Kitchen Gadget Testing #41

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • Kitchen gadget testing 41! Testing out another batch of novelty kitchen items and gadgets including a plum pitter, hot dog toaster, stretch trivet, pastry blender, chicken egg separator & an amazing pastry rolling mat! What's your favourite kitchen gadget?
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    Flexible Trivet
    Chicken egg separator
    Plum pitter
    Hot dog toaster
    Chip and dice
    Adjustable rolling pin
    Pastry blender
    Pastry rolling mat
    Storage box grater
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Comments • 800

  • Barry Lewis
    Barry Lewis  2 months ago +108

    How awesome were these! And thanks for the suggestions on a pastry blender, it was really good & i'll be using it again!
    Have a Barrathon with the full kitchen gadget testing playlist

    Get the gadgets here
    Flexible Trivet
    Chicken egg separator
    Plum pitter
    Hot dog toaster
    Chip and dice
    Adjustable rolling pin
    Pastry blender
    Pastry rolling mat
    Storage box grater

    • Yata Garasu
      Yata Garasu 2 months ago

      i am still waiting for that sausage cutter Berry! It wasnt the Wurst

    • KittyRules
      KittyRules 2 months ago

      Even in ireland... 'o'

    • Popciclecake
      Popciclecake 2 months ago

      Can you do more wish gadgets???

    • Kirby W.
      Kirby W. 2 months ago

      So glad you have a pastry blender now. That might have been stressing me :P

    • Björn Czaia
      Björn Czaia 2 months ago

      I would suggest you try that plum pitter with prune plums. That's what most of those should be constructed around, as you can actually expect to use those in large numbers, justifying the use of a pitter.

  • Brenda Owens
    Brenda Owens 5 days ago

    Next time freeze the butter, then you can grate it easily.

  • Great- grandma Kirk
    Great- grandma Kirk 10 days ago

    I watch your channel all morning trying to catch up since I recently found ur videos. I love ur British accent, ur so funny, thank you for the laughs.

  • The Alana Gamer
    The Alana Gamer 18 days ago

    do you ever use timers because you should

  • J. Adams
    J. Adams 24 days ago

    I have a different brand of the pie crust bags -- instead of printed measurements, mine came in different sizes. Love them.

  • Zak New
    Zak New 26 days ago

    Who tf beats and egg with a brush, and I hate he silicone brushes and spatulas seems just pointless

  • alyssabrookeash
    alyssabrookeash 26 days ago

    Your channel should be called "my clumsy kitchen" 😂

  • Shari Newman
    Shari Newman Month ago

    I liked the potato and the grater items.

  • Nataly Rodriguez
    Nataly Rodriguez Month ago

    I seriously love this guy, I watch him every time I’m about to go to sleep.
    I really look forward for it every night !

  • Rose Hannah
    Rose Hannah Month ago

    what's the difference between that chocolate custard and chocolate yoghurt?

  • SlytherJen
    SlytherJen Month ago

    Wasn't expecting to see the town where I live in one of your videos (Lakeland, Fl). Stonking!

  • Kristy Marriner
    Kristy Marriner Month ago

    Your plum pitter is too small, it'd be better for smaller plums and your plums are not ripe enough. We grow a couple varieties of plums, some huge like the ones you have but the others are much smaller. A good trick for pitting plums that are not as ripe that still have a crunch (how I prefer them) that are big buggers, is to use an apple correr.

  • Nadja M.
    Nadja M. Month ago

    Please more

  • Vickie Clark
    Vickie Clark Month ago

    You need a stand alone deep fryer to cook your chips. It works so much better than oil in a pot on the stove. We use ours all the time for chips, onion rings, chicken wings, etc.

  • S B
    S B Month ago

    You were triggering my ptsd with that grater lol I just last night sliced my knuckle on a grater. Eek

  • mamitaro24
    mamitaro24 Month ago

    I start watching your gadget vid and I really like it! I’m a Japanese but living in the US. I totally forgot that British call French fries “chips” lol

  • Hill Billy
    Hill Billy Month ago

    When u make ur products can u make them a lil creaper than the other gadgets. I wish I could buy the veggies cutter for my disabled mama but I cant afford them. I do understand u need to make money tho so no worries if u cant. Have a wonderful day.

  • Sleeping Insomiac
    Sleeping Insomiac Month ago

    Wrong plums.
    Use the smaller, blue, prunus domestica insistitia, or "Damson" plums.

