Breaking Up Before the Holidays

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Real fam, do you think it’s better to break up before the holidays or just stick it out?
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  • Joanna Herodotou
    Joanna Herodotou 26 days ago +1

    Tamera looks really pretty here, her hair looks lovely.

  • Reem H
    Reem H Month ago

    I kept thinking it's only me who in gonna spend the holiday sad.

  • Ms. Wilson
    Ms. Wilson Month ago

    Why give their parents a gift?

  • L
    L Month ago +2

    Ive been dating my bf for 6 years and ive told him i wanted to break up for the past 2 years. Should i just wait after the holidays to completely break it off?

    • Joyce Graham
      Joyce Graham 29 days ago +2

      Waiting only makes it harder to break up

  • Teona Coleman
    Teona Coleman Month ago

    Its Gift Loni not giff . lol lol

  • Aida Gabella
    Aida Gabella Month ago +1

    My family aint never meeting my boo sweetie so for me its whatever

  • Xxmilkshake202xX
    Xxmilkshake202xX Month ago

    Before if you don’t have kids. Don’t start the New Year miserable.
    Well before or after if you have kids.

  • marco frazier
    marco frazier Month ago +2

    as someone who recently had to end a relationship, it really doesn't matter what time of the year it is, bc when ur done ur done/it is over i.e end it lol.

  • SARA
    SARA Month ago +1

    I'm currently dating myself so it'd be kind of hard to break up...I'm thinking of proposing soon

  • Shanice Fernandes Ribeiro

    Naah kids know and feel when where is no love. Ripe the bandage!!

  • Elena Land
    Elena Land Month ago +2

    The woman is the red jacket always looks
    Drunk and her speech is always so
    Slurred !

  • KU4EVER100
    KU4EVER100 Month ago

    Those hoola hoops sitting on her shoulders....

  • Kelsey Jones
    Kelsey Jones Month ago

    When my now husband was in the process of divorcing his first wife, I actually told him he needed to stay and finish out the holidays before one of them moved out. I didnt want my step sons going through the trauma of the move out around Christmas. Before we jump to conclusions, they were separated for a long while before the move out happened. And we didnt date while they were together together they had been separated for a while before I met him they just lived together. She had a boyfriend and we all mutually got along.

  • Phenom 101
    Phenom 101 Month ago

    Bring back Amanda

  • balue707
    balue707 Month ago +1

    Lol tisha make no sense”it DEPENDS!...but I can’t say 👀...”,girl bye.

  • RomeZ Brown
    RomeZ Brown Month ago

    Don't enter new year with negative energy

  • Angel M
    Angel M Month ago

    Loni and her man broke up

  • Keren Ortiz
    Keren Ortiz Month ago

    There's never a right time... is better to do it before the holidays so that he/she can have the confort of his family during the season. If there are kids involved, consider moving it for a later time. But I think you can still find a way to do it around the season, is just a matter of handling the split with maturity.

  • Molar Bear
    Molar Bear Month ago

    BEFORE. no need to buy them a gift u didnt even want to give them. start fresh for the new years. lean on your family during the holidays. who wants to make more memories when u want to start new?

  • Carmelle M
    Carmelle M Month ago +1

    Stop using kids as #$@! pawn. Just do what you have to do. Kids sense unhappiness as well 😒😒😒

  • LetsGetActiveAgain
    LetsGetActiveAgain Month ago

    I got dumped right before Thanksgiving 😂

  • Maya McMillian
    Maya McMillian Month ago +1

    I see Adrienne isn't present.... *hint hint*

  • A Masion
    A Masion Month ago

    Holiday or pre-Holiday breakup is tacky. Especially if the “dumpee” is invested in the relationship. Way to spoil someone’s holidays. But really there’s never a good day for a breakup unless both parties mutually agree to it with no hard feelings.

  • Pocah Doll
    Pocah Doll Month ago +12

    "Even with kids crap" just do it. Cause it's going to hurt either way.

  • Ash and Bex
    Ash and Bex Month ago

    I broke up with someone last week.

  • Nina Vangelov
    Nina Vangelov Month ago +1

    When Tisha said ...andd that's all imma bout to say bout thattt 🙄🍹😂😂😂

  • A Dose Of The Dunkley’s

    I agree with Loni! 💯

  • Giselle Ashley
    Giselle Ashley Month ago


  • Selina Jones
    Selina Jones Month ago +1

    They should be married if they have kids !!!!!!!!!!

  • estimate Kay
    estimate Kay Month ago +6

    Adrienne must be pregnant, she never out sick.

