JID - Off Da Zoinkys

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
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    Music video by JID performing Off Da Zoinkys. © 2019 Dreamville/Interscope Records
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  • k11
    k11 2 years ago +5633

    How does JID cram 5 minutes worth of lyrics into a 3 minute song and it only feels like it was 1:30 minutes long?

    • Jam Jor
      Jam Jor 16 days ago

      Last 30 seconds are outro too

    • Ok Ok
      Ok Ok 29 days ago


    • Tim Cusson
      Tim Cusson Month ago


    • Bob Green
      Bob Green 2 months ago

      No hook

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario 2 months ago

      Ride the beat triple time.
      Whoosh me all you want, ask stupid questions, get stupid answers.

  • Jinger
    Jinger Year ago +4791

    The baby driver dude ain’t doing nothing special, but there’s just this cool swagger to his movements I can’t get enough of

  • I’m a Believer
    I’m a Believer 2 months ago +89

    My sister just passed away from a drug overdose. She loved this song so much because it related so much to her problems at the time. Now she’s a free angel. Thank you JID for giving everyone such a masterpiece. I know my sister is jamming out to your music in heaven.

  • Charles Quan
    Charles Quan Year ago +861

    is it just me or the way that JID ties in the producer tag is fucking amazing 0:30

    • J C
      J C Month ago +1

      So much respect

    • Expert Smoodles
      Expert Smoodles 2 months ago

      It’s dope

    • gaurav simon
      gaurav simon 2 months ago

      @Chad ohh

    • Chad
      Chad 2 months ago +3

      @gaurav simon like, J.I.Ds flow is percussive. His flow is almost more influential then the drumtrack.

    • gaurav simon
      gaurav simon 5 months ago

      @Dayne Hidalgo in the beat??

  • George. L
    George. L Year ago +4412

    I just realized that’s baby driver, dude has great taste in music.

    • Adam Land
      Adam Land Month ago

      find god

    • AyshaaDuv
      AyshaaDuv Month ago

      @Carl Partridge the guy from the fault in our stars was Ansel Elgort the guy in this video

    • mokkaveli
      mokkaveli 2 months ago

      Never realised that before but yh it actually is baby not just a random character

    • Gamecrasher 3050
      Gamecrasher 3050 3 months ago +1

      Ansel Elgort*

    • Gabrielle
      Gabrielle 3 months ago

      @Flanigan’s nope sis LIED charges were dropped. Nobody won’t talk about that

  • tom cat
    tom cat 2 years ago +11927

    Im confused because on wikipedia it says JID is 29 years old. But the average life span of a goat is 15-18 years....

    • Emptyeauation 16
      Emptyeauation 16 5 days ago

      @Chillingdude imagine thinking logic is the goat lmfaooo

    • Yo You
      Yo You 15 days ago


    • BlackShogun
      BlackShogun 2 months ago


    • kawnartist
      kawnartist 3 months ago +1

      @Chillingdude Nice way to put it

    • kawnartist
      kawnartist 3 months ago

      Tell that to King Los and Royce

  • Danny Meatball
    Danny Meatball Year ago +857

    I'm glad there's finally a rapper who is tellin kids to stay off drugs.
    They're cool, until you're homeless and addicted.

    • Inflix
      Inflix 23 days ago

      @Mr Info The FBI: 👀. Or FDA or whatever, all the same.

    • Andrei Hd
      Andrei Hd 2 months ago

      "a" rapper. Plenty talking about being sober and saying no to drugs.
      Joyner, tom macdonald, to name 2 more.

    • Harry Baals
      Harry Baals 2 months ago

      they're a dime a dozen. this isn't something new

    • Dafoodmaster
      Dafoodmaster 2 months ago

      like back in the day

    • Falcon 1
      Falcon 1 5 months ago +1

      @Ice Goes ALL CAPS 👍👍👍

  • Jordan
    Jordan Year ago +227

    This song helped me kick cigs after a decade, thanks for changin' my life for the better, JID

    • Caleb Owens
      Caleb Owens Month ago

      You want to do it again?

