These Roblox games SHOULDNT have voice chat…

  • Published on Dec 16, 2021
    Today I play random Roblox games that have voice chat, if you want me to do more Roblox voice chat vids then pray for it or something
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  • Nagito Komeada
    Nagito Komeada 5 months ago +1419

    "All those jokes about your mother not loving you, this is why."
    damn he really went there

    • Fonsy
      Fonsy 3 days ago

      that guy took it really far there

    • Petra Klumpe
      Petra Klumpe 26 days ago

      Are you the real nagito and arent you dead or did you back from the death

    • LunaNotFound
      LunaNotFound Month ago

      @slushyyyyyy no why would it be a joke some people including me don’t have biological mothers you know

    • slushyyyyyy
      slushyyyyyy Month ago

      @LanzEvo this is a joke.. right?

    • LanzEvo
      LanzEvo 4 months ago +18

      @Bricks alberts mother left him when he was small and it hurts him when someone said that his mother doesnt love him

  • glowingxally
    glowingxally 5 months ago +785

    Nobody gonna talk about how cute this is that albert was singing along to the song?
    EDIT: BTW look at his smile!! Super wholesome
    EDIT2: Tysm all for all the likes!

    • Angelo
      Angelo 13 days ago

      The song is never see you again by tyler the creator

    • JessNSerg DeSantos
      JessNSerg DeSantos Month ago

      This made me like him-

    • leadCarl
      leadCarl 3 months ago

      @patcit233 The game is called "The Wild West" :)

    • leadCarl
      leadCarl 3 months ago

      The game is called "The Wild West" :)

    • patcit233
      patcit233 4 months ago

      shit I forgor what that game is called :(

  • ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜
    ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜 5 months ago +227

    As a Brazilian, allow me to translate what they said
    "C'mon bro i know you can do It brother"
    "He isn't Brazilian dude, he is famous!"
    "Yeah he is famous! :0"
    "What are u trying to say to flamingo bro?"

    • ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜
      ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜 5 days ago

      @karen's dog eu tb não

    • karen's dog
      karen's dog 5 days ago

      Mn nao sabia que tinha brasiliero aq

    • ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜
      ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜 Month ago +1

      @Artist Leeks eu tbm cara

    • Artist Leeks
      Artist Leeks Month ago +1

      yeah as a Brazilian i was suprised when they started speaking Portuguese

    • ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜
      ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕜 Month ago +2

      @Karolliny Costa não gosto muito de deixar as pessoas no vácuo kk

  • The Frog Lord
    The Frog Lord 5 months ago +212

    4:28 his singing actually warms my heart

    • vynvyn_
      vynvyn_ Month ago


    • haxozr
      haxozr 2 months ago

      Same 🥺❤️

    • leadCarl
      leadCarl 3 months ago +2

      The game is called "The Wild West" :)

  • Shadow.Skullz
    Shadow.Skullz 4 months ago +10

    Your videos help me through hard times Albert. I’m so happy I discovered your channel all those years ago. You make me so happy :)

  • hheater
    hheater 5 months ago +4365

    Hey Albert, in case you didn’t know there are games where you can join vc-only servers (I only know of da hood and the mimic for now because I played those with friends). You type in the chat command for said game and it takes you to vc only, for the mimic it’s /vc, for da hood it’s /e joinvc I think :)


      @Jim Jones im just too lazy to change my name or pfp

    • Jim Jones
      Jim Jones 15 days ago

      @✨ITS NOT A MISTAKE, ITS A MASTERPIECE✨ you’re literally a jellybean fan-

    • Itzsakura
      Itzsakura Month ago


    • Gamer Legend ROBLOX
      Gamer Legend ROBLOX 3 months ago

      There's a VR supported SCP game with a Spatial Voice Chat Server.

    • Simply_Sara
      Simply_Sara 4 months ago

      @✨ITS NOT A MISTAKE, ITS A MASTERPIECE✨ I'm glad I can translate this into english

  • Essence Weeb Kittyx3
    Essence Weeb Kittyx3 5 months ago +478


  • toilet bag
    toilet bag 4 months ago +8

    HEY THAT WAS ME AT 6:13.. You made it look like the other guy was the one talking though :(

  • clevp001
    clevp001 4 months ago +12

    That was so cool. I got to see Albert actually smiling and being happy.

  • Dr. Joe
    Dr. Joe 5 months ago +7

    4:09 They said "He's Famous."

