CM Punk Talks Winning WWE Lawsuit, UFC 225, Possible Return To Wrestling And More


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  • 0707565
    0707565 6 days ago

    I want to fight cm punk! Scorpion vs the deer 🦂🦌

  • NYRfan4Life
    NYRfan4Life 13 days ago

    CM Punk is so underrated as a UFC fighter, though he has ZERO skill to show for it.

  • Tommy HnM
    Tommy HnM 15 days ago

    He's not going back to WWE but maybe......

    He's going to ROH or Any other wrestling show

  • zhead _123
    zhead _123 15 days ago

    I feel like cm punk is the type of guy to do 9 hours of cardio and still have a fat belly, coz of his slow motabolism

  • Seth 66
    Seth 66 17 days ago

    His way of explaining things is pretty interesting.
    The way he processes certain situations that need to be addressed and completed like
    Dealing with WWE and going on to do UFC and having time out - Wife Family etc...
    He knows what He wants and will get...

  • John Murray
    John Murray 17 days ago

    Whether or not CM Punk is popular, he stays true to himself. He's successful because he's a driven, talented individual. Does that talent lie in MMA? Maybe not. Father Time just wasn't on his side on that; it could've been had he trained for it earlier in life. He spent his truly formative years focused squarely on being a pure entertainer. Punk is legendary as an entertainist. No amount of MMA losses can ever take that away from him. He's just an exceptionally driven individual who isn't afraid of failure. That's what it takes to make it in this world. Did he make it as a successful individual? Yes. He's not satisfied with just that, though. That's just a part of what makes him exceptional. He's not your average person and furthermore, doesn't mind showing others his proverbial warts and scars. He'll take you along for the ride. He is your true antihero, he'll go against the grain, and at the end of the day, in a way, he is a true hero - someone who sets a true example and inspires others to be more than they just might settle for themselves to be.

  • Tempestni
    Tempestni 20 days ago

    Punk needs to quit UFC. He's not a fighter and he needs to accept it or remain delusional, get hurt, lose and humiliate himself over and over again.

  • Mason Murphy
    Mason Murphy 22 days ago

    lost his fight, being sued by colt cobana lmao hahaha

    • Redfield 100%
      Redfield 100% 21 day ago

      +Mason Murphy oh okay I just read that now. Yes your right lol

    • Mason Murphy
      Mason Murphy 21 day ago

      +Redfield 100% it just shows that he's an a****** if you read the report filed by Colt Cabana it states that punk was supposed to help pay the court cost and he refused it's funny because he is an a******

    • Redfield 100%
      Redfield 100% 21 day ago

      Where's the funny in that then?

  • Peleki Rokovadaa
    Peleki Rokovadaa 22 days ago

    Sounds like a genuine nice guy. CM PUNK will do well in MMA.

  • m.m lan
    m.m lan 22 days ago

    i love you cm punk

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  • Joe
    Joe 23 days ago

    cm punk always gave this interviewer a hard time but i think he is starting to realize that he isnt going away and he is a REAL 1 and he keeps it honest and asks the hard questions, sometimes dumb questions too.

  • Sangeen Khan
    Sangeen Khan 24 days ago

    WhOo LoVes Cm pUnk CliCl Likee...ButtOn

  • Gavin Garcia
    Gavin Garcia 26 days ago

    I love him

  • Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley 28 days ago

    well I'm sorry but Punk's not a fighter... he doesn't have "it" everyone can throw a punch or a kick... but they need "it" you can tell straight away if I drop Lesnar's name... you know he's got it. I saw it in the first fight with Gall Punk looked clumsy.... and his second fight was even worse. I give credit to him for trying... I really do.. it takes balls to get in there whilst the world watches. I honestly think he should go back to the WWE... he could earn so much money there but I understand all he's been through with the doctor lawsuit etc. and his physical condition but he's still only 39 years old... too old for UFC but not too old for part time WWE. Do what you're good at.... that's a the motto a lot of people carry with them. And Punk imo is probably the best ever on the mic... hell you could watch his verbal clashes and forget the wrestling and still be entertained. But its his life... its up to him... I'm sure if he gets a good offer and if he feels up to it one day he'll come back... if not then I wish him good luck for the future but I dont think his future lies with UFC.... I dont want to see him get beaten up like tht again.

