If I Laugh, I Lose $2500 (ULTIMATE YLYL)

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    If I laugh then I have to donate $2500 to the Australian NSW fire depeartment :))
    Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
    Follow me: WilburSoot
    Edited: thexvid.com/channel/UCFycGjRxjfB01HWYtXirG4Q
    Music used:
    Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

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  • Wilbur Soot
    Wilbur Soot  2 months ago +3387

    Content's been a bit slower recently while I set up for January! I shall be back to normal soon.
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    • Andru Forbin
      Andru Forbin 2 months ago

      Sorry i have no mons

    • TJonfire
      TJonfire 2 months ago

      Starts streaming a whole nee virus starts spreading

    • bajusz channel mc
      bajusz channel mc 2 months ago

      Dude pls stream we are dying of the corona virus

    • Lysander Hinojosa
      Lysander Hinojosa 2 months ago

      Good new Australia is no longer on fire
      But it is flooding

    • That guy Jester
      That guy Jester 2 months ago

      “8. Epstein didn’t kill himself” does your editor wanna explain 😂

  • CH3RRY
    CH3RRY Day ago

    This is the video that made me realise I lowkey have a crush on will

  • Squishy
    Squishy 2 days ago +2

    Wilbur: now that I’m streaming, things in the world will get better.
    Corona: I think the fuck not!

  • SHD Burrito
    SHD Burrito 2 days ago

    Bro I’m dying bc of 6:00

  • Easy Peasy Gaming
    Easy Peasy Gaming 3 days ago

    hey there in march and that intro aged perfectly

  • Zara Henley
    Zara Henley 3 days ago

    Wilbur: *laughs in the first minute*
    Video: *is 24 minutes long*
    Me: ????

  • Gaming Guys
    Gaming Guys 3 days ago

    Wilbur seeing the good in weebs

  • FBI Meme
    FBI Meme 3 days ago

    Alcohol liquor.That man has had to much of it.

  • cody null
    cody null 3 days ago

    We also have corona

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 5 days ago

    Little did Wilbur know coronavirus was on its way

  • Iris Bos
    Iris Bos 5 days ago

    1:25 Wilbur getting annoyed only by seeing David Cameron’s face is the energy I want to radiate.

  • Pow -_-
    Pow -_- 5 days ago

    3 months later. Wilbur didn’t shave his head

  • Greigames
    Greigames 5 days ago

    “Maybe if I keep streaming everything will get better”
    (It won’t)

  • comprehensive tone
    comprehensive tone 6 days ago

    i see you TINYAEDIS

  • scrunchy bean
    scrunchy bean 6 days ago

    WHY WAS THE IMPRESSION DO GOOD 😭😭😭 it was so accurate

  • Pearl
    Pearl 6 days ago +1

    C h e e t o

  • DoggerPlay Rus
    DoggerPlay Rus 7 days ago

    Wilbur, please don't confuse weebs with Jojo fans. Make Jojo fans allowed

  • JOE Mama
    JOE Mama 7 days ago

    Plz stream more now
    The world needs it

  • Jeffrey Murray
    Jeffrey Murray 8 days ago +1

    Now it's corona virus

  • Carl Reid
    Carl Reid 8 days ago

    Wilbur has a cute smile

  • Del Taco's Freshavacado

    23:18 it looks like he's flipping us ofd

  • Apollo9898LPs
    Apollo9898LPs 9 days ago

    No one:
    Wilbur: "Did you see the way he *perambulated???* "

  • AK Snowman
    AK Snowman 10 days ago

    I see this vid and first thing that comes to mind is meme stream
    Everyone start sending gnomes and Ricardo

  • Arlen Basil
    Arlen Basil 10 days ago +2

    ah, january. when everything began to decline

  • Mason Christensen
    Mason Christensen 11 days ago

    Im listening to the Alligator dog while listening to music when an alligator attacks you in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Mason Christensen
    Mason Christensen 11 days ago

