How-To RPG MAKER: Movie File Converting

  • Published on Aug 13, 2015
  • The simplest and most straight forward way I've found to convert videos to VXace's .ogv/.ogg movie-playing file type.
    Get VLC here:
    Check out EndlessGaming's channel:
    And their website here:
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  • truth96130
    truth96130 6 years ago +2

    Thanks for the dimensions 544/416. That saves me a lot of work. :)

  • Soup Cake
    Soup Cake 6 years ago +5

    Thanks alot, I can finally add a montage into my rpg!

    JOSHUA MURPHY 2 years ago

    Hi I'm trying to figure out how to play a frame by frame animation style sequence using 28 frames what script would you recommend using or should I convert the frames into a video GIF and turn it into a video

  • Keanbro The Meanbro
    Keanbro The Meanbro 3 years ago

    Thanks, you helped me a lot.

  • Mr. J Valentine
    Mr. J Valentine 3 years ago

    Thank You!! you really helped me!!

  • Quilted Dusknoir
    Quilted Dusknoir 5 years ago

    Thank you. I imported two videos but one of them didn't work so that's a shame.

  • Raaven The Red
    Raaven The Red 4 years ago

    Thanks a thousand times Echo *-* You saved my life with this vid :DDD

  • snowwolfable
    snowwolfable 3 years ago

    thank you for your help but i keep getting my videos tilted (rotated counter clockwise)
    what can i do?

  • Itz_Vortex
    Itz_Vortex 2 years ago

    didnt work for me at first but instead converting it into a ogg, i did webm and wallah. still liked cause you helped with converting.

  • Boxed Alien
    Boxed Alien 5 years ago +2

    so I can a question. how do you make it so a movie plays when you do like a magic spell or summon skill? been stuck on that problem for a good min ugh! -_- lol thanks :D

  • Ostracized without Consent

    so i just put my 1 hour video in rpg maker and it worked!

  • Muwawya Al-Hamadi
    Muwawya Al-Hamadi 6 years ago +8

    Hello , Thank you so much
    I tried this in vx and it's works,.... But it's not works in mv (the video is not working)
    ? T_T can you please help me
    (Sorry For My Bad English )

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Your project's folder\movies

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Update CCC
      I had the same problem.
      If it doesn't work, let me know.

    • Ethan Nguyen
      Ethan Nguyen 6 years ago

      +Echo607 When I convert it on VLC to .webm (on RPG Maker MV) it crashes. What do I do?

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago +1

      ^_^You're welcome! Glad it worked for you!

    • Muwawya Al-Hamadi
      Muwawya Al-Hamadi 6 years ago +1

      thank youuuuu
      ^_^ you are awesome
      it works 😍😍😍😍😤😤😤👍

  • WinterBlox Gaming

    Can you do this with .gif files?

  • LittleGameDev
    LittleGameDev 6 years ago

    Will this work for audio as well?

  • M00NLightNinja
    M00NLightNinja 3 years ago

    im having a problem the video converts but no sound comes out after

  • Ronni Mo
    Ronni Mo 6 years ago

    Can I ask, how did you create a video for your game?

    • Ronni Mo
      Ronni Mo 6 years ago +1

      +Echo607 😂 its a cool feature though. I'm tryna work on a big story now. hopefully it'll turn out OK. thanks

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago +2

      All my games were made solo^_^ (with a little help here and there for ideas)
      I'm not a professional in any sense, but I've been trying to add anime-y scenes into my games since I started. At the very least, they've gotten progressively less terrible :3
      ^_^ Good luck!

    • Ronni Mo
      Ronni Mo 6 years ago

      Makin' a game solo is too much XD

    • Ronni Mo
      Ronni Mo 6 years ago

      Its impressive that you have a video cut scene though. I'm not a professional but I like the idea of adding that feat.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Adobe Flash Professional CS6.
      This is free trial for it:
      I'm not sure if you can even still get CS6, I believe they're using CC versions now, and I don't know how those work O_o
      The full versions aren't free however. I'm sure there are better animating software, these are just what I'm familiar with:)

  • Sang Hendrix
    Sang Hendrix 5 years ago

    Well it works if you're running it on PC but it didn't load the video when you're running it on mobile devices. RPG Maker MV needs to focus on mobile devices also. Running it on PC is really well but on mobile... Nope. Laggy laggy and bug.

  • Tristan Jouve
    Tristan Jouve 5 years ago

    Thanks ! :D

  • Chibi Devanam
    Chibi Devanam 6 years ago +7

    Sadly, my RPG Maker crashing at moment when movie should be played...

  • pjc
    pjc 5 years ago

    thank you very much. c:

  • Jeremiah Bravo
    Jeremiah Bravo 6 years ago

    hey what did u use to make the video animation

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +jeremiah bravo Adobe Flash CS6

  • Atakyz Invictum
    Atakyz Invictum 4 years ago

    What's is the difference between the different dog maker programs?

  • Peter /Hamsterhotdog
    Peter /Hamsterhotdog 4 years ago

    is this safe to use and do ?

    THE INNOCENT CUB 3 years ago

    you can also go to to do it.

  • AmHawkToph
    AmHawkToph 3 years ago

    I use a converting website to help me convert stuff.

