I Tried The Diva Cup


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +12970

    hello loves! how was your weekend? would you use the diva cup, or another menstrual cup? also, where is my NOTIF SQUAD at?! 🖤🖤🖤

    • Kendra
      Kendra Year ago

      Here also I'm ur number 500 reply

    • jenna king
      jenna king Year ago +6

      Safiya Nygaard I could never use it

    • rashka19
      rashka19 Year ago +13

      I use the lunette cup it has a longer stem than the diva cup

    • Jewelisa Nakai
      Jewelisa Nakai Year ago

      Safiya Nygaard how will you take it out i feel like i would not find it. I would freak out

    • its nicole lovely
      its nicole lovely Year ago

      I love dat shirt tho

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J Hour ago

    Can you go pee with the Deva cup in? This is new and I might try this.

  • Jenna Larson
    Jenna Larson 2 hours ago

    Are you still using the diva cup?

  • Sakura11101
    Sakura11101 11 hours ago

    I've been using a cup for 7 years, I got the Yuuki cup on sale for $8 and have loved it ever since. I got another one (either the Luna cup or Lunette cup) but didn't like how soft it was, and so I've stuck with the Yuuki and now just have an extra if I ever need it. I also have a really light period, so I've legit left it in for 48 hours, which was the only time I had leakage issues. Pads and tampons are a rip-off.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 15 hours ago

    Do you have to clean it between uses or can you just dump it out and put it back in?

  • Erin Riley
    Erin Riley 18 hours ago

    just bring a water bottle into the stall with you.

  • angelemnm
    angelemnm 23 hours ago

    I like that she still gave a positive opinion even though she was unsure of the cup. It takes a little bit to find a rhythm with yourself and it. The better you understand how the suction works with your body the better you learn to use the cup tbh. For example, i could be wrong, but i think the instructions actually tell you to break the suction when taking it out as pulling it by the stem might be uncomfortable.

  • loverlei79
    loverlei79 Day ago

    Yeah no thanks. Not. For. Me.

  • Girl On The Mattress

    Aww getting one from Amazon a different cheaper brand to try!! First time!!! :)

  • Maha Agro
    Maha Agro Day ago

    Who is having a Safiya's period videos marathon while on their period?

  • Emily Wing
    Emily Wing Day ago

    Just got a diva cup. Wish me luck

  • Eleanor Laws
    Eleanor Laws Day ago

    Who got a period add before the video?

  • Isabel Galicia
    Isabel Galicia Day ago

    Why does menstruation start with men?

  • kirstie pilgrim
    kirstie pilgrim Day ago

    If this is a sponsored video then this girl has 100% now sold me this product! Twos things I would ask an already previous diva cup user would be...
    Has anyone experienced any rubbing/sensitivity kinda of pain? 🙈
    What does it feel like when you pee😂?

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      No rubbing or sensitivity pain! If you you rubbing, then the stem is too long, so cut it. I will say that Diva Cup is a long cup, so it is too long for some people, even with the stem trimmed.
      It doesnt change peeing at all. Some people report menstrual cups push on their bladder and make them feel like they always have to pee, or can affect the urethra in such a way that it makes the "pressure" (for lack of a better term) higher, but it takes a little longer to pee. I've not noticed any difference.
      There are a ton of different menstrual cups out there, the Diva Cup is just the most widely available one in north America. You can buy others online. If you're interested in menstrual cups, you should take a look at putacupinit.com!

  • Storm C
    Storm C Day ago

    I get really irregular periods, but when I get them they last for about two weeks and are really heavy but I can only use pads. I have TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) meaning my body rejects tampons because it sees it as a foreign object (in not completely sure how it works) but I can only use pads. I hate pads,they are so uncomfortable and leak really easily. Does anyone know if I could use menstrual cups of if my body would reject that too?.

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      Sounds like you actually have vaginismus.
      It could be possible to use a cup, but do your research. Theres also such a thing as cloth pads, they're supposedly more comfortable than disposable pads, and they are reusable; all you have to do is wash them!