  • Aleisha Draws
    Aleisha Draws 5 months ago +3492

    it’s so adorable that he started singing to his favourite tyler the creator song

  • IShowEpicness
    IShowEpicness 4 months ago +14

    5:39 saddest moment in history

  • bxddboy
    bxddboy 4 months ago +7

    6:00 " am i going to hell" flamgo best quote of flamgo 2021 2022 R.I.P flamgo 2021-2022

  • Katana6Knife
    Katana6Knife 5 months ago +1

    I hope youre okay albert, please dont listen to the hater and keep it up^^

  • no
    no 3 months ago +3

    4:22 just tells us he actually has a nice taste in music

  • Robert Soto
    Robert Soto 5 months ago +1602

    I’m curious why developers decided that using the normal chat wasn’t enough for their games

    • Aheony
      Aheony 14 days ago

      tbf the chat filter sucks

    • Khatuna Boles
      Khatuna Boles 4 months ago

      its funner

    • The Ewwnicorn
      The Ewwnicorn 4 months ago

      @The Colin Man then you gotta go back n forth trying to give one or two people your discord tag, dealing with Roblox censors n stuff. This way people can talk to anyone in the server without having to deal with all that

    • Stella_edits1 ☆ ♡
      Stella_edits1 ☆ ♡ 4 months ago

      I’m your 900 like

  • Epik
    Epik 5 months ago +6

    he really used the trick on albert 2:19

  • AnxiaTheNyanbinaryUwU
    AnxiaTheNyanbinaryUwU 16 days ago +1

    4:16 the way he goes through a whole character arc is amazing

  • Mohanad Shaheen
    Mohanad Shaheen 4 months ago +8

    6:55 i really felt that one 😔😔

  • •ring0•
    •ring0• 4 months ago

    Albert always make me happy when I’m scared or sad, I love his channel

  • unusuallity notfound
    unusuallity notfound 5 months ago +1907

    Translating 1:50 portuguese people:
    "DARN IT!!"
    "It's a penguin/farmer, that's weird."
    "Go Brian, you can do it Brian."
    "He's English, man, he's famous "
    "Yeah he's famous"
    "What are you trying to say to flamingo?"

    • Hank Sandy
      Hank Sandy 12 days ago

      "Penguin farmer"
      Dat bee aMERICAN 'ight ther!

    • Hank Sandy
      Hank Sandy 12 days ago

      @Troll Rat XD

    • Hank Sandy
      Hank Sandy 12 days ago

      @Captain Rose look now

    • Hank Sandy
      Hank Sandy 12 days ago

      @Zirach thanks to Timed Beta

    • Hank Sandy
      Hank Sandy 12 days ago

      Ah, the one time that "Timed Beta" has been useful.

  • Jogador Azul
    Jogador Azul 4 months ago +17

    Superman: he's american bro he's famous
    Lina: he's famous
    LaidenEx: What are you trying to tell flamingo? They are Brazilians

  • KaNyLeE1
    KaNyLeE1 4 months ago +6

    É tão bom saber que tem mais br que assiste o Albert :D

    • Dukezin
      Dukezin 2 months ago

      Simmm kkkkk

    • ViniGamez
      ViniGamez 4 months ago

      Opa tem br aqui

    • Outer
      Outer 4 months ago

      Não perguntei caguei nas calças

  • Terrisistation
    Terrisistation 4 months ago

    I almost died of laughter watching this, keep it up

  • Firepuppy12
    Firepuppy12 5 months ago +4


  • ♡Marisa♡
    ♡Marisa♡ 5 months ago +1

    "No more women! No more women in the workplace!"
    -Albert/Flamingo 2021

  • Lula259
    Lula259 4 months ago +5

    Lmao the moment when he started singing is so wholesome idk why

  • RobloxianfonYT
    RobloxianfonYT 5 months ago +2

    8:07 The mimic has that feature, if you say in chat: /vc you will be in a voice chat only server.

  • TotallyRein
    TotallyRein 4 months ago

    We found out that Albert is really good at singing😎

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 5 months ago +433

    I love how Flamingo is Just having fun in the majority of this vid and is not just doing this for views.

  • DrJack ➊
    DrJack ➊ 5 months ago +5

    4:16 Albert just stopping to hear his song is adorable

  • miaru . 야옹
    miaru . 야옹 3 months ago +2

    3:54 translation
    Prestys: He's American, he's famous.
    Tina: Yeah, famous!
    Prestys: What are you trying to say to flamingo?