  • Christina
    Christina Month ago

    I'm not impressed with the hot dog toaster. I wanted to buy this model a few years ago and am sooooo happy I didn't. Phew

  • Imru I
    Imru I Month ago

    You are so awesome and cool Barry Lewis.

  • The DEW
    The DEW Month ago

    Pastry blenders have been around since the 1950's or later.

  • Dylan Richards
    Dylan Richards Month ago

    I won't lie, that gadget for making homemade chips is amazing. I will be buying that. :D

  • krelakuma
    krelakuma Month ago

    Golden plums is what I call the family jewels

  • teambeining
    teambeining Month ago

    Grate cold butter over toast ... much easier than trying to spread a pat of butter.

  • Kiara Lebron
    Kiara Lebron Month ago

    Did you call ketchup relish?

  • Mary Brunt
    Mary Brunt Month ago

    Okie Dokie, I'm a brand new sub and did a Barrathon. So all caught up and totally addicted. Dude you're a riot and I feel for your wife's ribs. Mine are sore from laughing for the past hours.

  • MsCherade9
    MsCherade9 Month ago

    Hotdog toaster?? Why??

  • Elissa Celino
    Elissa Celino 2 months ago

    I have a pastry cutter I love them and make it so easy I also have a greater that great chocolate just like that it came with the greater and it came with chocolate accessory to grate chocolate different ways

  • Nature Imposter
    Nature Imposter 2 months ago

    Cool shirt 😎👌

  • Lizzy Richter
    Lizzy Richter 2 months ago

    Why oh why didn't he cut the buns ?

  • TheUnknownSkyla
    TheUnknownSkyla 2 months ago

    I'm trying to find that plum pie recipe :/ where is it??

  • crimsonjade
    crimsonjade 2 months ago

    Does anyone here know if he's ever tried those corn stripper/cutter things? The stuff that's supposed to remove the kernels straight from the cob in one go?

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell 2 months ago

    Is there any way to get a signed cook book from you

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell 2 months ago

    I just love your family. I raised 2 ladies also. All I can say about them becoming teens is, hehehe. No, they will be lovely. I’ve had 2 pug over the last many yrs. after having to put the last one down because she had become so ole. I promised myself I wouldn’t get another. Watching you sweet pups I decided to look for another. God grief, they cost 3 times more than I paid last time. It would be 3 thousand British dollars. ALOT!!

  • Patrick Keller
    Patrick Keller 2 months ago

    That plum pitter looks more like it is meant for the smaller blue plums.

  • MrBeas t
    MrBeas t 2 months ago

    10:26 when you hear a creek outside your room

  • Kheldaurus
    Kheldaurus 2 months ago

    My brother just got the "silicon-mat-bag-type-thing" to use for pizzadough. Can't wait to try it.

    BUXOM BLUE 2 months ago

    Looks like Mr. Bean is giving it to the 'ol Queen, ahahaha.

  • howard1707
    howard1707 2 months ago

    Thanks to your vlog, I too popped into Bath and picked up the chip and dice and 2 froach pods from Lakeland and had a quick dive into Waitrose for some potato's and had proper home made egg and chips and the chips were so much nicer than the oven chips I have had.

  • Patrick Campbell
    Patrick Campbell 2 months ago

    That potato slicer chip maker is awesome!

  • Jojo Love
    Jojo Love 2 months ago

    Now Barry has made me have feelings for potatoes that get used for fries....
    As he talked I’m all awww 😢
    Thanks a lot Barry 😂

  • Lauren Cook
    Lauren Cook 2 months ago

    Boston? I live near there! I feel proud for one of your dogs to have the same name as a city near to me..😂

  • Jonty King
    Jonty King 2 months ago

    10:01 has me in tears. Thanks for the great content as always Barry

  • Ruthie W
    Ruthie W 2 months ago

    If you make your own onion cutter make the blades sturdy and I would totally get one. I was going to get one but the one you tried the blade broke.

  • Dude
    Dude 2 months ago

    omg 8:27 for a second I thought you would smash the price tag into the bowl xD

  • Giulietta
    Giulietta 2 months ago

    I adore your channel Barry

  • Lyanna Mormont
    Lyanna Mormont 2 months ago

    So you’re stealing good gadgets and put your name on it?

  • redrooster303
    redrooster303 2 months ago

    Barry has everything a good cook needs, apart from patience. Enjoy the vids though.

  • Christal G
    Christal G 2 months ago +1

    I love your videos, but how do you not know what a pastry cutter is? I have always used one to cutting butter/shortening in, but that is it , use your hands or spoon when you add liquid.

