• Published on Jul 3, 2019
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Comments • 644

  • Its Brandoodle
    Its Brandoodle 11 days ago +1

    You can't get copyrighted from that music lol

  • NinjaRish G
    NinjaRish G 13 days ago

    He looks old

  • Hussein Hassoun
    Hussein Hassoun 23 days ago

    U always cut your hair its always short

  • Faze Chino
    Faze Chino 24 days ago

    Song at 13:33 ?

  • Super Sadia
    Super Sadia 29 days ago

    The sun burn makes you look like that old age app that people are talking about.

  • Skinny xxMotionlessxx Forever

    Look how big he’s head is🤣🤣🤣 I died

  • McFloen
    McFloen Month ago +1

    Do brother football against Deji and JJ

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Why does this guy copy what other people do. It’s literally all of his content, none of it is original.

  • Oginaka
    Oginaka Month ago

    anyone know the song at 8:23?

  • JDoactive
    JDoactive Month ago

    8:15 Why does that look so trippy?

  • fletcher doyle
    fletcher doyle Month ago

    Do more vids with Talia plz

  • uwuweweweonytinewewewe ugbemugbwe ossas

    Next video: Miniminter reacts to lil bored reacts to miniminter reacts to lil bored

  • John Ugabi
    John Ugabi Month ago

    anyone know that vid with talia where jj commented on

    • Big Oof
      Big Oof Month ago

      Its not a vid. Its an instagram post. Talia posted a photo of her in Kos where she was wearing some sort of white outfit. And jj commented rah

  • RandomVideos
    RandomVideos Month ago

    you suck!

  • Mona S
    Mona S Month ago

    The haircut looked better than what you have now ngl

  • XxTerriquexX
    XxTerriquexX Month ago

    Simeon’s laugh sounds like Bart Simpson

    Meme community create this plz

  • Martijn Noordermeer

    13:32 Dude... It's a classical piece from 1787... Do you really think there's copyright for a classical piece that old?

  • Abubakar Bacha
    Abubakar Bacha Month ago

    He send the message in the group cause no one reply's o that chat

  • Dante orange22
    Dante orange22 Month ago +2

    Do an Omegle vid with jj

  • Dante orange22
    Dante orange22 Month ago +2

    Do an Omegle vid with jj

  • Dante orange22
    Dante orange22 Month ago +2

    Do an Omegle vid with jj

  • Dante orange22
    Dante orange22 Month ago +2

    Do an Omegle vid with jj

  • Jessica Blandford
    Jessica Blandford Month ago

    “Hi!... is what it says on my shirt.”
    Me: “Hi!... it’s me again.”

  • Jemma Reynolds
    Jemma Reynolds Month ago

    Wb miniladdd and his brother??

  • MusicNoCopyright
    MusicNoCopyright Month ago

    thats´haircut looks like lachy

  • Aids Zackmyass
    Aids Zackmyass Month ago +1

    Why is Simon acting like he has ever had a good haircut

  • immmabot boi
    immmabot boi Month ago +1

    it’s not a compliment
    the person meant that you don’t make good content

  • Rambling3ntertainment

    kenworth simon colab?

  • zeke lol
    zeke lol Month ago

    u should get jj and deji for the brothers video. just saying

  • GG Soccer
    GG Soccer Month ago +2

    Is that James Charles’ haircut on the thumbnail 😂

  • Visiion Snipes
    Visiion Snipes Month ago

    3:07 by that logic it doesn't matter which one you choose because you could make the content you love and make good thumbnails and titles or the other way around

  • wigg le
    wigg le Month ago

    6:28 jj and deji 😂😂

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB Month ago

    5:15 Lol

  • reeni 07
    reeni 07 Month ago

    0:36 when u get the victory royale

  • FlopFlip Pancake
    FlopFlip Pancake Month ago +1

    Why is Phil Sonic? Did you notice?