  • 〜Sunday〜 •ᴗ•
    〜Sunday〜 •ᴗ• 5 months ago +3

    7:00 I love how everyone's concerned about Albert :,)

  • Zaider
    Zaider 4 months ago +1

    "ele é gringo, esse cara é famoso"

  • •Kokichi Ouma•
    •Kokichi Ouma• 5 months ago +275

    Hey Albert! I have been really down lately and things haven’t been going so well for me. I’m going through so much and it has really taken a toll on my mental health. But every day there is one thing I’m always looking forward to. And that’s your videos. I’ve been watching your videos for the longest time and no matter what you have put a smile on my face. I came to your channel because I was in actual tears and knew that the only thing that would fix that was you. You’re so funny and amazing that my severe and crippling depression has been pushed out of my mind for 9 minutes to an hour (depending on how many of your videos I watch) a day. Thank you for always being here even when you were sick. I appreciate you so much and can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s video

    • The rainbow Werewolf
      The rainbow Werewolf Month ago


    • •Kokichi Ouma•
      •Kokichi Ouma• 4 months ago

      @Dale Tube no I can’t see his comment. All you said was haha lol get rekt so that obviously made me think you were talking about me

    • Julia DeMello
      Julia DeMello 4 months ago +3

      this has got to be one of my favorite comments ever bcz i relate to it sm. also buying his merch brings me sm comfort

    • gummywormz ! !🍀
      gummywormz ! !🍀 5 months ago +1

      @•Kokichi Ouma• ignore dale tube the more you give a bad person attention the more they continue

    • •Kokichi Ouma•
      •Kokichi Ouma• 5 months ago

      @Dale Tube please stop

  • Allie McShane
    Allie McShane 5 months ago

    man imagine going into a game and just talking with albert

    JUSTINCRACKED123 4 months ago

    What’s why Roblox removed voice chat until they suddenly allowed it again(I believe)

  • Oliver_4576
    Oliver_4576 5 months ago

    Who else got a great laugh when he drew 😂

  • Qibli781
    Qibli781 5 months ago

    honestly albert realizing that that song was playing was so wholesome

  • Muichiro
    Muichiro 5 months ago +1105

    I love how flamingo literally makes everything he says funny

  • 200k_aesthetics ss
    200k_aesthetics ss 4 months ago +1

    Albert is a good man but where’s the credits to the editor? They work for hours and hours

  • HygienicTurtle
    HygienicTurtle 5 months ago

    every time i watch albert play cook burgers, i feel a burst of power knowing he doesnt know about the golden chef hat

  • kingthunderplayz
    kingthunderplayz 13 days ago

    3:06 he could have won if he placed his X in the corner instead of on the side

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 5 months ago

    I’m surprise that flimflam even lasted 8:44 minutes on voice chat

  • KiranGaur Shandilya
    KiranGaur Shandilya 5 months ago +2

    Albert play game named "ro-chat "
    Almost every person have vc in that game

  • Dino
    Dino 2 months ago

    His voicechat vidoes are so amazing i laugh in every single one of them..

  • The rat(:
    The rat(: 5 months ago

    Idk but it was so adorable when albert literally sang to his fav songs it was soooo adorable !
    Edit:His smile was so wholesome!✨

  • ♠️cuphead♠️

    it's just beautiful when Albert sang his favorite song 🎵 ❤ 4:18

  • bwlushy
    bwlushy 5 months ago +800

    Boy: "All those jokes about your mother not loving you, this is why"
    Albert: *laughing*

  • Gravity falls editer
    Gravity falls editer 5 months ago

    Hey Albert there is this game called the intruder it’s a scary roblox game you should make a video of it it’s so much fun

  • Hailey Ayers
    Hailey Ayers 3 months ago

    Me and my brother always laugh even though we watch this video a thousands times!

  • Goofy
    Goofy 4 months ago +2

    “El es un gringo el es famoso” is “He is an gringo (meaner way of saying American) he’s famous”

  • bae_leez
    bae_leez 5 months ago

    So that roblox actually knows that you’re over the age of 13 so that you can use voice chat, they should ask you where babies come from.

  • Bob The Bear
    Bob The Bear 4 months ago

    Flamingo singing his favorite song is the only wholesome thing on this channel.

  • Moussa Faye
    Moussa Faye 4 months ago

    The way Albert was sad and singing his song to his friend then they blasted him with a shot gun.I laughed uncontrollably

  • meaning
    meaning 5 months ago +1

    God roblox had a problem about swearing and then they decided to add voicechat.
    Everyone be like: I can swear now without it tagging haha
    Roblox wants to ruin their community I SWEAR.

