Film Theory: How DRUNK is Tyrion Lannister? (Game Of Thrones)

  • Published on Dec 17, 2016
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    In a world full of dragons, giants, and magic is the most unbelievable thing that Tyrion Lannister is still alive? I mean this guy drinks like a fish - by all accounts shouldn't his drinking have killed him by now? Today we're answering Game of Thrones' biggest mystery - just how drunk is Tyrion Lannister?
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  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists  2 years ago +12612

    Tyrion is TheLegend27

    • Bumbayar 0824 Bumdorj 0723
      Bumbayar 0824 Bumdorj 0723 2 months ago


    • Brozzie
      Brozzie 4 months ago

      Yesss I get the final reply on the comment

    • Angustus_Jan
      Angustus_Jan 5 months ago +1

      To say it´s to doubt he is Always drinking the hard stuff,.
      Back in the days game of thrones resemble wine wasn´t nessesaey a stimulant drink like today, but rather the save alternative to (back then) very unsafe water and came often in as you mentioned before very weak alcoholic concentrations.
      Just enough to desinfect the liquid from Bacteria and parasites Maybe hiding in there, while clear water Always beared the Risk of containing those (if not cooked before).
      This is also a reason why beer was for Long times a elementary Food in Germany, so in one line with bread.

    • Cat the Invisible Child
      Cat the Invisible Child 7 months ago

      i know i'm a year late but could you figure out cana from fairy tail's BAC levels

    • Etrigan
      Etrigan 7 months ago

      Game of Thrones not too bad for a TV series based on Elder Scrolls Skyrim

  • Lady Janell of Lakeland

    And when he says someone who drinks like he does needs to keep drinking thats no lie because alcohol withdrawal will kill you. Easy.

  • Harold Hughes
    Harold Hughes Day ago

    Once I herd women have more fat I knew the comment section would be filled with girls going jgfh c jf c jfc it dihfte ag u 4x y fif a ihv

  • Connor Froehlich
    Connor Froehlich 2 days ago

    This guy is like baba j

  • Oscar Wind
    Oscar Wind 3 days ago

    We need guns in game of thrones.
    Also at his wedding Tyrion was trying to get drunk to not uh uh remember the wedding so

  • Polski Bagiel
    Polski Bagiel 4 days ago

    I can't get on this weebside
    I am writing my age but nothing

  • ddd safey dog network


  • Ariesturtleneck
    Ariesturtleneck 7 days ago +1

    My mom doesnt drink much because she has a low tolerance and my dad cant get drunk and loves fitness im only 12 and kids at my school vape in the bathroom but I'm terrified of going near a person with a vape/cigarettes im scared of cooking with alcohol im scared of getting drunk and becoming a sex trafficking victim or raped (ima gal) i will probably never drink in my life
    Edit: Sercy looks like Jan from the office (im pretty sure I spelled her name wrong I don't watch GOT)

  • charmander88
    charmander88 8 days ago +1

    My teacher and me :))

  • iM HaZY
    iM HaZY 12 days ago

    Maybe you should make a video about the health affects of all that Diet Coke you’re chugging down.

  • iM HaZY
    iM HaZY 12 days ago

    Dude there’s no way Peter Dinklage is 4’5 and weights 110 lbs. He would be a butterball.
    I say he weighs around 80-90 lbs.

  • Shadowstriker
    Shadowstriker 14 days ago +3

    “[Alcohol] tolerance doesn’t determine your B.A.C, it just determines how long you can stay conscious enough to get your B.A.C higher”
    ~Matthew Patric 2016

  • Shadow Lord54
    Shadow Lord54 14 days ago

    One thing you forgot to account for is how long the wine has been sitting?

  • Alexandra Pryplesh
    Alexandra Pryplesh 15 days ago

    Not everyone's favorite! (Dany fan)

  • hojichan
    hojichan 16 days ago

    sign me up mate

  • Laurel Watts
    Laurel Watts 22 days ago

    Last Call is really cool, I just got through playing it.

  • Goose Bottle
    Goose Bottle 22 days ago

    35kg? he's not a child lmao

  • Wecka Animations
    Wecka Animations 23 days ago +1

    Now, how many diet cokes can MatPat dink?

  • Wecka Animations
    Wecka Animations 23 days ago +1

    Tyrion Lannister drinks fortified wine as fast as MatPat drinks Diet Coke.

  • Chexpet
    Chexpet 26 days ago +1

    Something tells me that the Lannisters aren't fully human. These numbers seem to indicate that their very blood is alcohol, and this is just them trying to keep the supply fresh. Seriously! Where is all of that liquid going? Forget the effects of alcohol, they should be leaking wine out of their damn ears and noses by this point.

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom 26 days ago +2

    14:08 No offense taken. Some women actually have boobs so....