    • Génesis
      Génesis 4 months ago

      That's awesome :)

    • VivieHQ2000
      VivieHQ2000 5 months ago +5

      @A 1 the song is literally about drugs

    • ZyAmir 26 ♪
      ZyAmir 26 ♪ 5 months ago +13

      @A 1 bruh did you literally miss the entire basis of the lyrics of the song

    • A 1
      A 1 7 months ago +5

      How did this song help?

  • Spencer Bradbury
    Spencer Bradbury Year ago +103

    This song is genius, the way the beat picks up tension while JID retains his flow. Sounds too perfect

  • Alabaster Lamb
    Alabaster Lamb 15 days ago +8

    Whenever I'm having a bad time I just turn on this song and feel a lot better, music and beat are just so good it makes me happy

  • Myles crumel
    Myles crumel 3 years ago +16390

    JID raps like he running out of studio time

    • ITSANT
      ITSANT 14 days ago +1

      God bless him for it tho🤣

    • Jo3y 💎 Diamond
      Jo3y 💎 Diamond 16 days ago

      Every day people run out of studio time they can never get back. So technically yes always losing time while gaining at the same time

    • mariam mh
      mariam mh 18 days ago


    • FiveBromoDMT
      FiveBromoDMT 19 days ago


    • Evo Brainanta
      Evo Brainanta 21 day ago

      hey didn't Imdontai say this?

  • Jc Ping
    Jc Ping 5 months ago +30

    I remember hearing this for the first time and I just knew it was gonna be one of my favorite songs for a while. Nothings changed, this is amazing.

  • Will Jackson
    Will Jackson Year ago +1824

    0:18 Anyone notice that the cat wasn’t supposed to jump off the bed so someone threw it back on? 😂

    • Brendon Taylor
      Brendon Taylor 10 days ago

      I've watched this so many times and just noticed this

    • Bruce
      Bruce Month ago

      can't unsee that

    • wayne Kamau
      wayne Kamau 4 months ago

      I had to watch it again like “damn I never realized that after all those years.”

    • Dealio09
      Dealio09 5 months ago

      funniest thing for me for a while now

    • Dealio09
      Dealio09 5 months ago


  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago +170

    I, I am so grateful
    I'm very, very, very grateful
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Alright, J.I.D and (Christo)
    Y'all niggas need to lay off the drugs
    Some of y'all need to lay off the dope
    My niggas gettin' it straight off the boat
    Pure cut, put it straight to your nose
    I ain't nosy, but I know what I know
    Mr. Know-It-All, "oh here he go"
    I'm the GOAT, I never go with the flow
    Throwin' shots, boy, it's blow for a blow
    I'm the nigga kick the do' with the do'
    I'm the nigga fuck the ho with the ho
    I'm the nigga lit the blunt with the blunt
    I'ma get it 'cause I want what I want
    I'ma say this shit again and again
    I'ma go and put this shit to an end
    I'm the sickest with the pencil and pen
    Hit the blunt and mix the Hen' with the wait
    I'ma go ahead and lay off the Xans
    I'ma fall back sippin' the lean
    I gotta make sure my vision is clear
    Oh God, no, it's not what it seems
    Six, five, four, one, two, three
    .45 tote, you know me
    You don't want smoke, so what it's gon' be?
    Gotta watch what you say when you lookin' at me
    Lookin' at God, lookin' for leaders, lookin' for keys
    Look at the pain in your eyes, nigga, look where we been
    Look at our wins, look at our sins, and look at our skin
    I've been on a frenzy binge tryna get me a Benz
    And then your fuzzy ass lens wanna fuck up the ends
    Oh God, no, where are my friends?
    Lord forgive me, yeah, I need to repent
    Mind blurred, need to lay off the drugs
    Yeah God, they ain't prayin' enough
    Niggas dyin', we ain't sayin' enough
    Cops fire, stockpiling rottweiler
    Tell my little niggas lay off the stuff
    Ronald Reagan, I can't thank him enough
    Nah, I'm playin', nigga racist as fuck
    Told my nigga if he leave a pack of ports around me, I'ma take em'
    And throw em' away
    He smoke em' around me, I'ma break em'
    And we almost had got into fightin'
    I'm talkin' 'bout dead that, finna fade it
    But shit, but maybe I did too much
    But fuck it, I love my nigga, I'ma save him
    And he prolly thinkin' I'm a player-hater
    I don't hate a player, I just need all my niggas to wake up
    And take a real good look, we a long way from Decatur
    Long days still ahead of us, grown dads still scared of us
    I'm just workin' my incredible
    Stick my dick in the inevitable
    So fuck whatever happen, fuckin' cinematic
    Sins of the father, I'm a fuckin' addict
    Understand addiction, so I'm sympathetic
    But I know, I know, I know that I gotta be strong
    I ain't tryna be where I don't belong
    Little syrup sippin' out of a foam
    Little powder, put the pot in the bong
    I ain't trippin', I ain't sayin' it's wrong
    But, it's some other shit we can be on

