AngryJoe Reviews Nintendo Switch! [Vlog]


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  • Blake McCormick
    Blake McCormick 15 days ago

    I forgot how barren the library was at launch. Now there's an insane library of quality first party games, plus the giant selection of great indie games. Third party AAA is still lacking a bit, of course. But the fact that you can play these games on the go (albeit sacrificing the full quality of graphics) makes them worth picking up on Switch.

  • Bobby Brian
    Bobby Brian 17 days ago

    Lick it lick it and then put it in your mouth and suck it , sound like a 50 cent song lol

  • The Meep
    The Meep 17 days ago

    Zelda is on the wii u

  • Rosedeath68
    Rosedeath68 19 days ago

    The switch is amazing for on the go play, and anyone who says that there are no games obviously never looked at the Nintendo shop honestly I used to be a hater for the switch until I got one now I used mine more than my PS4

  • Greg Choate
    Greg Choate 19 days ago

    This was a great video joe!

  • The magna Carta
    The magna Carta Month ago +1

    $199 in 2 years... if only that were true

  • ZacharylikeBear
    ZacharylikeBear Month ago

    Is he drinking out of a measuring cup?

  • That Native Guy
    That Native Guy Month ago

    24:40 "Nintender Switch" bwahaaha

  • Jakob S
    Jakob S Month ago

    I personally taste test every game I buy. Digital games are low calorie but very tasty

  • Sara Jea
    Sara Jea Month ago

    March 2017 $500 To $299 Jan 2019

  • teeonezee
    teeonezee Month ago

    The USB is on the bottom to connect to the Hub, DERP

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson Month ago +1

    First thing I did when I got my switch was, screen protector, protective shell, soft case and a soft cloth at hand to wipe away and fingerprints from natural oil from hands. I don’t mess around, switch is ma baby.

  • DavisAV4
    DavisAV4 Month ago

    24:40 NINTENDER

  • Joseph Bochran
    Joseph Bochran Month ago

    It's sadly still 300 after a year+

  • Quinton Crockett
    Quinton Crockett Month ago

    I’m from the future and all o can tell you is that in one year it sold more systems than the Xbox one in its life time.

  • Nathan P
    Nathan P Month ago

    lol " a zelda machine"

  • i2unner
    i2unner Month ago +1

    funny watching this at the end of 2018

  • Everyday Gamer
    Everyday Gamer Month ago

    Only games I need is mario kart 8 and smash lol I’ll rent the rest

  • Evan J
    Evan J Month ago


  • jdzspace33
    jdzspace33 Month ago

    i would love to see Joe do a retrospective on this review and tell us what he thinks about it now given the context of the most dominant 18 months in US history. I mean c'mon, he predicted it would sell 40 million. and it's cracked 30 after it's first 18 months.....craziness

  • jdzspace33
    jdzspace33 Month ago

    I came back in 2018 after the Switch broke 2 all-time records for fastest selling console in America and after it was announced that it outsold the original microsoft console AND is on pace to pass up the newest one by the middle of next year AND dominated Sony and Microsoft this black friday. This was a fair review for the time.....but time makes fools of us all.

  • First name Last name

    Wtf is 1 2 switch

  • Ian Javier
    Ian Javier Month ago

    Review super smash bros ultimate

  • Retro Brain
    Retro Brain 2 months ago

    Joe: Not everyone buys Zelda but buys 1 2 Switch hahahahaha!! Joe does not have any idea Zelda sold more than Switch! XD

  • Christian Lopez
    Christian Lopez 2 months ago

    We need an updated review for this

  • iRated Gaming
    iRated Gaming 2 months ago

    1 year later it's still $300 😭 still gonna pick it up though

  • Smoke 68
    Smoke 68 2 months ago

    At 24:41 he says Nintender switch 🤣

  • Josh Gener
    Josh Gener 2 months ago

    I bought the switch because of super smash bros ultimate, then I bought dragonball fighterz, then I bought Skyrim. This system is fantastic!!

  • Retro Brain
    Retro Brain 2 months ago

    And how much did you spend for 2 ps4s and the 2 Xbox Ones back at 2013??

  • Sean Renzi
    Sean Renzi 2 months ago

    I got a PS4 and and a swicth and a tiny hp tower hooked to my TV for Xbox exculisives so I get the best of everything

  • Mr. Jonny
    Mr. Jonny 2 months ago

    That's the problem with Nintendo, prices never goes down or on sail, even in million years after release official price will be the same!!!!!! Not supporting greedy companies. In this case i probably never gonna buy it.