    • Redfield 100%
      Redfield 100% 21 day ago

      I agree. You either have it of you don't. If you have it you can train and become a fighter but if you don't then you can train but don't get into a cage or ring. Great pro wrestler though.

  • Eric Frost
    Eric Frost Month ago

    I’m glad Punk & Colt won
    The doctor was backed by WWE obviously
    In Stone Colds podcast Vince said he foresaw Punk returning one day? Please.
    Vince McMahon and his cronies are vindictive and can’t stand to lose, Punk made his own way and walked away from Vince and he couldn’t let it go...
    He told the truth of the matter and got sued for defamation
    You cannot be sued for speaking truth
    Justice won out

  • Tunahan Bayrak
    Tunahan Bayrak Month ago

    Man he get older

  • sid aryan
    sid aryan Month ago

    You always best in the world

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel Month ago +1

    Congratulations to you CM Punk, however I like how this interview was shot. CM Punk is in the foreground and the interviewer is in the background speaking in the mirror. Awesome effect on how they went back and forth. Again congratulations and very dope interview

  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson Month ago

    Did better than his first fight, but I can't help but feel he would have benefited greatly from having a handful of amateur matches before the UFC. Though I realize with his fame that would not be easy at all. Still, huge props for him giving it his best.

  • New Noise
    New Noise Month ago

    Respect Cm Punk you people arnt as good as him

  • Aaryan Raj
    Aaryan Raj Month ago

    14:10 - 14:15 truth about people around us...

  • Randy Hutchinson
    Randy Hutchinson Month ago

    I really respect this man, despite the first 2 fights

  • Randy Hutchinson
    Randy Hutchinson Month ago

    he needs to fight in his weight class

  • ItsNotaTuhmah
    ItsNotaTuhmah Month ago


  • badguy gaming
    badguy gaming Month ago +2

    I miss cm Punk in the wwe

  • Deodar
    Deodar Month ago

    If he should return to wrestling. Anywhere BUT WWE.

  • Orphaned baby Jesus

    "Even through the darkest days, this fire burns... always!"

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips Month ago

    I use to respect him now he is a crybaby

  • Antony Njeru
    Antony Njeru Month ago

    This guy is an idiot is that simple

  • ItsNoahScott
    ItsNoahScott Month ago

    “Luck’s for losers”

  • TaskForceKillah
    TaskForceKillah Month ago


  • Lee Redwood
    Lee Redwood Month ago +2

    90% of people respect he tried

  • Erik Cantu
    Erik Cantu Month ago

    I never had any feelings for CM either way,but for him to get in the octagon made me feel like rooting for him,especialy after his first loss,its kinda a horrible situation him not being great at something that he tries to be great at

  • Armando Gandara
    Armando Gandara Month ago

    If cm punk returns to wwe aj lee will come back too

  • Sk Jackson83
    Sk Jackson83 Month ago

  • R.A Khan
    R.A Khan Month ago

    If he returns then definately AJ Lee is gonna be back as well.

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man Month ago +1

    I miss cm punk so much that i copie his hair style to remind me of him ;(

  • RPG 7
    RPG 7 Month ago

    Punk listen since I had seen you in 2011 till this moment and I very impressed

  • Huxaa
    Huxaa Month ago +1


  • William Nimbach
    William Nimbach Month ago

    Iol so your saying there is a chance??

  • Lance Milton
    Lance Milton Month ago

    Cm Punk comeback to WWE

  • Crimson Head
    Crimson Head Month ago

    He looks like 2011 punk again

  • Gucci Malcs
    Gucci Malcs Month ago

    Man I hope things work out for him. I have so much respect for punk he’s such a genuine guy.

  • ScottyFox
    ScottyFox Month ago

    Back when CM Punk still had the tar in him..👊

  • Kenneth Tibbitts
    Kenneth Tibbitts Month ago


  • ozal zakaria
    ozal zakaria Month ago

    This fire burns. That's the theme for him.

