• Published on Apr 30, 2017
  • Another EPIC battle where three clowns go head to head to head. Chipotle ain't got nothing on these burrito recipes...
    Watch the early access video:
    Mike's Rice Pudding Burrito:
    Barry's Charred Chicken Burrito:
    Jamie's Paella Burrito:
    Catch up with:
    Two Chef's At A Table:
    Jammy Rice Pudding Recipe:
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Comments • 1 282

    CHEM TRAIL 18 days ago

    Idk why the everyone was bitching the paella burrito looks good haha

  • Dirty Bry!
    Dirty Bry! 19 days ago

    Deep fried burrito Hmmmm? Aint that chimichanga then!??

  • Brian Bakker
    Brian Bakker 28 days ago

    Rice Cube, Rice-T & Vanilla least Mike knows his wraps

  • David Donahoe
    David Donahoe 29 days ago

    as bad as the mess up of the paella is. I am more pissed off they kept calling charred ingredients blackened. Blackened is a combination of charred spices and browned butter. Blackened fish has not been charred or burnt. the spices in the rub covering have been charred. combined with the browned butter you get a nice dark brown color.

  • Jessica Parola
    Jessica Parola Month ago

    Quinoa battle may be interesting...

  • Angie Gomez
    Angie Gomez Month ago

    Please do a flower battle!! And a tea one as well💕

  • melopsicodelia
    melopsicodelia Month ago +1

    But you don't see Mexicans crying because "that's not a burrito" food Is to enjoy, cut the drama.

  • TheTaco TCG
    TheTaco TCG 2 months ago

    I love to keep coming back to this to see where Jamie’s biggest mistake was ever made

  • Dwayne Wagan
    Dwayne Wagan 2 months ago

    That is fuckin dumb for adding macaroons

  • Mitten Ramos
    Mitten Ramos 2 months ago

    His pronunciaton of paella makes me cringe

  • Glenn Zanotti
    Glenn Zanotti 2 months ago

    Ummmm, Mike didn't make a burrito, he made a chimichanga.

  • Pavlína Fričová
    Pavlína Fričová 2 months ago

    And here we see Jaime pronouncing paella about five different ways.

  • Celairiel
    Celairiel 2 months ago


  • Janelle Walker
    Janelle Walker 2 months ago

    Way after the fact. I know. But binging today. But Barry. That isn't a burrito. That is a chimichanga!

  • Jay Surti
    Jay Surti 2 months ago

    Thank you for perpetuating the idea that burritos should have a rice filler.

  • bipolar snaparazzi
    bipolar snaparazzi 2 months ago

    For a start if its deep fried its no longer a burrito so how can he win?

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan 2 months ago

    Mike’s looked right up my street.

  • Lazyrus Clubberlang
    Lazyrus Clubberlang 2 months ago

    1 of 3 in a burrito battle made a burrito. what more could ya expect from brits

  • Theodore Cossitt
    Theodore Cossitt 3 months ago

    That mushroom dish of Mike's looks delish! I love mushrooms in sauce, has a meaty texture and the earthy flavor of the shrooms is awesome.

  • jerrica kenny
    jerrica kenny 3 months ago

    I just like this one for seeing mike in a 9ers jersey! #goldblooded

  • Leo Grey
    Leo Grey 3 months ago

    The bes part of this video is it got a newspaper to call Jamie a chef

  • Sebastian Schweitzer
    Sebastian Schweitzer 3 months ago

    Isn't a deep fried burrito just a chimichanga?

  • Andreas Løtveit
    Andreas Løtveit 3 months ago

    5:25 Made me laugh so hard. Just for the fact that I heard about this battle before I saw it. So i heard it "pissed" off a country. So casualy and unsure. haha!

  • Cobb
    Cobb 3 months ago +1

    It stops being a burrito and becomes a chimichanga when deep fried.
    What is traditional about a failed Chipotle burrito?

  • Brie ThePrincess
    Brie ThePrincess 3 months ago

    Rice Witherspoon 😭😭😭

  • Didi Vlogs
    Didi Vlogs 4 months ago

    I came here to see the comments about the paella burrito

  • Will Stofferahn
    Will Stofferahn 4 months ago

    Did they just make salsas with parsley and coriander instead of cilantro?

    • Knutt
      Knutt 4 months ago

      Coriander is cilantro. That’s what they call it in the UK.

  • Ragoh Whiteclaw
    Ragoh Whiteclaw 4 months ago

    354 Spaniards and one person who hates puns disliked this.

  • Dragon _Girl
    Dragon _Girl 4 months ago +1


    I have no words for Jaime’s burrito. Nothing.

  • Doc Dewrill
    Doc Dewrill 4 months ago

    prime example of why its so fucking hard to find classic mexican streetfood her ein europe. no one dares to go Normal. everything has to be some whacky idea. Basic Burrito is allways the winner for me.

  • RICH
    RICH 4 months ago +1

    trash video. I came here to learn how to cook but end up getting a headace. is this a learn how to cook video or a comedy show. you guys are all over the place!

    • RICH
      RICH 4 months ago +1

      @zzar0humanity TRASH!

    • zzar0humanity
      zzar0humanity 4 months ago

      Lol welcome to Sorted. Their videos arent meant to be strictly instructional.

