James Corden Responds to Bill Maher's Fat Shaming Take

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • After seeing a segment on "Real Time with Bill Maher" addressing obesity rates in the United States, in which Bill's thesis is that fat shaming needs to make a comeback, James Corden felt compelled to respond with a different perspective. Simply put, fat shaming hasn't gone anywhere and is perhaps the worst approach to a complex issue for people across the globe.
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Comments • 19 023

  • willie billie
    willie billie 15 minutes ago +1

    this rant is incredibly stupid...he doesn't even understand how leptin works...YOU cause the leptin problem by giving in every time you want food, that's how leptin and ghrelin work, the problem goes away if you stop binging and giving in to every impulse you have to eat...poverty does not cause obesity, and neither do any of the other things he's babbling about....how many obese people were in the nazi concentration camps? Would you consider those people poor? lol@the idiocy of this dude

  • KanchoKomancho
    KanchoKomancho 34 minutes ago

    Anxious and depressed perpetual adolescents. Fat shaming is not bullying. It’s just not. It’s primarily an issue related to personal (i)responsibility and (lack of) discipline. Plus, no-one has the right not to be offended.

  • S P
    S P 2 hours ago

    I loved this! It has got to be appreciated from what a respectful and caring place James explained it all. He didn‘t feel the need to get down to the „fat-shamers“ level, but instead took the time to educate on the issue. This is such a strength! Education is power, people! Love is power, not hate! ❤️

  • Jonathan and Monika Roberts

    Well said, James! Well said!

    GLAM DOLL 2 hours ago

    Bravo James Cordon! Shaming never has nor ever will do anything positive for anyone! Love and compassion will! Bill Mahr is an asshole. You never know in life what can happen. Bill could get fat and James could get a six pack! I've seen rich people lose money and Visa versa. You never know!

  • lv
    lv 3 hours ago

    This was really well responded from James. He's gained a bit more respect from me.

  • kadomox
    kadomox 3 hours ago

    Every Libertarian started on third and thinks he hit a triple

  • Alen Napotnik
    Alen Napotnik 3 hours ago

    Speaking as someone who used to be really fat but lost a lot weight -
    Fat shaming is a wrong way to go, but fat body positivity is a also a wrong way to go. Being fat just isn't healthy. And honestly, I don't like the excuses. I used to make them myself. While it is true that some people have medical problems that cause them to get fat, the reality is that for most people is just about changing their lifestyle. That's it. I was fat my whole childhood. Eating unhealthy food, drinking sweet drinks all the time and not exercising. Then when I was 18 I decided to change that. I changed my diet and took up running and got really into it. It's hard yes, but it's all about determination.
    I completely changed my lifestyle. In one year I was already doing some running races. My weight has fluctuated since then, but it's never been at its max again. And even when I gained some weight back, I didn't make excuses. I knew I was just lazy again and needed to start exercising. Now I'm at my lowest ever. Honestly for the majority of people is just about getting their ass off the couch and eating healthy, normal-sized portions of food.

  • Morgan McCaffrey
    Morgan McCaffrey 3 hours ago

    That was fucking awesome

  • Roy Tierney
    Roy Tierney 4 hours ago

    If he wasn't liberal, this would be hate speech

  • paul1x1
    paul1x1 7 hours ago

    There are proven way to lose weight if your fat you eat to much for the calories you burn

  • HurricaneDeetka
    HurricaneDeetka 8 hours ago

    the lack of moving leads to depression, not the shaming

  • Mike AN
    Mike AN 9 hours ago

    Stop stuffing your face with meat and ice cream and pizza and cheeseburgers and switch to a low-fat, high carb, varied and sensible whole food plant-based vegan diet and watch as your body transforms itself over the next couple years. Toss in a bit of regular exercise and watch it happen even faster! Processed and refined foods are junk and animal products promote a wide variety of negative health effects including obesity.

  • Daniela Torres
    Daniela Torres 11 hours ago

    so ignorant of bill to think weight is not genetic what a douche.

  • Mulnader
    Mulnader 12 hours ago

    It's the best bit that I watched from James!

    YOU2ONEDAY 13 hours ago

    so than what? body positivity? Fat is ok? Its weakness. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Sit ups are painful. Do I need to go on? Its a math equation you can do on a napkin. Eat half and walk double. And stop eating garbage and crying when someone is disgusted by you or your behavior., or when fat people demand society adjust to their needs.. More fat people ride scooters at Walmart than disabled people..

  • KcalTBB
    KcalTBB 13 hours ago

    Molly Stegmeier he tried to manipulate what Bill said he doesn’t mean it’s good to fat shame and make fun of someone for being fat. He wants to get rid of this idea that everything regarding people being overweight is fat shaming. Even saying it’s not ok to be fat is considered fat shaming of course they want to make Bill look like the bad guy James corden is very SJW not tryna take away from his comedy it’s just that they like to manipulate other people’s opinion to make them seem wrong.