  • Jack & Cola
    Jack & Cola 2 months ago

    Can i watch pornhub on it just asking for a 'friend offcourse

  • newjack900
    newjack900 2 months ago

    I went with XB1 over PS4 bc I ended up making the 360 my winner of the previous generation and just carried that over due to the controller and my gamerscore, but about a month ago I finally gave in bc the PS4 exclusives are killing it. I'm so bummed my dumbass didn't think to wait a few weeks to see any Black Friday/Cyber Monday type deals and missed out on that nice Spider Man bundle deal they had. Fuck me. Basically missed out on a getting Spider Man for free

  • Jesse Cantrell
    Jesse Cantrell 2 months ago

    *Does it once* "I feel like you could do this over and over"

  • Jason Hammitt
    Jason Hammitt 2 months ago

    Welcome to December 2018. No price cut. Still selling like hot cakes and third party and indie games are all over it.

  • chryssicas
    chryssicas 2 months ago

    Why is Zelda always so hyped what is it

  • Justin Frost
    Justin Frost 2 months ago

    Another criticism that Joe didn't really address (no fault to him because this is more of a long-term problem) is that the game system does not have a very large internal memory. Certain games in the nintendo game store cannot be downloaded on the internal memory alone (doom, NBA 2K17, and digital breath of the wild). I personally got myself a 128 GB micro SD card and now I can easily have all my games on the console. The cheaper options are a 64 GB card but the results can be varied and you can find both of these on amazon. Personally, I wish nintendo would have either thrown in a big micro sd card or a bigger internal storage, but i still have fun with the console nonetheless

  • MaxTheMaximumGamer
    MaxTheMaximumGamer 2 months ago

    I honestly prefer the joycons out of the controller, but I also didn't get the pro controller. I just hold one of them in each hand, and it's actually pretty comfortable. Like playing the Wii without the wire connecting the Wiimote to the nunchuck.

  • Jumior saul
    Jumior saul 2 months ago

    ohhhhhh joe they yet to drop the price

  • Wolfeon YT
    Wolfeon YT 2 months ago

    Anyone December 2018?

    • Kyle Schmid
      Kyle Schmid 2 months ago

      You too man, I'm enjoying every bit of it! 😁

    • Wolfeon YT
      Wolfeon YT 2 months ago

      +Kyle Schmid I got the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch bundle a couple of days ago, I hope you enjoy yours 😄

    • Kyle Schmid
      Kyle Schmid 2 months ago +1

      Just bought one. Don't regret it. Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Smash Bros.

  • giovanni hernandez
    giovanni hernandez 2 months ago

    2 years later and it’s still 300$

  • Pawel M
    Pawel M 2 months ago

    the other joe is brilliant

  • steven gao
    steven gao 2 months ago

    are they brothers, a couple or just friends?

  • Soad Rivas
    Soad Rivas 2 months ago

    1 year later this thing its still 300 dlls dude

  • DukeDarren
    DukeDarren 2 months ago

    $300 is a bit high for what you get I suppose thats a fair statement but I waited for the smash bros ultimate edition console before buying it, I got breath of the wild, smash bros, and 2 exclusive skin wired controllers and a screen protector for $430 bucks and I've put dozens of hours into zelda and to me its worth all I've paid this far

  • InTheZone
    InTheZone 3 months ago

    For me, as soon as I lay down there's no playing anymore. I will be out in a second. So the mobility of the switch doesn't suit me at all. And I would prefer a joycon-less, screen-less switch for price around $150, I'd go out and buy one at that price.

  • Karuko
    Karuko 3 months ago

    after one year its still 300 bucks retail price ): sad life

  • TND Running
    TND Running 3 months ago

    So they put a coating on the cartridges to stop people putting them in their mouths and what does everybody do? Lol. Humans are great

  • dvdjkaufmn
    dvdjkaufmn 3 months ago

    "LICK" the cartridge....?!!?! hahahahahahaha

  • Martin Kočíšek
    Martin Kočíšek 3 months ago

    joe underestimated potential of this one. 1 year after - price still the same and more than 20 million units sold...

    • Dankus Memus
      Dankus Memus 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, most of these comments haven't aged well either

  • Arturo Escorcia
    Arturo Escorcia 3 months ago

    Well, I waited and just bought a Switch as my second console, paid 300 USD and honestly for a system that is a hybrid between console and handheld is definitely not that expensive considering a high end smartphone costs 3 times more.

  • Bryan -FE
    Bryan -FE 3 months ago

    The fact that you said people by a switch. For 1-2 switch and not zelda

  • BigDippas
    BigDippas 4 months ago +1

    Having the charging port on top would be wack. "Oh i need to put it into the dock, let me just flip my console uoside down put it in the dock, pick up the dock and awkwardly with one hand detach the joycons." Yeah that doesnt apply yo every user but neither does being annoyed that its on the bottom

  • 92Jeek
    92Jeek 4 months ago

    I paid 320€ for Nintendo Switch, Zelda BOTW, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. It was so worth it and i love Nintendo Switch.

