I Tried The Diva Cup

  • Published on Apr 9, 2017
  • The period videos are back! I tried "The Diva Cup", a reusable menstrual cup, for my period this month, and it was an ~exciting time~. Would you try a menstrual cup?
    I got my menstrual cup from Target, but you can find them in many places!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +13483

    hello loves! how was your weekend? would you use the diva cup, or another menstrual cup? also, where is my NOTIF SQUAD at?! 🖤🖤🖤

    • Kendra
      Kendra Year ago

      Here also I'm ur number 500 reply

    • jenna king
      jenna king Year ago +6

      Safiya Nygaard I could never use it

    • rashka19
      rashka19 Year ago +13

      I use the lunette cup it has a longer stem than the diva cup

    • Jewelisa Nakai
      Jewelisa Nakai Year ago

      Safiya Nygaard how will you take it out i feel like i would not find it. I would freak out

    • its nicole lovely
      its nicole lovely Year ago

      I love dat shirt tho

  • Haylee Moore
    Haylee Moore 17 hours ago

    honestly the diva cup is the best thing to happen to my period. i absolutely love it and highly recommend it

  • Coop Er
    Coop Er 17 hours ago

    I miss period videos

  • Blanche Nara
    Blanche Nara Day ago

    I'm curious what was that unapproved product? Anyone knows?

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez Day ago

    I actually got an ad for menstrual cups lmao

  • Pandabun Slime
    Pandabun Slime Day ago

    When she was putting it in I was dying 😂😂😂😂😂to funny

  • Ashlyn Sheesley
    Ashlyn Sheesley 2 days ago

    When you have the subtitles on, the intro just says -dank music-

  • Emma Kasza
    Emma Kasza 2 days ago

    I have a very heavy period and don't use tampons will this work for me too.

  • Princess Crystal
    Princess Crystal 2 days ago

    Boys be like "what did I run into.."

  • Hayley J
    Hayley J 2 days ago +2

    I am watching this again in 2019 because I am on the second day of my period

  • Mara Lazore
    Mara Lazore 3 days ago +1

    TRY FLEX!!! PLEASE, it's menstrual disc and is said to last up to 12 hours 💕

  • Jorja Harkness
    Jorja Harkness 3 days ago

    omg what’s the thong song need to know at 8:54

    • jellymellon87
      jellymellon87 3 days ago

      Watch her video where she tries period panties - you'll get it then lol

  • Grace Stillman
    Grace Stillman 4 days ago

    Oddly enough I got an add for a diva cup at the beginning..weird

  • Shannon Navarro
    Shannon Navarro 4 days ago

    Hey back at ya Safiya...from another Shannon!

  • Liliya Lapik
    Liliya Lapik 4 days ago

    How would it hold up when swimming? That's what I want to know.

  • Angela Kirk
    Angela Kirk 5 days ago

    My friend who uses it says she takes a bottle of water with her to change it when in public.

  • Basrah's world
    Basrah's world 5 days ago


  • Ices Price
    Ices Price 5 days ago

    U were so honest the hole time that was great really helpful

  • Rachel7954
    Rachel7954 5 days ago

    Always wanted to try it??

  • weave snatched
    weave snatched 6 days ago +2

    I’m too scared to wear a tampon but the pads are very uncomfy. Any recommendations?

    • Katie M
      Katie M 3 days ago

      weave snatched period panties?

  • Kayla Brewer
    Kayla Brewer 6 days ago

    Exactly how I feel about it too.

  • Justine S. Harrison
    Justine S. Harrison 7 days ago

    @2:58 with it at the cieling while you fenegle it..lol

  • Denali Brothers
    Denali Brothers 7 days ago +2

    In my attempt to be more green, my tried and true menstrual practice for the last 5 years is diva cup for days 1-3ish and then Thinx. Diva takes some time to get used to and obviously is a little more... involved, but once you get used to it the longevity of the cup is excellent. I was a tampon user for many years and I wouldn't go back. Thanks for sharing your menstruation adventures

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  • HoleOfAss YouAre
    HoleOfAss YouAre 7 days ago

    I got an ad for a collapsible menstrual cup before this

  • Maddie Donaghy
    Maddie Donaghy 7 days ago +1

    I’m too scared to do this because I tried to put a tampon in on my first period eek 😬 soooooo much blood 🥺😭