  • JessePhysio1
    JessePhysio1 14 hours ago

    If the issue pertaining to obesity is mainly due to the accessibility of healthy food and healthcare as James says then why is he still fat? He has all the resources in the world to trim down from hiring personal chefs and trainers etc. Yet he tries to serve us platitudes about his struggles with weight. He even goes as far as to blame leptin as a key reason for obesity. Unlike many, James is witty and quick on his feet, being able to formulate arguments that generate mass appeal. That still doesn’t make his argument correct or factual. He doesn’t want to admit that he likes good food more than he values being of healthy weight. He’s made a choice, but wants us to feel like he’s struggled because of it. Bill Maher hit the nail on the head.

  • Leila Sparks
    Leila Sparks 14 hours ago

    I love you James

  • Tina Copple
    Tina Copple 15 hours ago

    Very well said! Thank you!

  • Deatthy
    Deatthy 17 hours ago


  • Chitlins Justice
    Chitlins Justice 18 hours ago

    Is it bullying to shame dead beat dads ? Stop making your feelings more important than facts.

  • Lucille Washington
    Lucille Washington 18 hours ago

    Not fat shaming does not equal glorifying being fat. It doesn’t need to make a comeback it needs to die forever. Fat shaming doesn’t encourage healthy living it makes people feel shit. Try encouraging and guiding instead of shaming and judging you insensitive fuck

  • Szilárd Szabó
    Szilárd Szabó 19 hours ago

    James, you purposely misunderstood Bill.

  • SuperBrendan
    SuperBrendan 19 hours ago

    “What it was like to be overweight” 😂😂 you absolute victim. I’m so sorry society has placed all that shit in your mouth.

  • SuperBrendan
    SuperBrendan 19 hours ago

    Consume less energy.

  • Christopher Terry
    Christopher Terry 19 hours ago

    Why are you trying to pretend that people arent saying being morbidly obese isnt only not wrong and bad for you but beautiful?
    Fat shaming also includes doctors telling their patients that they need to lose a few pounds to be healthy....
    Now I'm a fat man. I have moobs. This isnt healthy for me and I wish I had people in my life that encouraged me to do more stuff like going out and playing basketball. It's not fat shaming its encouragement for living!

  • Cesare Charlotte
    Cesare Charlotte 21 hour ago

    Being overweight is a problem in Uk cause we eat as much crap as our US friends and drink as much as the Pols. Bill has a point, go to France, Italy, Spain and you will come across few overweight people... UK not really a part of Europe in any case, never really has, never really will be... problem with being an island...

  • Sophitia
    Sophitia 22 hours ago

    I love Bill Maher but he can be a real dick on certain issues... This is one of them. Great reply!

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey 23 hours ago

    I think the main point here is that fat shaming fits under the umbrella of verbal bullying, which is actually not as much of a damning issue as people like to think. Calling verbal bullying an issue when the party has absolute free-reign to walk away from it is utter nonsense. We need to teach kids that there are assholes in the world with shitty and inane things to say about them and we should also teach them to talk back with statements such as "Yeah, I'm fat. Who gives a shit? I'm working on it. If you don't like it, fuck you." If the child has a pre-existing condition that inhibits them from doing that, explain it to them and tell them how it doesn't make them a lesser person. Basically, teach kids to acknowledge bullies for what they are, which is pricks and that their words by in large do not hold a lot of validity. What needs to make a comeback here is cynicism and perspective, and I think that is what Bill is trying to push.

    That being said, when parents and teachers bully a child, I think a line has been crossed. They are established authoritative figures for kids whose words are supposed to be taken by kids as truth, which is why I can respect James' position on the issue also. There is a problem, but it is being very lazily approached and people, including many emotionally unstable kids are being wrongly punished because of it.

  • elvisleeboy
    elvisleeboy 23 hours ago

    While shaming people is not exactly helpful to the cause, it is an important part of our evolution to deplore a lack of health, because it is no good to our species. It also plays into the victim mentality of blaming other people and things for a self inflicted condition. If you eat an entire tub of ice cream because Bill Maher said some harsh words, then that is your fault and the result of a weak mind.

  • OrphicVideos
    OrphicVideos 23 hours ago

    I find this a strange argument because it seems sometimes like those arguing for fat shaming are really reacting to the artificial celebration of being overweight.
    Can’t we just stop celebrating being overweight or shaming being overweight? It’s unhealthy. People know it’s unhealthy. They’re working on it, or they’re not, but it’s really no one else’s damn business.
    People of all shapes and sizes have contributed to the world we live in.
    I hope anyone who’s overweight can overcome it if it’s a priority for them. Otherwise, get back to your priorities.

  • LittleMark
    LittleMark Day ago

    Whenever anyone expresses negativity regarding fat people, the instant response is defense, which I don't get unless you're 10 years old mentally.
    Eat healthier and move more, it's that easy.
    No one is forcing the 30.000 calories a day down your throat, so grow the fuck up and get in better shape, it's for your own fucking sake
    Talking from experience.