  • D. Michael
    D. Michael Year ago +47

    Y’all don’t understand, JID snapped on that 2nd verse! His delivery was crazy, but the shit he was saying was some of the realest shit you’ll hear from anyone, period! He spazzed out

  • poppermonger
    poppermonger 3 years ago +1681

    This is why I love hiphop... I'd have never guessed JID would tap Ansel for a music vid inspired by a 1973 classic film.... amazing

    • lyricsfromsweden
      lyricsfromsweden 3 years ago +1

      Holy shit, you're right! I thought it looked familiar. Fucking great movie!

    • buffchuck
      buffchuck 3 years ago

      Nice observation, reference, and fun fact!

    • Christopher Lowery
      Christopher Lowery 3 years ago +9

      16Notepads bro, chill, responding to three comments back to back lookin’ mad insecure lol

  • APK
    APK 11 months ago +15

    One of my absolute favorite music videos. Simple yet perplexing.

  • Yush4
    Yush4 4 days ago +1

    It feels like a blessing to listen to a rapper not rapping about doing wrong. Poetry is powerful.

  • Rashaan Blasingame
    Rashaan Blasingame 5 months ago +20

    "Sins of the father, I'm a fuckin' addict
    Understand addiction, so I'm sympathetic
    But I know, I know, I know that I gotta be strong
    I ain't tryna be where I don't belong
    Little syrup sippin' out of a foam
    Little powder, put the pot in the bong
    I ain't trippin', I ain't sayin' it's wrong
    But, it's some other shit we can be on"
    those last few bars hit especially hard for me. Reminds me of my life experiences and my friends.

  • Instant_Noodlez
    Instant_Noodlez 4 months ago +6

    "I ain't tripping I ain't saying its wrong , but there some other shit we could be on " God damn, this so true man...I get addiction, but shit eats you away and there's so many other alternatives that don't kill you and still let you enjoy life! Love you JID.

  • KkYOLOgy
    KkYOLOgy 5 months ago +10

    Come on man! We definitely need more of these type! Our young boys are drowning, they need more encouraging lyrics like this! SALUTE!🙌🏽💯👑

  • Sercan Günbattı
    Sercan Günbattı Year ago +6

    The variety of flow is progressing so well into an accumulation of feeling. This is really brilliant

  • Yolanda Mofork
    Yolanda Mofork 3 months ago +3

    I think what I love most about this video is just seeing somebody vibe by themself, feel classy and collected by themself and jam out to awesome music. Idk why but it's comforting

  • Dis-topia
    Dis-topia 2 years ago +10

    Deadass this how I jam out around my house just vibing lmfaooo I can relate to this shit yo, almost 3 years clean off hard drugs. Fucking straight jamming this.

  • Tevi Tupou
    Tevi Tupou 3 years ago +671

    JID’s flow controls the beat

      NIGHT CRAWLER 6 months ago +1

      Control your cholesterol bro 😂

    • 𝕣𝕟𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕖𝕕
      𝕣𝕟𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕖𝕕 9 months ago +2

      @Cardi B tbf Wayne's discography weak

    • Cardi B
      Cardi B 3 years ago +8

      Aden Brooks Yet Lil wayne influenced most of these new niggas (including this song by JID) and had one of the biggest breakouts in rap history lmao okay 💀 Wayne haters kill me. JID will never come close to something like Da Carter series

    • Aden Brooks
      Aden Brooks 3 years ago +3

      @Cardi B lil Wayne doesn't have shit on J.I.D., or anyone for that matter.

