• Published on May 16, 2017
  • A new era of children's entertainment...
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    Outro made by Harry B
    Game: VThree
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  • Dr.blitz Pickletened the fan of fnaf the 10th

    Hey kiddos wanna watch people being tortured for fun

  • Eli Animations
    Eli Animations 7 hours ago +1

    TheXvid: mickey mouse baby dead in gas explosion

  • Xulvic-
    Xulvic- 14 hours ago

    “Oh you snide B!tch”

  • Rpaddy09 Golt
    Rpaddy09 Golt 18 hours ago

    0:09 imagine this Willany and memeulus Spider-Man and Elsa videos

  • the blue guy:Mohammad KASSEM

    wat game u plauing in the background ?

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez Day ago

    Why do people make these videio

  • Genetic Acid
    Genetic Acid Day ago

    These micky mouse videos just want to owe coops 4500$

  • Yah Yeet
    Yah Yeet Day ago

    *perfect finger*

  • Ahren Dayal
    Ahren Dayal Day ago

    Won dis bes vedeo Eva

  • sDanOs
    sDanOs Day ago +1

    0:12 well this didn’t age well

  • kokichi ouma
    kokichi ouma Day ago

    I have seen one of those "kid friendly videos" when I was a kid and got traumatized (it was a pepper pig video)

  • Emma Rodriguez
    Emma Rodriguez Day ago

    You call that FAMILY FRIENDLY

  • William Afton
    William Afton 2 days ago

    Great, now I will have to explain "grown up" things to children because some youtube channel says so

  • Alex New acc
    Alex New acc 2 days ago

    W h a t
    I n
    T h e

  • Jake Yeet
    Jake Yeet 2 days ago

    what game is he playing

  • cutierainbowkitty 12345

    I can’t wait for: egg head girl lemon fruit holding a Christmas tree on gycicle lol

  • MajorKinz700
    MajorKinz700 2 days ago

    This is called "Elsgate", by the way.

  • The slump god of duke

    Video idea: spiderman slaps dora and stuffs a exercise ball down her throat

  • Bambi Faline
    Bambi Faline 3 days ago

    Kids ,movie time!
    Let's watch MICKEY MOUSE EATS M&M!

  • Kacei Havevsu
    Kacei Havevsu 3 days ago +2

    1:10 when that one kid starts crying

  • HiIm DelaneyMartin
    HiIm DelaneyMartin 4 days ago

    The best Australian family friendly 17/18 yr old TheXvidr:

  • mr noobxdustink
    mr noobxdustink 5 days ago +1

    Man who mades a child friendly and kid friendly channel: hmmmmmm maybe baby get kidnap and babies mouse dies

  • Agoston Schmid
    Agoston Schmid 5 days ago

    the best youtuber

  • Ghostface From SCREAM

    TheXvid:makes TheXvid Kids
    Also TheXvid:lets ruin childhoods with *spiderman eats Elsa poop then has s*x*

  • Elliott's Videos
    Elliott's Videos 5 days ago +1

    “That Looks Like Some Kind Of Mortal Kombat Finishing Move.”

  • magic carp
    magic carp 6 days ago +1

    Students: LETS WATCH IT! *cheering*
    Me: O-0

  • JXSH _
    JXSH _ 6 days ago

    Ngl I was scared when I watched this

  • Rahmat Raha
    Rahmat Raha 6 days ago

    That laugh hahahahha

  • Clarence Sweet
    Clarence Sweet 6 days ago +1



    Hmm. Lethal Injection
    Wouldn't it kill him or them right away?

  • steams the madlad
    steams the madlad 7 days ago

    I'm not fam friendly
    4:14 look at his shadow

  • The Lemonade Milkshake

    well look where we are now

  • Ineedbananas
    Ineedbananas 7 days ago

    What is that game you are playing?

  • Jonathan Epicson
    Jonathan Epicson 7 days ago

    I Can’t Wait For : *Mickie And Minnie Mouse Get Captured By Adolf Hitler! Crackhead Goofy Starts WW3! Jr. Mickie And Minnie Mouse Become Apocalypse Warriors!*

  • Aleksander Kostrubiec

    Memolous,IM 18 AND IM SCARED!
    Me,laughing my butt off.😄😄😄😄😄

  • Wanda Wegweiser
    Wanda Wegweiser 7 days ago

    Mickey sticks an air dryer up his booty and dies

  • its JDone
    its JDone 7 days ago +1

    I wonder if theres some parents who actually put these videos on as a punishment for their kids

    ISAAC EL URBANO 7 days ago

    Shity parenths.

  • 1finity
    1finity 7 days ago

    warning these "family freindly" videos five aids

  • Aimee Dargitz
    Aimee Dargitz 7 days ago

    Dislikes are from the kid-friendly channels

  • Delightfulrainbow 205

    fuck coppa

  • iPoop
    iPoop 8 days ago

    What Makes Me Laugh More Harder That The OH NOOO! Sound Effect

  • Big M
    Big M 8 days ago +1

    Minnie you *sket*

  • Adie Bartolome
    Adie Bartolome 8 days ago +1

    Thank goodness COPPA will delete these videos and sue the creators

  • Detenatron 360.
    Detenatron 360. 8 days ago

    And this is how physco paths are born

  • Karen Briones
    Karen Briones 8 days ago


  • AwesomeYena
    AwesomeYena 8 days ago

    Some random adult: "Ugh, there's too many kids on TheXvid, why don't they just use flipping TheXvid kids!"
    The kids: *Shows this and Dodgy "Kids Videos" on TheXvid to the adult*

  • Koolguy Industries
    Koolguy Industries 8 days ago

    Nothing better than watching a grown man getting triggered at kids content.

  • The_Hannasaurus _Rex
    The_Hannasaurus _Rex 8 days ago +1

    I wanna see: Spiderman elsa playing in bed with baby thanos and suicide spongebob

  • Kacei Havevsu
    Kacei Havevsu 9 days ago

    Family friendly: Minnie Mouse tries to cheat on mickey with Donald duck mickey then kills them

  • Faith Rodriguez
    Faith Rodriguez 9 days ago

    Just wanna say I have a cousin Really Young or 2 and they watch TheXvid kids
    I'm worried for them and their future

  • rodante Licup
    rodante Licup 9 days ago

    Man:*ties up kids*
    Blue mickey:im about to end this guy career

  • Family friendly Content creator

    The nursery rhyme one...
    Donald Trump: right

  • Noob Nahuel
    Noob Nahuel 9 days ago

    Wat game u play !???.¿..

  • PichuGamer YT
    PichuGamer YT 9 days ago

    *save me from the nothing i’ve become*

  • Doctor whovian
    Doctor whovian 9 days ago

    I’m having a seizure from just like nothing but like just like that Micky mouse thing lol

  • ItsThatBoy Anthony
    ItsThatBoy Anthony 9 days ago

    I can turn these titles to positive things
    Minnie Mouse stops suicide
    Mickey Mouse returns lethal injection

  • Nikki Carr
    Nikki Carr 10 days ago

    when i see a video like this it makes me cringe

  • Red_Z the Dogg_O
    Red_Z the Dogg_O 10 days ago


  • Criptonized Animator
    Criptonized Animator 10 days ago +1

    why didnt i subscribe before?