7 Unwinnable Boss Fights You Can Beat If You're Good Enough

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • If a game really wants to put you in your place, the easiest way is to drop you into a boss fight, usually early in the game, that is unwinnable. This reminds you that you, the player, are a worthless scrub who will have to go on a hero's journey before you can defeat the big baddie.
    Except sometimes those bosses aren't quite impossible to beat - whether that's through cunning, skill or just sheer bloody mindedness. These seven bosses might seem like they're just a delivery vector for a humiliating story cutscene, but you can actually defeat them.
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Comments • 4 492

  • The Arunachali Guy
    The Arunachali Guy 17 hours ago

    your videos are too bright

  • CobaltBomber
    CobaltBomber 21 hour ago

    I've done all of those except the kingdom hearts one. (don't play it, never will.)

  • Lyei Hawaquae
    Lyei Hawaquae 22 hours ago

    In the first Golden Sun game, it MIGHT be possible to beat the Saturos and Menardi fight in the beginning of the game with child Isaac and Garet. It would take an absurd amount of luck though, requiring you to dodge almost every attack they make and having them never use psynergy. I've beat the fight (though taking the easy way out and using an infinite health code from a gameshark), but it gives no exp or gald and still leaves Isaac and Garet flat on their faces.

  • Attis Luminescence

    With 6 you can literally hit them with blood wound stun half of them have two other mages cast Grease and tremor on either side, light grease on fire with fire ball (specifically for knock downs) then trigger storm of the century through tempest and blizzard. Roll 3 mages and zeveran, double haste and heavy Mana restore for permanent double haste then make them all mage knights with shimmering shield and make every fighter in the game ever look statistically useless by comparison of hundreds of numbers and making it so when you hit x you attack immediately (meaning yes like 2). DA 1 Origins in its entirety was a joke for difficulty but good for story also you save Loghain to sacrifice him in 3 because Alastor, Hawk and Stroud are unacceptable choices.

  • Solrac Stormhunter
    Solrac Stormhunter Day ago +1

    4:45 *Metal Gear Rising Flashbacks*
    You fight an unwinnable Boss who's also a Samurai and get your left arm cut off by said Samurai on said Boss fight.

  • Katie M
    Katie M Day ago

    Spare a thought for Dishonored: 2 villain, Delilah. Corvo/Emily can entirely avoid the tricks she’s got up her sleeve by climbing up a rock face and stealthing around behind her. Way less-stressful final fight!

  • Mosh 3
    Mosh 3 Day ago

    ur kidding when u say that the first boss in dark souls is seemingly unwinnable right

  • matt 82503
    matt 82503 Day ago

    Keen to get the killing started as soon as possible love it

  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight Day ago

    What about the dungeon guardian from Terraria

  • Raf Lejeune
    Raf Lejeune Day ago

    Kerafyrm, everquest

  • Antonio Vega
    Antonio Vega 2 days ago

    Keep up with the good sense of humour. You have a unique-on-TheXvid type of jokes: "It is what we, in the boss fighting business, call double bastard, extra-hard ARE YOU KIDDING ME with all these archers"?

  • Brad Windle
    Brad Windle 2 days ago +1

    Why are you three trying so hard to be the same person?

  • Fourie Schutte
    Fourie Schutte 2 days ago +1

    What about that huge elder dragon in Dark Souls 2. I sweat my ass of with that that thing. Tried at least once a week xD

  • Zander Horstman
    Zander Horstman 2 days ago +1

    Shouldve mentioned the dungeon guardian in terraria that gives you the flying skull pet

  • Kemal Demir
    Kemal Demir 2 days ago +2

    You guys forget to put Europa Universalis 4 Early Game Ottoman Empire to the list...

  • Texas Dice
    Texas Dice 2 days ago

    Man, I remember Ser Cauthrien. I only found out that you can win this fight on my third playthrough, when I picked a mage and realized that the Arcane Warrior is completely indestructible.

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis 2 days ago

    Sans undertale?

