Worth It's Andrew Controls Steven's Life In The Sims 4

  • Published on Nov 10, 2018
  • In this episode, BuzzFeed Worth It's Andrew Ilnyckyj controls his friend Steven Lim's life in the Sims 4! Will Andrew have Steven become the leader of a new club? Tune in for new episodes every Saturday.
    Game: The Sims 4 - Electronic Arts
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Comments • 384

  • Kveld
    Kveld 4 hours ago

    love andrews twisted mind

  • Starcat productions
    Starcat productions 6 days ago +1

    Andrew is so funny and I like how he speaks it’s funny

  • Rania Shehada
    Rania Shehada 8 days ago

    i love andrew's humor

  • Rania Shehada
    Rania Shehada 8 days ago

    kicks trash can, well who do you think is gonna pick that up elsa?! i love this

  • Vanessa Graves
    Vanessa Graves 18 days ago +1

    I feel like the episodes with Andrew in them just, really reveal so much about how his mind works, it's hilarious

  • daisy selin
    daisy selin 20 days ago

    In terms of being funny Keith playing the sims was the best but in terms of plot and being interesting the best is definitely Andrew. I’m sure I will watch this episode and the one where they make a restaurant I couple million times

  • Emily Breault
    Emily Breault 21 day ago

    Andrew is so friggen cute

  • Janu Kandalu
    Janu Kandalu 25 days ago

    Clara was Keith's chef!!!

  • Jeb Logan
    Jeb Logan 25 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks Andrew looks like Sebastian Stan?

  • Far West
    Far West 26 days ago

    Muhahahhahaahhaah freaking Andrew!

  • 魔法少女VIVI
    魔法少女VIVI 27 days ago

    Why is Andrew’s vampire outfit so dirty lmao

  • Christina Zhu
    Christina Zhu 27 days ago


  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker 27 days ago

    "all daughters secretly want to kill their moms, right"
    I mean I dunno about y'all but that seems legit

  • allysa w
    allysa w 27 days ago

    wow i’ve never seen this side of andrew before, nor have i ever seen him talk this much in one video

  • Dita Avilla Thirza
    Dita Avilla Thirza 27 days ago


  • Mars Blue
    Mars Blue 27 days ago

    "This is your fomal wear, Clara... That's why you're destined for failure."

  • Sarah Coleman
    Sarah Coleman 27 days ago

    The looks that Kelsey gives the camera! XD XD XD

  • kiso
    kiso 28 days ago

    okay i pronounce it CL-AIR-AH not CL-AH-RAH

  • mk
    mk 28 days ago

    ok andrew is really hot

  • Craig Rigers
    Craig Rigers 28 days ago


  • gifty k
    gifty k 29 days ago

    "...meanwhile the real mastermind is..."
    *Vampire Andrew starts levitating"
    "PLOTTING" wow goosebumps much

  • fandom trash phoenix
    fandom trash phoenix 29 days ago +1

    Andrew quoting Mean Girls just made my entire life

  • ogust
    ogust 29 days ago

    Thank you for the series! I enjoy watching them since The Sims is my fav game from the childhood days. I hope to see the Ladylike season

  • Juliane Fung
    Juliane Fung Month ago


  • Tony Cruise
    Tony Cruise Month ago

    Does anyone else get somewhat disturbed by Andrew's thought process in these videos?

  • Maiqui Yu
    Maiqui Yu Month ago

    I was rewatching Keith's play of the Sims 4 and TURNS OUT Clara Bjergsen was the caterer who played on the computer and didn't work, she truly doesn't deserve to be leader of the Upper Crusts

  • The Potato Princess :D

    When Kelsey said "Bernard" I threw my phone across the room and screamed

  • nisa202
    nisa202 Month ago

    I need more than 6 episodes!

  • Rea Gui
    Rea Gui Month ago

    I made a Worth It club with the two.

  • TurtleTitan4Evah
    TurtleTitan4Evah Month ago

    What is even happening in this season?!?!? I don't know but I love it 😂😂😂😂

  • megan cunningham
    megan cunningham Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that Clara is the cateror that Keith hired that just played Tetris and then kicked out

  • Marah Tarape
    Marah Tarape Month ago

    Whaaaat it’s already the finale? It’s too sooooooonnnn

  • lalakoai
    lalakoai Month ago

    I enjoy Andrew's commentary, seeing how his mind works. I need more.