  • Kino Diamondblack
    Kino Diamondblack 26 days ago +1

    how about seeing how drunk the Norse gods get lol

  • Jacob Dillon
    Jacob Dillon 28 days ago


  • Plasma-gamer 280
    Plasma-gamer 280 Month ago

    There was no Whiskey

  • DeanRendar84
    DeanRendar84 Month ago

    I did not know that character abstained with a girl, thats alarmingly similar to what i didnt do also after presenting interest.

  • AnonGuy
    AnonGuy Month ago

    Of course you meant to say "What is Tyrion's alcohol-blood content?'

  • Jo Giesler
    Jo Giesler Month ago

    he’s not as think as you drunk he is

  • nina ragsdale
    nina ragsdale Month ago

    He's drinking grape moonshine 😹

  • johannes Schenker
    johannes Schenker Month ago

    9:10 took me a moment to process that you were talking about percent and not permile..

  • denaxion jaxton
    denaxion jaxton Month ago

    your website is a piece of junk it just takes me to some sort of google earth night view and I can't even move around in it.

  • Samuel Goncalves
    Samuel Goncalves Month ago +1

    This is turning into a problem now, this season he could barely speak, not even goin to talk about thinking :D If this continues he's goin to know nothing like Snow

  • Elwood Myers
    Elwood Myers Month ago

    I could have sworn I've been that drunk at least once or twice in my life can't really remember it

  • chrisconfire
    chrisconfire Month ago

    How drunk is tyrion lannister. Drunk

  • Spaer A Count
    Spaer A Count Month ago +1

    The question is, who is the heavier drinker, Cersei, Tyrion or the Harvest Moon kid?

  • Hmm Yes
    Hmm Yes Month ago

    i accidentally left autoplay on for a couple hours and i ended up here from a jojo bizarre adventure and persona meme, I WAS ON INCOGNITO MODE AND NOT ON MY ACCOUNT UNTIL I AM MAKING A COMMENT HERE. the only thing i watched in incognito was jojo memes a shit ton, HOW DID I GET TO THIS???

    • Spaer A Count
      Spaer A Count Month ago

      Hello, and welcome to the madness. Come for the JoJo Memes and stay for the drunken midgets.

  • ImTiimo
    ImTiimo Month ago +1

    Norway has 0.02😅 if you sniff a Bacardi Breezer, dont even think about driving

  • Matt Woodward
    Matt Woodward Month ago

    Lost me at your pointless shameless money grab ad for your shitty website. Was solid until then.

    • Arno Gerber
      Arno Gerber Month ago

      I think you need to look up what "money grab" means.

  • Ibrahimal Al-akki
    Ibrahimal Al-akki Month ago

    In this theory, is Tyrion 8'10" as you stated in the Season 7 Isn't broken theory?

  • Error 404
    Error 404 Month ago

    15:37 Brie Larson could learn from this.

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Month ago

    I can confirm that due to a drinking game my sisters guardian who can really hold his drink or so I'm told (the man is Russian) would get drunk under the table pretty quickly by this fucking beast.

  • Jose Plasencia
    Jose Plasencia Month ago +2

    Considering I've been 1.4 and being able to walk...

  • TakeALilPill
    TakeALilPill Month ago

    Little did you know that everyone on that Wheel of Death is as of s8e7 still alive.

  • locodesert 2
    locodesert 2 Month ago


    Not a single person:
    Nobody who really cares:

    Matpat: How drink is he?

  • Undead Twilight
    Undead Twilight Month ago

    Wow MatPat is a sexist 13:59

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer Month ago

    100 pounds is about 45 kg I think

  • SirKenMusic Official

    So your later theory changed this one.. because everyone in GOT is twice as big, right?

  • mike kortedijk
    mike kortedijk Month ago

    Considering you did an episode on where people would be twice their sizes i thought i’d recalulate this.
    First of all for the messurements, the servings stay the same, at 5 oz per glass of wine,, and Matt’s suggested 22% per servingh. But doubling it since tyrion pours his challice completely to the brim, which sets us up for 10oz per serving.
    Now for Tyrions size, Matt put Tyrion at 100lbs and 4’5 which equals to a bmi of 25.0.
    We’re gonna make that 400lbs at 8’10 since that would also put him at the exact same bmi.
    Now for the conservative amount: 2 hours of drinking 2 servings per half hour would put him at 4 servings of 10 oz which would put him at a total of 40 oz wine at 22%.
    Entering this into a BAC calulator, it came out as 0.135, which is considerably less than Matt’s 0.30.
    The aggressive amount would add up to a serving every 15 minutes for 4 hours long, which would add up to 160 oz of wine at 22%. That would put him at a BAC 0.6.

    Yes i totally did this instead of studying for my maths exam.

  • The ShadoExperamint

    Ah classic episode

  • Vincent mejt
    Vincent mejt Month ago

    i mean this is world with warlocks walking deads and dragons so ?

