Pokimane x TSM Myth Duo is OVER! Fortnite Squads ft. Valkyrae & TSM Chica

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • I played Fortnite Squads with TSM Myth, Valkyrae & TSM Chica the other day! We had a lot of fun and got a Victory! 😊
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    Pokimane x TSM Myth Duo is OVER! Fortnite Squads ft. Valkyrae & TSM Chica
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Comments • 2 070

  • Pokimane
    Pokimane  5 months ago +2167

    I'm not gonna say I carried the squad, but that revive was pretty clutch! 😊

    • ToasterBathIsaiah ,
      ToasterBathIsaiah , 6 days ago

      Myth not only are you a clown but you are the entire circus

    • Tre' Jacobs
      Tre' Jacobs Month ago

      Compared to you I'm trash at fortnite

    • Vexx Playz
      Vexx Playz 2 months ago

      Pokimane two point one thousandth like 😃

    • Jordan Wilcox
      Jordan Wilcox 2 months ago

      Pokimane I love your channel and everything but the only thing wrong is you sometimes cuss in your videos

    • Tracii Abbey
      Tracii Abbey 3 months ago

      Why do you look like 11 in stranger things in this vid????

  • MyNameJeff 21
    MyNameJeff 21 Day ago


  • Bran Wilfred
    Bran Wilfred 4 days ago

    Me likey likey likey

  • great Hitmonman
    great Hitmonman 4 days ago

    Pokimane: Got a catch pegiotto Pokemon.

  • ItzNicGaming 123
    ItzNicGaming 123 5 days ago +3

    Don’t worry my lady

    -Pokimane 2019

  • EmeraldHawk 941
    EmeraldHawk 941 10 days ago

    Poki said that was some aimbot sh*t but she was very clearly gliding forward

  • kristjan_ yt
    kristjan_ yt 14 days ago

    When i click the video
    Valkryea:I blocked myth

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 15 days ago

    Fortnite is all I play

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 15 days ago

    I've never played zelda.

  • LordTalchi
    LordTalchi 15 days ago

    Definately the best fortnight video iv ever seen 😂😂👍 was fun to watch tbh

  • Sha4d0w Hitz
    Sha4d0w Hitz 20 days ago

    6:13 poki looks jelouse

  • Rachel Garmon
    Rachel Garmon 21 day ago

    Hi pokimane

  • Jelly fan Klevstadlien

    Can i play with you my name ON fortnite Snow_Maxleon123 plsssss

  • Heather Webb
    Heather Webb 29 days ago

    Poki has a crush on m6th

  • Maximum Patasium banana

    Myth: real eyes real eyes real eyes

  • Zelda Ekman
    Zelda Ekman Month ago

    My name is Zelda and im not kiding

  • yo mama
    yo mama Month ago

    I heard a twice song in this video

  • Martha Rosado
    Martha Rosado Month ago +1

    Pokimane you are hot

  • Crooked Awsm
    Crooked Awsm Month ago

    The intro is better than the video😂😂

  • Ninja Ty
    Ninja Ty Month ago

    Your mom is fat

  • Jamal Burds
    Jamal Burds Month ago +1

    What’s up

  • Wyatt& Agustin flipbooks

    Poki is craz

  • one pay
    one pay Month ago

    yo are you blind
    poki you missed a scar

  • Emma Briscoe
    Emma Briscoe Month ago

    4:59 did anyone else notice the other person dead

  • Nog_ Ops_K1ng
    Nog_ Ops_K1ng Month ago

    You guys are the iconic squad

  • Joey Hausman
    Joey Hausman 2 months ago

    I'ma play Zelda games because I'm 8 and I wanna play so iam but myth like pokimane myth your in love

  • nyz _elvis_
    nyz _elvis_ 2 months ago

    I'm going to get you to 4 mil

  • Mhm Smh
    Mhm Smh 2 months ago

    What microphone does she use?🤔

  • Andrew Mdy
    Andrew Mdy 2 months ago

    You are so tick

  • Dominic 96
    Dominic 96 2 months ago

    Mooreeeee Valkyyyy

  • Ryan Tan
    Ryan Tan 2 months ago

    do Love. Me Love you

  • Callan Hagler
    Callan Hagler 2 months ago

    I finished phantom hourglass

  • ThunderKatz
    ThunderKatz 2 months ago

    Hey just saying it’s been 3 months maybe myths change

  • PainnVerse
    PainnVerse 2 months ago

    you mean Saving PVT Ryan right??? 8:01

  • Marilyn Hodges
    Marilyn Hodges 2 months ago

    Hi I

    gr8KING FALCON 2 months ago

    I miss poki and myth duo 😥

  • rocket league pro
    rocket league pro 2 months ago

    Poki is like the best fortunate player

  • rocket league pro
    rocket league pro 2 months ago


  • Connor Mitchell
    Connor Mitchell 2 months ago

    if it is why u easy I will clap u

  • Joshtin Corpuz
    Joshtin Corpuz 2 months ago


  • Miss Anna
    Miss Anna 2 months ago +2

    Poki: What!!
    Valkarie: What?!
    Myth: What.

  • aoi The Guardian
    aoi The Guardian 2 months ago

    Sorry but, what is that thing when poki saying she has that thing when we get into her (?????) then we get 200$?

  • Kratos_ Estrella
    Kratos_ Estrella 2 months ago +1

    didn’t myth tell you to not use pistols

  • Brayan Vieyra
    Brayan Vieyra 2 months ago

    poki you are hot wanna heve sex

  • Smokes
    Smokes 2 months ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday✅

  • Shrimpy
    Shrimpy 2 months ago +1

    chica: i was being a good teammate giving u shotgun ammo!

    also chica: *gives two bullets*

  • NOAHMARIE Mendoza
    NOAHMARIE Mendoza 3 months ago

    F b I open up

  • Invisible Plays
    Invisible Plays 3 months ago

    When poki plays fortnite from season 1 she has been 73737373737373737373737373737746446464647372828282733636363737373737372727282838838474477474466464647473 sqaud wins xd

  • 1K Subs with 1 vid
    1K Subs with 1 vid 3 months ago

    IrkNova Donated 2:22

  • Frank Lorenzo Mendoza
    Frank Lorenzo Mendoza 3 months ago

    reatail row is coming back with ZOMBIES

  • Frozen Legacy
    Frozen Legacy 3 months ago

    I still prefer Valkyrae x Myth all the wayy

  • Kingbane
    Kingbane 3 months ago

    It is abonormal if you didn't played any Zelda games

  • Abdou MASTER
    Abdou MASTER 3 months ago +1

    best player of the World ever 💪💪👑

  • Sans
    Sans 3 months ago

    You never played zelda myth it is the best game in the world

  • Zachary Aurellano
    Zachary Aurellano 3 months ago

    Did poki just said gs we poop

  • lauren -
    lauren - 3 months ago


  • road gaming
    road gaming 3 months ago

    Play metal gear you fools

  • road gaming
    road gaming 3 months ago

    Like everyone is playing zelda
    I only played ocarina of time

  • Josh Vickers
    Josh Vickers 3 months ago


  • 1,000 Subscriber with one video?

    Only ogs remember
    “That’s not me honey”