    • Nina K
      Nina K Day ago +1

      That's not what TSS is

  • Rachel Joy Bootcamp

    Love mine! Been using it 2+ years now
    The only part I don't like is that it presses in my bladder and so it's weird to pee. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Hello Its Me
    Hello Its Me 2 days ago

    im good with pads... thankss... Im too scared to stick anything up there

  • mariela luisa
    mariela luisa 2 days ago

    Try the lily cup compact. It folds up so u don’t have to carry it in an awkward bag.

  • Maddie B
    Maddie B 2 days ago

    Thank you so much I found this very helpful!

  • Conscious Queen
    Conscious Queen 2 days ago

    You look so great without makeup 💕😍😍 You don’t need it!!

  • Lazy Potato
    Lazy Potato 2 days ago

    Wait since it’s like a cone, what if it pops up too high and gets stuck?

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      Not usually a problem. If that does happen, worst case scenario you have to go to a doctor and they'll get it out.

  • Miss Rose Noir
    Miss Rose Noir 2 days ago

    I was worried about trying it because I can't use tampons, but it's amazing. It's worth using.

  • Kelly Henley
    Kelly Henley 3 days ago

    how long can you keep on a pad

  • Malia Anne
    Malia Anne 3 days ago

    I want to know what she tried that wasn’t fda approved!

  • My Experiences
    My Experiences 3 days ago

    YES oh my gosh the feeling of the blood coming out is the worst I agree with you!… I would love to not have to deal with tampons… I love the idea of this I just wonder with the struggle of inserting and taking it out if I would be able to do that because I have chronic pain in my arms I don’t know if that’s something I would be able to deal with or not! But only having to do it once maybe twice a day? I love the sound of that! Do you know at all is there a risk of toxic shock with the diva cup?… that’s the only thing that freaks me out with tampons! I’m scared to death to sleep with one in so I always use extra heavy nighttime humongous pads to sleep in and I feel like I’m wearing a diaper and I hate it! So it might be worth it just to sleep in?… Thank you so much for making this video, it’s the first one I have watched and I really like what you have to say about it! Just really nervous on how my arms/hands will do trying to get it in and out.

  • Terry Clayton
    Terry Clayton 3 days ago

    I looove my cup! The best part is you can’t get toxic shock from it!

  • candyj522
    candyj522 3 days ago


  • Leticia López Encinas

    Heeey, I like just heard about the menstrual disc, it sounds so perfect, but idk, you should try it and let us know !!! Lol

  • Heidi Bowlby
    Heidi Bowlby 3 days ago

    Those bubbles are called quuef lol but bubbles are more lady like 😂

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      It's actually air displacement from the cup filling up!

  • Laura Esquivel
    Laura Esquivel 3 days ago

    Please try the flex ones!!!!

  • Bill Piranha
    Bill Piranha 4 days ago

    Wish schools talked about these rather than just tampons and pads so people know there are other options because cups are really great and periods are so much easier with it

  • Manwi Reddy
    Manwi Reddy 4 days ago

    You look like Mavis from hotel Transylvania... Get bangs gurl

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M 4 days ago

    I want to try this so bad now. I dont like tampons because of leaks and also whenever I go #2 the tampons have to come out and it's a waste of a tampon. This seems like such an awesome thing in conjunction with the period panties for light days. I'm going to buy them.

  • Madison Martinez
    Madison Martinez 4 days ago

    Pro tip. Bare down to make the end more reachable.
    Also, although it's never happened to me, I have some stripper friends that have actually flung one across a room mid pole routine.
    So. That's a thing.

    ELLADA BOMBER 4 days ago

    It's a quarter till 8 pm how

  • GachaPaw
    GachaPaw 4 days ago

    I love how we got to listen to her putting it inside of herself. Totally isnt weird

  • Kale Sprout
    Kale Sprout 4 days ago

    I got a period underwear ad lol

  • Laura Joy
    Laura Joy 4 days ago

    I could never

  • HolidayCat
    HolidayCat 4 days ago +91

    I feel like this could be an amazing product for homeless women.

    • Ellie Marie
      Ellie Marie 2 hours ago +1

      Priscilla Owusu Pankyee which is why it is right to a extent

    • Priscilla Owusu Pankyee
      Priscilla Owusu Pankyee 10 hours ago +1

      But boiling the cup would be a problem if you're homeless.

