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  • Voodoo Child
    Voodoo Child 3 months ago

    Love is aggravating.
    Love is Cold.
    Love is Painful.

  • Sir. Marvin
    Sir. Marvin 3 months ago

    JOKER (2019)

  • Matheus Gazotto
    Matheus Gazotto 6 months ago

    Is this a trailer?

  • Vladimir Pastis
    Vladimir Pastis 9 months ago +1

    "If you don't have any budget, bath your scenes in neons". HiTop Films, on "HiTop Halloween Hootenanny". Well, that explains this video.

  • DMora illustrations
    DMora illustrations 10 months ago +1

    I think it's an interpretation of what love is like in most cases when your significant other is causing you more pain than happiness. Am I close?

    • Kyle Anderson
      Kyle Anderson 10 months ago

      @DMora 13 That was great how you said it and yes you are probably right

  • Smack Studios
    Smack Studios 11 months ago

    I have no idea on what I have just witnessed

  • nailzius
    nailzius 11 months ago


  • Warren Terrell
    Warren Terrell Year ago +1

    Hope i can see this one

  • Robin Gilliver
    Robin Gilliver Year ago


    • Kyle Anderson
      Kyle Anderson 10 months ago

      @Darth Potassium He had no reason to because there was nothing wrong with it

    • Darth Potassium
      Darth Potassium Year ago +6

      Robin Gilliver why??

  • Thicc Boss 47
    Thicc Boss 47 Year ago +22

    Damm............this seals it all for me.
    i love your content , and the personality behind it all , the way you structure your essays and edit visuals is quite aesthetically pleasing to watch , and the topics are usually something you excel at/are very knowledgeable on , and i found a constant motif thorough the videos , a existential sense of frustration , how unfair it is to fail at passion projects and succeed in easy ,overdone, popular , clickbait content.
    Goes to show the sad kind of age we live in right now , but the few people that manage to surface from this swamp to cry out a few words of help , can be heard , and heard by the right ears, ears that will appreciate the type of perspective and mindset the content creator has , admirable? relatable? immaterial.
    the more i watched your content the more i felt a nostalgic sense of ambition that i had a few years ago , but i think it was 3 years ago it started to wane , around the time you started..........and here you are with almost 40 k subs and your most viewed vid having over 400k views , goes to show who's ever seen you , and who's still seeing you now , a morbid prospect.
    anyway , melancholy adjectives aside i really like your viewpoint on these pop culture characters , which unfortunately yes , i have found you with , and no , i haven't seen your fan films yet , except for this one , got it looping as i write this to keep the music in my head , and also thought it was a very provocative and tortured film visually.
    to watch Batman Fan Films i gotta get that shit ready , no appointments , immerse myself , get ready for rewatches , and walltextes of compliments , and lately i'm quite busy with procrastination.
    So for now i would like to just point out a few highpoints in your videos that i think have potential for fully fledged concepts , whenever you compared scenes with something else it was always well articulated with examples and enlightening visuals , i wish you made a fully fledged video just compiling each visual similarity you ever found and thought up.
    then again compilers.....that's yet another school of content to fall into....
    and also you have a nice sense of comedic timing and choice of clips.
    but yeah briefly showing off how Spiderman's PS4 final boss pulls from the Spiderman films really made me want more , side by side shot analysis and what not.
    and the also very brief Batman Forever scene comparison was delightful to see and make a connection to.
    but by the time i seen you diss Kane as a hack and praise Bill Finger as the true auteur and have the insane courage to scrutinize the biggest Spiderman Film lately while acting like it was just another tuesday , is when it started click for me that you're no ordinary nerd............... *you're an ascended geek with compassionate tastes*
    _or at least that's my exaggerated interpretation of your projected persona._
    anyways , loved your content , can't wait to see what more you'll contribute to the world , and i hope you never give up no matter how many wounds the world tears on you , for it is others like us , that can best heal by sharing passions.
    godspeed HiTop Films , you're among the best

    • Meldrick Edwards
      Meldrick Edwards 8 months ago

      Wah other people don't enjoy the same things i do and that makes me sad, man grow up.

    • Ninja Torture
      Ninja Torture Year ago +1

      I second that, these guys made me feel something.

    • HiTop Films
      HiTop Films  Year ago +13

      Wow I don’t know what to say. That was beautiful, and I’m glad that you take the time to analyze what I put out there. I wish the entire channel was filled with compassionate, empathetic and thoughtful viewers like yourself. The goal is to put out emotions and thoughts that I want to talk about, but that people will actually take the time to hear. You have heard and that means the world to me. So thank you, it means the world.

  • Gabe Selden
    Gabe Selden Year ago +7

    Dang man, this was pretty deep. I really love your filmmaking and the way you are able to express so many different emotions and messages in such little time, especially in this video. Keep up the great work!👍🏻

  • Raahim Sattar
    Raahim Sattar Year ago +18

    this seems like a trailer... I deman an explanation in your next livestream

    • HiTop Films
      HiTop Films  Year ago +5

      It was supposed to be a one minute film competition entry. But ask in the live stream and I will answer.

  • John Graves
    John Graves Year ago +1

    Very emotional. Good movie

  • Manderson Pictures
    Manderson Pictures 2 years ago +72

    I am so confused did I just watch a 40 second porno

    • Manderson Pictures
      Manderson Pictures 2 years ago +3

      Well either way I enjoyed it keep up the good work

    • HiTop Films
      HiTop Films  2 years ago +20

      It's all about the nature of abusive relationships and how Love feels sometimes.