  • Abstract Allen
    Abstract Allen 5 months ago +1

    how is Albert so good at faking sadness

  • Karolina Perlik
    Karolina Perlik 5 months ago +326

    "heres me ruining games for people on voice chat"
    Note to self do not join Albert in voice chat games.

    • Karolina Perlik
      Karolina Perlik 5 months ago

      @Stevie Shapeshifter what-

    • deja-uwu
      deja-uwu 5 months ago

      @Rachel Sudbeck understood,but still,very dumb to use it as an insult. Thanks for informing me! I didnt see their name XD

    • deja-uwu
      deja-uwu 5 months ago

      @Olivia_Is_Online haha truee

    • deja-uwu
      deja-uwu 5 months ago

      @Thepleb idk man

  • ドーパミン
    ドーパミン 5 months ago +1

    4:18 is it bad i find him adorable when he starts singing along-

  • RealSimply_Dafroggo #half quitting

    So wholesome when he started singing his favourite song! His smile was adorable!

  • elliot
    elliot 2 months ago

    Albert singing see you again warms my heart. Love him entirely

  • Maru
    Maru 5 months ago

    4:19 this genuinely made me smile bro omg

    MOLATOM 5 months ago +145

    3:53 They were speaking Portuguese and here's what they were saying:
    Boy: He is American, bro, he is famous. (Ele é Gringo, mano, Elé famoso)
    Girl: Yeah, He is famous. (É famoso.)
    Boy: Look at him! Look! (Olha para ele, olha!)
    These were the first 3 lines and the only ones I could translate.

    • Diego Rodriguez
      Diego Rodriguez 5 months ago

      @Shiv Boys same

      MOLATOM 5 months ago +1

      @Fonojonzo Should I add it to the list?

      MOLATOM 5 months ago +7

      @Shiv Boys It's really unconfortable when people are talking about you In another language lol

    • Fonojonzo
      Fonojonzo 5 months ago +12

      Also the last line was : What are you trying to say to Flamingo dude? (O que você está tentando falar pro Flamingo doido?)

    • Shiv Boys
      Shiv Boys 5 months ago +11

      i thought they where saying rude things about him XD

  • ElloTortle
    ElloTortle 4 months ago

    the pure happiness when the guy was playing his fav song 😭❤❤

  • FineUnusualYT
    FineUnusualYT 4 months ago

    I verified voice chat 1 month ago and they still haven’t given it to me 😭

  • Leah Fox
    Leah Fox 5 months ago

    Hi Albert I have an idea to do with admin commands you should make horrific housing inside of life in paradise or one of those games

  • Y.H
    Y.H 22 days ago

    Hey flamingo you have no idea how much your videos inspire me!! (They inspire me to scream at children for a living) Your videos are the best. I love how you're making children childhoods! (They will be that one kid at class that will scream at someone for literally no reason and say amog us or among us jokes or play fortnite) but btw nice videos keep up the great work Albert!

  • Dallas Clowning
    Dallas Clowning 5 months ago +292

    Albert slowly realizing that he likes the song the dude is playing and then starting to sing is the cutest thing I've seen from him. I'm in tears.🥺

    • yeah i like anime
      yeah i like anime 5 months ago +2

      haha don't pay attention to the replies much, they have all lost their souls and cannot find anything cute, well, i am still a little human and i was searching for this comment :)

    • Pac
      Pac 5 months ago +1


    • weronika
      weronika 5 months ago +3

      bro what 💀💀

    • nick64
      nick64 5 months ago +3

      How is it cute

    • Bread dog
      Bread dog 5 months ago +8

      @Wilbyr Tyler the creator- see you again. That’s the songs name

  • Snowboy
    Snowboy 4 months ago +2

    3:38 when kid finally win in 1m of tick tack game rounds

  • Ceare
    Ceare 5 months ago

    "Mano ele é gringo ele é famoso" - he is brazilian

  • Baby K
    Baby K  5 months ago

    Albert there's a voice chat only rap battles you should do that :)

  • Rocky
    Rocky 5 months ago +1

    Albert you should play Blair! It has voicechat and it’s a horror game. I think it will be fun lol

  • ihearthotmoms
    ihearthotmoms 5 months ago +169

    The genuine joy in alberts face when he starts singing that song- 😿

  • auggatronic Roblox
    auggatronic Roblox 5 months ago

    Albert giving advice on how to stop your smoke alarm chirping is the best thing I’ve heard from him

  • •—The sussy chicken—•

    Adopt me needs voice chat.
    So does tower of hell.

