Inside the Republic Wireless Relay, the Anti Smartphone for Kids

  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • The Republic Wireless Relay is a cute little walkie-talkie designed so kids can play more and stare at screens less. This in-depth video explains how the company got to this shape and these features.
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Comments • 41

  • Rez Phoenix
    Rez Phoenix Day ago

    omfg this is us middle schoolers nightmare god help usss!

  • kuwinsitall
    kuwinsitall 17 days ago

    is ok, our kids have them. is annoying though. your phone won't vibrate or beep when someone contacts you on the relay app. you literally have to have the app open already

  • Bryan Thornhill
    Bryan Thornhill 9 months ago +9

    Over 7 minutes and not a single demonstration. Well done

  • Andrea Hudson
    Andrea Hudson 9 months ago

    This is cool and would be very useful in our family! However, one of the problems I think we would have is keeping track of kids wear a lot of sweats and leggings (as I’m sure many kids do) and they normally do not have pockets. Some kind of clip that could hook on to the waist band of their pants would be helpful. Or possibly an arm band or something.

  • Jessica Diaz
    Jessica Diaz 10 months ago

    They don’t have this service in Puerto Rico. I need to know if I can buy one and use a sim card from my cellphone provider here in Puerto Rico (TMobile) or if it only works with their service provider.

  • Brian House
    Brian House Year ago +4

    r there any walkie talkies that are long range that you don't have to pay monthly??

  • edpie202
    edpie202 Year ago +1

    How do you add a friend on a relay

  • BrickClick
    BrickClick Year ago +4

    For Crazy, Overprotective parents

  • Donut
    Donut Year ago

    Got a smart phone ad for this.

  • szonja urbanics
    szonja urbanics Year ago +3

    I was trying to find the (G)I-DLE song...


    This is so outdated

  • Prank Paradise
    Prank Paradise Year ago

    where can i get it?

  • 26alexther
    26alexther Year ago +2

    Does this needs wifi??? And so in one comment I saw that you can buy one and use your cell phone with the app to talk...right?? And if it does in case of an emergency when cell phones won't have service because of a nature disaster like where I live we have tornado season and one time when it hit cell phones were not working....will it still work when using app or its better using 2 Relay??? Just wondering

  • Jodi Pollack
    Jodi Pollack Year ago +1

    Seems like glorified walkie talkies

  • unlokia
    unlokia Year ago

    Yes, that's right, before your product came along, kids had such a struggle communicating with their parents, but now you've solved that "problem", and I'm convinced it's absolutely "revolutionary" and absolutely *nothing at all* to do with vastly delusional marketing hype and making money from a monthly tariff. Yeahhpppp, kids are gonna struggle without these, surely...

  • M L
    M L Year ago

    My child's goes off-network when she's in school and requires a reboot, which she's unable to do at four years old. Does not work when we're camping. Seemed fantastic, but we returned ours.

    • M L
      M L 9 months ago +1

      @Andy Mcqueen Because my kid doesn't ramble on and on and on and on about rainbows.

    • Reyna
      Reyna Year ago +7

      @Andy Mcqueen because there are psychos in this world who kidnap children everyday, including from school. It shouldn't take having a child to realize that.

    • Andy Mcqueen
      Andy Mcqueen Year ago

      Why does a 4 year old need one

  • Leah Blackley
    Leah Blackley Year ago +10

    Nice idea. Be better as a device you could wear as a watch and be hands free. Kids don’t always have clothes with pockets. Verizon and other phone carriers have devices like this that is like a kid friendly smart watch with 4 buttons to tell time, gps, call parent, & the parents can teach with their smart phone.

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams Year ago +7

    I like it for my mom and mother-in-law. It would work for them to contact me.

  • lauren b
    lauren b Year ago +1

    How much money is this

  • marshal brown
    marshal brown Year ago +1

    Sooo you have to buy 2? It can’t work with an app on the parents phone? So, does the parent have to carry an extra gadget just to communicate?

  • Chief Hatuey
    Chief Hatuey Year ago +27

    This might be the very thing I need to keep track of a very elderly parent.

    • David
      David 10 months ago +2

      HI, I am looking at this for the exact same reason... did you try it? how it worked?

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts Year ago

    Is there an issue with FCC licenses if they are used in the United States? How many frequencies are available? If more than one, how does one child know what frequency the other child is using?

    • Jacob Roberts
      Jacob Roberts Year ago +3

      Sascha, thank you for your clear, concise, easy to understand, and useful answer. I appreciate your taking your time to respond to my question.

    • Sascha Segan
      Sascha Segan Year ago +5

      It actually uses the cellular networks, and the 'channels' are virtual. The 'channels' are organized through the parents' apps, and kids can click through different 'channels' using a side button.

  • Mode Kinte
    Mode Kinte Year ago

    This is garbage, why would you get this and you can use VOX for free , this is simple a walkie talkie with added features.

      CHRIS THE RDR2 GAMER Year ago

      Cell phones have already been invented there's no need to invent a modded walkie-talkie for a 4 year old

    • Margery M
      Margery M Year ago +7

      because my 89 year old mom cant see phones and dialing numbers etc, she can handle pressing a big button to get help.