    • Cardi B
      Cardi B 3 years ago +3

      Lil Wayne did it first

  • Kai Morgan
    Kai Morgan 2 years ago +4

    This song and "Skrawberries" are my favorite on the album. Sonically they're spectacular, but lyrically they do what I've never seen another song do well. He takes on two subjects (respecting women and not doing drugs) that essentially contradict main stream hip hop. And he does it without sounding preachy or "holier than thou". Usually when I hear a song in this vain I'm like "ok dude we get it you're different than the other guys" but these two tracks just sound so genuine and grounded. Super underrated tracks, super underrated album

  • Nick Margerum
    Nick Margerum 3 months ago +1

    It's so refreshing having an artist you can sit down and dissect the song with someone who doesn't like rap. JID killing it and this a classic.

  • ultra inferno
    ultra inferno 2 years ago +3

    I love how the beat builds and it gets you hyped up.

  • Ajani Wright
    Ajani Wright Year ago +2

    I got to see JID in concert back in summer of 2019 in San Francisco and the audience was speechless during the last 16 of this song!

  • Cassidy Reinitz
    Cassidy Reinitz 2 years ago +949

    This song is fuckin’ incredible. J.I.D is so lyrically talented, and to involve Ansel Elgort in this was a great way to depict parts of the song itself.

    • Lord Michael
      Lord Michael Year ago +4

      @Bobby_Hill He thinks language is the mark of intelligence.
      Clearly not a real philosopher. Just a dinosaur that can only roar and eat them instead.

    • Eshkurs
      Eshkurs Year ago +19

      @Bobby_Hill How is the song basic? There is a lot of wordplay, the flow is consistent and floats throughout the beat, the subject matter is relevant, the gospel esque singing in the background adds depth and compliments the meaning behind the lyrics. Seems like a pretty textbook good song. Not too complicated like DOOM or earl but not as basic as dababy. Besides, who cares if it’s basic. Even though you’re wrong, if it was basic that wouldn’t matter. It’s a good song. Most popular songs aren’t very complex. Not every song can be a maze throughout rhyme schemes and quad syllable rhymes, mixed with wordplay and beat switches. Chill out and enjoy a good song.

    • Yuh
      Yuh Year ago +5

      @Bobby_Hill how tf is the song basic tho

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac Year ago +4

    I love this energy that's given from the track

  • Lordastek13
    Lordastek13 Year ago +4

    That song is so epic... the sample work, the flow, how EZ it seems! peace

  • Tf Chaffee
    Tf Chaffee Year ago +18

    2 years later I still havent found a song that matches this energy... Please drop what im supposed to play next

  • Jason Yates
    Jason Yates 5 months ago

    Lawd he going in and that beat stupid hard 🔥 💪

  • Abdel Abdalla
    Abdel Abdalla Year ago +11

    One of the best songs to exist in my opinion

  • Polly Puffington
    Polly Puffington 5 months ago +1

    I always come back to this video something about the aesthetic makes me love it

  • GasolineDean
    GasolineDean 2 years ago +2

    This shit is really amazing. I wasn't expecting things to switch up like that

  • John Fried
    John Fried Year ago +5

    Jid is the most under rated rapper dropping bars all the time

  • Håvard E. Korneliussen
    Håvard E. Korneliussen 3 years ago +634

    World, please do me a favor

  • StewpacShakur
    StewpacShakur 2 months ago +2

    This is all I want my life to be. Just this song. This groove. This moment. Please lemme have that.

  • Brad Barnhill
    Brad Barnhill Year ago +12

    This songs being slept on.

  • Efcon
    Efcon 4 months ago

    I can't get enough of this song

  • Man The Dan
    Man The Dan 3 months ago +1

    Whenever I need to get hyped to present something at one of my corporate meetings, this is my go-to

  • Askarii
    Askarii 3 years ago +253

    If J.I.D uses 1% of his power then he can put the whole rap game on life support.