  • phenophi
    phenophi 4 months ago

    haha i love how the people in tic tac toe were calling albert famous

  • Squeaky_duxky
    Squeaky_duxky 4 months ago


  • CJ
    CJ 5 months ago +164

    Roblox when they're about to add voice chat: *Surely nothing will go wrong.*

  • SingWithMe
    SingWithMe 4 months ago +1

    When he said I have a family and you said I don’t care they’re gonna burn too I have a dark sense of humor I started laughing so hard

  • •Kurapika_Kurta•
    •Kurapika_Kurta• 4 months ago +1

    I’m from Brazil and it was so funny that they kept saying “It’s that famous person flamingo” and Albert made sure they weren’t saying anything bad rsrsrsrsrs

  • ★Itz Saga★
    ★Itz Saga★ 5 months ago +1

    Hi Albert, I have an idea to a admin command.
    1. play roblox target, even tho u alr did, and blow up the whole store on the platform or make everyone who are cel's and managers just guests or an employee. *Lower level*

  • Anna Tucker
    Anna Tucker 4 months ago

    omg i love the voice chat videos they make me laugh to hard

  • Miss Penguin
    Miss Penguin 5 months ago +83

    4:22 seeing flamingo slowly start smiling is so wholesome

    • leadCarl
      leadCarl 3 months ago

      The game is called "The Wild West" :)

    • Firebug Nation
      Firebug Nation 5 months ago +10

      I love how his smile isn't sudden but it slowly forms into one showing he slowly understood and got happy

  • Lucy Barnhill
    Lucy Barnhill 4 months ago

    I would literally die for this man.

  • blimp
    blimp 4 months ago

    4:45 i love how he was trying to sing like kali uchis 😂

  • Nighat Nasem
    Nighat Nasem 5 months ago

    When they didn’t have voice chat spenders would just hang around but now the spenders make them suffer bad words

  • Ruangames368
    Ruangames368 5 months ago

    3:52 translation: "he is American,he is famous"
    "Yea he is famous"
    "Look look"
    "What are you trying to say to flamingo"
    Its portuguese (Brasil)

  • Scott Kidd
    Scott Kidd 5 months ago +80

    I love how much effort Flamingo puts into his videos, it’s amazing how funny he is and how much he does to help others!

    • G0RE__
      G0RE__ 5 months ago

      @Akari okay. Then do ‘better’

  • Eshunim
    Eshunim 4 months ago

    I love the guys helpless “I cook burger” at the start.

  • Beko
    Beko 3 months ago +1

    He is from another country and he is famous, yes he is famous!
    What are you trying to say to flamingo?

  • Naren
    Naren 4 months ago

    When albert started to sing I felt like crying ngl... tears almost fell down from my eyes 😭

  • MMknhau
    MMknhau 4 months ago +2

    1:55 Translation
    The girl: WHATHAHELL
    The boy: yea its a penguin mixed with a farmer. / hey brother, you can get it brother, i trust in you brother-ixo

  • KeKe
    KeKe 5 months ago +91

    Can we just appreciate him for the good content he uploads and keeping us entertained this december? ❤️

    • Oasprey
      Oasprey 5 months ago +1

      Glad we both enjoy a grown man mimicking the sounds of a person beating their little brother ❤

    • GhostDave
      GhostDave 5 months ago

      we do

  • FigRolls
    FigRolls 5 months ago +1

    For real, I did not even realise Albert plays Cook Burgers.

  • Lynzie Enlow
    Lynzie Enlow 5 months ago +1

    Hello Flamingo!, I was wondering if you could play Bed wars. their is a vc only match you could join.
    Your fan lynzie

  • Jaspie
    Jaspie 5 months ago

    3:49 they were saying "hes a gringo! hes famous"
    "yeah hes famous!" "what are you trying to say about flamingo man?" im from brasil! so yeah

  • Wouldntulike2know Nosey

    I really really really liked the part when Albert started singing

  • Burrito
    Burrito 5 months ago +24

    4:34 albert singing is so buetiful

    • Hank Sandy
      Hank Sandy 12 days ago +1


  • Jenny Duong
    Jenny Duong 5 months ago

    I’m just only concerned about how parents aren’t suspicious about there kids using voice chat talking

  • birdy zee
    birdy zee 5 months ago +1

    when alberts posts it makes my day. Pin me I've watched all vids.