I Wore Woman’s Section Clothing for a Week!

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
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Comments • 8 623

  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams  20 days ago +9651

    I'm sorry I've been MIA for a minute!! I hope you enjoy this weeks video. Have a great day :))

  • Natty Gacha
    Natty Gacha Hour ago +1

    I love how comfortable ryland is with his body like I could never

  • jasmín skúladóttir

    If u who’re timberlands boots with the first outfit

  • Emita Emma Rosado
    Emita Emma Rosado 2 hours ago

    That’s 2 great outfits

  • Tess The Angel
    Tess The Angel 3 hours ago

    Targets not cheap :(

  • Mandi Ann
    Mandi Ann 4 hours ago

    As a woman with wide feet, I FEEL YOUR PAIN

  • Corey Hanson
    Corey Hanson 8 hours ago

    I wore a woman for two minutes.

  • Ayesha Sreedhar
    Ayesha Sreedhar 10 hours ago

    I can get a nice af outfit prom primark for less than £10🤣

  • Molly Pat
    Molly Pat 13 hours ago

    "PIVOT!!" sorry had to.... 😊

  • Madeline Martini
    Madeline Martini 13 hours ago

    When Andrew said “You’re not even here. It’s just the shoes walking around.” I had a mouthful of water and LITERALLY SPIT IT OUT ...ALL OVER MYSELF HELP 😂

  • Mysticalthecat
    Mysticalthecat 15 hours ago

    You look really good in black 👌

  • Bree Maze
    Bree Maze 17 hours ago

    20:33 ???

  • Zari
    Zari 20 hours ago

    When $97 is a "cheap" outfit. I wish I could spend that much on an outfit. #singlemombrokelyfe Lmfao

  • Brooke Nastasi
    Brooke Nastasi 20 hours ago

    I really wanted y’all to say “PIVOT” when moving the table up the stairs lmao

  • kenzie !!
    kenzie !! 21 hour ago

    LMAO i get the theatre crew backstage jokes so hard

  • Kaitlyn G
    Kaitlyn G 21 hour ago

    Urban look was definitely my favorite.

  • HersheyGirl 333
    HersheyGirl 333 23 hours ago

    Why do me and Morgan have the same body tho 🤣

  • Drake 14
    Drake 14 23 hours ago

    I wish Morgan would see she's so beautiful cause she really is

  • Jasmine O
    Jasmine O Day ago

    Ryland has a pig keychain to remind him of Shane! Ugh my heart💞💞

  • lid the kid
    lid the kid Day ago

    My boyfriend works at Nordstrom

  • Joseph Edward
    Joseph Edward Day ago +2

    Morgan's whole life she been thinking..."God, my brothers so gay."

  • 916Abearoh -Justin

    12:10 all the straws 🥵😂

  • Enis Santana
    Enis Santana Day ago

    I love when Ryland make these videos 😭

  • Julia Strong
    Julia Strong Day ago

    deff urban you looked so cute!!

  • Amalal
    Amalal Day ago

    Morgan ❤

  • WoodUlike2No
    WoodUlike2No Day ago

    Why is champion offensive?

  • Rosie Henson
    Rosie Henson Day ago +2

    Imagine urban outfitters being your middle price point , I can’t even afford a plant in there

  • Rachel Frisk
    Rachel Frisk Day ago

    And then there's me literally spending $150 for my entire wardrobe because number one I'm broke and number two Goodwill

  • Micaela Jean
    Micaela Jean Day ago

    I love your lifestyle

  • Sophie Headon
    Sophie Headon Day ago

    Ryland always looks so adorable when he's just woken up 🤭

  • Jennifer Guttmann

    Love love love Morgan in this! You're such a doll!

  • Asma Khan
    Asma Khan Day ago

    Shane just said, Gender is a social construct. WTF? Are we going to deny Biology too now?

  • Karina Ruano
    Karina Ruano Day ago

    What are those boats? Flamingos? 😂😂😂

  • Let'sGetGlam !
    Let'sGetGlam ! Day ago

    God I absolutely love the way Morgan dresses.

  • Ash Leeé
    Ash Leeé Day ago

    Ironically the women clothes made Ryland look straighter lol

  • Ash Leeé
    Ash Leeé Day ago +1

    “Santa im tryna vlog here “ was a mood

  • cynjim88
    cynjim88 Day ago

    Why is it totally socially acceptable for women to wear men’s clothes? It should totally acceptable for men to wear women’s clothing!!,

  • Sarah Saccucci
    Sarah Saccucci Day ago

    When I go shopping I don't spend more than $25.00 on a outfit ever... #poorlife #wishiwasrich I love Ryland and Morgan so much💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Jonathon Lawver
    Jonathon Lawver Day ago

    Morgan got a big ass foot

  • Kylie Young
    Kylie Young Day ago

    5:54 ultimate mom mode

  • Bonnie Slovaski
    Bonnie Slovaski Day ago

    Ryland is the most flamboyant gay man yet are uncomfortable wearing anything remotely "feminine". Thats internal homophobia from growing up in the midwest.

  • Pizza Iscool
    Pizza Iscool Day ago

    How did the Adams family get so pretty eyes like their eyes are deep blue

  • David Smith
    David Smith Day ago

    Oh, _SHIT!_ Now you're going to hell for _SURE._ Deuteronomy 22:5 itself says this: “A woman shall not wear a man’s apparel, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment; for whoever does such things is abhorrent to the Lord your God.”

  • Jay Hope
    Jay Hope Day ago

    Ryland turned from a gay guy to a fem-ish lesbian

  • Jazzmin Cotterell

    Ryands content is just him spending money lol

  • Taylor Blaire Causey


  • Maddy P
    Maddy P Day ago

    ryland discovers the only drink i get from starbucks

  • Spirit Angasan
    Spirit Angasan Day ago

    I have 7w shoes, so not all women have narrow feet.

  • Madison Holmes
    Madison Holmes Day ago

    I work at target in women’s shoes & I will never see that pair again w out thinking of u bae

  • Piper Pixie
    Piper Pixie Day ago +1

    The 2k people who disliked this video are trash

  • Kimberly Oropesa

    Ryland, go here in my country. Everybody decorates for Christmas on Sept. 1! hahaha

  • WeAreBeautifulandSick

    I like Target the most.

  • Melissa Perez
    Melissa Perez Day ago +3

    “I’m sorry that I’m not nirvanas biggest fan”😂

  • Kat Reynolds
    Kat Reynolds Day ago

    finally enlightened to the small pockets women are subject to

  • Willow Countryman
    Willow Countryman Day ago +3

    Morgan “I wish I looked cuter so I could take a picture “ little does she know she can barley try and get ready and still look like a gem😫😍

  • Emma Erwin
    Emma Erwin Day ago +1

    Half of my shirts are man because they're better then the girls and that's coming from a girl

  • Aurora & Waltair

    Honestly when men walk into the woman section I just assume they are shopping for their girlfriend or mom or something

  • Laura Saddlemire
    Laura Saddlemire Day ago +1

    I see all the comments getting likes from Ryland and i am here like:

    :((((((((((((((((((( , so sad

  • Rhoyàle Garvey
    Rhoyàle Garvey Day ago

    Ok those women clothes was nothing near fashionable or even look like women clothes