Amazon Echo Flex - Total Game Changer

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • 5 Reasons the Echo Flex just flipped the script on Alexa : This video review breaks down 5 use cases you might not have thought of for Amazon's first plug in speaker, and demonstrates the motion sensor in action. I honestly can't believe Amazon have made this thing so cheap, if the choice is between the Echo Flex versus Echo dot then I'm going with this thing all day long!
    In addition to the motion sensor, you can also buy a night light for the Flex that plugs in to the bottom of the Flex in the same way as the motion sensor does and can be controlled using Alexa as a night light. This is the best thing Amazon have made in ages. If you're interested in buying one then please see the links below:


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  • Paul Hibbert
    Paul Hibbert  Month ago +12

    If you're interested in buying the Echo Flex then you could do me a huge favour by using my links. It won't cost you a penny, I just get some commission for referring you. Links below...


    Check out Stu's channel: @Stu’s Reviews

    • victoroos
      victoroos 6 days ago

      hope you can make one for in germany as well (for the commissions?, would love to buy and support you then (other's don't.. well, fit :P!)

    • Oracladeus
      Oracladeus 24 days ago +1

      Electrical sockets are standard in bathrooms in the US. I can't for the life of me figure out why they can't make them safe in the UK. I get the higher voltage but still, we use GFCI's for that reason around water. Very few deaths here anymore in bathrooms from voltage. Thanks for the safety tip Paul!

    • North Lord
      North Lord Month ago

      is there a problem with your voice?

    • Paul Hibbert
      Paul Hibbert  Month ago


    • Warren Notestine
      Warren Notestine Month ago +1

      I still don't understand.

  • The Willows
    The Willows 23 hours ago

    Good video, but the dated references and random sound affects are pretty corny and distract from the video

  • Kris McDermott
    Kris McDermott Day ago

    See, this is why Paul is brilliant. The Flex is perfect for a shed or an attic or somewhere you just want to talk to her without necessarily fantastic sound, I agree. However stackable add-ons, and the idea that it should have a piggyback 3 pin socket on the front is genius. This makes up for you slagging off the Echo Studio. 😉

  • wogfun
    wogfun 2 days ago

    If it controlled an onboard plug socket, it wouldn't cost 25 dollars. not a terrible idea though

  • Mark Perka
    Mark Perka 3 days ago

    Got one for my bathroom using your link. I have a whopping two plugs in my bathroom and the flex only takes one - good stuff Maynard! - I hate it when you plug something in and it covers the other plug with a passion. Also - coffee is sometimes scalding hot. That's why they put a warning on the cup. How did I ever survive before commercial pre-prepared coffee? Also, MacD's fruit pies are the temperature of the earth's core. Hot is an understatement.

  • Sloe Bone
    Sloe Bone 4 days ago

    It’s dirt cheap and all you need is sound bar to make it sound good.

  • James Herron
    James Herron 6 days ago

    When you purchase an Echo from Amazon, they pre-link your Amazon account. This means a simpler setup. The device may have also been assisted by other Echo devices in your home.

  • Marcelo Vilaça
    Marcelo Vilaça 9 days ago

    Hey dude, did you manage to pair and use the IKEA light remotes directly with your ZigBee echo (studio, show or pro)? I manage to pair the remote but it does nothing... and if I pair the remote directly with my zigbee bulbs (not boobs) I can no longer control them with my echo show ... so I imagine only 1 device can be paired with a bulb ...

  • chunkylefunga
    chunkylefunga 9 days ago

    Kids you shouldn't have plug sockets in your bathrooms.

  • MrSidoe
    MrSidoe 10 days ago

    Such a game changing device.. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Paul Hibbert
      Paul Hibbert  9 days ago

      Mate, you literally just did everything I just predicted, you're a walking cliche. 😂 I take it we're just ignoring the other video where I proved I'm not a shill for Amazon then? Here have another one: Watch it closely, it's the one where I pre-empt the video you're currently commenting on by singling out the echo flex out as one of the only devices worth buying out of the massive list of Amazon products that I spend the whole video ragging on.
      Go on then, change tactic and call me names you dim-witted nincompoop. No wait, try to make out you're the bigger man because I resorted to calling you a nincompoop first as if that worse than calling me a liar and a shill. No wait, go back to trying to pretend you've somehow upset me and I'm a snowflake, no wait play the victim, no wait go quiet and tell yourself you're the bigger man because you walked away, no wait try desperately to have the last word by repeating accusations I've already proved false until one of us dies of old age, no wait try to pretend there is a crowd of people listening and "Everyone can see me for what I am".
      No ones watching this conversation dude, but you do look like a bell end. Boring.