  • Jonathan Melton
    Jonathan Melton 2 days ago

    Ser Cauthrien? pfft really ? Ive never had an encounter i couldnt win against in that with any fighter class i played and some rogues.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 days ago

    i dont think Leon from kingdom hearts should be on this list.. he was extremely easy to beat especially with Guard skill to reflect his fireball back and stun him for 10 years

  • D The Chemist
    D The Chemist 2 days ago

    Nah you should have showed the SECOND Asylum Demon thats under the floor you fall in. You can simply jump from above and kill the 1st Asylum demon from its head one shot. Instead of showing Darksouls 2 boss you should have showed Darkeater MIDIR (dragon) optional boss. THAT shit lord is pain in the ass to solo alone. only did it twice lol As for shadows die twice the final final Boss ISSHIN is definitely hella tough

  • Bryant Adam
    Bryant Adam 2 days ago

    ...leeeooonnn ....oh how I hated that fight

  • Kenny0z
    Kenny0z 3 days ago

    Sans: "Am I joke to you?"

  • Max Marinin
    Max Marinin 3 days ago

    Ser Cauthrien? Really?
    Personally, I would have chosen Harvester from DLC Golems Of Amgarrak as my DA:O arch-nemesis - can take base game on hard/nightmare, couldn't take him on easy difficulty. Wipes my party in 2-3 moves everytime, but some people killed him np. Go figure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Anyway, nice vid, thanks!

  • Hakuryuh
    Hakuryuh 3 days ago +2

    Kingdom hearts 2 sephiroth boss fight should have been in this also

  • GamingLegendary
    GamingLegendary 3 days ago +1

    I never lost the dragons age boss fight actually, not in any playthrough

  • sonicsora22
    sonicsora22 3 days ago

    I beat Leon on my 2nd playthrough of Kingdom Hearts, when I was about 8.
    I always found it odd that a kid that could sprint indefinitely, jump from the tallest of buildings without taking damage, and fell waves upon waves of evil using a giant hunk of metal...would get so tuckered out as to pass out after one duel.
    (Still though, it's nice that Leon actually rewards you for beating him once you leave Traverse Town!)

  • Anthony Sykes
    Anthony Sykes 3 days ago

    Sad, was hoping for a mention of Xenogears or Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. Both games had several "unbeatable" bosses and each one you beat dropped one of a kind super items similar to Nemesis in RE3.

  • Option p-layer
    Option p-layer 3 days ago

    Hmppfff father gascoine

  • Deltron 67
    Deltron 67 3 days ago

    M.Bison in Street Fighter: The Movie. In the first stage of story mode he is supposed to be unbeatable. He's not. If you beat him it still acts like you lost and goes on like the game normally would.

  • Big Gei
    Big Gei 3 days ago

    Voracidous from borderlands 3 should defo be on here

  • Blueberry Sans
    Blueberry Sans 3 days ago

    1.5 name, 3.5 words. Sans genocide boss fight.

    • Blueberry Sans
      Blueberry Sans 2 days ago +1

      @CJ Carter Omg I just realized that. You just reminded me sans can be a word that means without. Either way, I meant it as in the name. Let me do a little edit...

    • CJ Carter
      CJ Carter 3 days ago +1

      That is four words...

  • Dank Flop
    Dank Flop 3 days ago

    Fucking Sigrun. Rip my controller

  • Michael Jurney
    Michael Jurney 3 days ago +2

    The first fight against Ridley in super metroid is winnable. That is you can do enough damage to get ridley to escape without taking any damage to yourself.

  • FalloutJack
    FalloutJack 4 days ago

    Some of these...I'm not sure if they're right . Let me explain...
    {1} Alright, so I don't even play Dark Souls, but the 'Plink the slow-but-strong boss from a distance' strategy seems legit and easy, even moreso than - say - using great timing and pattern-watching to find the exact right time to jam a sword-hilt up its ass. This strategy is used against alot of monsters in alot of games.
    {2} Leon does NOT even belong on this list. Sorry, lemme say that properly. SQUALL LEONHART does not belong on this list. I beat him. I didn't even know I was going to have to face him. I beat him the FIRST TIME. Now, some might say that it's due to having trained up to Level 5 before coming to Traverse Town. And maybe if Shadows weren't so fun and easy to put down that Level 5 was reached without much effort, that things might've been different. Or perhaps not. See a dangerous mook, fight it down until you're more powerful than them. The point is that because Squall is a terrible character and the game makes it easy for you to reach enough levels to take him (Plus, let's just face it, you're all better than this guy's 'skills'), he's not actually a challenge. Next time, try Sephiroth.
    {3} Cersei Lannister never made anything cool.
    {4} And of course, nobody would believe that Nemesis is unbeatable, because Mr. X came first in the previous game.

