AngryJoe Reviews Nintendo Switch! [Vlog]


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  • InTheZone
    InTheZone 10 hours ago

    For me, as soon as I lay down there's no playing anymore. I will be out in a second. So the mobility of the switch doesn't suit me at all. And I would prefer a joycon-less, screen-less switch for price around $150, I'd go out and buy one at that price.

  • Karuko
    Karuko 6 days ago

    after one year its still 300 bucks retail price ): sad life

  • TND Running
    TND Running 8 days ago

    So they put a coating on the cartridges to stop people putting them in their mouths and what does everybody do? Lol. Humans are great

  • dvdjkaufmn
    dvdjkaufmn 14 days ago

    "LICK" the cartridge....?!!?! hahahahahahaha

  • Martin Kočíšek
    Martin Kočíšek 21 day ago

    joe underestimated potential of this one. 1 year after - price still the same and more than 20 million units sold...

  • Arturo Escorcia
    Arturo Escorcia 25 days ago

    Well, I waited and just bought a Switch as my second console, paid 300 USD and honestly for a system that is a hybrid between console and handheld is definitely not that expensive considering a high end smartphone costs 3 times more.

  • Bryan -FE
    Bryan -FE 26 days ago

    The fact that you said people by a switch. For 1-2 switch and not zelda

  • BigDippas
    BigDippas Month ago

    Having the charging port on top would be wack. "Oh i need to put it into the dock, let me just flip my console uoside down put it in the dock, pick up the dock and awkwardly with one hand detach the joycons." Yeah that doesnt apply yo every user but neither does being annoyed that its on the bottom

  • 92Jeek
    92Jeek Month ago

    I paid 320€ for Nintendo Switch, Zelda BOTW, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. It was so worth it and i love Nintendo Switch.

  • Maestro PoruRaion
    Maestro PoruRaion Month ago

    The Shovelware box

  • Maestro PoruRaion
    Maestro PoruRaion Month ago

    nintendo cant compete with home consoles so they made a handheld.
    nintendo, its for the kids.

    • Maestro PoruRaion
      Maestro PoruRaion Month ago

      yes it is. its for kids and 80s fanboys who never grew up. Peter Pan types who keep playing the same rehashed mario and zelda games over and over to "recapture" the golden age of their youth when nintendo was the only company around (lol and they still came in behind sega during the nes era hahah)
      nintendo caters for kids and manchildren.

    • Connor Quick
      Connor Quick Month ago

      Prince Of Lions Second Son Nintendo is not just for kids

  • Abdulrahman Mustafa

    It could be a good tablet for kids if it had actual media, right now you only have hulu

  • William Canepa
    William Canepa Month ago

    Omg he got me whit the only game you need is one two switch, inwas like nooooo

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 2 months ago didn't help...taking shots of Jack now...what did you influence me into doing joe!?!?!?!

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 2 months ago

    Omg...I've REFUSED to lick a game...had my switch for a year, heard about it for longer than that, just refused...I felt since other Joe was kinda peer pressured into it, I'd join him...the fuck nintendo?!?!? does keep getting worse, chugging beer now!!
    Anywho...just found your channel, absolutely love the guys are entertaining as all hell...I look forward to future laughs

  • Octavio Arreguin
    Octavio Arreguin 2 months ago


  • Before The Dutt
    Before The Dutt 2 months ago

    0/10 no click on when docked

  • Shaddy EM
    Shaddy EM 2 months ago

    I got switch only for $299.. So hell yeah.

  • CaptainWingless
    CaptainWingless 2 months ago

    At 12:22, speed the video ahead by 15 sec and listen. 🤣

  • D3man Reign
    D3man Reign 2 months ago

    Oh hahahahaha that reaction when the second he finished licking the cartridge that face was like hahahaha I honestly laughed because that reminded me of what my school mate did with a receipt he had did the same ( but he put the thing a bit in his mouth) and the same exact reaction haha

  • EskChan19
    EskChan19 3 months ago

    I like the "If they priced it lower it would just fly off the shelves" comment. Because even with this price it just evaporated off the shelves all arround the world.

