free now hes one of europes bests centre forwrards

    • AJ5 Gaming
      AJ5 Gaming 23 days ago

      How is he one of the best wtf😂

  • Josh Thevenin
    Josh Thevenin 25 days ago

    Where is the comment show

  • Sneaky Dab Emoji
    Sneaky Dab Emoji 25 days ago

    Kevin De Bruyne?

    LANGLEY 25 days ago +1

    Lyon paid 25 million for 6 goal contributions

  • Ar Mo
    Ar Mo 25 days ago +9

    Reece Oxford only had one good game for west ham he has bad attitude and is overrated good bye

  • jack robert harsley
    jack robert harsley 25 days ago +4

    Lorient could not have held on to Guendouzi in the Ligue 2, we’re lucky to have held on to Alexis Claude Maurice.
    Edit: ok you were talking about him leaving PSG 😂 fair enough I guess

  • Rosario 777
    Rosario 777 25 days ago

    Raul Albiol is at villarreal which is still at the top level. what you on about?

  • Federico Detto Fred
    Federico Detto Fred 26 days ago

    HOW can you judge a player who has NEVER played for a club (Pellegrini for Juventus)? He could still be Garbage...

  • Sam Robinson
    Sam Robinson 26 days ago

    moise kean

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 26 days ago

    How about zaniolo

  • Alex Still
    Alex Still 26 days ago

    "a better option would have been Carlo Ancelotti for free" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabbe Fagerberg
    Gabbe Fagerberg 26 days ago +4

    You don't think 8mil for a player in a ligue 2 side is good?

  • Muhammad Fatha
    Muhammad Fatha 26 days ago +1

    Seul or saul? I’m confused

  • Frederatormusic
    Frederatormusic 26 days ago

    Fix the sound bois

  • Miles McGrew
    Miles McGrew 26 days ago +2

    This entire list could have just been made out of former PSG players. Seriously, if you compiled every young prospect/player PSG has let go over the last 5 years you could make a team that would get top 5 in Ligue 1. Hell, probably top 3.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 26 days ago

    If these players didn’t leave, they’ll never have turned out like they did. It’s easy to say “I told you so” and sound smart in retrospect. Pointless video

    • The One Above All
      The One Above All 26 days ago +1

      Then don't watch pleb. It's just a video saying that these clubs should have kept them. Negative scum. Piss off.

  • Banjo Dobbie
    Banjo Dobbie 26 days ago +3


  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 26 days ago

    Downward inflections at the end of every sentence again..... Dougie replied to say it's his VO voice and he can't help it, but you're a bigger culprit Zac

  • AJCrowley0153
    AJCrowley0153 26 days ago

    Izzo is nowhere near Manolas' level tho

  • Ifan Davies
    Ifan Davies 26 days ago

    You don’t say the t in Lorient ffs

  • Kagi Sela
    Kagi Sela 26 days ago

    Oxlade-Chamberlain from Arsenal

  • B҉o҉o҉m҉ B҉o҉o҉m҉

    1:12 his hair is trying to escape.

  • Isac Vestholm
    Isac Vestholm 26 days ago +18

    Reece Oxford had attitude problems and we sold him as evryone Hates him

  • Noobie2k7
    Noobie2k7 26 days ago +8

    Could make an entire list alone out of players Arsenal have sold or let go on free's

  • Augu Playz
    Augu Playz 26 days ago +2

    Arsenal definetely shouldn´t have sold Sanchez! He´s been aaaamazaing for Man U....

  • Lewis Payne
    Lewis Payne 26 days ago

    Mbabua a beast

  • Yvad Cap
    Yvad Cap 26 days ago

    If it wasn’t for injuries Jeff Reine-Adèlaïde would still be at Arsenal .. I’m kinda upset that we sold him instead of Iwobi tbh even though we ended up selling him too

  • Matthew Barrett
    Matthew Barrett 26 days ago

    Oxford is trash

  • Brodi Hamilton
    Brodi Hamilton 26 days ago


  • Diogo Sousa
    Diogo Sousa 26 days ago +1

    Is it only me or the audio is quite poor

  • Ryoxen11
    Ryoxen11 26 days ago

    BVB and Diallo?!

  • ES CM
    ES CM 26 days ago +1

    everyday, i wonder what would happen had not sold Grimaldo

  • Solomon Baptiste
    Solomon Baptiste 26 days ago +11

    I'm surprised there no Kevin de bruyne and mo Salah for Chelsea

    • M Express
      M Express 25 days ago +1

      Arsenal Gnabry also. Or those 3 already old news and they want to create a fresher list.

  • anthony7 oloughlin
    anthony7 oloughlin 26 days ago +1

    David Luiz (for 8 mill making us play inexperienced players in CB)
    Cech (should have sold courtois)
    Kevin De Bruyne

  • al ex
    al ex 26 days ago

    I never heard of most of them

  • Mic Mid
    Mic Mid 26 days ago +16

    You really don't like Manolas on here do you?

  • Cameron Danicich
    Cameron Danicich 26 days ago +114

    How is sancho not on this list

    • Cameron Danicich
      Cameron Danicich 21 day ago

      Zijik 87 no not at all

    • Zijik 87
      Zijik 87 25 days ago +3

      If city hadn’t sold him he probably wouldn’t of developed into what he is now. It’s probably a good thing they did sell

    • Gabbe Fagerberg
      Gabbe Fagerberg 26 days ago +3

      @Cameron Danicich They didn't technically sell him he went on a free

    • Cameron Danicich
      Cameron Danicich 26 days ago

      Gabbe Fagerberg so

  • Leo Kovac-Zrakic
    Leo Kovac-Zrakic 26 days ago

    It’s Reece James bitch

  • Jonny Edwards
    Jonny Edwards 26 days ago +2

    2100 league minutes and only won possession 3 times not great idk

    • M Express
      M Express 25 days ago

      Each game average.

    • Rodrigo Santos
      Rodrigo Santos 26 days ago +1

      3 recoveries a game, which is decent for such a young player.

    • Ashray Sachan
      Ashray Sachan 26 days ago +1

      I think it was per game but yeah not sure.I am an Arsenal fan I think it would be at least more than 3 if the stat was about his whole playing time