  • thisisyourdestiny
    thisisyourdestiny 4 days ago +1

    Oh how I miss D1

  • Feito Puns
    Feito Puns 4 days ago

    bloodborne is hard too

  • ForemostCrab7
    ForemostCrab7 4 days ago

    Wait, the DA:O part was suppose to be unwinable? hmm, could've fooled me, cause i've killed her several times, hell, my first run involved killing her (and no, i did not play it on Easy like some casual loser) i only started *letting* her kill me from after i found out when my friend lost during that fight and it showed an entierly new section that i was never aware of, yes the fight was hard-ish, but if it was an unwinable battle (that time). like oh~ 90% of every damn player would do, i reload to a previous save and tried again, if this was suppose to be a said unwinable battle, it was lost on me, i just thought of it as a really hard fight and i was suppose to NOT let them capture me or she would be taken away, so obvs i fought to the bitter end, as many times as it took.

  • Titnibler 210
    Titnibler 210 4 days ago +9

    Let's not forget the *FACT* that Mr.Krabs sold spongebob's soul for 62 cents.

  • Jetfox967
    Jetfox967 4 days ago

    Heartless have no hearts and nobodies have no bodies. Simple Kingdom Hearts logic

  • Artur Ferrão
    Artur Ferrão 4 days ago +4

    You didn't mentioned Lavos from Chrono Trigger? Blasphemy!!!

  • Dabbing Person
    Dabbing Person 4 days ago

    You can also beat the unbeatable bosses through cheap tricks.

  • monkeyboy 2102
    monkeyboy 2102 4 days ago

    I killed Ser Cauthrien on my first try! (After my party had died by spamming blizzard spells through a closed door).

  • Genaro Scala
    Genaro Scala 4 days ago

    Shut up, then they’re not unwinnable, are they?

    • Genaro Scala
      Genaro Scala 4 days ago

      @outsidexbox Then you should have put "Unwinnable" in quotations. What I'm getting at it is, making a senseless sensationalist title is a single step down from doing it all caps. Let's face it, you're like a deep sea scavenger eking out a living consuming whatever flakes of nutrients make it down to your level, trying to survive by commenting on content created by others. I get that it's rough, but your very existence is merely an advanced form of spam, not yet regulated by the rules of society.

    • outsidexbox
      outsidexbox  4 days ago

      the video is about fights the game leads you to think are unwinnable, but actually aren't. it's pretty clearly explained.

  • Skugga
    Skugga 4 days ago +1

    Robotech: Invasion had an "unbeatable" boss in it.
    It was the invid princess and you're supposed to switch to thermal vision, which shows you a hot spot on her shoulder and that's the only area she can take damage from

  • Matthew Aitken
    Matthew Aitken 4 days ago

    That DA:O one is stupid, even as a kid i just thought that was the only challenging battle in the game tho i did play on easy when i was 12 so idk

  • elstormo
    elstormo 5 days ago

    You know, Jane, you can also convince Ser Cauthrien to let you leave through dialogue.

  • HamburgersAndBeer
    HamburgersAndBeer 5 days ago

    If Lisa isn't on the list, I swear. The game even thinks you are cheating if you do beat it xD

  • Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar 5 days ago

    From Software, AKA From Software From Hell

  • Emperor Ehryn
    Emperor Ehryn 5 days ago

    Jesus christ KH looks horrible

  • D Harris
    D Harris 5 days ago

    Awh yes dragon age origins please bring some light to this

  • Sammycakes
    Sammycakes 5 days ago

    Yea I don’t think I ever lost that DA fight.

  • Beyblade_ Gamer1012
    Beyblade_ Gamer1012 5 days ago

    Sans is a pretty hard boss fight, for most people it takes a really long time to defeat him.

  • 420NorthernMill
    420NorthernMill 6 days ago

    Marvel's: Spider-Man, Taskmaster first time you face him on hard difficulty! Nearly impossible but it can be done!