    Bruh say hello the right way in German hallo guten tag is good day

  • Flipper 96
    Flipper 96 11 days ago

    And civic-19

  • intense human box
    intense human box 11 days ago

    its not that weebs arent funny u just have some shit tier weebs in your chat

  • Kemby
    Kemby 11 days ago

    wilbur listens to Crywank-

  • Scott Watkin
    Scott Watkin 11 days ago +1

    when the recommended videos cover up the amount. Raised: $2

  • Phillip Wood
    Phillip Wood 11 days ago


  • IKON Ksugden2008
    IKON Ksugden2008 11 days ago

    Hi from an aussi

  • Qwirky
    Qwirky 11 days ago

    Then corona virus

  • ehands
    ehands 11 days ago


  • Zach
    Zach 11 days ago +1

    3:04 to skip the sponsored segment

  • Stars
    Stars 12 days ago

    19:55 Guys!! Look!! Wilbur likes Neutral Milk Hotel

  • Bluest_Boy
    Bluest_Boy 12 days ago

    Animal+noise+pain= Wilbur laughs

  • Gabriel Sides
    Gabriel Sides 13 days ago

    bruh look you did laugh 19:55

  • bob bobby
    bob bobby 13 days ago

    He says he didn’t laugh, but u saw him smile through out the entire vid

  • Panteley Gubanov
    Panteley Gubanov 13 days ago

    6:43 had me dying

  • BartoHawk764
    BartoHawk764 13 days ago

    We stan the Bog Dog

  • Mason Stage
    Mason Stage 13 days ago

    Lmao Corona virus

  • Robin Degerud Egsæter

    little did he know that in 2 months he would me stuck in Germany because of a global epidemic.

  • Dominic Hicks
    Dominic Hicks 14 days ago +1

    *Cough* corona virus happens *cough*

  • Nuggets XD
    Nuggets XD 14 days ago

    At 22:41 u missed the best part after he says that he opens the window to tell the guy where did u get the jacket or something like that but then the guy outside just pulls out a literal flame thrower

  • BrOsOme1284
    BrOsOme1284 14 days ago

    Is it bad that the only time I laughed at this video is when wilbur said perambulate

  • jason Crout
    jason Crout 14 days ago

    2:17 privisy

  • Jackson Shunney
    Jackson Shunney 14 days ago

    Tofu Chan: appears
    Wilbur: :DDDDDD

  • Annihilate
    Annihilate 15 days ago +1

    11:42 MA SHOOS UNTIE...


    oh! and also this is the 3333rd comment :D

  • Jack Bombing
    Jack Bombing 15 days ago +3

    Him not streaming
    corona virus

  • Bane raptor
    Bane raptor 15 days ago

    lol he on quaratine in germany poopy

  • my life as a kid YT
    my life as a kid YT 15 days ago

    Until he is stuck in quarantine in germany.

  • Niiue
    Niiue 15 days ago

    i wonder why your editor removed rule 3 🤔

  • Mutant Noodles
    Mutant Noodles 15 days ago

    He don’t know what a seal is

  • William Hester
    William Hester 15 days ago

    To bad he’s stuck in Berlin.

    LAGUNA 15 days ago

    0:12 Everything bad happens when he doesn’t stream and now we can add coronavirus to that list

  • zakkattack__
    zakkattack__ 15 days ago


  • Wolfie_loaf_Vans
    Wolfie_loaf_Vans 16 days ago +1

    ALL FURRYS---->

  • Black Iron
    Black Iron 16 days ago

    Wilbur: if I stream everything gets better! Coronavirus: u sure?

  • Cormac Gallen
    Cormac Gallen 16 days ago

    6.05 terrorists win says on screen counter terrorists win oof

  • LT - 11GS - Sandalwood Heights SS (2442)

    what does Wilbur have against weebs

  • Gavin Dickey
    Gavin Dickey 17 days ago

    Some guy paid $96 to play the Tofu Chan bread commercial. Amazing.

  • Rama
    Rama 17 days ago

    sorry to say but tofu chan is trash dont @ me

  • Adequate Content
    Adequate Content 18 days ago +1


  • Areno Music
    Areno Music 18 days ago

    COVID-19: I'm about to ruin this man's whole prediction

  • Oculus Quest Gameplays


  • Delilah
    Delilah 19 days ago


  • pd2580 Mobile Gaming
    pd2580 Mobile Gaming 19 days ago

    He stopped streaming and we get the Fukin coronavirus

  • Wunderful
    Wunderful 20 days ago

    That kid went for Wilbur’s throat XD

  • Kaim Argonar
    Kaim Argonar 20 days ago

    Thank you for watching! Raised: $2
    Gotta love video recommendations blocking outros

  • GloveGunner8
    GloveGunner8 21 day ago +1

    hmmmmm thexvid.com/video/Ayv4nKw44Vg/video.html

  • Anita Mundargi
    Anita Mundargi 22 days ago

    wilber. wil-wilber.
    i cant see the money.
    cause u blocked it.
    with another video.

  • Anita Mundargi
    Anita Mundargi 22 days ago

    *8. Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself*

  • Havokk
    Havokk 22 days ago

    Why have some parts from the OG video been cut out

  • Ethan Cook
    Ethan Cook 23 days ago

    When the sponser started I was like fuck off

  • Ed
    Ed 25 days ago

    Did will show us all his info? 2.41

  • foxatronic
    foxatronic 26 days ago

    Wilbur its just getting worse the fire went out though

  • flamowlX
    flamowlX 28 days ago

    deep inside though, it wasn't a joke.

  • lopie lp
    lopie lp 28 days ago +59

    Will: put rule 8 on screen
    Jack: Jeffrey Epstein didnt kill himself