This UNO game almost broke us up...

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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Comments • 625

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King 10 days ago

    Imagine jj walking into simons ròom and find him having sex😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Timmi L
    Timmi L 15 days ago

    If someone can count how many times they say yeah I will give you a clap on the back

  • Eoghan Dowling
    Eoghan Dowling 16 days ago

    that clickbait tho

  • VKS family
    VKS family Month ago

    how is the game call? wht uno?

  • Devastator Doom
    Devastator Doom Month ago

    Nice one Ksi reference real name New Age

  • MatthewClarkson
    MatthewClarkson Month ago

    UNO was made to break up relationships

  • Cypeez
    Cypeez Month ago

    Did anyone else see his i love mr beast t-shirt?

  • Valton Osmani
    Valton Osmani Month ago +1

    whats this game name ?

  • DannyBoiGaming
    DannyBoiGaming 2 months ago

    They bouta run miles gonna do a sister lap

  • Fireboy M12
    Fireboy M12 2 months ago

    Uno legend

  • Ollie 337
    Ollie 337 2 months ago

    Who else fancies pizza

  • Jonathan Holmberg
    Jonathan Holmberg 2 months ago

    There is no such thing as a relationship in uno

  • G1_Hunna
    G1_Hunna 2 months ago

    Why did talia say al Luna , it’s A I Luna

  • Gacha Psycho
    Gacha Psycho 2 months ago +1

    I don’t understand uno but I’m watching this so...

  • Justmakingvideos JMV
    Justmakingvideos JMV 3 months ago

    2:03 the best moment😂😂😂

  • LJjoe 123
    LJjoe 123 3 months ago

    Are yoU and Talia gonna get married

  • Charlie Ryan
    Charlie Ryan 3 months ago

    Anyone else hear talia say AL pudding at 1:35

  • Sebastian Berg
    Sebastian Berg 3 months ago

    Its not «AL» its «AI»

  • Marnie Lacosáe
    Marnie Lacosáe 3 months ago +5

    I love how two very well spoken, almost posh people in their everyday lives... suddenly become really common and chavy when the fighting talk starts 😂

  • minnielin1230
    minnielin1230 3 months ago

    13:05 LOL does "big old two" mean anything in any other language? because in Chinese, "old two" is slang for d**k, so Simon's "screw you over with a big old two" makes literal sense in Chinese haha

  • Amirable
    Amirable 3 months ago +1

    simon has so many stack cards to not pick up 4 yet he chooses to noot use them?
    nvm decent iq user edited

  • RedRobin64
    RedRobin64 3 months ago

    She straight called it Al pudding 😭

  • alex varey
    alex varey 3 months ago +8

    “We on the changing colour vibe, we on that Michael Jackson ting.” I literally choked on my cornflakes

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue 3 months ago

    I love Simons “ i ❤️ Mr Beast” shirt

  • Taha Al Mougharbel
    Taha Al Mougharbel 3 months ago +2

    “We on them changing color vibes we on dem Michel Jackson vibes”

    I’m dead

  • Gili Noy
    Gili Noy 3 months ago

    17:15 😂😂😂

  • Alex Friberg
    Alex Friberg 3 months ago

    At 17:38 - Simon: ohhggggh
    Talia: Smahes her desk 🤣

  • Caitlin Is Bae
    Caitlin Is Bae 3 months ago

    Can we just appreciate the facts Simon had a 2+ but didn’t use it because he didn’t want Talia to pick up 😍

  • 0 0
    0 0 3 months ago +1

    August anyone? :D

  • Omar Sherif
    Omar Sherif 3 months ago

    where do i download this game?

  • Sachith Rajkumar
    Sachith Rajkumar 3 months ago +7

    11:08 we on the changin colour vibes.... we on the michael jackson thing😂😂😂😂

  • JustinJIP
    JustinJIP 4 months ago +1

    "Did you just find your title?" LOL this is so jokes...

  • Jeremi Östring
    Jeremi Östring 4 months ago

    please more of these

  • michael botross
    michael botross 4 months ago

    can we get an f in the chat for AI Luna

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards 4 months ago

    Yo. I heard Talia is single now. She tryna get with an actual Canadian?

  • wwf fan
    wwf fan 4 months ago

    why simon put three dots in the title

  • LiveYourValues
    LiveYourValues 4 months ago +10

    "I am about to screw you over with number 2"

    -Simon, 2019

  • sometimes life isn't fair

    Um......she never said jk

  • Ethan Frost
    Ethan Frost 4 months ago

    Game of UNO with the boys?

  • SzaQuOfficial
    SzaQuOfficial 4 months ago +1

    I like your shirt Simon ♥️

  • xRoyal - RekzZ
    xRoyal - RekzZ 4 months ago

    That thumbnail tho.
    Looks like you really destroyed her...

  • Yussuf Dawood
    Yussuf Dawood 4 months ago

    Are you’ll even still dating

  • Yussuf Dawood
    Yussuf Dawood 4 months ago

    Are you’ll even still dating

  • Kaine Turner
    Kaine Turner 4 months ago

    When Simon speaks street I cringe

  • Jackson Daysh
    Jackson Daysh 4 months ago

    Bro love the vid lol keep up the good work

  • Zee willy Doom
    Zee willy Doom 4 months ago

    That’s sad that Al dusty is it here. I wish he was here
    And if you know Ai dusty like or comment in the bottom

  • Noah Fjeld
    Noah Fjeld 4 months ago

    why the heck does Talia look like Alissa violet in the thumbnail

  • MakkieD KaddieK
    MakkieD KaddieK 4 months ago +1

    When your girlfriend breaks up with you.....


  • Travis LS
    Travis LS 4 months ago


  • Royden Kibet
    Royden Kibet 4 months ago

    Ai pudding look like willne 🤣🤣

  • Michael Deakin
    Michael Deakin 5 months ago

    Talia thinks she’s mad

  • LEWIS P5
    LEWIS P5 5 months ago

    14:17 real name leak no-one knew.....

  • Mosuviou5
    Mosuviou5 5 months ago

    Can you play uno 1v1?

  • Jash Sanghvi
    Jash Sanghvi 5 months ago +1

    She looks like a cactus in the thumbnail

  • ARS
    ARS 5 months ago

    I highly fucking doubt it nearly broke you up

  • Auzzy goat
    Auzzy goat 5 months ago

    Sounds like Freya 😂😂😂

  • JuicyLegends YT
    JuicyLegends YT 5 months ago

    sub to my channel

  • Gabriella Lambert
    Gabriella Lambert 5 months ago

    I want Talia to be my best friend! She's so funny!

  • Porkers jvr
    Porkers jvr 5 months ago

    Simon: I'm chilled drinking my drink
    Talia: shut up

  • Kaseem Scott
    Kaseem Scott 6 months ago +1

    Miniminter's laugh makes me laugh😂