  • Maestro PoruRaion
    Maestro PoruRaion 4 months ago

    The Shovelware box

  • Maestro PoruRaion
    Maestro PoruRaion 4 months ago

    nintendo cant compete with home consoles so they made a handheld.
    nintendo, its for the kids.

    • John Oghomi
      John Oghomi 2 months ago +1

      Maestro PoruRaion it’s not, it’s family friendly. Grow up, 18+ play a lot of games on the Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly enough, kids now a days play on Xbox, it’s the opposite

    • Maestro PoruRaion
      Maestro PoruRaion 4 months ago

      yes it is. its for kids and 80s fanboys who never grew up. Peter Pan types who keep playing the same rehashed mario and zelda games over and over to "recapture" the golden age of their youth when nintendo was the only company around (lol and they still came in behind sega during the nes era hahah)
      nintendo caters for kids and manchildren.

    • Connor Quick
      Connor Quick 4 months ago

      Prince Of Lions Second Son Nintendo is not just for kids

  • Abdulrahman Mustafa
    Abdulrahman Mustafa 4 months ago

    It could be a good tablet for kids if it had actual media, right now you only have hulu

  • William Canepa
    William Canepa 5 months ago

    Omg he got me whit the only game you need is one two switch, inwas like nooooo

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 5 months ago didn't help...taking shots of Jack now...what did you influence me into doing joe!?!?!?!

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 5 months ago

    Omg...I've REFUSED to lick a game...had my switch for a year, heard about it for longer than that, just refused...I felt since other Joe was kinda peer pressured into it, I'd join him...the fuck nintendo?!?!? does keep getting worse, chugging beer now!!
    Anywho...just found your channel, absolutely love the guys are entertaining as all hell...I look forward to future laughs

  • Octavio Arreguin
    Octavio Arreguin 5 months ago


  • Before The Dutt
    Before The Dutt 5 months ago

    0/10 no click on when docked

  • Shahzad Mubeen
    Shahzad Mubeen 5 months ago

    I got switch only for $299.. So hell yeah.

  • CaptainWingless
    CaptainWingless 5 months ago

    At 12:22, speed the video ahead by 15 sec and listen. 🤣

  • D3man Reign
    D3man Reign 5 months ago

    Oh hahahahaha that reaction when the second he finished licking the cartridge that face was like hahahaha I honestly laughed because that reminded me of what my school mate did with a receipt he had did the same ( but he put the thing a bit in his mouth) and the same exact reaction haha

  • EskChan19
    EskChan19 6 months ago

    I like the "If they priced it lower it would just fly off the shelves" comment. Because even with this price it just evaporated off the shelves all arround the world.

    PLAYBOXSTATIONX 6 months ago

    3:06 "dibs"

  • Fernando Barahona
    Fernando Barahona 6 months ago

    Yo joe did you know there are phones beefier than that console

  • Levi Kessinger
    Levi Kessinger 6 months ago

    "D-Pad feels real nice and crunchy" Love the Cronch

  • Alejandro Díaz
    Alejandro Díaz 6 months ago

    love your financial decisions, joy cons work just fine and you got the worst game ever.

  • J R
    J R 6 months ago

    It’s not on top because then u couldn’t dock it

    RED JACKAL 6 months ago

    I had no idea about licking the cartridge, lots! hahaha

  • ZisisZ
    ZisisZ 6 months ago +2

    Honestly no offense but I regret buying a switch. I have only had my switch for like 2 months and the amount of issues I've had is unacceptable if I payed over 300 dollars plus exesories. I'm very disappointed with all the reviews that it's getting because honestly there all bs about it. If you want my opinion buy a PS4 over this peace of shit.

    • Turtle Tube
      Turtle Tube 2 months ago

      +Volsavious 23 LOL

    • Volsavious 23
      Volsavious 23 2 months ago

      I'd recommend you get your money back and spend it on taking grammar courses.

    • John Reese
      John Reese 3 months ago +1

      You lost all credibility when you said "peace of shit"

    • balto derpfish
      balto derpfish 5 months ago +1

      my ps4 is gathering dust I would recommend getting a switch or a gaming pc
      Pc for Peformance and switch for the exclusives and splitscreen co-op

    • Bob Jeff
      Bob Jeff 6 months ago

      ZisisZ I’ve had since day one and only had occasional desyncing.

  • Jay Arc De Rama
    Jay Arc De Rama 6 months ago

    Battery life and storage is my deciding factor, i was disappointed with my psvita.

  • BudokaiMan 1200
    BudokaiMan 1200 7 months ago

    Actually Joe the little cartridge in the big box isn't a waste, it's convenient, if you lost you're game it would be much easier to find because of how big the case is.