  • Kiwi TD
    Kiwi TD 5 years ago


  • Maltby Fams
    Maltby Fams 5 years ago +2

    great I was just about to create a series called "How to RPG MAKER" D:

  • Leon Lee
    Leon Lee Year ago

    So how to make a cgi cutscene as the intro?

  • Rex Art
    Rex Art 5 years ago

    I have a problem. I just found out about this RPG program but not sure where excatly start, I couldn't find a beginners guide of using this programs.

    RPG EVOLUTION 5 years ago


  • weegee888ZEN
    weegee888ZEN 5 years ago

    when ever i go into rpg maker and go to where the movie was saved its not there please help

  • Pleasant Whale
    Pleasant Whale Year ago

    Uh, can I get a hand? I'm using RPG Maker MV and am trying to run movie's through it.
    The OGG video format thingy breaks VLC when I try to do it. I tried webm format since that's apparently what it takes, that also shows nothing. Tried MP4, also doesn't work. Help pls?
    Anyone know any other good video conversion software that doesn't break when you try to convert videos with it? VLC is letting me down right now.

  • Robert Raffensberger
    Robert Raffensberger 4 years ago +1

    rpg maker xp can play MP4 videos for 3 years now

  • Richard Tester
    Richard Tester 6 years ago +1

    LOL that thingy that goes across in VLC that you did not know what it is called is called a scrubber

  • GemWolfZ
    GemWolfZ 4 years ago

    i dont know if im ever actually gonna use this but i like watching your videos you have a nice voice fswsfwsf

  • Cain Reval
    Cain Reval 5 years ago

    I'm not sure, but is the music in your intro video a cover of the song from SAO arc one?

  • Kyle Broflovski
    Kyle Broflovski 5 years ago

    Dont work.. :(
    Im using RMMV. I select. webm and update CCCP, but nothing happens. Nothing! ;(

  • Jude Or Somebody
    Jude Or Somebody 5 years ago +2

    Or maybe just find an online video converter. They're so common, it's not hard to find.

    • NizzleNotes
      NizzleNotes 3 years ago +3

      A lot of the online file converters I found have a limit on how big your file could be before they charged you money, and money is expensive.

  • Kagura8999
    Kagura8999 5 years ago

    OMG Thanks you Sooooo much! °^°
    I love your voice ^^

  • Silica 🏳️‍⚧️

    2:20 why are you using the windows built in "Administrator" account t-T?

  • The 7th Apocalypse
    The 7th Apocalypse 5 years ago

    Was that song Crossing Fields? I LOVE SAO

  • Silica 🏳️‍⚧️

    Who did you get to do that video? (or did you do it yourself?)

    • Silica 🏳️‍⚧️
      Silica 🏳️‍⚧️ 3 years ago

      Yukuko Yamada hmm well she is cute xD also I like to see girls die.. Hmmm very non-silica like

    • Yukuko Yamada
      Yukuko Yamada 3 years ago

      Hey Silica, how's Pina? is he ok? Still saved in your Nervegear?
      (Sorry, Silica is my favorite character from SAO, so wen i saw you name and pic I was really happy to see that someone else appreciates her as much as me!)

  • Gilki
    Gilki 4 years ago


  • kevin maas
    kevin maas Year ago

    Thanks echo

  • Topan Adtram
    Topan Adtram Year ago

    And now how to stop or quit video?

  • MemeThought
    MemeThought 6 years ago

    That's don't work with me :/

    • MemeThought
      MemeThought 6 years ago

      I am no sure what to do. If i unistall RPGXA and re-install, you think that's gonna work ?

    • MemeThought
      MemeThought 6 years ago

      I will try. Thanks to save me :')

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      I'm not sure what the problem is.
      The only time I've had the video player crash, all I did was update this:

    • MemeThought
      MemeThought 6 years ago

      +Echo607 You have live this problem you or not ? :/

    • MemeThought
      MemeThought 6 years ago

      I using RPGVXA, i do like you, but when i trying, that's writted '' RGSS3 Player has stopped working '' :/

  • Fang Gaming
    Fang Gaming 7 months ago

    It not change to ogv

  • Gabriël Van Gils
    Gabriël Van Gils 3 years ago

    Wt?crossing fields

  • readysefgo
    readysefgo 5 years ago +1

    I like how cute you speak!

  • mrinsta bindass
    mrinsta bindass Year ago

    you talk like Lily Aldrin from how i met your mother ... or you are using some kind of voice changing application

  • Maygayming
    Maygayming 6 years ago +21

    wait VLC converts?!

    • Silica 🏳️‍⚧️
      Silica 🏳️‍⚧️ 3 years ago

      VLC does quite alot of neat things
      TBH, playback and conversion are not too different lol

    • pcnerd19
      pcnerd19 6 years ago +4

      +James Griffin ikr

  • Fang Gaming
    Fang Gaming 7 months ago

    It not working

  • LeeGorN
    LeeGorN 5 years ago +8

    Yang.. Is that You ? (Nice Video)

    • 10jobu1
      10jobu1 5 years ago +3

      She sounds so similar to her, You are right :P

  • randice
    randice 5 years ago

    if you cant do it look it up on google how to change file by renaming

  • Nerdadee Gaming
    Nerdadee Gaming 5 years ago

    hi echo i wanna game!hope u give me a shout out

  • Arief Krisnah Sholikhan

    cute narator