Crew Dragon Parachute Tests

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • SpaceX is returning human spaceflight capabilities to the United States with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built.
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  • Alisa Kotya
    Alisa Kotya Day ago


  • Battle GamePlays
    Battle GamePlays 3 days ago

    This is area 51

  • WinterHell
    WinterHell 7 days ago

    "SpaceX is returning human spaceflight capabilities to the United States with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built."
    Yes. It's embarrassing that we had no replacement for the Space Shuttle and had to get rides from the Russians like hobo astronauts.

  • Markus Gehlhaar
    Markus Gehlhaar 11 days ago

    I liked to watch this parachute p*rn.

  • SnowTiger45
    SnowTiger45 13 days ago

    This is where Art and Science meet to create Symmetry in Motion. It's Beautiful.

  • Eduardo Bogosian
    Eduardo Bogosian 15 days ago

    That looks fun to be in!

  • Tom Hogan
    Tom Hogan 16 days ago


  • BarryWipe L'ancien
    BarryWipe L'ancien 16 days ago

    amazing good job spacex

  • General Katyusha
    General Katyusha 16 days ago


  • Withered Golden Freddy


  • Destro7000
    Destro7000 17 days ago

    Advancement toward returning to Manned Spaceflight I see. Hope stuff actually starts happening before I get old. C'mon Elon. Focus on this, not the brain-computer stuff.

  • Хoxol 9090
    Хoxol 9090 17 days ago

    Тем временем у нас...

  • Ralph111417
    Ralph111417 17 days ago

    1:24 it's like a magicians trick! SpaceX you are awesome....

  • Amann
    Amann 18 days ago

    The first landing was so soft

  • Smarticus
    Smarticus 19 days ago

    Those tethers look like a bunch of bungy cords tied together...

  • ssabykoops
    ssabykoops 19 days ago

    Its remarkably obvious that we need to start pushing all governments to invest money in space exploration, too much is being spent on fighting each other over silly ancient arguments. --

    I realize what I said isn't easy and has been said before many times, but hey if everyone says it maybe it will stick, like that religion shite did all them years ago.

  • tecknos africa
    tecknos africa 19 days ago

    Safest ? I doubt it . what if parachute compartment door is damaged and cant open ? or some debris coming from nowhere hit the parachute the instant it starts to deploy ? I suggest you had retro thrusters capability in case of parachute failure and air bags . Sorry , for me your systems is not the safest , because it rely on parachutes only

  • Russian Soldier
    Russian Soldier 20 days ago

    Congrats, this billions or millions of dollars are Being good spended...

    • okay, buddy retard !
      okay, buddy retard ! 19 days ago

      The US spent trillions of dollars on the F-35 fighter jet and you're complaining about sending people to space?

  • Mr. Rabbit
    Mr. Rabbit 20 days ago

    Looking for a programmer maybe?

  • dexter gamingmc
    dexter gamingmc 20 days ago

    Stuff like this keeps me alive. Thank you EVERYONE and anyone that has or is working at SpaceX.

  • Виктор Мантач

    it's incredibly beautiful

  • Jon A
    Jon A 22 days ago +1

    Just the engineering a quad shoot deploy is mind boggling

  • A Gamer?
    A Gamer? 22 days ago

    3.. 2.. 1...- *Liftoff!!*- Uh.. *DROPDOWN!!!!

  • DOPEdude 909
    DOPEdude 909 22 days ago +1

    This does put a smile on my face...