  • robert mattox
    robert mattox Month ago

    Cm punk is a great guy but his wwe character was well .. a a hole . I believe he needs to come back to wwe. It make things a lot different.

  • Chris J Productionz
    Chris J Productionz Month ago +1

    He doesn’t even have to come back to WWE alone but he needs to return to PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING i.e ROH, or NJPW

  • Dakota Bownes
    Dakota Bownes Month ago

    Says "I can't say no".
    That means we could possibly see him doing something with ROH or NJPW in the future. 😁

  • Iliyan Tanchev
    Iliyan Tanchev 2 months ago

    Another one another one take the L

  • Lee Martin
    Lee Martin 2 months ago

    I miss them cm punk pipebombs. So entertaining! Please come back

  • KillShot
    KillShot 2 months ago


  • C B
    C B 2 months ago

    He’s done in the UFC and needs to just realize he isn’t a mma fighter.

  • Sublime D
    Sublime D 2 months ago

    He sounds a little more at peace.

  • POWMIA Gaming
    POWMIA Gaming 2 months ago

    Hellofa Moment Punk! Thanks for that...Kick ASS!!!

  • Edwin Lopez Jr.
    Edwin Lopez Jr. 2 months ago

    Great man CM Punk. It would be an honor to shake his hand. Stand up guy.

  • Azar Khan
    Azar Khan 2 months ago +3

    CM Punk best in the World 😉forever

    • 0707565
      0707565 6 days ago

      No im the best!!!

    CARTOONIVERSE1 2 months ago

    Hmmm. This Channel had 666K Subscribers so *I just subscribed* to CHANGE that ugly number. I refreshed the page & *STILL* it is at 666. And they say we are paranoid about the establishment's intentions. Pretty fishy to me.

  • EM Studios
    EM Studios 2 months ago

    I wonder why they did it in front of a mirror?

  • Joemalian Juggalo R,R
    Joemalian Juggalo R,R 2 months ago


  • awesome1ru
    awesome1ru 2 months ago

    What a waste of 4 years

  • Carlos Boss
    Carlos Boss 2 months ago

    who is scott?

  • shayne watts
    shayne watts 2 months ago

    He didn’t win wwe has won

  • Dennis Mahaney
    Dennis Mahaney 2 months ago

    You got your ass kicked punk.

  • Big Dave Harmon
    Big Dave Harmon 2 months ago

    How's them tofu burgers ?

  • NeoTube
    NeoTube 2 months ago +5

    If he comes back to WWE i will jump out of my balcony and yell 'cm punk is back boyyyyyyyyyyyyy' im not even kidding...

  • Johnny Burns
    Johnny Burns 2 months ago

    Glad he's not completely opposed to wrestling. Still, hope he just does what he wants.

  • earthworm jim
    earthworm jim 2 months ago +7

    cm punk is a great person and one of my fav wrestlers of all time but he always seem depressed or empty inside, i don't know why, maybe his disbelief in god made him like that, god bless you cm punk

  • Pumpkin King
    Pumpkin King 2 months ago

    "Courage isn't not being afraid. Courage is being scared to death, but you face it anyway"

    BFORTHEV 2 months ago

    WWE SUCKS UFC is way better


      BFORTHEV yeah I know but I like boxing and wwe is just a show I enjoy watching it but it's getting bad handwriting in the scripts

      BFORTHEV Month ago

      YOXATKINGSLAYER I said nothing about boxing lol


      BFORTHEV no boxing is way better than ufc

  • Atharv Motghare
    Atharv Motghare 2 months ago +1

    Plz bring AJ with you

  • Simon Cowie
    Simon Cowie 2 months ago +1

    CM Punk didn’t win his court case that was reported in fact he settled out of court

      CARTOONIVERSE1 2 months ago

      Simon Cowie- It wasn't a *technical Court Win* but just the FACT that WWE gave HIM money to end it is still *a total win * in reality. They *didn't* want to pay him...they were trying to hurt him finanially(which they did a little bit) but in THE END *they* had to pay. Don't forget THEY sued him.