  • thebig succ
    thebig succ 3 months ago

    3:06 "dibs"

  • Fernando Barahona
    Fernando Barahona 3 months ago

    Yo joe did you know there are phones beefier than that console

  • Levi Kessinger
    Levi Kessinger 3 months ago

    "D-Pad feels real nice and crunchy" Love the Cronch

  • Alejandro Díaz
    Alejandro Díaz 3 months ago

    love your financial decisions, joy cons work just fine and you got the worst game ever.

  • J R
    J R 3 months ago

    It’s not on top because then u couldn’t dock it

  • Green Goblin
    Green Goblin 3 months ago

    I had no idea about licking the cartridge, lots! hahaha

  • ZisisZ
    ZisisZ 3 months ago +2

    Honestly no offense but I regret buying a switch. I have only had my switch for like 2 months and the amount of issues I've had is unacceptable if I payed over 300 dollars plus exesories. I'm very disappointed with all the reviews that it's getting because honestly there all bs about it. If you want my opinion buy a PS4 over this peace of shit.

    • John Reese
      John Reese 3 days ago

      You lost all credibility when you said "peace of shit"

    • balto derpfish
      balto derpfish Month ago +1

      my ps4 is gathering dust I would recommend getting a switch or a gaming pc
      Pc for Peformance and switch for the exclusives and splitscreen co-op

    • Bob Jeff
      Bob Jeff 3 months ago

      ZisisZ I’ve had since day one and only had occasional desyncing.

  • Jay Arc De Rama
    Jay Arc De Rama 3 months ago

    Battery life and storage is my deciding factor, i was disappointed with my psvita.

  • BudokaiMan 1200
    BudokaiMan 1200 3 months ago

    Actually Joe the little cartridge in the big box isn't a waste, it's convenient, if you lost you're game it would be much easier to find because of how big the case is.

    • BudokaiMan 1200
      BudokaiMan 1200 3 months ago

      Chardog Even if it was in a small case as big as the cartridge it wouldn't make much of a difference, plus it's big for security reasons, like if someone tried to steal it rether from the store or from you're house, because the case is big it wouldn't be as easy.

    • Chardog
      Chardog 3 months ago

      BudokaiMan 1200 if you lose the cartridge you’re screwed

  • Todd Hamilton
    Todd Hamilton 4 months ago


  • Private User
    Private User 4 months ago

    The anti licking for kids is classic

  • nextlastgengamer
    nextlastgengamer 4 months ago

    I ran across this video and decided to watch it a year after it was made. I absolutely agree with your thoughts though. I waited until Feb 2018 to buy one, because I wanted to be sure there would be a solid game library. And I don't like where the charging port is located, or the way the cartridge slot cover is designed. The only thing I don't necessarily agree with is your complaint about how the system docks. I don't really mind the way it fits somewhat loosely in the dock, because it's not like I'm going to be messing around with it while it's docked anyway. But you had some very valid points here. You underestimated how popular it would be, but so did everyone I think. It's done better than anyone thought it would. Great video though!

  • Miguel
    Miguel 4 months ago

    This review was terrible.

  • EpicBeast2567
    EpicBeast2567 4 months ago

    After 1 year and 4 months, still 300$ and games still same price. Buying it now w/ Zelda and Mario kart

  • Ganzo Garbanzo
    Ganzo Garbanzo 4 months ago

    this moron angry joke needs to stop attacking Nintendo and making money from Nintendo pffts

  • Llakuawyus
    Llakuawyus 4 months ago

    What headset and mic is that?