    • BudokaiMan 1200
      BudokaiMan 1200 6 months ago

      Chardog Even if it was in a small case as big as the cartridge it wouldn't make much of a difference, plus it's big for security reasons, like if someone tried to steal it rether from the store or from you're house, because the case is big it wouldn't be as easy.

    • Chardog
      Chardog 6 months ago

      BudokaiMan 1200 if you lose the cartridge you’re screwed

  • Todd Hamilton
    Todd Hamilton 7 months ago


  • Private User
    Private User 7 months ago

    The anti licking for kids is classic

  • nextlastgengamer
    nextlastgengamer 7 months ago

    I ran across this video and decided to watch it a year after it was made. I absolutely agree with your thoughts though. I waited until Feb 2018 to buy one, because I wanted to be sure there would be a solid game library. And I don't like where the charging port is located, or the way the cartridge slot cover is designed. The only thing I don't necessarily agree with is your complaint about how the system docks. I don't really mind the way it fits somewhat loosely in the dock, because it's not like I'm going to be messing around with it while it's docked anyway. But you had some very valid points here. You underestimated how popular it would be, but so did everyone I think. It's done better than anyone thought it would. Great video though!

  • Miguel
    Miguel 7 months ago

    This review was terrible.

  • EpicBeast2567
    EpicBeast2567 7 months ago

    After 1 year and 4 months, still 300$ and games still same price. Buying it now w/ Zelda and Mario kart

  • Ganzo Garbanzo
    Ganzo Garbanzo 7 months ago

    this moron angry joke needs to stop attacking Nintendo and making money from Nintendo pffts

  • Llakuawyus
    Llakuawyus 7 months ago

    What headset and mic is that?

  • Mercy Wolff
    Mercy Wolff 7 months ago

    otherjoe is a sweetheart XD

  • Dysth Ymia
    Dysth Ymia 7 months ago

    "I'm old" **was 33 years old when this was recorded**
    sure Jan sure

  • Spider13649 7
    Spider13649 7 7 months ago

    waited a year still the same price

  • KILLER Assasin GAMER101

    Switch sucks balls. Ports,ports,ports. I got botw on wii u free. Thanks wiiusb helper. Why can't we just get wireless gamecube controller, instead of stupid adapters

  • Joshua Newberry
    Joshua Newberry 7 months ago

    I like how in the end of the video he's saying the price of the system will drop by 50 dollars or more but today after one year of the launch the prices still stayed the same

  • Kyle Surette
    Kyle Surette 7 months ago

    Haven't owned a Nintendo console since Nintendo 64. Was buying Play Station, bought the Switch recently cause I missed the Nintendo games, and I was blown away. That's all I want to play now, when I play games. And the fact that you can even compare a handheld console at least CLOSE to modern consoles is something I haven't seen before. Really surprised me.

    SALTY DEVIL 8 months ago

    I think you licked the salt from the tears/sweat of the workers who produce these carts!!

  • Soviet Hero49
    Soviet Hero49 8 months ago

    If the switch thing tried to run skyrim it would explode like a microwave cooking tinfoil

    • Chardog
      Chardog 6 months ago

      R3D 4RMY505 it’s literally on the console it can run it

    • Soviet Hero49
      Soviet Hero49 6 months ago

      i know but i dont think it can run it but i like the system though i woulld be suprised if it can run it

    • Chardog
      Chardog 6 months ago

      R3D 4RMY505 but it has skyrim

  • Rats Kraad
    Rats Kraad 8 months ago

    honesty yay thank you!

  • Toyo_ Tiger
    Toyo_ Tiger 8 months ago

    I knew the wiiu will fail but this........ this is pretty good

  • GokuzKamehameha
    GokuzKamehameha 8 months ago

    Was he being sarcastic about not many people buying the Zelda game? Haha

  • NotMe
    NotMe 8 months ago

    Fuck you with your screem . I watch this at 2 am without knowing the volume of my smartphone. You wakr up entire home ! Not home entire neighbourhood

  • Ricer Accent
    Ricer Accent 8 months ago

    $500 can get you a running car here with tags.

    • Chardog
      Chardog 6 months ago

      Ricer Accent is a running car the things the flint stones use ;)

  • phatymcdaddy
    phatymcdaddy 8 months ago

    you should do a 1 year later review

  • james 25
    james 25 8 months ago

    You seem pretty chill for a angry Joe lol

  • DandySlayer13
    DandySlayer13 8 months ago

    It’s amazing how wrong Joe was on this. For 300 bucks this is well worth it for a home and portable console. Also a year later it’s still 300 bucks and still selling like hot cakes.

  • Zack Duck
    Zack Duck 9 months ago

    Get a pc with a switch emulater

  • Nick Loss
    Nick Loss 9 months ago

    this gave me the urge to lick one of my switch cartridges lol