“I’m Your Brother, I Know This!” | Jadon Sancho & Reiss Nelson | Roommates | England

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • In this Three Lions and Young Lions special, childhood friends Jadon Sancho and Reiss Nelson go head to head in the ultimate friendship test; Roommates. See how they get on against each other, who do you think comes out on top?
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Comments • 692

  • dean m
    dean m 2 days ago

    Join My FPL League ...Be The Best ..League Code :ygb5fj

  • Joe Roche
    Joe Roche 2 days ago

    Share a birthday with jadon

  • A A
    A A 3 days ago

    Whoever wrote the answers is a g. About “AY” you know

  • RDB.
    RDB. 4 days ago

    Arsenal best not get rid of Nelson, love this guy!

  • Shafiq Munir
    Shafiq Munir 4 days ago

    same hair trim

  • Miss elizabethh
    Miss elizabethh 5 days ago +1

    The way sanchos veneers at the top are completely different to his real teeth on the bottom is so distracting 🥴

  • Mr Clarke
    Mr Clarke 7 days ago

    I want Jordan to come to Arsenal.

  • Irving Khoo
    Irving Khoo 7 days ago +2

    Give Reiss a chance, if he can hit sancho’s level at dourtmund, we have a real winger on our hands

  • uppsala tandjour
    uppsala tandjour 9 days ago +1

    4:40 When he realizes that Jadon has more followers than him

  • omor abedin
    omor abedin 10 days ago

    Riess probably skipped school to become a pro footballer no hate

  • travwesty MUFC
    travwesty MUFC 11 days ago

    There defiantly from ends man, Kennington and ay bro don't @ me

  • Thomas Norton-Crossman

    Guiter. Really?

  • CalvinMOfficial
    CalvinMOfficial 13 days ago +1

    Sanchez needs to link up with Nelson at Arsenal 🔴

  • Emberz
    Emberz 15 days ago

    The next generation of english football is bad man people apparently

  • Football Edits
    Football Edits 15 days ago

    Lol I have played carrier mode and they are the dynamic duo so I recommend that you buy them both in fifa

  • masterjamie21
    masterjamie21 17 days ago

    6.44 man left the guy hangin

  • Rivaille Khang Dinh
    Rivaille Khang Dinh 18 days ago

    Reunite with your bff at Arsenal Jadon

  • Tiim Smiith
    Tiim Smiith 18 days ago

    Reiss Nelson from Engerland.

  • vvRezii
    vvRezii 18 days ago +1

    why do they keep baby hair at the start of their hairlines?

  • nukiepie
    nukiepie 18 days ago

    All that money and still cant talk properly

  • error #404
    error #404 19 days ago

    Little baby

  • Frosty Sauce
    Frosty Sauce 19 days ago

    Now surprised these guys talk like they are 5 years old

  • AG 9
    AG 9 21 day ago

    They’re holding each other’s hands a bit too much? Kinda sus 🥴

  • Jamz J
    Jamz J 21 day ago

    Cmon these are the real mandem. Real bros fr, man said look at ur trim🤣🤣

  • CaptainSeargent
    CaptainSeargent 22 days ago +1

    Sancho the type of guy nobody wanted the teacher to make read in class

  • Alexander MASTERS-KAY
    Alexander MASTERS-KAY 22 days ago

    Sancho got a small German accent

  • S G
    S G 22 days ago

    Reiss needs to get him to the Emirates when his contract runs down obviously 🙄

  • Die hard Driller
    Die hard Driller 22 days ago


  • Benjamin South
    Benjamin South 23 days ago

    Can't wait for these two to tear it up for England in the near future

  • Leon Rde
    Leon Rde 24 days ago +1

    As a German I still need time to get along with this unusual accent

  • Shishkhabib
    Shishkhabib 24 days ago

    look at ur trim hahahahaa

  • TheOmegaFM
    TheOmegaFM 24 days ago

    Wow never thought footballers would be from my area

  • nibban90
    nibban90 24 days ago +1

    The order of the editing was backwards lol

  • 4 Tune
    4 Tune 25 days ago

    The wondertwins 😂😂😂

  • Wesley Lamb
    Wesley Lamb 25 days ago

    Nelson for arsenal on the wing this season will be amazing....

  • NuZo
    NuZo 26 days ago

    Completely robbing LFCTV concept

  • Pavle Stojanov
    Pavle Stojanov 27 days ago

    Sancho's birthday is a day after mine

  • Julian Zimmermann
    Julian Zimmermann 27 days ago +1

    I have the same birthday as jadon sancho🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • ic footballnews
    ic footballnews 27 days ago

    Can nelson develop at Arsenal?

  • Jxgxn 19
    Jxgxn 19 28 days ago

    South London is taking over bruv

    AAARHHH 28 days ago

    Jadon talks like an imbecile

  • shamsham1983
    shamsham1983 28 days ago

    Jadon is more mature than reiss-nelson

  • Big Drift skirt skrrt
    Big Drift skirt skrrt 29 days ago

    they are the younger version of lingard and rashy

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple Month ago

    Jadon to Arsenal confirmed

  • July Master
    July Master Month ago


  • ColeF9
    ColeF9 Month ago

    got size 14 so my friends would never find it hard to guess

  • Denholm13
    Denholm13 Month ago

    whats the point in the headphones?