  • Meghan Holland
    Meghan Holland Month ago

    It’s... BERNARD!

  • ArtsyAlex
    ArtsyAlex Month ago

    Dope my dudes

  • Erin Penney
    Erin Penney Month ago

    can you play minecraft next

  • Maria Gabriela Fernandez Almarza

    Shane and Andrew should do an animated show together

  • Bipolar Warcat
    Bipolar Warcat Month ago

    Kelsey, run.

  • Bipolar Warcat
    Bipolar Warcat Month ago

    Why am I subscribed to this channel? I never subscribed to this channel?

  • Charles Vargas
    Charles Vargas Month ago

    Andrew's by far the best at Sims. Its pretty entertaining to see his creative, strategic half meet his dark and mysterious half lol

  • samantha
    samantha Month ago

    was I the only one who thought that was a mean girl reference at 9:45

  • Erica X
    Erica X Month ago

    Biodynamic?! Wtf!😂

  • Kelly Durgan
    Kelly Durgan Month ago

    Love the organ music 😂😂

  • Pipeblau
    Pipeblau Month ago

    all the times that Kelsey looked into the camera 😂😂

  • Pipeblau
    Pipeblau Month ago

    I love the unexpected cameos, can't believe there's only one episode left. I hope next season is Lady Like

  • Joe Arzola
    Joe Arzola Month ago

    That computer is old tho

  • ARTificial intelligience

    My name is Sophia so it is super weird hearing someone say my name repeatedly even though I know it's a character

  • Magnus Søborg
    Magnus Søborg Month ago

    You are Betty from Riverdale

  • Shertao Thao
    Shertao Thao Month ago +16

    Steven: I will roleplay Andrew faithfully to his character
    Andrew: Everyone else is but a pawn in my own grand schemes of my own character

  • Dixie White
    Dixie White Month ago

    Why doesn't Andrew know how to pronounce Clara

  • Reena Dixit
    Reena Dixit Month ago +6

    I love how both Steven and Andrew were going for the dramatic plotline rather than just mess around with the sims for no apparent reason. I like the music in the background as well, it really sets the scene. I'm looking forward to the finale!

  • Amna Javed
    Amna Javed Month ago

    After watching all of these beginning from Keith. I worry about Kelsey. She's stuck with some dark minded folks haaaaa

  • Arissa Ito
    Arissa Ito Month ago

    Kelsey's memory is remarkable. How she remembers who 'random sim that showed up once and is slightly relevant to the plot' is blows my mind.

  • Xantiago P
    Xantiago P Month ago

    Kelsey: * nods *

  • Puff_head Can’telljustbecauseiwantprivecy

    Wait I thought Keith was suppose to..............OOHHH nevermind

  • Reysel Dante
    Reysel Dante Month ago

    Is Andrew really engaged? Because he and Kelsey look really good together... I SHIP THEM! 😍

  • Farah Al Zahra
    Farah Al Zahra Month ago

    Andrew is actually right about every girl wanted to kill their mother. The theory is called electra complex

  • Alicorn wannabe
    Alicorn wannabe Month ago

    Plot twist. He really is a vampire

  • odd ode
    odd ode Month ago

    nooooo not the finalè😣😣😣

  • Danielle Hollis
    Danielle Hollis Month ago

    Andrew is the definition of a loose cannon & I'm so into it tbh

  • Ash Glover
    Ash Glover Month ago

    10:06 OK, Maybe Andrew hasn't cracked the code just yet...

  • Ash Glover
    Ash Glover Month ago

    3:55 Andrew has revealed the truth about Mother/Daughter relationships and Kelsey is all "Who told him?!"

  • Anabelle Ho
    Anabelle Ho Month ago

    omg wait you know what andrew should have done? he should have knocked sophia up, have her deliver the baby, make the child the leader of the club when he grows up and make the child turn on his own grandma and kill her 😳😳😳😳

  • Hongorzul B
    Hongorzul B Month ago

    We need more of Andrew playing sims 😂 and storytelling

  • simplysofia
    simplysofia Month ago

    my name is sofia omg i feel famous

  • scrange times
    scrange times Month ago

    Makes me want to play sims

  • Mia Moline
    Mia Moline Month ago

    so um can the ghoul boys “dine” in the fire room? Seeing as they kept Steven in a box and drowned Andrew, in addition to plotting to murder the try guys?