  • HailStorm 0_o
    HailStorm 0_o 7 days ago +3

    I would be scared that I would accidentally dump it all over the floor especially in public. I think I would just leave, like just run before doing anything about it😂

    • leila lalala
      leila lalala 7 days ago

      omg...that is a fear i would have...and ya..i would run

  • Progress with me
    Progress with me 7 days ago +2

    Yeah I died the first time I had to take it out. I was feeling so good about myself that I got
    It in with ease and then oh man.. I thought I was going to have to go to emergency to get them to get it out of me!

    • Nina K
      Nina K 5 days ago

      did you remember to pinch the bottom to break the suction

  • JCluvr19
    JCluvr19 7 days ago

    Like the SoftCup better because: SEX

  • fuck, bitch, shit! Mobamba

    Sorry, but I think I’m going to stick with pads, I just don’t feel comfortable sticking someone up then, maybe when I have my first time and know my body more...:)

  • Carleighs World
    Carleighs World 7 days ago

    Is it different that I started at ten yrs old? Btw I use pads

    • Carleighs World
      Carleighs World 5 days ago

      +Nina K Ok I think it's because she has a smaller body builed

    • Nina K
      Nina K 5 days ago

      +Carleighs World that's ok too. Most girls get their first period when they're 10-15.

    • Carleighs World
      Carleighs World 5 days ago

      +Nina K my older sister is 13 and hasn't started

    • Nina K
      Nina K 5 days ago

      +Carleighs World I misread your comment. 10 is a normal age for starting menstruating. Pads are a good option for you right now 👍

    • Carleighs World
      Carleighs World 5 days ago

      I'd rather use pads

  • Kaito Yuu
    Kaito Yuu 8 days ago

    maybe it'll be easier to take out while doing an asian squat. i won't use it but kudos to u :) love your videos!

  • Roberta Fisher
    Roberta Fisher 8 days ago

    I would be worried about not being able to get it out. You could do a period video for young ladies that have just started their periods xxxxx

  • Danica
    Danica 8 days ago

    I love my diva cup, three years in and it’s been a literal life changer. Now it’s second nature to use but I feel your pain of the starting out process!

  • Michelle Gitman
    Michelle Gitman 8 days ago

    Is it creepy that I am watching this unplanned and as a coincidence, exactly 2 years later

  • Dani Luna
    Dani Luna 8 days ago

    if it leaks is bc you're not putting it the right way

  • Dani Luna
    Dani Luna 8 days ago

    i looooveee using a menstrual cup, it literally changed my life. my period lasts 3 days and the second day is the wooorst. with the menstrual cup i dont have to worry at all if i leak or something. it took me like 3 periods to get used to it and understanding how i should put it in and out. i really recommend it bc u wont have to buy tampons or anything for the next at least 6 years, and of course is eco friendly. i use "organic cup"

  • Sal Shearer
    Sal Shearer 8 days ago

    I kinda have to laugh. I've used one of these for years now, and I don't think I've ever boiled it. Washing it with soap and water always seems enough to me. C=

    • Nina K
      Nina K 5 days ago

      That doesn't kill all the bacteria + I hope you're using a soap suitable for cups...

  • Alyssa Dunaway
    Alyssa Dunaway 8 days ago

    This video both informed me and made me laugh so, 10/10 lmao

  • Sarah Michelle
    Sarah Michelle 9 days ago

    mm is is ok to use. do the try if some one want

  • Petra Lynn
    Petra Lynn 9 days ago +8

    Actually, if you don’t twist the cup enough, it has a lot of tendency to leak

  • JMysticStar7
    JMysticStar7 9 days ago

    You're not supposed to take the cup out in an completely open state. The stem helps to pull it down so that you can squish the bottom.

  • Rebekah Hershberger
    Rebekah Hershberger 9 days ago +1

    ok, i am still in th stage of NOT talking about.....it. so yeah.

