Top 10 F1 Onboards of 2019

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Jump aboard for the top ten driver's-eye moments of the 2019 season...
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    FORMULA 1  Month ago +589

    Which onboard moment would you put at number one? Let us know! 🗣

  • Nick Nicolas
    Nick Nicolas 18 hours ago

    E o meu sonho se piloto de corrida

  • Meteo Shark
    Meteo Shark 2 days ago

    chainsaw compilation

  • Evan kay
    Evan kay 2 days ago

    Fuck they sound like shit, we don’t need that pussy turbo sound. I wana hear that ear bleeding screaming noice again.

  • Cam Todd
    Cam Todd 2 days ago

    I really want to see Russel in a more competitive car, the dude can drive!!

  • Motorhead Aj
    Motorhead Aj 2 days ago

    4:13 o shoot🙈

  • fayis vv
    fayis vv 4 days ago

    3:17 hahha guess what u just did now genius

  • Kisamot
    Kisamot 4 days ago

    Haha kubica just 2up on all interesting movie

  • miguel ortiz
    miguel ortiz 5 days ago

    4:45 boah!!

  • Thiago Veras
    Thiago Veras 5 days ago

    Wtf Russel, great

  • Kieran Jones
    Kieran Jones 6 days ago

    Vettels thoughts at silverstone:
    How dare he brake for a corner whilst im behind him

  • Sup Flake
    Sup Flake 7 days ago +2

    Its almost weird to watch Kvyat's china clip without hearing hardbass

  • Maximilian Nguyen
    Maximilian Nguyen 9 days ago

    Albon: I thought we are supposed to race in night time, why is the sun still there?
    5 seconds later...
    Albon: ok back to reality

  • Maximilian Nguyen
    Maximilian Nguyen 9 days ago

    Stroll: The Ferrari just came back like an idiot
    Engineer: what?
    Stroll: let me show you
    Gasly: The Force India or whatever the f*** it's called just came back like an idiot

  • K. Z.
    K. Z. 10 days ago +1

    6:41 Raikonen gets hit by Max and than again at 7:00 but he just says i got hit again by some idiot completely :D Skills

  • Kristupas Antanavicius

    "I'm in the wall.. The wheel.. Stopped.. Working.." haha

  • DoDo Pe
    DoDo Pe 11 days ago

    3:23 He speaks with himself

  • Dayabloom
    Dayabloom 12 days ago

    3:27 And here’s why force india’s car have great NM but to be clear I’m not a FI fan lol

  • Dayabloom
    Dayabloom 12 days ago

    3:11 stroll playing f1 2020

  • Trafalgar D Law
    Trafalgar D Law 13 days ago

    That Vettel, Stroll and Gasly moment lmao

  • Joshua Ludwig
    Joshua Ludwig 13 days ago

    I am biased towards that Vettel Germany clip because it was the first GP I ever attended and the visibility was atrocious. Can't wait for Canada 2020 with my dad this year!

  • Mark StPierre
    Mark StPierre 13 days ago

    4:45 WTF?

  • Mark StPierre
    Mark StPierre 13 days ago

    3:22 "The Ferrari just came back on the circuit like an idiot" you're doing right now??

  • Влад Кармалин

    Spinbastian Vettel 2:48

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 14 days ago

    torro rosso & redbull hondas got the best onboard engine sounds by far

  • Truth Kangen
    Truth Kangen 14 days ago

    Is this F1? It sound like a mouse taking a piss.

  • AFIROCK100
    AFIROCK100 17 days ago

    Vettel es un cerdo...

  • FoxMulder90
    FoxMulder90 18 days ago

    Kimi 😂

  • T ForEVER
    T ForEVER 19 days ago

    7:30 he's hacked the map actually

  • Clemente Reynaldo Cucho Rodríguez

    Vettel's meme

  • abror muhammad
    abror muhammad 19 days ago

    7. Gasly 👏👏👏 just keep going

  • Jay Six
    Jay Six 20 days ago

    Lance was commenting on Seb but he did that what Seb did on him on Pierre

  • nohemi front
    nohemi front 21 day ago

    0:46 this is impossible

    ODAKIM 21 day ago

    5:25 verstappen big shit

  • STAS_ Gamer
    STAS_ Gamer 23 days ago

    This engine sound is so ugly. I cant even watch it.