  • Faizol Azha
    Faizol Azha 2 months ago

    Nah..he will get into HOF

  • Jason Sutton
    Jason Sutton 2 months ago +1

    Sad that he lost all those years of wrestling...he was great at it.
    He got not just beat but embarrassed in his UFC he should retire or come back to wrestling...not WWE but ROH or NJPW.

  • Th33Vultur3
    Th33Vultur3 3 months ago +1

    I am a CM Punk fan, but he will bash WWE, but if it wasn't for WWE, he wouldn't have had fame, he wouldn't have met his wife and he wouldn't have his wealth he enjoys today. I do agree with him with the WWE being careless with his health with Chris Amann, but at the same time, he did walk out whether he realizes or not, before his contract was due to expire a few months later. Walked out on his employer and walked out on the fans, who gave him the wealth he has today. And if it wasn't for WWE, he wouldn't have met his wife.

  • Pablo Albarrán
    Pablo Albarrán 3 months ago

    I hope he never returns to WWE :S. I just want him to be the guy that stick to his word until the very end.

  • Fly house of truth
    Fly house of truth 3 months ago

    I miss seeing him in the WWE. I liked his style, or his charictor whatever you call it. The stright edge stuff to the more recent calling people out on stuff.

  • john duran
    john duran 3 months ago +1

    Cm punk should have stayed with the wwe he’s trash in the ufc

  • Ryan Chapman
    Ryan Chapman 3 months ago


  • Chris J
    Chris J 3 months ago

    He needs some help, deep down issues

  • brian96597
    brian96597 3 months ago

    Boy was worried more about that douchey haircut than the actual fight. Pitiful.

  • Bruce Oates
    Bruce Oates 3 months ago

    PUNK! please come back to wwe! you belong there, kurt angle is taking over raw and shane is taking over smackdown

  • Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam
    Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam 3 months ago +1

    What an absolutely extraordinarily well done interview! You asked insightful, intelligent, and thought-provoking questions, and you did something that modern interviewers can't seem to do: YOU LET YOUR SUBJECT SPEAK. Punk is so intelligent, so sharp- he never ceases to impress me with how articulate he is and how you can see his passion (or now, sadly, thanks to WWE, his complete LACK of passion). Thank you for this!!

  • I'm stupid but,
    I'm stupid but, 3 months ago

    Look.. That guy is a joke. Hahaha

  • Higher Media
    Higher Media 3 months ago +2

    Ariel lookin pretty chubby these days

  • maddog76
    maddog76 3 months ago


    • LesnarAchilles
      LesnarAchilles 3 months ago

      maddog76 wwe sucks you idiot, he doesn't want to work for them, he would prefer ring of honor or the independent circuit

  • Wulver
    Wulver 3 months ago

    Mad respect to Punk for his sparring session in the octagon.

  • blink23
    blink23 3 months ago

    Cm punk is awesome

  • D4V1D 360
    D4V1D 360 3 months ago


  • Izzy Presley
    Izzy Presley 3 months ago +1

    In a world of hack interviewers, this was a great fn interview. Great job.

  • JogOnYaChickenNugget
    JogOnYaChickenNugget 3 months ago

    What lawsuit did he win

  • Shashank rabid dogg Susngi

    ya well he lost at UFC 225 and was fired by that ass hat Dana, and now his return to wrestling is almost inevitable.
    Although I doubt it will be to WWE.

  • Frankie Hernandez
    Frankie Hernandez 3 months ago +1

    Cm Punk v Green Ranger

  • DroughtYT
    DroughtYT 3 months ago +1

    Like if he should go back to WWE!

  • BWayf3r
    BWayf3r 3 months ago +1

    CM Punk CM punk CM punk

  • Cm Irshad
    Cm Irshad 3 months ago

    It's amazing nterview ⚘⚘👏👏

  • Dean D
    Dean D 3 months ago +2

    I really love how this interview was shot and laid out. I really like how it was mostly focused on Punk with Ariel in the mirror. So very crafty.

  • Solomon Hollins
    Solomon Hollins 3 months ago

    Any wish I had on him appearing at MITB this weekend in Chicago is washed away. I will be in the building. I know that place will be deafening with punk chants.