  • Mercy Wolff
    Mercy Wolff 4 months ago

    otherjoe is a sweetheart XD

  • Dysth Ymia
    Dysth Ymia 4 months ago

    "I'm old" **was 33 years old when this was recorded**
    sure Jan sure

  • Spider13649 7
    Spider13649 7 4 months ago

    waited a year still the same price

  • KILLER Assasin GAMER101

    Switch sucks balls. Ports,ports,ports. I got botw on wii u free. Thanks wiiusb helper. Why can't we just get wireless gamecube controller, instead of stupid adapters

  • Joshua Newberry
    Joshua Newberry 4 months ago

    I like how in the end of the video he's saying the price of the system will drop by 50 dollars or more but today after one year of the launch the prices still stayed the same

  • Kyle Surette
    Kyle Surette 4 months ago

    Haven't owned a Nintendo console since Nintendo 64. Was buying Play Station, bought the Switch recently cause I missed the Nintendo games, and I was blown away. That's all I want to play now, when I play games. And the fact that you can even compare a handheld console at least CLOSE to modern consoles is something I haven't seen before. Really surprised me.

    SALTY DEVIL 4 months ago

    I think you licked the salt from the tears/sweat of the workers who produce these carts!!

  • R3D 4RMY505
    R3D 4RMY505 5 months ago

    If the switch thing tried to run skyrim it would explode like a microwave cooking tinfoil

    • Chardog
      Chardog 3 months ago

      R3D 4RMY505 it’s literally on the console it can run it

    • R3D 4RMY505
      R3D 4RMY505 3 months ago

      i know but i dont think it can run it but i like the system though i woulld be suprised if it can run it

    • Chardog
      Chardog 3 months ago

      R3D 4RMY505 but it has skyrim

  • Matthew Bode Martinez
    Matthew Bode Martinez 5 months ago

    honesty yay thank you!

  • Toyo_ Tiger
    Toyo_ Tiger 5 months ago

    I knew the wiiu will fail but this........ this is pretty good

  • GokuzKamehameha
    GokuzKamehameha 5 months ago

    Was he being sarcastic about not many people buying the Zelda game? Haha

  • NotMe
    NotMe 5 months ago

    Fuck you with your screem . I watch this at 2 am without knowing the volume of my smartphone. You wakr up entire home ! Not home entire neighbourhood

  • Ricer Accent
    Ricer Accent 5 months ago

    $500 can get you a running car here with tags.

    • Chardog
      Chardog 3 months ago

      Ricer Accent is a running car the things the flint stones use ;)

  • phatymcdaddy
    phatymcdaddy 5 months ago

    you should do a 1 year later review

  • James 23
    James 23 5 months ago

    You seem pretty chill for a angry Joe lol

  • DandySlayer13
    DandySlayer13 5 months ago

    It’s amazing how wrong Joe was on this. For 300 bucks this is well worth it for a home and portable console. Also a year later it’s still 300 bucks and still selling like hot cakes.

  • Zack Duck
    Zack Duck 6 months ago

    Get a pc with a switch emulater

  • Nick Loss
    Nick Loss 6 months ago

    this gave me the urge to lick one of my switch cartridges lol

  • Morenob
    Morenob 6 months ago

    I'm waiting for a full screen Switch better specs, a microphone and camera, more software support or even cardboard vr that would make the switch a 10 out of 10

  • Zack Gomez
    Zack Gomez 6 months ago

    i was wondering why they put a touch screen on the switch little to no games will support the touch screen so its mainly just for the menu even then you would still use the controllers the fact that they had to cut corners on the dock and some stuff is not good when they added a touch screen that you never use

    • Zack Gomez
      Zack Gomez 6 months ago

      oh maybe for mario maker?

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 6 months ago

    I'm really leaning on getting this, but psvr is also what I want to get. Damn it Nintendo why did you make a badass console now?! Spending so much money on games and console the past 2 years

  • Alex Pollock
    Alex Pollock 6 months ago

    I was right to wait a year. One I didn’t really care about the switch but I decided to get one and it’s impressing the shit out if me

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link 6 months ago +5

    The charge port was probably on the bottom so it can fit into the dock cause that's where it plugs in

    • big swole nigga
      big swole nigga Month ago

      Thats why and the dock charges the console, people want to use a plug in charger like their phones, dumb asses.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 7 months ago +1

    If the charging port is on the bottom, how do you stand it up on the table while charging it? I agree, charging port on the top would have made more sense.