  • Unevensomewhere
    Unevensomewhere 10 days ago

    Actually it can last up to 12 hours but typically when you are first starting you should change it more frequently

  • Cayden Amador
    Cayden Amador 10 days ago +2

    The main reason I want one if these is because I'm extremely awkward with these things in school and this would be perfect and spillage would be minimized
    Also good for the environment

  • Mak Joy
    Mak Joy 10 days ago

    I don't see any ads. Was this actually demonitized?!

  • TropicalPlaties2017
    TropicalPlaties2017 10 days ago +1

    Hey this is an old video. Have I commented on this before? I have a diva cup, and I love it. I will say it does take some getting used to, but it works to me. It's great. kind of unfortunately my birth control stops my period, so I spent alot of money on it and don't really need it... all well.

  • MeMe Rice
    MeMe Rice 10 days ago +1

    The best way to use the cup is with a bidet. You can get a bidet from Amazon for $25 and rinse your cup like that while you are sitting and rinsing yourself. I have cut myself trying to change in the shower. I also use gloves (nitrile) now and they make it easy to grab the stem for day 2-4ish. If I am out in public and can't change my cup, then I double with period panties. My husband loves the cup and panties. Been using for 3yrs.

  • Melanie Espinoza
    Melanie Espinoza 10 days ago

    It says in the directions if you can't get it out by just pulling, you should bear down, like when you poop, and it will push it down and make it easier to grab. Yes, the pushing works. You know what else that much pushing for a week does?? Causes hemorrhoids. Yup. Period fun, then hemorrhoid fun.

  • AmmizL
    AmmizL 10 days ago

    I started using menstrual cups when I was in college and, no doubt, the most awkward thing is trying to change it in public. Doing the whole Captain Morgan + using muscles to push it out (read flexing the same muscles as going #2) was how I learned to change things in the shower.
    I also highly recommend, if you can't boil it, using hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Takes care of discoloration and sanitizes it at the same time!

  • Official JOY
    Official JOY 10 days ago

    Disconcerting & Unfortunate.

  • MissBooks
    MissBooks 10 days ago

    Omg, you look soooo beautiful without makeup and a ponytail!!

  • ZaZaRa Zarah
    ZaZaRa Zarah 11 days ago

    9 days...✋🏼😭
    + migraines next to all the 'normal' problems...🙄
    I feel so sorry for us women really...
    (When on our periods)
    I don't think I Will try this cup...
    I am realy afraid it would run over...😂🤦🏻‍♀️
    I hope everyone is having a wonderful day...!!🌹

  • Mif Bingoski
    Mif Bingoski 11 days ago


  • Bethany Smith
    Bethany Smith 11 days ago +6

    I love so much that Tyler was just chill with the cup being put in the cereal bowl :D It was, of course, clean but I love an evolved man!

  • laivineoasis
    laivineoasis 11 days ago +1

    So, i bought mine two periods ago, and the first cycle that i had it, i was so worried about it, but the second cycle, i used it the entire cycle, and I fell so in love with the damn thing. Like i work processing merch for a retail store, and i didn't have to worry about leaks, and smells, or anything for my whole work shift. i was so quick to tell all my girlfriends about it, because i love it. i think pads and tampons will be for emergencies only from now on.

  • Meg's Video Blog
    Meg's Video Blog 11 days ago

    Always so happy to see the cup getting some love! It is by and far my favorite period product. Saf, do you still use it?

  • raghad
    raghad 11 days ago

    idk why but i feel uncomfortable just hearing "shoving it up" LIKE HOW CAN U NOT BE UNCOMFORTABLE IF U SHOVE SOMETHING UP UR VAGINA

  • Jamie Lynn
    Jamie Lynn 11 days ago

    You didn't talk about period SEX!!! (Anyone who says they've never is lying lol)

  • Julia Dart
    Julia Dart 11 days ago

    you should do the model 2 diva cup!!!!! I love you ❤❤❤

  • m0nsta ex0
    m0nsta ex0 12 days ago +1

    I just can’t bring myself to shove anything up there... pads already make me anxious enough that I’m gonna bleed everywhere, and if there’s something up there, leaks could happen. And another note it would feel SO uncomfortable.

  • Leanne Scarbro
    Leanne Scarbro 12 days ago

    Love your sweater

  • nia morgan
    nia morgan 12 days ago

    Air bubbles mean its time to change it

  • tea.
    tea. 12 days ago

    pads for life

  • Pamela Kilponen
    Pamela Kilponen 12 days ago

    Wear your period panties with it.