  • Ahmad waleed Al-zubi
    Ahmad waleed Al-zubi 22 days ago

    00:31 that's jellyfish

  • Dan & the Dogs Adventures

    i wonder if we could send 10 or 20 loads of stuff we'd need for mars into orbit around earth then send up the main ship join them all up and tow them like a train of truck and trailer,

    • Dan & the Dogs Adventures
      Dan & the Dogs Adventures 22 days ago

      @Fred Cink just read a quick article on ESA about L2, yes mate gonna read up on it, cheers mate 🍺

    • Dan & the Dogs Adventures
      Dan & the Dogs Adventures 22 days ago

      @Fred Cink thanks

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink 22 days ago +1

      Assembly in Earth orbit is the perfect first step... but Google "Earth-Moon L2." Transferring all craft, cargo, fuel and crew to THAT point before a trans Mars burn is the key to reducing costs/time/fuel/hazards on a manned Mars mission. Once at EML2 everything is already moving at very nearly Earth escape velocity. A short burn from that point lets you get a gravity assist from the moon, then another gravity assist from the Earth. Just after the main burn at perigee, the booster (google Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage) is separated, does a short burn and returns to EML2 to be refueled and used again... just like Musk recovering and reusing the Falcon 9 boosters.

  • vexonica 02
    vexonica 02 23 days ago +1

    Parachute that deploy parachute
    "When you take safety as number one priority"

  • Steven Bertram
    Steven Bertram 23 days ago

    So bad ass

  • Gaurav Nema
    Gaurav Nema 23 days ago


  • None Yun
    None Yun 23 days ago

    2:11 love the shadows going 2 different directions. Reminds of the Apollo missions! Faking space for half a century! 2:12 is even funnier! How do you explain away the changing ground appearances between 2:12 and 2:13? ROFLAO

    • okay, buddy retard !
      okay, buddy retard ! 19 days ago

      What shadows going different directions? If you look in the bottom left you'll see they're different tests. They land in different spots.

  • TheLegend 2442
    TheLegend 2442 23 days ago

    SpaceX hasn't played tuber simulator yet...

  • Sydney Shorltz
    Sydney Shorltz 23 days ago +5

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    #Mars2024. This is a trend about humans reaching mars. Copy paste to spread popularity.

  • Lps Princess
    Lps Princess 23 days ago


  • Seth Soarenson
    Seth Soarenson 24 days ago

    Parachute technology has come such a long way since I was little and jumping off the roof with an umbrella

  • Carlos esteban
    Carlos esteban 24 days ago

    Earth is flat

  • Vagner Santos moraes
    Vagner Santos moraes 24 days ago


  • Ian Oomen
    Ian Oomen 24 days ago

    There is ofcourse a difference between opening a parachute at 50 m/s and opening at 200 m/s when reenterig

  • Jonas Milving
    Jonas Milving 24 days ago +1

    Sender en op i rummet i år eller bliver det først til næste år

  • A M
    A M 24 days ago +2

    Wow... there´s a lot of pyro technics going on for deployment. Pretty amazing to watch!

  • o mpampas sou
    o mpampas sou 24 days ago

    Cant wait for the 2024 memes

  • Himanshu Sehra
    Himanshu Sehra 24 days ago

    Elon musk😍

  • Project Constantine
    Project Constantine 24 days ago

    also this thing.
    i figured out the best way to make that. it has three opposite squared planes that need a pentagon to define the lenght. it's all in the file.

  • JC Cocker
    JC Cocker 24 days ago

    I guess this keeps the capsule out of the salty ocean. Looks great!

  • sevgi efe
    sevgi efe 24 days ago

    Hi I am from turkey and no interest in space engineering so family pressure pushes us to different professions, can you help us?

  • 7249xxl
    7249xxl 24 days ago

    The music. Anyone got source?

  • Zyipitoe
    Zyipitoe 24 days ago +1

    They already built a new one??

  • Usama Ismail
    Usama Ismail 25 days ago

    So will NASA certify these?

  • ItzDJ
    ItzDJ 25 days ago

    There’s a drop at 265 NE should we go for it?

  • ItzDJ
    ItzDJ 25 days ago

    So how many parachutes you need?
    Crew Dragon: Yes

  • AgustinCLBCrew
    AgustinCLBCrew 25 days ago

    Quiero ir a Martes

  • Project Constantine
    Project Constantine 25 days ago

    i mean mechanically the system just limits itself i don't know what computers can do.