    • MrSidoe
      MrSidoe 9 days ago

      @Paul Hibbert perhaps you are a snowflake too 🤷‍♂️, but I wasn't even going to mention that but since you did 😂... Again the simple fact that you're so bothered by my complete disagreement with your review/sales pushing of this lackluster product again proves my suspicion that you're an absolute shill for Amazon.. Just be honest with your viewers that's all..

    • Paul Hibbert
      Paul Hibbert  10 days ago

      Oh, we're playing the "you're triggered" stance are we, the one where you eventually call me a snowflake and pretend like somehow you "upset" me, and you do the passive aggressive thing where you insinuate I'm "taking your comments way too seriously". This one's even more boring and it ends with you playing the victim because I "over-reacted" despite having made no comment that suggests I'm even remotely fazed by any aspect of the discussion, or it ends with you calling me a load of names before going quiet on me. Can we just get on with it?
      Now on to an actual rebuttal; Amazon changed the game by adding modular smart home device support to a smart speaker. Brand new idea... as in game changing. Your opinion that this particular change in the game isn't exciting to you personally is entirely irrelevant, end of discussion, but feel free to call me a princess or whatever. Yawn.

    • MrSidoe
      MrSidoe 10 days ago

      @Paul Hibbert I didn't mean to trigger you fella, but how can you make a video saying something is such a game changer and then not show anything that we haven't seen already.. I have a wyze sense motion detector that can trigger many of these things, Amazon already has the Amazon input, wooptee effn do that you can plug a corny night light into this 😏 certain you're being paid by the way your reacting to my critic..

    • Paul Hibbert
      Paul Hibbert  10 days ago

      ...Or shall we have the usual back and forth where I make you look stupider and stupider for 5 or 6 messages first? I'm easy either way.

  • Mod MINI
    Mod MINI 11 days ago

    We got one of these for the kitchen and it's great. Sound bar is a brilliant idea. It also needs VOLUME BUTTONS! Other than that it's perfect.

  • Thor A. Sic
    Thor A. Sic 12 days ago

    I was also disappointing that they had not made the add on modules stackable. But I had not thought of making this also a smart switch. That is absolute brilliance my friend. I hope the Amazon or Thrid Reality engineers take your good advice and make the next version of this into a game changer.

  • Ppp
    Ppp 13 days ago

    Cheers egg head

  • Hygiene Care
    Hygiene Care 14 days ago

    I don't know, I have 2 echo dots and 2 echo inputs, and an echo show 8 already.

  • 100cc Karting Videos
    100cc Karting Videos 16 days ago

    What if next door plugs one of these in? Will it just connect to my network? :O

    • Mod MINI
      Mod MINI 10 days ago +1

      No. Amazon associates details about your account/profile with the unique hardware identifier. This includes to which account it should connect and saved details about your wireless connection. If your neighbor stole the device off your front porch and connected it, though, yes, it would connect to your account.

    • BB 02
      BB 02 11 days ago +1

      100cc Karting Videos there’s an option when you order to pre-link it to your amazon account.

  • Bunyku C
    Bunyku C 16 days ago

    Is down to 20 pounds now!

  • Wolfie Rankin
    Wolfie Rankin 17 days ago

    I think it's a brilliant thing, except I don't have many sockets in my home, so yeah.
    But completely agree that if it had a socket in the front then there'd be no issue.
    It also needs to be skinnier so that it doesn't cover up the neighbouring socket.

  • Davey Blue Eyes
    Davey Blue Eyes 20 days ago

    £25? I paid $25CDN.

  • Rileybacon Baker
    Rileybacon Baker 23 days ago

    For 20$ plus shipping and handling you could get a wyze sense kit. 2 door triggers and a motion sensor. You can create routines the same way. I don't use light switches at my house now lol new sensors are dirt cheap too!

  • Oracladeus
    Oracladeus 24 days ago

    I'm glad I took your advice and got one of these for my shop. SO much of an improvement over the dot I had there. This works on wifi at a much greater distance.

  • Mary Ann Carney
    Mary Ann Carney 25 days ago

    I agree, it needs a motion sensor to turn on the nightlight. I am going to wait and see if someone makes a motion sensor nightlight. I did get one for Christmas and have it upstairs. Have a dot in the den. I need to utilize them both more than I do.