  • Samantha Springston


  • Michle Rabinowicz
    Michle Rabinowicz Month ago

    Pointless drivel

  • Joe momma 69
    Joe momma 69 Month ago


  • Reality Snm
    Reality Snm Month ago +1

    U look old .

  • Josh Atkins
    Josh Atkins Month ago

    Do you and nick vs jj and deji vs Logan and jake Paul 😂

  • Blogny YT
    Blogny YT Month ago +1

    JJ runs through a street
    Who’s mans is this?

  • FaZeCopgud //yeet
    FaZeCopgud //yeet Month ago

    simon if you want views you got to make a good fucking thumbnail

  • GK De GeaMB
    GK De GeaMB Month ago

    Harry or F2

  • Lost Psychii
    Lost Psychii Month ago

    Thumbnail makes Simon look like a Kyle

  • CaptainFartPants
    CaptainFartPants Month ago

    Yo I’ll play gta with you

  • MrFelly311
    MrFelly311 Month ago

    The kavos is a good youtuber part is gold 😂

  • 100k subs in 24 hours
    100k subs in 24 hours Month ago +1

    i like your hair ;D

  • the future of football s3

    GTA video

  • the future of football s3

    GTA video

  • the future of football s3

    GTA video

  • spikemaster 2000
    spikemaster 2000 Month ago

    tbh because thumbnai clickbait is used so much i dont look at the picture i look at the name and then watch the vid so tobi is right for his content loving

  • Luke talarico
    Luke talarico Month ago

    I’m 13 and I drink Red Bull’s

  • Filter Podcast
    Filter Podcast Month ago

    I recon you should to the football video with Jj and Deji

    Oh wait, never mind

  • Haircut Academy
    Haircut Academy Month ago +1

    *On my channel is a new video with a haircut*

  • Asraf
    Asraf Month ago

    name of video at 6:01 ?

  • KillerLegend 135
    KillerLegend 135 Month ago

    Is JJ doing another 5 months break like in 2017 or what, because he doesnt upload at all anymore

  • Jessica Hawke
    Jessica Hawke Month ago

    What did the sidemen reply to his text???

  • Cameron Hunt
    Cameron Hunt Month ago +3

    The point of would u rather is to choose one or the other not one and the other 😂😂😂😂

  • Testin Jast
    Testin Jast Month ago +1

    Paul brothers...

  • CreaM
    CreaM Month ago

    Phil is just trying to be funny but the can't. Lmao

  • 衛巴
    衛巴 Month ago +1

    Great clickbate

  • FlawlessAndrew
    FlawlessAndrew Month ago +1

    Make more UNO videos their funny asf

  • Kai Evans
    Kai Evans Month ago

    U look like Danny Williams from the journey lol

  • Suchy
    Suchy Month ago

    at 4:16 you look like Alex Turner bruh

  • Mateo Malecic
    Mateo Malecic Month ago

    Deji and jj against you and your brothers

  • William Noah
    William Noah Month ago

    3 21 what about vanis

  • rachel derioisi
    rachel derioisi Month ago

    dang idk if i should feel hurt or honored that he reacted to my hair female joe sugg edit of his im legit shaking ksksksksk still gon support and luv him tho 😗

  • 10.000 subs without any v1de0s Sub2M3


  • Desand
    Desand Month ago

    Play GTA

  • Justin McMurray
    Justin McMurray Month ago

    Please do some GTA vids!

  • Lucas Tester
    Lucas Tester Month ago

    Why is no one pointing out the thumbnail

  • Agrim Kalra
    Agrim Kalra Month ago

    Play GTA with kwebbelkop, jelly and slogoman

  • Corey Matthews
    Corey Matthews Month ago

    JJand Deji football brother challenge 😂😂

  • doctor fauncet failure


  • Robojo777
    Robojo777 Month ago

    Would you rather is a choice therefore making the content bad but the thumb and title good, Tobi's logic is sound 👌🏼