Doing Every Old Internet Meme Challenge

  • Published on Apr 6, 2021
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Comments • 70

  • Cold Ones
    Cold Ones  7 days ago +1763

    due to TheXvid having a stick up their butt, there is a lot of ... black boxes, the full uncut and unblurred version is up on patreon tho

    • G1NG33R
      G1NG33R Day ago

      sometimes the cencorsing makes it more funny

    • Wolfpack Productions
      Wolfpack Productions 2 days ago

      How about some beer cozeys for merch

    • Kevin
      Kevin 2 days ago

      I don’t want an uncensored version I was eating

    • N T C R A R E
      N T C R A R E 4 days ago

      Don't worry about it buddies we get it and also even though the black boxes are there the faces in the comedic tempo is still exquisite

    • spongeboymebob
      spongeboymebob 4 days ago

      guys this is the best video ive seen all year. fukn legends

  • Oh no bro
    Oh no bro 14 seconds ago

    I like how at 8:08 they attempt to censor it but you can clearly see the vomit hit the table and go everywhere lmao

  • Søren Kaas
    Søren Kaas 33 minutes ago

    "What people used to do with the milk challenge was to" make cakes with it.

  • ꙰𐌃ÎzzyꝡÎ𐌶zꝢʎ꙰

    yall stole my glasses wtf... oh wait i stole yours..... okay, whoops 🥴

  • A J
    A J 3 hours ago

    I was prepared for that shit but I'm so fucked rn that shits just fuckn scared the shit outta me. Watermelon

  • Ingy
    Ingy 5 hours ago

    just ordered my very ghoul hoodie! :) THANKS BROS

  • Shlopty
    Shlopty 6 hours ago

    this is so cursed

  • *_MrSpanky_*
    *_MrSpanky_* 7 hours ago

    Davids had a rough lockdown

  • Gabriel :/
    Gabriel :/ 7 hours ago +1

    omg max's hair is so lonngggg hes so pretty

  • Apollo Harring
    Apollo Harring 7 hours ago

    The way the big spoon clinks like a pachinko ball machine

  • Meme Trash
    Meme Trash 8 hours ago

    I can’t hear the video over my laugher

  • David Castellanos
    David Castellanos 8 hours ago

    Beyond fucking broken just for a video...


  • Kean Lalo
    Kean Lalo 9 hours ago

    good ol days

  • Kayia Gaulden
    Kayia Gaulden 9 hours ago


  • - IckyGuardian61 -
    - IckyGuardian61 - 9 hours ago

    I always laugh my @ss off when Chad vomits XD

  • The Pyo
    The Pyo 9 hours ago

    you can see the pain in his face of remembering the vomit cake video

  • Lord Canti
    Lord Canti 9 hours ago

    i see that sin and punishment in the background hell yeah niggas

  • Yumoony
    Yumoony 9 hours ago

    Not seeing any tide pods

    DONKAGE! 10 hours ago +1

    After all these years, Max is still able to throw up and make it seem like he's not even affected. It just... pours out of his mouth. Quietly.

  • dragonmaster391
    dragonmaster391 11 hours ago

    the 2nd camera for the water melon trick couldnt have done better.

  • Ohh Krispy
    Ohh Krispy 11 hours ago

    The grog

  • ShoeNice Says Hello everyday for 10 years

    i did a whole bottle of cinnamon

  • Grugg
    Grugg 11 hours ago

    Only a spoonfull

  • n p
    n p 11 hours ago

    I feel so bad for whoever has to clean this-literally biohazardous fluid

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 12 hours ago

    That pov was one for the books

  • sander Sander
    sander Sander 12 hours ago

    Why tf is the puking censored?

  • Leopold de Vandersnatch
    Leopold de Vandersnatch 13 hours ago +1

    My favorite kiwis

  • Big Meat
    Big Meat 13 hours ago

    This is so nostalgic.