  • Blackout19
    Blackout19 2 months ago

    The buns are only supposed to be warmed through, while the sausages heat up. Keep up the good reviews!

  • Bradley Read
    Bradley Read 2 months ago

    Barry actually cannot stop watching your videos started with the huge crunchie and cannot switch off your channel

  • Kate Kate
    Kate Kate 2 months ago

    I am a Joseph Joseph fan. My go-to kitchen gadget company!

  • Sarah Ready
    Sarah Ready 2 months ago

    I think this is a first...All of the gadgets worked! 😮

  • no IDea
    no IDea 2 months ago

    10:23 this is so funny i woke my dog up bc i laughed too hard

  • TanteBet
    TanteBet 2 months ago

    Hotdog crematory

  • Bay.B
    Bay.B 2 months ago +1

    Just finished my kitchen gadget testing Barathon, thank you so much for what you do, I'm at university away from home and you just helped me get through one of the hardest weeks away from my family ❤️ a week of study and Barry got me through

    • Trap Dodo
      Trap Dodo 2 months ago

      Bay.B hope you have fun at college!

  • Niamh Mcalinden
    Niamh Mcalinden 2 months ago

    A quick suggestion: you should make a recipe only using five of your kitchen love from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Preston Newcomb
    Preston Newcomb 2 months ago

    You ruined "America". Hot dogs cooked in a toaster on buns sliced the wrong way? Relish that is red, and no ketchup? Rectangular pie with the wrong fruit and covered in chocolate pudding? Only two ways to cook a hot dog, boiled and grilled, on a supermarket bun with only four toppings. Ketchup, mustard, onions and sweet relish. Pie should be apple with vanilla ice cream on top. Because 'Murica, and 'Murica is great,

    • Preston Newcomb
      Preston Newcomb 2 months ago

      OMG, i've been watching way too much Parks and Rec. Sounds just like a Ron Swanson line.

  • Lola Moon
    Lola Moon 2 months ago +1

    *@**1:54** Me & my anxiety.*

  • Amethyst Jean
    Amethyst Jean 2 months ago

    Never used a pastry blender? Don't even consider it a gadget

  • Holly Long
    Holly Long 2 months ago

    Super upset because the Chip and Dice isn’t shipped to the US 😭

  • Izzie J
    Izzie J 2 months ago +1

    Wait you changed your youtube name. Haha i hadn't been watching u for a couple years lol

  • IIoWoII
    IIoWoII 2 months ago

    The way you split the bread... It's like you have never seen an opened bun before. Like who does that.

    • Doubtful Guest
      Doubtful Guest 2 months ago

      How are people even this sensitive over hotdog buns.

  • Shannon
    Shannon 2 months ago

    My dad's birthday is next month and he loves making pizza. I'm definitely getting him that pizza bag thing.

  • Patricia Christie
    Patricia Christie 2 months ago

    Fab demo today Barry !
    I've rescued a pug . He's very food focused, eats cucumber , tomatoes , apples carrots anything. Are they all like that?
    I call him pie face but his chip name is Buttons. Great news your bringing out your own range.

  • Meat
    Meat 2 months ago

    I'm gonna own the full set of Barry Gadgets

  • Jennifer Riley
    Jennifer Riley 2 months ago +7

    I still have my Grandmas pastry blender. I feel the older ones work better.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 2 months ago

    Oh man.... That Golden Plum & Strawberry pie looked ridiculously good when it went on the plate.
    It resembled a peach cobbler because of the golden plums.
    And now I want a nice cobbler.
    Maybe use peach cobbler as a baking recipe one a future video? :D

  • Jordan board
    Jordan board 2 months ago +1

    I live in bristol

  • Maddi Houston
    Maddi Houston 2 months ago +18

    Literally have seen the pastry dough cutter thing my whole life.... Did people not know about this?

  • Sara Meaney
    Sara Meaney 2 months ago

    You should sell a barathon sweatband.

  • Xander Stone
    Xander Stone 2 months ago +2

    mate, where I live, our plums are like 1/4 of the size of yours wth hahah

    • Justina Sim
      Justina Sim 2 months ago

      Xander Stone they looked more like nectarines and peaches rather than plums 🤨

  • Daniel Gill
    Daniel Gill 2 months ago

    Barry I love the idea of your own gadgets! I am also disabled so would be good to give you some feedback on what your gadgets are like to use.