  • Jessie Aki
    Jessie Aki Month ago

    Andrew is out for blood... literally 😂

  • Vitória G
    Vitória G Month ago +2

    "soon, you'll be my diner" pLEASE

  • Ahmya Dinnald
    Ahmya Dinnald Month ago

    It would be nice if you can make these longer thaaankksss

  • 528kgreen
    528kgreen Month ago

    I love this series. Kelsey is the best.

  • Lizzabetha Hernández
    Lizzabetha Hernández Month ago +1

    That was like watching a soap opera or a reality show; “the real members of upper crust club”

  • brewcha
    brewcha Month ago

    Andrew going "Ask to be....girrrrlfriendddd~" at 13:14 is the best thing I've heard him say ever.

  • Colleen Denny
    Colleen Denny Month ago +2

    This really turned dark.

  • Ruth Allen
    Ruth Allen Month ago

    I got sim I'm mad I found out how to use cheat codes on console now I only use it

  • HMNProjects
    HMNProjects Month ago +2

    I love how the other seasons everyone was about destroying the others lives and this season Andrew and Steven are just like... Supportive each others decisions 😂

  • dhyc777
    dhyc777 Month ago

    wonder how Steven feels about this episode, hehe. if there's a restaurant with a huge bear that, I'd wanna go check it out, ha...

  • Chu Qingyan
    Chu Qingyan Month ago

    Make the series longer

  • Gunhild Myklebust
    Gunhild Myklebust Month ago

    What about Adam? 😕

  • cupcakebebop
    cupcakebebop Month ago

    Have Maya and Curly on next!!! Or all of Pero Like!

  • SeguchiSlave69
    SeguchiSlave69 Month ago

    Andrew, I looooooveed the narration. I'd watch him do this for hours lol

  • animefriendly
    animefriendly Month ago +2

    Kelsey’s face every time Andrew said things about mom’s. 😂

  • Mumma Morticia
    Mumma Morticia Month ago

    A waiter without shoes? Agador spartacus? IS THAT YOU?!

  • Afiana Qanita
    Afiana Qanita Month ago

    the story's andrew came up with is awesome lol

  • RavenGhole
    RavenGhole Month ago

    I love Andrew hahaha I just want him to be the one to play on every episode

  • Thalia Alexandrou
    Thalia Alexandrou Month ago

    These seasons need to be longer!!

  • BriRx
    BriRx Month ago

    Mannn Andrew is hilarious!!

  • wii
    wii Month ago

    I can sit here for hours listening to Andrew talk about all these random Sims and their elaborated stories.

  • Ellen G
    Ellen G Month ago

    Andrew is such an engaging storyteller 😱 I want more episodes 😆

  • alyssa dawn
    alyssa dawn Month ago

    I just love how all three seasons somehow ended up relating to one another because of certain characters like Nancy and Bernard.

  • Ana Rocia
    Ana Rocia Month ago

    Ladylike next?

  • Maymuna Kabir
    Maymuna Kabir Month ago

    This has been hilarious

  • Kristen Clifford
    Kristen Clifford Month ago

    I just want a ton of videos of Andrew drily narrating hilarious things

  • เมธาสิทธิ์ พุ่มสําเภา

    Kelsy looks extra beutiful today what happened?

  • Nicole Martinez
    Nicole Martinez Month ago

    Andrew did a great jib this episode

  • Nat Wongoright
    Nat Wongoright Month ago

    Omg why is Andrew so entertaining in his storytelling? Lolol

  • recoil53
    recoil53 Month ago

    Does Kelsey seem more "glowy" to anybody else these last few episodes? Not like in a baby on the way, but something? New relation, just loves the season, something?

  • Jan Dolalas
    Jan Dolalas Month ago

    This is honestly the funniest episode of In Control... for me lolol

  • Nadia Anastasia
    Nadia Anastasia Month ago +5

    The premiere episode of the next season should be Adam. Please just make Adam. lololol

  • peachychanwoo
    peachychanwoo Month ago

    bonus ep: steven with ryan and andrew with shane ...