  • Ben Li
    Ben Li Month ago +1

    So the demo from tf2?

  • Voldy356
    Voldy356 Month ago

    Yup. Running out of ideas.

  • Mistikey tries his best

    Tyrion Lannister: I’m a drinker and drinkers must keep drinking.
    MatPat: *hold my non-alcoholic beverage.*

  • Natasha S
    Natasha S Month ago +2

    "Nearly 3 liters" - so like the time I drank nearly 4 liters of alcohol in about 3 hours?

    • Natasha S
      Natasha S Month ago

      yoooooo I could've died, my bac was like 0.323%

  • Colton Hines
    Colton Hines Month ago

    I tried the website. It's fucking dumb. Apparently two cocktails over the course of a night is enough to get you pulled over lol.

  • Awdcvb Bbhnm,k
    Awdcvb Bbhnm,k Month ago +1


  • Omar Ruiz
    Omar Ruiz Month ago

    Iron man has a daughter in end game 😁😁😁

  • Turtle Still Turtle


  • Parker Bowen
    Parker Bowen 2 months ago

    In the other theory were he predicted that everything was bigger then we think, wouldn't that mean that the results would be different?

  • شیر
    شیر 2 months ago +2

    i think it's kinda pointless to guess in wich time the series is set, because it isn't exactly like the real world anyways. Therefore the thing with the cork, the traiding system and so on is no evidence for the strengh of the wine, because the whole GoT universe has a completly different history than the real world

    • Thorax Schmidt
      Thorax Schmidt 2 months ago +1

      True also he is referring to the popularity in Europe. Also there is evidence (Cato a Roman politician) wrote in the 3rd cent a. Chr. that they used cork. So not really reliable evidence he is using...

  • Meriusul
    Meriusul 2 months ago of my friends went to jail for a year and a half for drunk driving...on the brathalyser(fuck spelling) he got a 1.5...soooo about a 0.9 or 1.0 in 100 ml of blood.
    Tyrion a noob!

  • Apakkuso
    Apakkuso 2 months ago

    17th century electricity was discovered so I doubt it being based 17th century I’d say 15-early 16

  • Lalaboompoo
    Lalaboompoo 2 months ago

    what if your next theory was figuring out how tyrion is still alive.

  • Elena Hampton
    Elena Hampton 2 months ago

    Why am I watching this

  • IamHunk
    IamHunk 2 months ago

    meh, Mexican Tequila goes from 20% to 35% alcohol by volume :B

  • shadowtheshadowlord
    shadowtheshadowlord 2 months ago

    Seems like your alcohol percentage in the world for driving chart has a few wrong parts😂
    Denmark seems white = no data
    In Denmark once you are at 0,5 it is forbidden to drive
    Just a little fun fact

  • john feeley
    john feeley 2 months ago

    can we get this just with archer

  • L G
    L G 2 months ago +1

    Have you ever heard of Demoman? Most of his organs turned into livers!

  • Jasper Thompson
    Jasper Thompson 2 months ago +4

    But matpat, Tyrion didn’t get drunk

    *the Vikings did*

  • Stanisław Rosicki
    Stanisław Rosicki 2 months ago

    But what if they are slavic? Like Russian or Polish?

  • Alissa Swan
    Alissa Swan 2 months ago

    Way to generalize women

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson 2 months ago +2

    Maybe this has been said already, but as iv been binging your videos while painting my room I noticed you missed some other numbere you calculated in another video
    That being Tyrion is actually 8' tall so it would be less effective not more effective because of his height.

  • Super Ruler
    Super Ruler 2 months ago +1

    9:38 but that car clearly isn't American the wheel is on the right.

  • ItzImperium XVI
    ItzImperium XVI 2 months ago

    Not enough?

  • Ramona Flores
    Ramona Flores 2 months ago

    Dean Martin wasn't actually a heavy drinker. That was tea in his glass.

  • Nathan Crowe
    Nathan Crowe 2 months ago

    I had a relative get kicked out of college with a 1.13%bac so I totally believe it. Then again he did seem to get less intelligent as a result. ...

  • Natalia K.
    Natalia K. 2 months ago

    MatPat: reveals the quantity of alcohol drunk by the dude
    Every Slavic person ever: *lols*

  • Magic Steve
    Magic Steve 2 months ago

    I wonder what Lemmy’s blood alcohol content was, the man drank at least 1 whole bottle of Jack Daniels every day!

  • Slavic Viking
    Slavic Viking 2 months ago

    100 pounds is 45.35 kg, not 35.35...

  • GfdXzxuftt Txryd
    GfdXzxuftt Txryd 2 months ago

    If you are in a country where the drinking age is not 21 you will need to change your date of birth if you are going to go on the website in the description it took me a while to figure it out cos in the UK the legal age is 4 in ur own home but u have to be 18 to bye the acahol.