  • Amitav Jain
    Amitav Jain Month ago +2

    at 2:48 you can see other players doing interveiws in the top left corner

  • Blair McLeod99
    Blair McLeod99 Month ago

    They both have the same haircut and beard

  • GamingSamTV
    GamingSamTV Month ago

    6:46 Jason gets left hanging lol

  • WillxClarke
    WillxClarke Month ago +2

    Sancho a Spartan 😂

  • Afonso Vaz
    Afonso Vaz Month ago

    Those hairlines are bugging me

  • Rasmus Kristensen
    Rasmus Kristensen Month ago

    The barber: so What gut should I give you?
    Reiss Nelson: Jadon have more followers than me, so I will have the same as him

  • MF GTM
    MF GTM Month ago +2

    Sancho could’ve been in Harlem Spartans thats mad

  • Jonathan Messenger
    Jonathan Messenger Month ago

    jadon come to arsenal!

  • Hampus Norrbom
    Hampus Norrbom Month ago

    My birthday is also 25th march, my Brotha jadon👊🏽

  • The golden Boy
    The golden Boy Month ago

    Whats up

  • XiPythonZz
    XiPythonZz Month ago +1

    Man said look at ur trim 😭😭😭

  • Sunnyevans03
    Sunnyevans03 Month ago

    Jack Butland isn’t even in the prem 😂

  • mi 2301
    mi 2301 Month ago

    5:45 Jaden got snuff in his pocket

  • Guillermo Peña
    Guillermo Peña Month ago

    They even look alike

  • Tronci
    Tronci Month ago

    Reiss can't read

  • Harry Corman
    Harry Corman Month ago

    Swear this vid was back to front hahah

  • Jan-Philipp Neuhaus
    Jan-Philipp Neuhaus Month ago +5

    Fortuna Düsseldorf is in the video of the English National soccer team... Guys, WE DID IT

  • Ilyes El Bani
    Ilyes El Bani Month ago

    I see sterling and sturridge

  • Chris O
    Chris O Month ago +2

    These man sound like they struggle reading uno

  • snowpixie fifteen
    snowpixie fifteen Month ago

    falling asleep early seems like a great habit to me

  • Itz LZB
    Itz LZB Month ago

    England messed up the begging and the end just lik the wc

  • Free Da team
    Free Da team Month ago

    Sancho is repping Harlem Spartans

    • Miss elizabethh
      Miss elizabethh Month ago

      Free Da team why does everybody always say this? He’s not nor has he ever been a spartan ..

  • Joanna
    Joanna Month ago

    Arsenal's future.

  • Pricey Playz
    Pricey Playz Month ago

    6:46 Sancho went for the fist bump and Nelson never seen it 😂

  • darryl david
    darryl david Month ago

    Reiss nelson the future of arsenal trust me

  • TheLOL899
    TheLOL899 Month ago

    Guitar = Guiter

  • Calum Whittingham
    Calum Whittingham Month ago +1

    nnahahhhh nelson is deffo that kid who read bare slow in school trust XDDDD

  • Cold-Blooded
    Cold-Blooded Month ago +13

    6:15 lol it says future gunner ..... ( sancho signing for Arsenal)

    • Schofi
      Schofi Month ago +1

      This will never happen

  • ADV
    ADV Month ago

    Even Sancho speaks better than Harry Kane

  • Theodor Voss
    Theodor Voss Month ago

    guiter. 1:34

  • Ataklee
    Ataklee Month ago

    6:45 that bro fist tho 😂😂😂

  • Need you now
    Need you now Month ago

    Sancho he is

  • Kypros6
    Kypros6 Month ago

    I love them

  • CF7
    CF7 Month ago

    Why does Sancho seem really dopey

  • Safwan
    Safwan Month ago +1

    Imagine Jadon Sancho was in Harlem

  • 93 Days
    93 Days Month ago

    6:46 sancho wanted a hand shake

  • Soccer Mario
    Soccer Mario Month ago +2

    Bromance like Jlingz and Sancho. Hopefully they don’t end up like Jlingz.🤣

  • Bill Sink
    Bill Sink Month ago +2

    They have almost the exact same haircut

  • WBH
    WBH Month ago +1

    I love the guiter

  • Cassie
    Cassie Month ago

    Love this...

  • dean thomas
    dean thomas Month ago

    Tap him up reiss an get 100m off his price tag please!!

  • faze213
    faze213 Month ago

    Arsenal's future.

  • Illyrian Prince
    Illyrian Prince Month ago

    jadon come to arsenal

  • less kiss
    less kiss Month ago


  • the Abyssinian
    the Abyssinian Month ago

    brand new guiter

  • cqdw 1234
    cqdw 1234 Month ago +1

    Reiss lowkey looks like Big Sean

  • RURR
    RURR Month ago


  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado Month ago

    They got the same hair

  • CNT angle
    CNT angle Month ago

    I'm 14 and my boot size is 10 how is Reis's so small

  • Muhsin - 0113
    Muhsin - 0113 Month ago

    Jadons from kennington, knows harlem and lowkey sounds a little bit like blanco🤣🤣

  • Mayta’s LiFe
    Mayta’s LiFe Month ago


  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Month ago

    Sancho he is

  • VDfewds 11
    VDfewds 11 Month ago

    Reiss has to be given a run in the team this year. We need to ditch the so called experienced players we have who aren’t performing and give the academy players a chance. Arsenal have deserted youth for too long, give the kids more of a chance!! England are finally looking better and stronger with these young players coming through think we should do the same as we won’t sign anyone 😂

    • Yvngeo
      Yvngeo 21 day ago

      I woulda agreed but the U21s just got knocked outta the euros in the group stage