    • Ellie Marie
      Ellie Marie Day ago

      Corina Jani King some people don’t have basic period things and if we had something that isn’t that expensive and really disposable it could help them but then again it’s only right to a extent

    • Fallon Nalbach
      Fallon Nalbach Day ago

      You're right to an extent

    • Ellie Marie
      Ellie Marie Day ago

      Well not completely but I get what your saying

  • Kookie Flavored Cookie

    I'm happy with my pads. These things are scary.

  • Goldblum Lover
    Goldblum Lover 5 days ago

    I just came here to say this is such an informative channel.

  • Lynzie Ball
    Lynzie Ball 5 days ago

    Another major plus is tampons you run the risk of forgetting and getting toxic shock or endometriosis. I have known people who end up have 2 in there at the same time....

  • Regina
    Regina 5 days ago

    The diva cup was great for me but it didn't last 12hrs due to my heavy periods. (On a heavy day tampons would last 2 hrs and the cup 4 hrs) The learning curve took me a few cycles however. Mine accidentally got thrown away because I forgot it on the bathroom sink. I know use a 'femmy cycle' cup. It lasts for 12hrs, is more sphere shaped, and has a ring instead of a nub so it is easier to remove. Even though I was used to using a cup, there was still a learning curve for the femmy cycle cup because it is a different shape than most cups


    I like the softcup it is easy to use

  • Ruth Felipe
    Ruth Felipe 5 days ago

    I’d be thankful if you can give me a review of this trending product called “Flex” which is similar to the menstrual cup but slight different because it’s a disc not a cup. I’ve been hearing how it doesn’t leak, how you can’t feel anything when it’s in there but to be honest I’m afraid but I really want to try it. Help!

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 5 days ago

    I don't know why i keep watching this?? I genuinely dont get it, like this helps me go to sleep????????? Confused??

  • Laura G
    Laura G 5 days ago

    I want to try one of these, but I am scared to put anything up there (I have always used pads), but lately some of the pads have irritated my skin. However, I have tried a tampon once. I got it in and it felt weird, so I went and pulled it back out. But when I did, I think I hit a nerve or something. I ended up light headed for awhile after. So since then, I have been scared to use tampons again. So then I thought about trying one of these, but I am scared I would get it up there, not be able to find it to pull it out, and then just have it stuck up there or me have to painfully dig up there. And that scares me. But idk. It is expensive if it ends up being something I buy and after trying once end up being scared like I was with tampons. But at the same time, if it works, it would be great. So idk. Lol. Sorry for my kinda long rant lol

    • Laura G
      Laura G Day ago

      Nina K This will probably feel like a dumb question, but how do you figure out exactly how high or low your cervix is?
      I ended up buying a Diva Cup last night. After trying many kind of painful times to get it in (I am pretty tight down there...) I finally got it in. But I panicked that it either wasn’t in right and would somehow end up hurting me or that I wouldn’t be able to find it again, so like with tampon experience, I pulled it back out. Again, getting a gonna be sick and light headed feeling. I don’t think it hit anything, but I could be wrong. It’s probably just an effect of my panicking. So now I have to decide if I try the cup again.
      I’ve thought about getting the Thinx panties, but to get enough of them to make it through my full cycle would be super expensive. And if I wanted to swim I would then have to buy a period swim suit or something still too. So I’m not sure what I should do.

    • Nina K
      Nina K Day ago

      Did you insert the tampon deep enough? Pulling it out dry can hurt you but if it's inserted correctly (= deep enough) you shouldn't feel it at all. The string can be annoying sometimes though.
      On the other hand, hitting your cervix with a tampon can cause light headedness. Maybe your cervix is very low? (So low that tampons can't be inserted v deep and feel weird.)
      If your cervix is low you need to get an especially short menstrual cup. (I think that Meluna makes them.) I recommend figuring out how low/high your cervix is before buying a cup.
      Anyway. A cup is supposed to be inserted as low as possible/comfortable. So if your cervix is regular or high, you probably won't accidentally hit your cervix with it. It's also very easy to reach. Removing it isn't hard either, as long as you do it correctly and always remember to *pinch the bottom of the cup* while pulling it out.
      Also, there are very cheap (yet safe and branded) cups out there, so using a cup for just a few months would soon save more money than buying pads/tampons.
      Reusable cloth pads could also be an option for you!