  • Raechael W
    Raechael W 2 months ago

    Pregaming his WEDDING

  • Supreme kai Of time
    Supreme kai Of time 2 months ago

    Ehh DANY!!! HALP

  • Christopher Rhodes
    Christopher Rhodes 2 months ago

    Has no one noticed the last few seasons he doesn't drink

  • Brandon Andrews
    Brandon Andrews 2 months ago


  • Ooo Zooo
    Ooo Zooo 2 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Harrison Hilbert
    Harrison Hilbert 2 months ago +1

    Wouldn’t they have guns in that time period?

    • Connor Mullett
      Connor Mullett 2 months ago

      Guns were around since the 1400's but never really used in battles until the mid 1600's because they were fucking awful

  • Big oof
    Big oof 2 months ago +3

    100 lbs is 45kg tho ??

  • Ginny of New Stone
    Ginny of New Stone 2 months ago +7

    I can only imagine Matt Patt drunk lol, hed drunkly be singing broadway showtunes and Disney songs. lol

  • TheDragonGamer210
    TheDragonGamer210 2 months ago

    The only explanation is that he has to be Irish

  • Tommy Calves
    Tommy Calves 2 months ago +20

    Working in an ER, we’ve had a return customers for YEARS who legitimately drink a bottle of vodka, black out drunk, come to the ER, sober up, and eat a free turkey sandwich, leave and repeat - DAILY. Return customers not customer.

    • Tommy Calves
      Tommy Calves 24 days ago +1

      Dave Nicolo Basically if someone gets drunk and is brought in (either by ambulance or walk in) we HAVE to keep them until they sober up. If they walk out to traffic drunk and we turn them away, the ER doc can loose their license. So in the US you have to keep them. This leads to homeless getting majorly drunk and coming into the ER. They get a free bed and free food thanks to our “amazing” healthcare law passed a while ago. They repeat daily. And there have been points where I’ve seen others with actual medical emergency almost have died due to a drunk homeless invasion taking up the real beds that the ER uses to treat patients. They also use the suicidal trick. If one states that we have to keep them the same way, but longer until they get assessed and moved out. And people will abuse that system for free food and a place to sleep.

    • Tommy Calves
      Tommy Calves 24 days ago +1

      Dave Nicolo Basically if someone gets drunk and is brought in (either by ambulance or walk in) we HAVE to keep them until they sober up. If they walk out to traffic drunk and we turn them away, the ER doc can loose their license. So in the US you have to keep them. This leads to homeless getting majorly drunk and coming into the ER. They get a free bed and free food thanks to our “amazing” healthcare law passed a while ago. They repeat daily. And there have been points where I’ve seen others with actual medical emergency almost have died due to a drunk homeless invasion taking up the real beds that the ER uses to treat patients.

    • Dave Nicolo
      Dave Nicolo 24 days ago

      wait so they come in super drunk and say “(what do they say)” and then u like treat them and give them food? or is it more like “hey im drunk and gonna die” and yall and like “I gotchu fam heres a sandwich for free.

    • Tommy Calves
      Tommy Calves 24 days ago

      Dave Nicolo Yuppers, not just one but multiples. This isn’t an isolated thing, ERs are abused like this all over the US

    • Dave Nicolo
      Dave Nicolo 24 days ago

      did he like.... check into the hospital

  • Xan Melanson
    Xan Melanson 2 months ago

    The website doesn't work.

  • Pastuszek666
    Pastuszek666 2 months ago

    I just watched and I see that you don't understand that Tyrion and Cersei are Slavic ;) go to point 8 and start to understand that Slavs are heroes of drinking quest xD

  • Antonio Mele
    Antonio Mele 2 months ago

    100 lbs is 45 kg

  • anafbmad
    anafbmad 2 months ago

    dude the us limit is one fucking beer and a shot, not saying is wrong but you don't have to drink that much to be over the limit

  • ivan duljaban
    ivan duljaban 2 months ago +1

    Maybe you should try drinking instead of reading about it...NERD

  • FREDRED zEpic
    FREDRED zEpic 2 months ago


  • Matthew Cioffi
    Matthew Cioffi 2 months ago +1

    Conservative estimates are more accurate than Liberal estimates.

  • Mikkel Markvardsen
    Mikkel Markvardsen 2 months ago

    Deadpool has 190.9%

  • i think i'm a meanie
    i think i'm a meanie 2 months ago +4

    In this show we've had dragons, ice dragons, ice zombies, Prince Charming from Shre- wait.

  • Sy G
    Sy G 2 months ago

    But what if you want to an hero yourself with booze?

  • No one
    No one 2 months ago

    Watching this exactly 8 minutes before the first episode of season 8 gets released. Just one more little detail before going into the new season...