  • Mary Sterck
    Mary Sterck 2 months ago

    I have used a pastry blender like that for over 40 years and my mother had one

  • ainavirin
    ainavirin 2 months ago

    I find it very strange, because until I started watching uk cooking channels, I didn't know people actually rubbed butter into flour with their hands for pastry. Where I'm from, everyone uses pastry cutters or food processors in order to keep the butter as cold as possible.

  • XxCrainRugze xX
    XxCrainRugze xX 2 months ago

    I love how he combines the gadgets to make one big meal.

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 2 months ago

    I have never put my hot dogs in a toaster, nor do I know anyone else who has. No idea why that thing is called "authentic American hot dog"

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod 2 months ago

    You could just use a child as a pot holder.

  • AHouse43 43HouseA
    AHouse43 43HouseA 2 months ago

    I like your shirt it's cute the unicorn must be a like of your daughters the T-Rex is cute the Pug must be one of yours.

  • Nanadive
    Nanadive 2 months ago

    I honestly stumbled on your chancel and video by accident, but you are an adorable man mate XD
    It's entertaining to watch when I got nothing else to see heheh,
    Thank you~

  • Pearl Dickinson
    Pearl Dickinson 2 months ago

    Hi Barry, do you have any toasted sandwich makers (also known as grilled cheese makers) to review?

  • jeison espinoza
    jeison espinoza 2 months ago

    1:53 its alive run!

  • Emma Fawthorpe
    Emma Fawthorpe 2 months ago

    Im about a b5 on the bread scale

  • 18020021t
    18020021t 2 months ago

    The pastry blender is well known in the US

  • GemmyJellyBeans
    GemmyJellyBeans 2 months ago

    Barry I’m a kitchen gadget fiend and I love your series! Can’t wait till you bring out your own gadgets, and living in aus I’m glad for worldwide shipping

  • Jacklynn Castle
    Jacklynn Castle 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see that piece of ash or whatever fly out of the hotdog toaster when he was preheating it, right before he mentioned the smoke? Landed on the worktop right in front of the toaster. Oh well, at least it wasn't the grilled cheese toaster; not sure if the kitchen could handle another event like that one.
    ❤Love the videos Barry, you keep my insatiable need for gadgets met when infomercials just don't cut it anymore. ❤

  • Brittany Thomason
    Brittany Thomason 2 months ago

    Did you really just open your hotdog buns like that? Lol

  • Tahlia Merrill Kirk
    Tahlia Merrill Kirk 2 months ago

    Barry, you should really get yourself a deep fryer appliance. I used to HATE frying stuff on the stovetop because it's so dangerous and makes a huge mess, plus it never seems to cook things evenly. Then my mom got me a deep fryer for Christmas one year and it was a huge game changer. There's no spattering and the taste of everything I make is so much cleaner and less oily.

  • fiona fiona
    fiona fiona 2 months ago

    I loved the advert I got on your video, Google understands me!

  • Jacob Wood
    Jacob Wood 2 months ago

    Speed it to x1.75.

  • everything will be ok
    everything will be ok 2 months ago

    You’re like a wierd alternate reality Jamie Oliver

  • Mzrenegade
    Mzrenegade 2 months ago

    I've been using a pastry blender for as long as I can remember, my mum had one. Such a relief to see you've found one.

  • Janneke B
    Janneke B 2 months ago

    Omg I missed this bc I was in Paris with school and wr did so much that I didn't had time to watch yt, so happy i can catch up now ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MargaritaMolly
    MargaritaMolly 2 months ago

    ...We have Land O’ Lakes nationwide in the US, but they’re an egg & dairy company 🤷‍♀️

  • Dragonfire511
    Dragonfire511 2 months ago

    Cool! What a great grate! My great-great grandfather had a grate that was greater than this grate, though. It didn't have all the rust that this one's got

  • E Mark Moore
    E Mark Moore 2 months ago

    Barry, we would eat that hotdog and chips! Nice one 🙂

  • steamtrain27 9
    steamtrain27 9 2 months ago +1

    Why does your shirt have a sunglasses wearing pug riding a unicorn riding a dinosaur through a rainbow? 0.o

  • Stephanie Busch
    Stephanie Busch 2 months ago +1

    What the hell..... Why are these plums sooooo big and bright colored? I only know the dark colored small plums😱

  • Vidar Odinson
    Vidar Odinson 2 months ago

    Amazing! I'm happy to see this since 1) I need some trivets and 2) I now know the English word for that thing you stick under hot things!

  • Marlju Sweety
    Marlju Sweety 2 months ago

    Where did you get that tshirt??!!??