    • ACLG
      ACLG 3 years ago +4

      lil shaggy

    • _BAKZ_
      _BAKZ_ 3 years ago

      @Lone Wolf no

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 3 years ago +5

      @TheSomething27 that song and album r both underrated

  • Andrew Motta
    Andrew Motta Year ago


  • Leviticus XI
    Leviticus XI 9 months ago +3

    ngl this song can make me feel good even when i feel like shit. something about it just makes me start jamming too it even if i feel like i wanna die when this song comes on it gives me like 3 minutes of feeling good

  • Ramble0n
    Ramble0n Year ago +4

    I listen to this masterpiece multiple times a day. ❤

  • Jungkquie
    Jungkquie 10 months ago

    I love this song and the message behind it.

  • Synergy .Gunnz
    Synergy .Gunnz 3 years ago +286

    JID is a genius and a true Legend in the making

    • SWAYV19
      SWAYV19 3 years ago

      @iButtaYoToast he's 28

    • Andres A. R
      Andres A. R 3 years ago +2

      @iButtaYoToast Push blew up almost at his 30's

    • Jude Marino
      Jude Marino 3 years ago

      Zakiah not really most people like him

    • watch in
      watch in 3 years ago +3

      @iButtaYoToast i dunno about counting a nigga age...i think we talking about musical progression.... bars composition themes he's definitely improving at an exponential rate...

    • Miles Laff
      Miles Laff 3 years ago

      A god, a king, a giant

  • R.E.D27
    R.E.D27 10 months ago +1

    This song dead ass helped me put the tobacco down from 1 line. Appreciate it FAM 🙏 💯 🙌

    IMFINEOK DONTBESAD 9 months ago +2

    That shit hits hard when he said he understands addiction. I struggle and just hearing him say it hits hard

  • Rafael Vaini
    Rafael Vaini 11 months ago +1

    bom, seguinte, essa música simplesmente NÃO DÁ

  • Datsun King
    Datsun King Year ago

    Some of the finest work in a long time

  • napster
    napster 2 years ago +1908

    While listening to this song with headphones on I was dancing around my room when I cut my foot on my metal pc case. At first it hurt a bit but I didnt think much if it and kept dancing and then I looked down to see my foot covered in blood and blood all over my floor, turns out I cut my foot pretty bad, but the experience I had taking my shirt off and wrapping it around my foot to stop it from bleeding and stop me from passing out while this was playing in the background was a weird but somehow an amazing experience.

    • Yo You
      Yo You 15 days ago

      @HomerunsamSOSA 🤣🤣🤣🤭 why so serious though. It ain't that deeP

    • Yo You
      Yo You 15 days ago


    • Writer Kaz
      Writer Kaz 4 months ago +1

      Good thing you didn't accidentally dance out the shape of a pentacle we could've had a demon on our hands lol

    • Stoneless_skating
      Stoneless_skating 4 months ago

      i love this comment

    • Hunned Proof Productions
      Hunned Proof Productions 8 months ago +2

      I’ll take “Things that didn’t happen” for $500, Alex.

  • Amber Gougis
    Amber Gougis Year ago +1

    Will always love this song and video! 💙

  • Jay Elimination
    Jay Elimination 8 months ago

    One of the best songs I’ve heard

  • Ekow Asare
    Ekow Asare Year ago

    The flow just dropped me of my ledge😊🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾

  • Ripactt
    Ripactt Year ago +2

    cant stop listening

  • Keenan Nash
    Keenan Nash 3 years ago +1443

    "Southern lyricist don't exist like my flow is a myth"

    • poetry Major1
      poetry Major1 Year ago

      @Lunk 7 FACTS 😩😩😩 so many highly underrated Free Gunna Meize, RIP MO3

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones Year ago

      @Lunk 7 Jcole as well

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones Year ago

      @Lunk 7 right besides Andre 3000 big boi big krit lil Wayne and a few others who else is lyrical besides jid

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones Year ago

      @Tre Scallion yes

    • Zone6
      Zone6  2 years ago

      Guys it was a time when that was the claim and perspective of the New York media until the 96 Source Awards.