  • Cameron JangDhari
    Cameron JangDhari 26 days ago

    Hi Paul are you able to connect the echo flex to the motion sensor via a usb extension cable. To have a powered motion sensor that can be used in a different location to the flex. Please find out. Thanks love your TheXvid channel and videos

  • furriephillips
    furriephillips 28 days ago

    Who TF has outlets in the bathroom?

    • furriephillips
      furriephillips 25 days ago

      papa Hajek no, they’re shaver sockets - this video features standard outlets.

    • papa Hajek
      papa Hajek 25 days ago

      anyone with an electric hair dryer or razor.

  • Ivan Rojas
    Ivan Rojas Month ago +2

    I just got my echo flex U$ 12.75 + tax, good price

  • Michael Stanton
    Michael Stanton Month ago +1

    An amazing presentation. I subscribed. You need to be on TV or even Keep up the great work.

  • Shaun Leandro
    Shaun Leandro Month ago

    call me il pa u man for real

  • reggie gimmix
    reggie gimmix Month ago

    Pointless device. Shouldn’t have plug sockets in bathroom usually. I’ve already got a sensor in my hall so my lights come on automatically. i still don’t get it....

  • Bob Riemersma
    Bob Riemersma Month ago

    Hey Paul, hows come I can't ask Alexa the temp or hum on a Tuya ZigBee Hub sensor, eh? Hmm? Hmm? Can you get on your ZemiSmart boys about that? And call me Fred Flintstone but I want Fahrenheit degrees as an option here dude, both via Alexa and the SmartLife phone crapp. And no, I don't want to buy 14 more hubs and 137 more sensors or install more memory-sucking phone crapps.

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera Month ago

    Very European sense of humor lol

  • Rosco3k8
    Rosco3k8 Month ago

    Would the add-ons work properly with a usb splitter? 🤔

  • yaya dagnoko
    yaya dagnoko Month ago +3

    Switched off after 2mn ...I was looking for a review Not comedy

    • Paul Hibbert
      Paul Hibbert  Month ago +17

      😂 No one cares why you came here numb nuts.

  • milkboccle
    milkboccle Month ago

    I have hue motion sensors for lights, and d-link motion sensors to trigger actions (recognised by Alexa for quite a while)

  • milkboccle
    milkboccle Month ago

    “Or whichever dickheads” haha

  • Charles Woolmer
    Charles Woolmer Month ago +6

    i have connnected an unpowered 4 port usb hub to the flex then plugged in the sensor and light. BOTH ARE RECOGNISED AND WORK!!

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon Month ago

    Motion sensored bulbs are good for hallway lights too :p

  • The.K.Locker
    The.K.Locker Month ago

    I'm just thinking out loud here, what about mounting it securely at your front door and having the motion sensor tell you on your phone when someone is there and then using drop in to speak to them from anywhere?

    • Jagger Siciliani
      Jagger Siciliani 22 days ago

      just buy the cheaper ring doorbell does all that and has a camera.

  • hitardo
    hitardo Month ago

    Brilliant Paul!

    This video - and your arguments - are the reason I subscribed, and why I continue to follow you.
    That, and the jokes, the meme additions, and your tutorials.


  • Alien
    Alien Month ago

    I like them for the simplicity, however, I hate them because of there bulkiness, I can't stand Brick-like devices hanging from my wall sockets.
    I shall wait until they become somewhat more unnoticeable.

  • Paul Hibbert
    Paul Hibbert Month ago

    From one Paul Hibbert to another....just found your channel while waking up getting ready to take my daughter for paper round (she's got a broken wrist). I'll have a proper look through a bit later after the round. Keep up what looks to be good work. Enjoyed this video with all the pop

  • William Robbins
    William Robbins Month ago +1

    I might buy one, but i may just wait until their next model w/ some of the simple things you mentioned are added. Why is this not a smart plug, or the usb port smart... OOF big easy miss

  • anthony rossetti
    anthony rossetti Month ago

    I wish they built in either the PIR or the LED
    If this could have both at once it would much better i don’t like that you can’t have both a PIR and LED at once
    It would be good in a bathroom if it has the ability to switch on the night light by motion

    • Charles Woolmer
      Charles Woolmer Month ago +1

      i have connnected an unpowered 4 port usb hub to the flex then plugged in the sensor and light. BOTH ARE RECOGNISED AND WORK!!

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago

    Awesome video...and hilarious too! 😀 Subscribed!

  • ss
    ss Month ago

    Thanks Paul. I only watched your channel for the first time today and subscribed. I was about to purchase Philips Hue and now, forget it. I will be looking at another brand. Philips is way too expensive to justify it.