  • Jade Alexander
    Jade Alexander Month ago +3

    Lol, this be my whole situation. "Don't have to give them a gift, don't have to give they momma a gift, they daddy a gift." - Loni. Thaz right

  • Jrodd
    Jrodd Month ago +5

    I was dumped on Christmas and then a couple months later, I met my now current boyfriend and we’re about to hit the 2 year mark. Thanks for the blessing

  • David Flores
    David Flores Month ago

    I’m sorry Loni, but I don’t know who wants a gif. But I love gifTs. She doesn’t know how to to pronounce and annunciate words🙄

  • D J
    D J Month ago +3

    Tisha take that damn wig off and show me what you working with...😂

    • M T33
      M T33 Month ago

      D J 😂😂😂😂😂

  • jonny davis
    jonny davis Month ago +1

    Tisha talking about Duane😱

  • jonny davis
    jonny davis Month ago +1

    who cares

  • Aiyla Ghulam
    Aiyla Ghulam Month ago

    Guys where is Adrienne??

  • Dewayne Byrdsong
    Dewayne Byrdsong Month ago

    Relationships now days are like renting or leasing. Is anything long term? What happen to sticking it out? Love, loyalty, things of that nature. Breaking up before the holidays!?? Two reasons, couldn’t afford a gift or found someone new. Who wants to be by themselves during the holidays?

  • uknow who
    uknow who Month ago

    Something tells me these topics are chosen to try to get Tisha Campbell to spill all her tea.

  • Edwin
    Edwin Month ago

    Loni, it's not "giuff" it's gift.

  • Wendy Mugwena
    Wendy Mugwena Month ago +1

    Jeanie should sing more often😅😍

  • kimme love
    kimme love Month ago +1

    Tisha need to be fulltime on the show

  • Lashonda Crossley
    Lashonda Crossley Month ago

    Beautiful set

  • Qt Pie
    Qt Pie Month ago +5

    If you have kids, you should wait after the holidays unless you’re in a really toxic or abusive relationship.

  • kerry brath
    kerry brath Month ago +29

    i would like a man to come on this show and say, ' I broke up with my girl the day before Christmas to take care of my self" and see if he gets an applause.

    • kerry brath
      kerry brath Month ago

      @A E My point wasn't that men don't do it too, it was that they wouldn't cheer for it. The double standards nowadays are ridiculous, women are seen as little children, too stupid to be held to the same standards as men. I would think women would be insulted by this, but I guess most think being considered dumb is worth the pass.

    • A E
      A E Month ago +2

      He wouldn’t say “take care of himself” per say, but I’m pretty sure there are lots of men who broke up with someone before the holidays for pettier reasons

  • a mediocre girl with a mediocre life

    0:51 *and they say Jeannie can't sing?*

  • Mónica Marcela Gallegos George

    I broke up with my boyfriend before the holidays because our families loved each other and I didn't want to do that to everyone involved.
    It's disrespectful guys. Just get it over with.
    It was a GREAT conversation. We both cried, we both hugged,made love and are not together anymore.
    Holidays bring people together, don't make someone get closer to you that u don't plan to keep around.

  • Tinky and Cj Nonstop

    Tisha is such a sweet spirit. ❤️I love her on here.

  • Kai Lash
    Kai Lash Month ago +115

    This is so off topic but when Jeannie sang “cold blooded” it was good lol

  • Bd from the 213
    Bd from the 213 Month ago

    Idgaf breakup when you see fit to do so, kids or not. Don’t be a fake, cut it off and let it be done.

  • V Love-Williams
    V Love-Williams Month ago

    You can say "I don't want to talk about it" but some of those relatives DO want to talk about it and they don't need your blessings to share all of their theories about you and your choices!

  • Oho K
    Oho K Month ago

    Did these fake people talk about China and Muslims or not yet? Temara pretending to be nice all the time, and Jeannie having Muslims friends!!! Adrienne is not educated so no surprise and Loni is a racist 😀💁🏻

  • 'Ammarah May
    'Ammarah May Month ago

    If kids are involved just give them a good holiday and amicably break up. Be a grown adults be civil for the holidays. If you don’t have kids break up immediately and start fresh

  • Tracy Thompson
    Tracy Thompson Month ago

    The holidays are SOOOOO much better without a certain abusive asshat there.
    DO IT NOW, GET IT OVER WITH............ not that it is easy to recover.

  • Vocally Gifted
    Vocally Gifted Month ago +5

    Break up if you need to BREAK UP!! I wouldn’t hold myself into anything I’m not happy within myself.🧘🏽‍♂️

  • missy bella
    missy bella Month ago

    FUC* the holidays a guy once dumped me on my Birthday!!

  • Whit K
    Whit K Month ago

    I’m leavin him💯

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken Month ago +3

    Why is she back?!?.. She can’t even speak

    • jacqueline pargas
      jacqueline pargas Month ago +1

      Yes, I agree, Tisha can't speak... so far, Rachel is the best one that would make a great addition to The Real.

  • Al Sag
    Al Sag Month ago

    I think Tisha fits the best as a co host to the reals team😍

  • eileena gomez
    eileena gomez Month ago

    I love Tisha on the show