  • Jason Dimpfl
    Jason Dimpfl 2 years ago +9

    This shit is CRISP every time I listen to it. You may not know what I mean by that, and neither do I. Shit just give you goosbumps

  • Nicholette Casey's Trains

    "I ain't trippin'. I ain't sayin' it's wrong, but there some other shit that we can be on!"
    Fucking FIRE way to end the verse.

  • Yourkneesnshoulder
    Yourkneesnshoulder 10 months ago

    What a masterpiece

  • Tommy Ca$h
    Tommy Ca$h Year ago +1

    The video, lyrics, he murdered this track! #FACTtory

  • charlie02a
    charlie02a 3 years ago +17032

    now we know what baby driver was listening to

    • ana
      ana 26 days ago

      17k likes 184 replies

    • Praewpraw
      Praewpraw Month ago

      One of my favorite movies 🖤

    • coolyco
      coolyco 10 months ago

      @Dyllon w Not sure what you're replying too, and don't really care, but why wouldn't I be here? Been A JID fan since A Never Story.

    • Dyllon w
      Dyllon w 10 months ago

      @coolyco yet your here

    • Dyllon w
      Dyllon w 10 months ago

      @fried egg YT is it fun not enjoying things?

  • Funk
    Funk 5 months ago

    love how deeply based on "The Long Goodbye" the music video is. rlly cool

  • St. Robespierre
    St. Robespierre Year ago +2

    I’ll say this once, won’t ever twice,
    Greatest of all time.
    One day king of rhymes.

  • Sam Callanan
    Sam Callanan Year ago +1

    I love the long goodbye so much this is amazing never heard JID's music before but now I love it

  • Kaneda Andiolini
    Kaneda Andiolini 2 years ago +1

    The song & video make a brilliant combination. 👏👏👏 repeat. repeat. repeat. 👍👍👍💪💪💪👑👑👑

  • Noah vn
    Noah vn 5 months ago

    I literally only now just realized this scene is ripped directly from the long goodbye. Absolutely incredible

  • Billy Doom
    Billy Doom 11 months ago +1

    J.I.D can’t wait for the new album. You’re arguably the greatest of this era

  • kelly Edwards
    kelly Edwards Year ago +1

    Dead blast this song in my car...TILL THIS DAY😤👏🏾👏🏾🤬

  • Asmoe Roc
    Asmoe Roc 2 years ago +453

    This is so me during corona quarantine lockdown

    • Joeri
      Joeri 2 years ago +7

      Dancing by yourself in the crib is cool for a bit

  • Felix Conrad
    Felix Conrad 2 months ago

    JID and and Ansel Elgort are actual legends for doing a Long Goodbye homage

  • Dylan Sloan
    Dylan Sloan Year ago +1

    JID raps like he’s never not been on some other top tier talent

  • whatsupbato
    whatsupbato 2 years ago +1

    Even in 2020, this video proves that this song is head of it's time.

  • metalgearsolid_ JG
    metalgearsolid_ JG 9 months ago +2

    i play this everyday, gets me ready for anything.

  • Michael Kachel
    Michael Kachel 11 days ago

    Song convinced me to be sober FR fucking sick JID a true artist!!

  • Poison Music
    Poison Music 4 months ago +1

    This song is sooo good💚

  • Innovative Mindz21
    Innovative Mindz21 Year ago +3

    Everything about this song is perfect 🔥🔥🔥

  • BigBoyGiraffe Graff

    I feel every bit of this song and the music video just on a whole other level

    SVNNY 3 years ago +2409

    if you dont fw JID, YOU NEEDA LAY OFF THE DRUGS

  • Tmelton0123
    Tmelton0123 7 months ago

    I didn’t know this song had a music video pretty cool honestly I like how you can see jid in the reflection of the mirror

  • Reggie Shaver
    Reggie Shaver Year ago +1

    I swear this boi hard af!!!!! The video is pure genius. A tru wrk of art.