  • Aaron Barlow
    Aaron Barlow Month ago

    The bathroom is exactly where I wanted to put this. I agree with you on most of what you said.

  • mykazza
    mykazza Month ago

    this channel is very useful but the reason i dont watch your content is due it took too long time to explain certain things.. maybe you can try to make a part of your channel where more straight forward explaination of the product then it will be usefull

  • Raymond Hines
    Raymond Hines Month ago

    There should be any sockets in bathrooms in the UK apart from a shaver socket. Does this device come with the shaver 2 pin option?

  • Iacon Dawnshire
    Iacon Dawnshire Month ago

    I wish Amazon let us change Alexis voice. I want her to have a a British accent

    • epoen2012
      epoen2012 Month ago

      @Iacon Dawnshire also you could try it out and if you notice any instability you could always change it back!

    • epoen2012
      epoen2012 Month ago

      @Iacon Dawnshire I don't know honestly. I've had mine changed since right out of the box. I havent had any problems but its worth looking into

    • Iacon Dawnshire
      Iacon Dawnshire Month ago

      epoen2012 won’t that affect what I cannot access?

    • epoen2012
      epoen2012 Month ago

      I changed mine to a british voice. Go (in your phone) to alexa app...msettings... device settings....echo dot.....languages. itll be english / united kingdom. I prefer the Australian one over united kingdom.

  • Just Only John
    Just Only John Month ago

    Wtf... Great video dude! Thanks for all the laughs and useful info.
    ... And yeah, if it was a programmable power controller, in addition to voice assistant... Well it's not that.
    You are fn delightful!

  • Chen Sophia
    Chen Sophia Month ago

    The price is very good! Thank you

  • Carlos Velosa
    Carlos Velosa Month ago

    Hello Paul, I buy a zemismart am43 chain drive recently and it's fantastic, you need to make a video about that eheh. The only problem is that works with bluetooth. Zemismart need to do a hub or something that converts bluetooth on wifi eheh

  • Richard preece
    Richard preece Month ago

    Mate, when did you ever see a 240v socket in a bathroom ? Water and electricity don't mix so well.

  • Adam Waldon
    Adam Waldon Month ago

    Great point! It should be a smart plug!

  • NikkiYork92
    NikkiYork92 Month ago +1

    I just got my Echo Flex today and after reading about the less than perfect sound, I decided to connect it to my bluetooth enabled sound system which I normally use my smartphone to connect to. The Bluetooth receiver has great range and I can be a good 20ft away with my phone and it still works great. So imagine my surprise when I connected my Flex to the same receiver. The distance between the 2 devices is about 10ft but the flex is in my hall and the receiver is in my lounge on the other side of the brick wall between the 2 rooms in my house.
    Sadly, the Flex's bluetooth transmitter is not up to the task and sound play is intermittent to the point where I cannot use it. I have other Echo devices the same sort of distance between them and the receiver and they work fine, so I am saddened that the Flex is not up to the task regarding Bluetooth over the distances I need it to be.
    If anyone has any suggestions (other than moving the devices closer to each other which is not appropriate), I would be grateful.

  • xeracorocks
    xeracorocks Month ago

    It sounds like a trumpet that had an elephant run over it.

  • Rinesh Andrews
    Rinesh Andrews Month ago

    Brilliant Videos :)

  • DesignTech
    DesignTech Month ago

    You wont find many bathrooms with sockets in in a bathroom in uk , only shaver sockets not 3 pin

  • Stephan Jones
    Stephan Jones Month ago

    Paul, you could use this video as your application for the role as Product Innovation Consultant at Third Reality / Amazon. Several genius product enhancement ideas here!

  • SaltedFish Productions

    Paul. I have been searching. You know the "Cloning Key Fob Remote Control 433mhz for garage doors and gates"?? Have you found one that combines the RF transmitter with a Z-Wave or Zigbee chip? i.e. use Homey to "press" a transmit button (cloned to the existing FOB) to open my gate?? Avoiding wiring the existing gate control box. Hope you can help.

  • Albert K
    Albert K Month ago

    Here is a USB hub which can carry both attachments. They will work together, you just have to plug them one after the other.

  • sierraalphaniner
    sierraalphaniner Month ago +1

    toss an link for commission! You just convinced me to replace my echo dot in my bathroom with one of these!

    • Paul Hibbert
      Paul Hibbert  Month ago +1

      Wish I could dude, but the affiliate stuff is regional and I don't have a Canadian account. Thanks anyway man! :)