  • Project Constantine
    Project Constantine 25 days ago

    very often the turbo will run the computer silent. but, the fuels still start to deposit bubbles and boils. you're pretty much turning it into a conventional engine. the fuel fumes are obviously white in medium pressure.

  • Project Constantine
    Project Constantine 25 days ago

    from the starhoper tests. it's like a ripline between to much pressure and explosion to not enough pressure and explosion. similar to a stat line. there is a certain limit until the fuel generates static or plain natural gas. you can also run it through a fuse ticker that beats the fuel out in portions sometimes until cooling line.

  • Intrinsiq Films
    Intrinsiq Films 25 days ago

    Spend money for this earth and what we need! Not such stupid things°!

  • NASA historian
    NASA historian 25 days ago

    Why test, parachutes again if they already worked during test flight to the iss in march

  • me me
    me me 25 days ago

    People that count.

  • Alonso V
    Alonso V 25 days ago

    i made an r candy hire me

  • Jeffery Hopper
    Jeffery Hopper 25 days ago +1

    If you see this Elon just wanted to say your my hero and to many others also keep up the great work thank you Elon and your amazing team at spacex god bless you guys and godspeed

    • okay, buddy retard !
      okay, buddy retard ! 19 days ago

      You should email this message to him. It would be easier for him to see

  • David Vander Ven
    David Vander Ven 25 days ago

    I gather the multiple chutes is to ensure a more comfortable touchdown.

  • Sanju Baba
    Sanju Baba 25 days ago

    More Money makes things More Beautiful and Easy.

  • Назар Залеток

    На земле плотность атмосферы позволяет использовать парашути ну на других планетах нужны плазменные механизмы что будут вистрелевать перед посадкой и гасить большенство енергии делая посадку мягкой

  • Justsaying
    Justsaying 25 days ago +2

    Name of song anyone?

  • matteo p
    matteo p 26 days ago

    202 flathearters lol

  • Epic Gork Dirk Mork
    Epic Gork Dirk Mork 26 days ago


  • Viking Van Man
    Viking Van Man 26 days ago

    Skål !!! 👽👽👽

  • Daddy Velloor
    Daddy Velloor 26 days ago

    background score 👌 hanz zimmer level

    • Daddy Velloor
      Daddy Velloor 25 days ago

      Fade Away _Ambient

    • Justsaying
      Justsaying 25 days ago

      @Daddy Velloor yes i know who Hans Zimmer is, my question was what is the name of the background score?

    • Daddy Velloor
      Daddy Velloor 25 days ago

      don't you know who is Hans Zimmer? just Google

    • Justsaying
      Justsaying 25 days ago

      Do you know who it is?

  • Asheen Kamlal
    Asheen Kamlal 26 days ago

    And then the Indians will build something better which will cost a fraction..

  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 26 days ago

    Looks like a clusterfuck. Whatever happened to KEEP IT SIMPLE ?

  • souvik dey
    souvik dey 26 days ago

    Elon musk is a media made genius.

  • Wido Oerlemans
    Wido Oerlemans 26 days ago

    Anyone remember those propulsive landing ideas before NASA?

  • Cool
    Cool 26 days ago

    Good grief is this Discovery Channel? Lay off the editing!

  • Jerry Smigiel
    Jerry Smigiel 26 days ago +1

    Thank God we still have some visionary spirit. Something NASA has clearly lost. A long time ago.

    • CaptainDuckman
      CaptainDuckman 24 days ago +1

      NASA has for decades had visions on how to keep as many bureaucrats in jobs as possible. And those visions revolve around never ever actually accomplishing anything but constantly presenting grand plans for future missions they'll be able to complete if only they get more bureaucrats and congressional funding authorised for the next 20 years (which they know full well won't ever be in place for those 20 years because the next government is going to change the priorities).

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp 26 days ago +1

    Really LOUSY jump-cut editing... only reason it gets a dislike...

  • Doran Martell
    Doran Martell 26 days ago

    0:40 to shit briccs

  • Tom Storey
    Tom Storey 26 days ago

    Crew dragon by volume: 50% awesome, 50% chutes