  • plain Jane
    plain Jane 5 days ago

    The bubbles...is that like quiffing all the time? Gag. I'm curious about these cups too. Quiffing with your period...ughhh like when you feel a clot. Sorry I know we've all been there.

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      No, it's not queefing. What happens is, the cup gets filled with blood. Because the cup is fully open inside the vagina, it's also full of air. As the cup gets filled up, it pushes the air out. Air displacement. That's what the bubbly sensation is.

  • Lisa Raby
    Lisa Raby 6 days ago

    Dang I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore! I do love your videos

  • Emily ____________
    Emily ____________ 6 days ago

    Tampons and cups r scary for me i use pads i cant think about sticking anything up there i dont even last a day on my period i have it for 7 days and all i do is think about if i put something there then i wouldnt even last a day how do some much ppl use tampons i dont know how to use one but i dont planning on finding out bc there scary how will u get it out ooooii i dont wanna know because if there's blood there how does the tampon not get bloody i need a therapist. I see long comments of ppl saying they love their cups my turn............. I hate cups im never gonna use one

    • Emily ____________
      Emily ____________ 20 hours ago

      +Amy Lake so u gotta pull it om never i might try cups when i know more about my period

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      Tampons absorb blood, they do get bloody. Tampons have applicators and strings, that's how you get them in and pull them out.
      Cups are great btw.

  • jadedguardgirl
    jadedguardgirl 6 days ago

    Thank you for doing this! I've always been curious but scared XD

  • Schleich Horse Girl 248

    You should try flex

  • FLUX Underwear
    FLUX Underwear 6 days ago

    Hi Safiya! We’d love to send you some of our period proof undies to try out!
    Our undies hold 4 tampons’ worth and can be worn even during heavy days. We offer five styles including our Detachable style that can be changed anywhere without stepping foot off the ground!
    You can find out more at fluxundies.com and get in touch with us at info@flux-panties.co.uk
    Look forward to hearing from you! 🥰

  • Meep's Cove
    Meep's Cove 7 days ago +8

    One thing I noticed is that you said you used the stem to pull it out. Your supposed to grab just above the stem and pinch, then pull. It's something I didn't know to do for a while. 😂

  • Blue Boo
    Blue Boo 7 days ago

    Rewatching all her period videos cause I just got mine 😂

  • Kiki BTSARMY
    Kiki BTSARMY 7 days ago

    9:24 i cant even do that

  • Danielle Merkey
    Danielle Merkey 7 days ago

    When you set the camera down, in my mind, this video went full-on : How to install a light bulb...

  • 6 months equestrian
    6 months equestrian 7 days ago

    Safiya, this is the first period video I've watched and so far I'm 1:41 seconds in and me too.

  • aerenofgondor
    aerenofgondor 7 days ago

    You may benefit from shoving your finger between the cup and the walls of its 'home' and breaking the suction before pulling it out. I use the "Type 1/lip" fold with a Lunette cup, and I usually have to do a quick sweep to make sure everything pops right back out (not as much of a problem with the taco fold), and when I retrieve it, I break the suction so it doesn't get any ideas about running away.

  • Alabama's life
    Alabama's life 8 days ago

    I'm 9

  • brandy wadkins
    brandy wadkins 8 days ago

    Mine is 2 days and really light

  • Kristine Mae Magtubo
    Kristine Mae Magtubo 8 days ago +31

    This was a year ago... I wonder if Saf is still using the diva cup. Would love to see that video! Along with other menstrual tries

  • Aria Sapphirevalley
    Aria Sapphirevalley 8 days ago

    i got a period underwear ad while watching this lol

  • Valentina P
    Valentina P 8 days ago

    I would like to know if you still use it!! Please, im thinking of buying it and i would like to know if you liked it to continue using it

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      I use a diva cup and I love it! If you're interested in trying a menstrual cups, you should read putacupinit.com! They have a lot of useful information that should help you in purchasing a cup!

  • Dr. Bandito
    Dr. Bandito 8 days ago

    love my menstrual cup, been using one for almost ten years. I have a lunette brand cup. So much cheaper than disposable hygiene products. HOWEVER
    For any ladies using an IUD for birth control. Be forwarned. On like my fifth period after my IUD implantation, the suction involved with removing my cup caused my IUD to fall out. Also, i almost didn’t notice.
    In retrospect, this seems like an obvious concern, but I didn’t think of this problem and my doctor didn’t mention anyhing . . .