  • Crabby Crab
    Crabby Crab 7 months ago

    lol doesnt joe feel like a moron now for making this video?

  • Climbers Of Ice
    Climbers Of Ice 7 months ago +2

    If the charger port was on top, you'd have to dock the switch upside down.. unless you want two ports. One on the top and bottom which is admittedly a bit silly.

  • Tony Howell
    Tony Howell 7 months ago

    Just lick it joe

  • jonathan beard
    jonathan beard 7 months ago +1

    The charging port is at the bottom for docking you genius

  • Syed
    Syed 7 months ago

    1 year still $300

  • Zeitec Smith
    Zeitec Smith 7 months ago

    They didn't want to have a click for the dock because they wanted to make it extremely easy for people to grab it and go without having to fumble around with unlocking it from the dock.

  • Brian T
    Brian T 7 months ago

    as far as Zelda goes they lost me at majora mask I won't keep hundreds of different weapons being forced to change my playstyle because Nintendo wanted to cash in on cheap fucking ideas that people actuly hate in games thanks no sweet weapons in a Zelda game

  • Brian T
    Brian T 7 months ago

    never buying one of these didn't buy any of there consoles sinse 64 GameCube had 1 good game Zelda switch 1 good game Zelda hmmmm and I fucking hate weapon degridation its bad in Zelda real bad so sorry won't be playing the new Zelda ever don't got time for that shit I play games all fucking day and I still don't got time for witcher 3 or any of that shit I play 1 game for like 3 months and move on and yeah the controller fucking sucks on purpose so you will buy that pro controller duh and the console is cheap as fuck that's what you get for a 3rd place console fuck Nintendo man they ain't got no damn money.

  • The Edgiest of Circles
    The Edgiest of Circles 7 months ago +10

    Anyone else watching this in 2018 and laughing? In all seriousness it was a fair review for the time

  • Joshua Kolton
    Joshua Kolton 7 months ago

    I wish it was $250 after 1 year.

  • Ben Lipson
    Ben Lipson 7 months ago

    After 1 year, still the same price lmao

  • Steelcross M
    Steelcross M 8 months ago

    My first Zelda game was the original 8-bit, but I only rented it so i never could play it much. Twilight Princess is the one Title I played through and through and beat it. Its my all time favorite Zelda game.
    As of this writing, I still dont have a switch, but I want one.

  • VitaKet
    VitaKet 8 months ago

    Anyone who has one they have some nice cases/chargers that have a center and larger arm on the back

  • VitaKet
    VitaKet 8 months ago

    whenever i need a laugh i watch an AngryJoe Review

  • Fatal Temper Gaming
    Fatal Temper Gaming 8 months ago

    im a simple man i see smash i buy switch for 196 too because i traded in my wii u and basically got an upgrade

  • J.D. Vision
    J.D. Vision 8 months ago

    Do a one year review.

  • Pretty Boy Moon
    Pretty Boy Moon 8 months ago +1

    "in 2 years it will be $199" that shit only happens to bargan bin Rob Schneider movies not $299 gaming consoles xD Joe has obviously never seen how Black Ops 1 is still being sold for $60

  • Game Pause
    Game Pause 8 months ago

    man u were wrong xD they already sold a lot more then u predicted xD

  • Timothy Perona
    Timothy Perona 8 months ago +1

    Boy you were a touch off with those projections

  • 4biddeninja Moonjelly
    4biddeninja Moonjelly 8 months ago

    Ive always loved ur vids man but its hard to have gamer respect 4 u after learning uve bever played a zelda b4...still ur a cool funny guy but...yeah....u need to play some older zeldas to apretiate this game so much more..if u playef the earlier titles ud understand what makes this game a 12/10.

  • vxOblivionxv
    vxOblivionxv 8 months ago

    A year later and I'm just shaking my head at all the negative comments about the switch. Y'all were so wrong.