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith 12 days ago

    *me texting/not paying attention* "thanks for watching, shannon" waitwhat

  • Vern Hyde
    Vern Hyde 12 days ago

    The fire and blood pillow fits very well in to this video

  • Brittney Douglas
    Brittney Douglas 12 days ago +5

    Menstrual cups are the best. They're very simple to use, eco friendly, cleaner, safer, and completely comfortable. I recommend the diva cup to every woman.

  • Minnie Foxes
    Minnie Foxes 12 days ago

    I got an ad for a diva cup while watching...

  • Icy
    Icy 12 days ago

    wait, i get how u put it in put.... all the red that comes out as u put it in...

  • Claire O'Connor
    Claire O'Connor 12 days ago

    Shoutout to Tyler who stands behind a camera listening to a women talk about her period

  • ari3lz3pp3lin
    ari3lz3pp3lin 12 days ago

    I just realised I need to subscribe to your channel! Thank you for your informative, fun, and candid videos! :) A little weird to say "fun" about this video probably but w/e. lol The sense-of-humor and fresh take on things is fun.

  • Kiwi. Loves.Sloths
    Kiwi. Loves.Sloths 12 days ago


    Did anyone else have an ad for one of these before vid!?!?

  • Shireen Jamooji
    Shireen Jamooji 12 days ago

    Pssst, Saf, India has butt washers in every stall. Anytime washing, hellooooo.

  • Dina Nehme
    Dina Nehme 12 days ago

    What happens when you need to pee?

  • Katherine Müller
    Katherine Müller 13 days ago

    I’m a pretty big pad user, and I only ever use tampons as an emergency or if I’m swimming or something. Should I invest in one? Are there better menstrual cups than the diva cup?

    • Unevensomewhere
      Unevensomewhere 8 days ago

      Yes there are a ton of brands besides the diva cup. I reccomend searching 'put a cup in it quiz' which is a 9 question quiz that will match you to a cup with an almost 90% success rate 👍

  • Valerie
    Valerie 13 days ago

    9:46 was my favourite part of the video. 😆

  • forever alone
    forever alone 13 days ago

    What if you wanna do a handstand?

  • Kasey Reid
    Kasey Reid 13 days ago +1


    • HannahLouisiana
      HannahLouisiana 8 days ago

      Kasey Reid Was replying to The Aniheros

    • Kasey Reid
      Kasey Reid 12 days ago

      HannahLouisiana what.?

    • HannahLouisiana
      HannahLouisiana 12 days ago +1

      The Aniheros Mam is a legit term for mother, mind ya business.

    • Nina K
      Nina K 12 days ago

      +The Aniheros The first "ur" is supposed to be "you're", not "your".

    • The Aniheros
      The Aniheros 13 days ago

      *please *someone *your *your *mom

  • K9-Non-Copyrighted Music
    K9-Non-Copyrighted Music 14 days ago +4

    How to dress like Safiya:
    *Go to your closet. Find all black clothes. Wear them! There you dressed like Safiya*

  • Jessica Mundy
    Jessica Mundy 14 days ago

    In terms of taking it out I find that grabbing the actual cup and folding it to get it out works best

  • Audrey Frasier
    Audrey Frasier 14 days ago

    " on the first few days the Cup can really SORE " 😂

  • chanel pease
    chanel pease 14 days ago +1

    I started using my diva cup 6 months ago and I will never ever go back!! That cup changed my life and I love it

  • Kaley Tongate
    Kaley Tongate 14 days ago

    They say you can boil the cup because after a few period uses.. like 3 months, or starts to have a horrid smell, no matter how well you wash that bitch.

  • Briar Hull
    Briar Hull 14 days ago

    you could always just rinse the diva cup in the stall with a bottle of water

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon 14 days ago

    She’s adorable without makeup. She doesn’t need it to look better.

  • Jacqueline Harrod
    Jacqueline Harrod 14 days ago

    I just sat in the bathroom wrestling with my cup for more than an hour. I have to run today, and yesterday I leaked through my pad. I can't even put the cup inside, so i'm not even to the opening part yet. If anyone has any tips for me (a beginner) I would be extremely grateful! (I've been using the push-down fold with some water around the rim)

    Update- Today I couldn't get it in and I leaked...... how do i use the cup?!?