  • Amy Peterka
    Amy Peterka 8 days ago +1

    Urinating isnt weird with it in? What if your "pushing" ?? Does it come out? 🤔😟

    • Mango Hoe
      Mango Hoe 5 days ago

      Amy Peterka it can shift which may cause leaking but it won’t come out

  • Exirom Storm
    Exirom Storm 8 days ago

    100% recommend the diva cup. not gross like pads and tampons. and for u girls that are scared of inserting things, i'd like to tell you that its not scary.. im twelve and have been using the cup since age 11

  • Little Sunflower
    Little Sunflower 8 days ago

    I’m 14 and i don’t have my period it’s embaressing in my class. I’m flat, I’m short, I’m don’t have my period im aful

    • Little Sunflower
      Little Sunflower 7 days ago

      Exirom Storm but im flat and its not fun in my class beacouse im flat and don’t have my period

    • Exirom Storm
      Exirom Storm 8 days ago +1

      lucky. im twelve and got it at age 10. you dont want it trust me

  • Alexi B
    Alexi B 9 days ago

    When safiya has the same set of bowls

  • Snow Fae
    Snow Fae 9 days ago

    Tbh when I get one I'm just gonna buy 2. Boil them or get a one bottle sterilizer and use that instead of boiling it. Anyways. Do that once a day alternating cups, at the end of the period, and then a few weeks later when it starts. Then keep summer's eve wipes on me in the mini bag it comes with in case I spontaneously get my period. Also just keep a room temp water bottle or one of those dog collapsible bowls (fill that with water if the bowl) and then clean it in the stall.

  • Carly Richardson
    Carly Richardson 10 days ago

    When you take it out you have to use your abdominal muscles, and pull on the base (not the stem) and that should be better

    • Carly Richardson
      Carly Richardson 10 days ago

      And I’ve heard it takes about 2 to 3 cycles for it to be fully aware of it and know how it works. Also you’re supposed to boil it before you use it and between each period

  • Shadai Reed
    Shadai Reed 10 days ago

    This girl is funny🤣

  • LilaLyre10642
    LilaLyre10642 10 days ago +1

    I’m so happy you made this video!!!! I’ve been doing a ton of research about cups because I want to make the switch, and this was so awesome to see and hear a personal detailed account!

  • Michael Wave
    Michael Wave 10 days ago

    Little bit moisture

  • Brilee Henry
    Brilee Henry 10 days ago

    Bro I’d be freaking out if the cup fell out. I have HEAVY periods and it makes me upset.

  • Spectral Wind
    Spectral Wind 10 days ago

    I've tried to use the cup so many times, but it just doesn't work for me. The thing just won't open completely when it's inside, and I've tried everything. Does anyone else have the same problem?

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      Sounds like you would need a firmer cup. Do you have a diva cup? Diva cup is on the medium-firm side of things.
      You should try walking the cup down and pushing it back up a few times. If you walk it down and feel resistance, it's opened.

  • dawnbon
    dawnbon 11 days ago

    You had such a good experience! I bought another brand. It was a traumatic experience inserting it. Taking the cup out was even worse. Then for a week after I was sore and inflamed/irritated. The cup also leaked. This was due to it not settling in right because I just couldn't figure out how to get it in and release properly. I've only used it for one period but I am actually afraid to try it again. I love the concept of a menstrual up but I don't know if the trauma is worth it.

  • Mandy Robinson
    Mandy Robinson 11 days ago

    I really love Soft Cup (you can actually have sex with it in) & I'm curious about the reusable cups. Thanks for doing this. I know I always hit the bathroom as quick as possible when I wake up. I kayaked within 24 hrs the very first time I used soft cup & was ecstatic with the freedom it provides!

  • Margaret J.
    Margaret J. 11 days ago

    Hands on project 😂

  • Alley Bugarin
    Alley Bugarin 11 days ago

    I use a different brand of menstrual cup that has different sizes and shapes so that it can hopefully fit more comfortably, but I found that even with my very heavy periods (I need to change a super tampon every hour on my first two days) it lasted at least 3 hours on my heavy days and often at least 8 hours sometimes more on my lighter days. I personally think that I needed a shorter cup but I never had leakage with it. It was a huge relief for me to never have to worry about leaking.