  • gBRs Video Library
    gBRs Video Library 6 days ago

    Where's....suikoden v? :O

  • Kone Whatsthenamespolicy

    Honestly demons souls first boss would be more impressive than the asylum demon. Asylum demon I was able to do it after a while from being able to survive more than two hits. I actually beat Leon on my first play through. I was having fun reflecting his fireballs and it just happened

  • JusMonika
    JusMonika 6 days ago +7

    You forgot the hardest boss of all,

    Inner Agent 3 In Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

  • Beta Maxis
    Beta Maxis 6 days ago

    I never even fought Ser Cauthrien because she was a good person who just believes Loghain's lie that you abandoned and left the king to die and are planning to conquer the nation for the country your order is largely from. Ergo I surrendered so as not to unnecessarily kill good people as collateral damage, and just sneak our asses around her and her men in the future. I never even knew she was considerably tougher than any other fight in the game.

  • Matt Mustang
    Matt Mustang 6 days ago

    Dislike, because the title dont make no snense

  • Nesouk Kefka
    Nesouk Kefka 6 days ago +1

    Etna from Disgaea 2 the first time you encounter her, her stats are insane at that point of the game, but it's actually possible to beat her getting an alternate ending as a result.

  • Cody Franczak
    Cody Franczak 6 days ago

    the asylum demon? what he's weak as shit. especially if not fat rolling

  • Lylantares
    Lylantares 6 days ago

    The first Gades fight in Lufia 2... if you play the game normally, he'll kick your ass as supposed to show you that a Sinistral is way too much for mere humans. but if you level up and play a very tight tactic, he's totally beatable.

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 6 days ago

    Guild Wars also had a level with a big powerful ally dragon called Glint,
    but you could choose to steal one of her eggs making her an optional extra boss,
    but at that point in the game she'll kick your butt!
    but you can go back far later in the game and actually win.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 6 days ago

    Nameless king in dark souls 3 is worse. I was stuck on that fuck for a week before i finally beat him. Also obligatory sephroth from kingdom hearts. My ex bf also spent days on that fuckin boss before he beat him. He said he was never doing that shit again lol

  • GertMega
    GertMega 7 days ago

    wait that dragon age origins battle was suppose to be lost?! I played the game on the hardest difficulty and owned that shit.... i mean it wasnt easy no way in hell, but still...

    • respawwn
      respawwn 4 days ago

      If you do all the side quests and level up properly, you can basically beat any opponent in Dragon Age Origins rather easily. You can even fight the arch-demon without any support from allied groups. But there is one exception: the Reaper. The Reaper levels up with you, so he is the only opponent in DAO you should NOT encounter on level 36, but on level 18 rather (with the best equipment you can foster at this stage).

  • Chrome AjacKs
    Chrome AjacKs 7 days ago

    The first dark souls boss was easy to beat ... and I suck at that game lol and I didn’t use fire bombs

  • Devonvox
    Devonvox 7 days ago

    "Asylum demon is difficult, seemingly impossible at first."

    If you're braindead, yes.

  • Jr White
    Jr White 7 days ago

    Should of used Gwyn's fight cause you actually need skill to beat him, they even used his theme wtf

  • Wingo Family
    Wingo Family 7 days ago +1

    the dungeon guardian in terraria has 9999 health, 9999 defense, 1000 attack, flies, has the movement speed of a freaking god, and multiples of him can and will spawn right before you get murdered by him instantly

  • Several people are typing

    Yoooooo a tales of game

  • Fell Dragon Grima
    Fell Dragon Grima 8 days ago +5

    I don't know if it counts, but the final duel against Obi-Wan in the Revenge of the Sith video game. The game even rewards you with an alternate ending if you manage to best him!

  • Undead117
    Undead117 8 days ago

    Father Rodin on Bayonetta. Damn he was hard

  • Ryan Bennett
    Ryan Bennett 8 days ago

    Killing the Asylum Demon wasn't very hard

  • Giovanni Balduzzi
    Giovanni Balduzzi 8 days ago

    Now I feel proud for beating Ser Catherin on my first playthrough! I did not even know it was optional. the good ol' days where a mage warrior with some traps could tank for days while two other mage nuked everything witch combined aoe. It was definitely helpful that you could see her army before engaging, and mages are totally balanced.

  • Lunar EternityCommentaries

    I'm going to mention Tales of Symphonia. You can beat the Kratos fight it just takes time.

  • SunnySeviper 526
    SunnySeviper 526 8 days ago

    no 2nd Lieutenant Lorence? DISLIKE