    Update 2- Still wearing a pad, and I leaked all over my white bed sheets. I really wish i could use a cup (By the way, I haven't gotten the cup in yet, not even past my opening. For these past updates i've been wearing a pad)

    Update 3- Still wearing a pad....ughh.......any advice would be SO amazing!

    • Nina K
      Nina K 12 days ago

      Stick a couple of your fingers up there to feel around and figure out your anatomy. After that you'll probably realize how a cup will fit in there. The opening of your vagina is the tighest(/hardest thing to get past) but it's super flexible so if you just push the cup in there it should fit --- as long as you don't have a super low cervix, which you might want to measure with your finger(s) too. Try different folds. And if nothing works out, tampons are good for excercising too, and probably a bit easier to use than cups if you've only ever used pads so far.

  • Christina Jenkins
    Christina Jenkins 14 days ago +1

    I bought me one to try for 8 bucks, but I'm a very heavy bleeder. I soak thru an ultra tampon in 20 minutes. This happens on my 2nd and 3rd day and I'm on for a whole wk.
    Idk if it would be for me.

  • Christina Yuditski
    Christina Yuditski 14 days ago

    I'm sorry, I better stay with pads

  • Michelle Frasher
    Michelle Frasher 15 days ago

    I tried the flex thing that's advertised on TheXvid and Instagram that claims to let you have mess free period sex, but it hurt too bad for me to even try!

  • Michelle Frasher
    Michelle Frasher 15 days ago

    I tried the flex thing that's advertised on TheXvid and Instagram that claims to let you have mess free period sex, but it hurt too bad for me to even try!

  • Julianna H5782
    Julianna H5782 15 days ago

    God bless safiya. Seriously. God bless her every second of the damn day.

  • IndigoSage
    IndigoSage 15 days ago

    Diva cups sound cool.. except our school has no fucking doors on our bathrooms so I can’t just run out, clean it and then run back into the stall ;-;

    • Nina K
      Nina K 14 days ago

      In a pinch, you can just dump the blood in the toilet and dry the cup with some tp. Or carry a waterbottle with you for cleaninf the cup. I recommend cleaning your hands before handling the cup though. (With sterilizing wipes or fluid...) You might also be able to go through the day without emptying your cup at school. 12h is the limit for wearing a cup and on some days you might be able to wear the cup for that long without it overflowing.

  • Moo moos
    Moo moos 15 days ago +15

    *cause if you let go of the nub to like take a rest, it’ll just scoot back on up there*

  • Panda Queen
    Panda Queen 15 days ago

    Your not wearing the red lipstick

    I’m sorry that was gross 😂

  • Azzarinne
    Azzarinne 15 days ago +3

    I use a Ruby Cup (bonus: they donate a cup to a girl in a place where access to menstrual stuff isn't super common, so she can go to school all month and graduate), and it has a significantly longer stem, which also has grippy nubs, so getting a good hold is easy. Pulling it straight out, you'll be fighting suction, kind of like pulling your rain boot straight up out of the mud. If you tilt it and scoot one spot of the rim around, you can break the suction, and pulling it out becomes a LOT easier.
    Also, great job keeping a clear cup clear!

  • Hi
    Hi 15 days ago


  • Jaded Wizard
    Jaded Wizard 16 days ago

    It feels a little bit moisture in there

  • UOkayJim? 1
    UOkayJim? 1 16 days ago

    Is it dishwasher safe?

    • Nina K
      Nina K 13 days ago

      +UOkayJim? 1 whew! No problem

    • UOkayJim? 1
      UOkayJim? 1 13 days ago +1

      I almost put mine in the dishwasher! U saved me!

    • UOkayJim? 1
      UOkayJim? 1 13 days ago +1

      Oml thanks

    • Nina K
      Nina K 14 days ago +1

      NO! wtf, you can't even use any random soaps with this

  • Jaylen Lynch
    Jaylen Lynch 16 days ago

    Guys will never be able to understand the feeling of THE DROP. it's awful. It's like pissing yourself but the urine is thick. And you can feel it inside of you