  • Alchimage
    Alchimage 4 months ago

    So this is the infamous episode

  • WibblyPigNZ
    WibblyPigNZ 4 months ago +1

    I know we can't fight the rest of the world, but talking about slicing and eating "kiwis" is so clunky to New Zealand ears. "Kiwi" are flightless birds, or NZ people. "Kiwifruit" we call them, the things it's OK to eat, although that's only a branding exercise since we pinched them from China 115 years ago. I am old enough to remember when they were still called by some "chinese gooseberries". Having said that, if you squint, the pattern of seeds and lines in a kiwifruit slice is oddly reminiscent of the 'whiskers' on a kiwi, the bird.

  • BlueLink
    BlueLink 4 months ago

    those puns were spot on lol I chuckled everytime especially rice with a spoon

  • Steven Lawton
    Steven Lawton 4 months ago

    How did they ALL get salsa so wrong?

  • Berserk Berserk
    Berserk Berserk 4 months ago

    classic wins because, u know ... it's classic. 2nd jamie ... because he's not wearing glasses. and 3rd the other thing. this is how i see it

  • Adam
    Adam 5 months ago

    I see no problem with paella in a burrito. I think it works just great.

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu 5 months ago

    I'll take one of each, but it's the desert thingie from Mike that I'd be most interested in trying. Seems like a cake.

  • Candyland 360
    Candyland 360 5 months ago +1

    The brief was burrito and the winner was a chimichanga. That’s like doing a pizza battle and the winner is a calzone. Smh

  • Carol Tucker
    Carol Tucker 5 months ago

    Did Mike just use a metal spoon in a non-stick pot? -_-

  • Rickie
    Rickie 5 months ago

    Thumbs down....burrito's are not difficult none of that fancy stuff...these are not burritos

  • Epistemologically
    Epistemologically 5 months ago

    Hearing people mispronouncing paella is one of my favourite activities

  • Jennifer Dawson
    Jennifer Dawson 5 months ago

    How about some Canadian foods?

  • Raghu Durina
    Raghu Durina 5 months ago

    blah bla blah ricegum

  • Shirley Dayne Vincoy
    Shirley Dayne Vincoy 5 months ago

    The infamous sorted video!

  • jason harvey
    jason harvey 6 months ago

    the salsa that 49rs shirt dude made was actually by technicalities was pico de gallo, while salsa and pico share the same ingredients one is more soup like and what he made resembled more of a tomato salad thus the salda = pico. for the record nothing I am wrting rn makes sense because I am on 2 hours of sleep

    • jason harvey
      jason harvey 3 months ago

      @Chimera I never noticed it when it says hilghted reply, I have been really out of things the last few months

    • Chimera
      Chimera 3 months ago

      @jason harvey Huh? What do you mean?

    • jason harvey
      jason harvey 3 months ago

      @Chimera wait comments can be highlighted?

    • Chimera
      Chimera 3 months ago

      Salsa means sauce, and pico de Gallo is not a sauce. It’s easy to grasp.

  • Joe Sandoval
    Joe Sandoval 6 months ago

    Surprisingly I was offended but for different reasons. Rice in a burrito, not right.

  • TheCrushenator
    TheCrushenator 6 months ago

    Berry munged up that burrito tbh. Ppl always warm up your tortillas.

  • Wraithe
    Wraithe 6 months ago

    Barrys looks so good! Then jamies, then mikes. You came last mike cause they are kiwifruit, not kiwi. Lol. Also i like savoury stuff. 😄 still looks so good though!

  • Wraithe
    Wraithe 6 months ago

    Kiwifruit! Not kiwi! 😂

  • Higashirin Chiah
    Higashirin Chiah 6 months ago

    Can you do a show with secret ingredient omission? E.g Shepherd pie with no potatoes, grilled cheese with no cheese ...that would be fun to watch

  • John Cawkwell
    John Cawkwell 6 months ago

    I'd have disqualified Mike's - was more of a chimichanga than a burrito. Barry should have claimed the brownie point for a proper classic.

    • Chimera
      Chimera 3 months ago

      John Cawkwell The challenge wasn’t to make a burrito. Replay the start of the video.

  • hayate1982
    hayate1982 7 months ago

    If you put rice inside my burrito, i won't talk to you again!

  • Hannah Ellis
    Hannah Ellis 7 months ago

    Burritos are meant to be baked or lightly fried in oil on the stove

  • Scott Miltimore
    Scott Miltimore 7 months ago

    I can’t believe he didn’t put a piece of ginger next to some rice for a pun, “Ginger Rice” lol

  • Skull cavern crawler
    Skull cavern crawler 7 months ago

    That may just be me but they made a sorry salsa

  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins 7 months ago

    What's a Pahyehyaahh?

  • Artemisa Santillana
    Artemisa Santillana 7 months ago +1

    I've been enjoying this channel the whole day and getting to this video blew my mind. BARRY IS THE PSYCOPATH THAT PUT CHORIZO IN PAELLA AND STUFF IT IN A BURRITO!!!! I heard about you, we spanish people talked about you quite a bit, xD
    That dish is an aberration and plain WRONG.
    But I still like you, Barry!
    Just... stop saying paella like that. I'm beging you. It hurts.

  • Diego Pastor
    Diego Pastor 7 months ago

    Jamie, you are invited to Valencia for an authentic paella!
    Your paella concept it's like if attempted to do Fish and Chips, using Roast beef as fish and using breakfast beans as sauce.
    It's so wrong hahaha mixing all Spanish stereotypes you could.
    But great video.

    • Chimera
      Chimera 3 months ago

      Diego Pastor It’s almost as bad as people that think chili or burritos are Mexican food. And, yeah, it was a horrible attempt at a paella... probably somewhat tasty though.

  • Crouching Tiger
    Crouching Tiger 7 months ago

    Barry is sexy, even in a donkey outfit. Donkey style!