  • Pedozzi
    Pedozzi 13 hours ago

    Hey 🅱️eter

  • Opiwave
    Opiwave 17 hours ago

    He's Davis Hasselhoff

  • MTF E-10 unit 1
    MTF E-10 unit 1 17 hours ago

    Bruh am I the only one who wants to know what classical music they used because it shlaps.

  • Far Al Tee Zee
    Far Al Tee Zee 17 hours ago

    No Tide Pod Challenge?
    *w e a k*

  • itsmejosh 12345678910
    itsmejosh 12345678910 18 hours ago

    First time I actually shat myself at a watermelon

  • •김정은
    •김정은 18 hours ago +1

    back in the day we had the papa frank cake godfather trilogy now u have to blur blue barf smh

  • LiAM
    LiAM 19 hours ago

    not happy, took gamer sups before bed for the gags, havent slept in a week send help

  • Carson Louis
    Carson Louis 19 hours ago

    Where’s deadly twister 3

  • zzz :o
    zzz :o 19 hours ago

    max got pretty fat in 10 years

  • garrett smith
    garrett smith 20 hours ago

    how you guys get sponsors, I will never know

  • Choges
    Choges 20 hours ago

    3:04 was in 0.25x playback speed, for being grogged up they almost instantly flinch hahah
    Edit: Nevernind they play a slow mo right after it XD

  • Lauri Saarinen
    Lauri Saarinen 21 hour ago

    The milk challenge is older than 2010s, it goes back to 90s at least.

  • Pariwesh
    Pariwesh 21 hour ago

    *"Did you see that coming?"*

  • NaamekIsso
    NaamekIsso 22 hours ago

    Remember the Times, when we actually could See the Vomit. Missing it

  • Ryan Walsingham
    Ryan Walsingham 22 hours ago


  • DGAF
    DGAF 22 hours ago

    0:43 max is sus

  • TehEvilPenguin07
    TehEvilPenguin07 23 hours ago +2

    I liked Max even more in this when he's talking like a normal human

  • felowek
    felowek 23 hours ago

    what's that T-Shirt that max got on?

  • PremiereSteak 21


  • John Alotnarec
    John Alotnarec Day ago

    Is it me or they scream like half life 1 scientist at 3:06 XD

  • sam
    sam Day ago

    "Who will live and who will survive?"- Chad, 2021

  • Jules Marion
    Jules Marion Day ago

    This is the stuff I missed from you guys

  • T_0K0
    T_0K0 Day ago

    Never been so disgustedely-entertained

  • Crispy Tim
    Crispy Tim Day ago

    Max, It's been, 4 years, 4 months, and 6 days since you last uploaded on your main channel.

  • Palmer Stubbs
    Palmer Stubbs Day ago

    kinda really miss when idubbbz didnt gaf...

  • German Lopez
    German Lopez Day ago

    Hey Chad, I saw your fatass today at the driving test centre! Hope you got your license mate!!

  • Mara Schem
    Mara Schem Day ago

    thast a good video

  • Jokrr Face
    Jokrr Face Day ago

    Some sick shit

  • ファブリツィオ

    Chad´s laugh is one of the purest things in this planet. Must Protect

  • Ninlil
    Ninlil Day ago

    Those were my good seeing eyes!!!

  • XDGhosted
    XDGhosted Day ago

    my name blue spew

  • Livy . Luu
    Livy . Luu Day ago

    i love you guys :3

  • Schteeb Schteebington


  • Vxoidz
    Vxoidz Day ago

    Max vomits wit the most straight face 😭

  • Stone Britt
    Stone Britt Day ago

    fuck you guys i fell off a balcony and it hurts to laugh. although probs my fault for watching cold ones with a punctured lung

  • ColemanCullinanFilms

    max is so good at throwing up

  • Michael McIntyre

    my name chef

  • The Team
    The Team Day ago

    Oh yeah max you read the comments? What's up then?

  • Parkinsons Lol
    Parkinsons Lol Day ago

    Really giving us more reasons not to sub to patreon huh?

  • Kenya Holland
    Kenya Holland Day ago

    I can never watch these while eating

  • Hashky
    Hashky Day ago +1

    Dogs could've ate those rubber bands