  • enigma2274
    enigma2274 8 months ago

    Funny watching this now, knowing it now has the record for fastest selling console in history. I believe the Switch topped 15 million before hitting 1 year old. Amazing! Plus, it's just an awesome fucking console. Any game that comes out at same time on all consoles from now on, I buy on Switch for the portability, even though I have the PS4 Pro, Xbox 1X, and a 4k HDR tv.

  • 4biddeninja Moonjelly
    4biddeninja Moonjelly 8 months ago

    Def get am film glass screen protector, makes it feel way more premium and protected

  • Pioneer Spongebob
    Pioneer Spongebob 8 months ago

    Nintendo: makes cartridge taste bad so people wont put it in their mouth
    Entire population of Planet Earth: Puts cartridges in mouth

  • EJK k
    EJK k 8 months ago

    If you're wondering why the cartridge tastes funny, it's because Nintendo sprays a bitterant on the cartridges so kids won't eat them and... well.. choke/die. All that bad stuff.

  • Ben Lyons
    Ben Lyons 8 months ago +1

    13 mill in 1 year 😆😂

  • soda989
    soda989 9 months ago

    You won me over with this review. 😂

  • Quєєη
    Quєєη 9 months ago +1

    I spent 512 dollars for my switch and three games. So many hours gone

  • Chris Toro
    Chris Toro 9 months ago

    *6 months later*
    It's nowhere to be found
    *10 months later*
    It's nowhere to be found, Thanks Joe.

  • Siegfreid Sujide
    Siegfreid Sujide 9 months ago

    Little did he know, he will love zelda so much soon and make an angry review about it..

  • Paladin Juan
    Paladin Juan 9 months ago

    That is badass

  • Aaron Vlogs
    Aaron Vlogs 9 months ago

    The charge port is on the bottom because it’s the same plug-in on the dock which switches it to the tv while also charging the pad. It wouldn’t make sense to put the pad upside down. BUT WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT IDEA is to put one port at the bottom and another port at the top

  • Nick Diciurcio
    Nick Diciurcio 10 months ago

    Aww poor baby didn’t get a free one

  • Nick Diciurcio
    Nick Diciurcio 10 months ago

    I’m sure you got plenty of more money

  • Me12342010
    Me12342010 10 months ago

    Nintendo won me over when I turned on the switch and was playing a game within two minutes. I have owned every Xbox and PlayStation model, and especially with the Xbox one and PS4, they take so long to set up and there is always something to download. Nintendo truly made a system more akin to the old way of gaming. Plug it in, put you’re game in, and play.

    LEXICON DEVIL 10 months ago +1

    Nintendo has become a console both for the Rich and Stupid + The poor and Nostalgic........ How can they make $300 portable console with such delicate parts. THE DOCK SCRATCHES THE CONSOLE SCREEN WTF? Please Nintendo you had a good run but your business side is Fucking up all the hard work of the actual game developers. Just become software and join Sony. The last sane console. i haven't bought anything for my Ps4 besides video games. I didn't have to buy batteries or other BS extras just to play a Fucking game.

    LEXICON DEVIL 10 months ago +1

    the last console Nintendo made was GameCube. They've been coming out with half ass consoles ever since. Gamecube 1.5 (Wii) Gamecube 2.0 (Wii U) Gamecube 2.5 (Switch) with only like 3 games worth playing for each and tons of BS accessories to buy along with it. Why Nintendo? you have some of the greatest games ever, you "started this gangsta shit and now this is the motha fuckin thanks i get?" Fuck you Nintendo. Make a real console and stop shitting on your day one fans.

      LEXICON DEVIL 8 months ago

      Brady Salesman you keep telling your self that.

    • Brady Salesman
      Brady Salesman 8 months ago

      LEXICON DEVIL the switch has way more than 3 games to play. This is nothing like the GameCube. The switch is actually one of the most innovative consoles of all time

  • cyberfennek
    cyberfennek 10 months ago

    Cardboard is the way :D

  • Alex Hamato
    Alex Hamato 10 months ago

    Ha ha ha ha... 4-5 million after the first year? Try doubling that, dude.