  • Desiree de la Pena
    Desiree de la Pena 11 days ago +3

    I love my diva cup. I think what people forget there’s a learning curve when you first start using the diva cup. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy tampons.

  • Aurore Aurore
    Aurore Aurore 11 days ago

    that shit almost killed me. It pressed so hard against my vaginal wall that I got severe pain and almost got into a coma in my car on the side of the road. Almost drove to the emergency room but I managed to drive home, and rinse really well. It took me ages to find a specific type of medication (antibiotics) to cure me. I can't believe I spent 30 euro to save myself from the misery of tampons... only to get this... And even when it was working, it would get squished during the night and all of my blood would go on the mattress... I quit everything... well I use normal to mini tampons now combined with black panties. I don't eat meat, dairy and wheat for a whole week and my blood loss decreaded by 50%

  • Amelia Richards
    Amelia Richards 12 days ago

    You should try the zingy cup!

  • RiRi Ray
    RiRi Ray 12 days ago

    I'm over 30 but no.kids so went with size 1 of the diva cup now I'm beginning to.think I should of went with size 2 because I leaked😭

  • Amelia Foley
    Amelia Foley 12 days ago

    Okay... that whole process of application was just about the funniest thing I’ve seen today. Bravo

  • •Alicia •
    •Alicia • 12 days ago

    I always think of Holy Grail by JT when she says “My cup has runneth over”

  • Intuitive Transformations With Dale

    Omg! "I Captain Morganed it." I'm dead! 😂 😂 😂

  • May the binch
    May the binch 13 days ago

    Finally got around to buying a moon cup recently! It was very scary to begin with but I think I'm slowly getting used to it, hopefully should be a lot better for my wallet and the planet lol

  • Rene cobain
    Rene cobain 13 days ago

    Do you take it out when you pee

  • ruthie tawwater
    ruthie tawwater 13 days ago

    i tried this and i think mine was too big but i got the smaller size, but the stem was very uncomfortable to me

  • Amanda Nicole
    Amanda Nicole 13 days ago

    I think these could be cool in theory but you are supposed to wash it after you use it and what if u have a very heavy flow and you’re in a public places. What are you supposed to do then?

    • Amy Lake
      Amy Lake 21 hour ago

      I mean, you're supposed to rinse it after changing it.
      It can be kept in for cup to 12 hours, changing it in public isnt an issue for most people unless they have really heavy flows. If you do need to change it in public, you can carry a little water bottle with you to rinse it out, or just wipe it with toilet paper and re-insert.

  • Emily L
    Emily L 13 days ago

    I wanna try but it's so expensive. I know it saves money over time but still.... lol I'm a cheap ass

  • 1000 followers with one video

    Nom nom

  • Trisha Mitchell
    Trisha Mitchell 14 days ago

    I've tried tampons before in my past but found them uncomfortable and didn't like the way they felt so I bought this and tried it but it felt the same and I don't like the way it feels. It's an interesting idea but it's kinda tricky to do it the first couple of times and practice makes perfect with this product. My diva cup is currently just sitting in the back of a shelf in my bathroom as I probably won't use it again.

  • Avery Ley
    Avery Ley 14 days ago

    I’ve bought a menstrual cup so I could be more eco friendly and to save money, I have to admit I’m really excited to try it!!

  • Lily Perez
    Lily Perez 14 days ago

    What if ur in school?

  • Overt Knitter
    Overt Knitter 14 days ago

    You can empty it and wipe it out without rinsing it too.

  • Overt Knitter
    Overt Knitter 14 days ago

    I don't know why I giggled through so much of this video. LIke, I'm a cup user, I've birthed 4 of my 5 babies vaginally, the lady garden holds little mystery for me at this point but your narration was so freaking awesome. I'm so glad I found your channel . :)

  • Ashley Whitehead
    Ashley Whitehead 14 days ago

    My yoga instructor, before we would go upside down, is to tell women who are on their period not to do it because your period can tickle back up which isn't good for you.

  • Magali Ezeiza
    Magali Ezeiza 15 days ago

    10:20 some people take a water bottle to the toilet with them and wash it in the toilet