  • The Purple Spring
    The Purple Spring Year ago +1

    How I feel when I listen to JID 🕺🏾

  • Aaron Colbert
    Aaron Colbert 9 months ago +5

    JID gave the beat a 30 second headstart and STILL spit more words in this one song than Lil Pump did in a whole album

    VETERAN 3 years ago +2916

    JID: let’s make a music video
    Also JID: **is in the video for 3 seconds**

    • Vincent
      Vincent 2 years ago

      BTW the music video is based on an old film sequence, about a police officer and his cat, and partying girls who live next door, he goes to the supermarket late at night to get cat food, that's why the guy in the vid is leaving at the end.

    • ΣVΛП
      ΣVΛП 2 years ago

      bro u sure? he was in the mirror

    • Kumsari
      Kumsari 2 years ago

      @RICH KJT u good?

  • Jonny Trevino
    Jonny Trevino 8 months ago

    This composition is dope! This video is the epitome of being doooooooope!🔥

  • Darc Majik828
    Darc Majik828 Year ago +1

    1:37secs in and I realized JID during a gym workout means you're not going anywhere for a while...🙆🏿‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️💯🔥💪🏾 the producer Spazzed on the beat and JID snapped on the verse🎯🎰💯

  • Too Weird
    Too Weird Year ago

    Bro.....you expose and educate so well. Doing what rap supposed to be doing

  • Rylee Freeman
    Rylee Freeman 2 years ago +5

    Finally a role model my generation can look up to who’s looking out for them and not selling a culture to destroy us

  • Awkward93
    Awkward93 3 years ago +803

    Perfect representation when you're home alone and gettin' down.

    • ThatDude_1
      ThatDude_1 3 years ago +3

      @Cory The Cannibal 😂😂😂😂

    • ThatDude_1
      ThatDude_1 3 years ago +1

      @I, Jedi same

    • Cory The Cannibal
      Cory The Cannibal 3 years ago +3

      You over salt ur cats food?

    • I, Jedi
      I, Jedi 3 years ago +6

      Not gonna lie I do this in front of folks

    • Vxltage
      Vxltage 3 years ago +5

      Awkward93 facts

  • abhishek choudhary

    What a master piece.

  • blankface
    blankface Year ago

    The meaning behind this video is actually legit af , keep that mind strong 💪

    • Peter Kropotkin
      Peter Kropotkin Year ago

      @blankface lmao I appreciate your candidness.

    • blankface
      blankface Year ago

      @Peter Kropotkin I honestly have no idea maybe I was high

    • Peter Kropotkin
      Peter Kropotkin Year ago

      What meaning? lol He dances around his apartment, feeds his cat salty oatmeal and looks out the window at some dude partying on the roof.

  • LiverpoolWALKALONE
    LiverpoolWALKALONE Year ago +1

    So fire this man is unreal

  • BoZzA
    BoZzA Year ago +13

    jid is criminally underrated

  • Bruno de Clerck
    Bruno de Clerck 3 years ago +241

    The fact that J.I.D still sin't mainstream is beyond me

    • P L E A S E H E L P I A M U N H E A L T H Y
      P L E A S E H E L P I A M U N H E A L T H Y 3 years ago

      @ervintheprodigy • yes he iissssss mans got over 2 million monthly lisssttennersss

    • Yuko
      Yuko 3 years ago

      Excuse me, Google some shit now and then. J.I.D is mainstream. Literally got over 2 million listeners on his recent album

    • Zack Long
      Zack Long 3 years ago

      I mean...he's not underground.

    • Shaba Clank
      Shaba Clank 3 years ago

      ervintheprodigy • also I’ve never heard Logic being played on the radio outside of 1800
      But hes another prime example

    • Shaba Clank
      Shaba Clank 3 years ago

      ervintheprodigy • well just because he doesn’t get radio play doesn’t make him not mainstream
      I don’t ever hear guys like Uzi, Yachty, and pump playing on the radio station
      But it’s no debating they’re mainstream

  • Abraão Comentarista
    Abraão Comentarista 8 months ago +1

    Devia tocar em ritmo de fuga 2

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    Shuaib The Sensei Year ago +6

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    This man doesn’t have a bad song 😭

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    Papa Beej 7 months ago

    The way the beat evolves is so underrated