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 25 days ago

    Wow that Germany race was crazy...literally can’t see anything.

  • Marli Josefa
    Marli Josefa 25 days ago

    Formula 2

  • BlackDenzels
    BlackDenzels 27 days ago

    SROLL N°1 : The Ferrari just came back like an idiot.
    Oh really like an idiot ? you mean exactly like you with the Toro rosso on the right side ?! LMFAO !
    RAIKKONEN N°2 : Hits twice the same car but the others are idiots LoL

  • CVGC Storm
    CVGC Storm 28 days ago

    1:46 the torpedo strikes again 😂

  • Wilson
    Wilson 29 days ago

    Russell's onboard was unexpected but extremely good first lap in that shit car

  • marsel zdrava
    marsel zdrava 29 days ago

    Give George Russel a better car. He’s incredible with Williams, imagine in a Mercedes

  • boatman222345
    boatman222345 29 days ago

    Been a lot of years since I was into Formula 1 and I can't believe the cars these days. In the "old" days there was very little wiggle room on the line taken through a particular corner. Vary more than a couple of inches one way or the other and you spun out. Now it's as if the cars are glued to the track and you'll see three different cars taking radically different lines around the same corner and getting away with it! Down force has literally begun to allow drivers to escape the laws of physics. The other thing I notice in increase in driver aggression and risk taking. Formula 1 in the old days was a rather gentlemanly sport...not so true today. Watching these races makes me wonder what Jimmy Clark would think of today's Formula 1 sport.

  • Sarlatan HAIN FETO
    Sarlatan HAIN FETO 29 days ago


  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings 29 days ago

    LMAO ... Stroll freaking out about Vettel rejoining the track unsafely and taking him out, ... meanwhile he does exactly same thing to Toro Rosso (Gasly) 10 seconds later. 3:10 Good thing dad got him the seat or he would not be racing in F1 today.

  • michael macfarlane
    michael macfarlane 29 days ago

    How great does that Honda sound? Dang.

  • RobsRacing MotoVLOG

    "What's that Ferrari doing? Just came out on the track like an idiot."
    Proceeds to pull out onto the track like an idiot.

  • Wi ji
    Wi ji Month ago +1

    the best speed car😍😍



  • The Amazing Channel

    wish games punished us this bad for crashing

  • Thành Đạt Nguyễn

    2:55 stupid crossing road, just like women in my country

  • Carlos Schrader
    Carlos Schrader Month ago

    Well done to Gasly for rejoining safely.
    Seb man, he's seems bored man. Like he's just dragging himself through the same fucking dungeon for the xp but keeps on getting distracted and dying.

  • Oz
    Oz Month ago

    Balls of steel racing these things in the rain. That visibility is insane.

  • Daniel Tjioe
    Daniel Tjioe Month ago

    I hate Bahrain. If you ask me, most sand and desert tracks, the sand just reduces the grip so much as you just have the severest understeer during sharp hairpins or long eights/lefts, or worst, spin out.

  • Dr. Edgar Segura
    Dr. Edgar Segura Month ago

    If this is "the best" i don't wanna see the worst....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Diegoo Tort
    Diegoo Tort Month ago

    5:32 Is it my impression or Max actually 'tested his brakes on Seb'? Like an unfair move

  • YT 0731
    YT 0731 Month ago


  • pedroxvilt
    pedroxvilt Month ago

    Nobody: a
    Vettel: you spin me right roun baby

  • pedroxvilt
    pedroxvilt Month ago

    Caraio só tem bração na formula 1.olha esse vetel mano pqp

  • Jayla Gaskins
    Jayla Gaskins Month ago


  • Gabi Ochoa
    Gabi Ochoa Month ago

    Vettel you such a dumb kid change to karting