  • Carlo Vos
    Carlo Vos Day ago

    Trying to shame people who want to be better sucks. You can be overweight while living an active life minding what you eat. Even though being overweight is not healthy. I don't think everybody must be lean and I'm obese myself
    Fat acceptance to the point of glorifying obesity is idiotic. There are people mindlessly, egotistically eating themselves to death burdening their families and friends that could do with tough love

  • Tim Craft
    Tim Craft Day ago

    Wow! Very well delivered...he is a very talented speaker...and insightful “teacher” as well.

  • Steambull1
    Steambull1 Day ago

    Fat jokes etc got old and lame about during elementary school. However, I hate how some medical/mental conditions are considered off-limits, while the vast majority are free shooting. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Erik Hansson
    Erik Hansson Day ago

    Haha fucking love bill haha

  • Mel Meller
    Mel Meller Day ago

    All the fatties in the world liked this video... Get off your fat bums...stop watching videos all day.. and lose some calories.

  • Joseph Inman
    Joseph Inman Day ago

    Shaming doesn't seem to work 99% of the time... unless the involved parties are already friends or family.

  • Blossom Phoenix
    Blossom Phoenix Day ago

    Amazing, thank you James, so authentic, honest, deep and light-hearted-humourous at the same time! 💖 Nothing to add to this wonderful speech!

  • Nameless Stranger
    Nameless Stranger Day ago +2

    Be kind, and watch your pride.

  • dav god
    dav god Day ago

    thing is bill was joking. the point he was making is that being fat isn't a good thing. if you dont want to be ashamed you certainly can't be proud. it's a grey area i know but bill is a comedian he doesn't literally mean go out and bully fat people.

  • David Esch
    David Esch Day ago

    Shame is a terrible motivator

  • Fresh Fruit Juice

    Nice to see a beautiful comedy piece these days that has nothing to do with politics.
    Thanx sir. Good point by the way.

  • Andrew Kohler
    Andrew Kohler Day ago

    7:08 - Here's another idea: quit virgin-shaming, as well as slut-shaming. In fact, the concept of "virginity" has only been used to shame people for having it or for not having it at any given time, so probably it's past time entirely to stop using that term in earnest.

  • Andrew Kohler
    Andrew Kohler Day ago

    Bill Maher sometimes can be spot on, but often he really is a twerp. This particular case is one of the more egregious instances of the latter.

  • Wrothgar
    Wrothgar Day ago

    I love this. Thank you.

  • ABQ Freedom
    ABQ Freedom Day ago

    While I agree that Fat Shaming is completely wrong, Glorifying fatness is just as wrong. "Big" isn't beautiful. Not from an aesthetic point of view, but just from a health point of view...and choosing to be unhealthy is just ugly.
    Take this from a guy who has lost 150 lbs.

  • Stan Peterson
    Stan Peterson Day ago

    Right, James, remember the time you accidentally sat on your iPhone and it turned into an iPad?
    Self control is a real thing, no one is forcing to to fill your pie hole.

  • Anthony Youssef
    Anthony Youssef Day ago +1

    I see good points in both arguments. Fat people should NEVER be shamed, but being fat should also not be glorified... Putting overweight models on magazines just makes u sometimes think " I'm not too fat after all!"

  • Jasmine Houston-Burns

    I didn't interpret him as saying yoi should literally shame people. There is a large faction of the "fat acceptance movement" that asserts that being fat is healthy, you can be healthy at any side, it's impossible to lose the weight, and even, you must be attracted to fat people or you're a bigot, and if you don't agree that being fat isn't unhealthy then you're "fat shaming" and the reality is that's simply not true.

  • Lachlan Ash
    Lachlan Ash Day ago

    i don't fat shame to help you lose weight, I do it cause I'm mean. lol

  • Anton Roussev
    Anton Roussev Day ago

    The reason why Bill was so harsh on fat people and the United States health crisis is because it's gotten to the point where being fat is almost being encouraged and not looked at as unhealthy but simply a "body type". He didnt come out and say "fat people are ugly and stupid " he said "its all in the eye of the beholder ". He's saying that there should be some shame in being obese and that it's not good to encourage it because this country will continue to eat itself to death and future generations will suffer from it. Yeah it's tough love. But grow some thick skin because it's a shitty, mean, and bullying world that we live in. Dont wanna get shamed? Then for love of god quit bitching and go for a walk! I know it's fucking hard to stay fit in this greasy sugar trap called the United States but dammit if you want a happy life now and a more promising future then stop telling other and yourself that being fat is ok. Its not! If you like being fat then fine. But for those who feel the hate and judgment from fat shaming I'm really sorry that it affects you harshly. But it's time to adult and get your life together. Stay away from the twinkies and eat some celery, dont drink yourself to death and I promise you'll be fine and happier than before. Also to get better context on Bill Mahers fat shaming video please watch the whole thing because James here only showed the parts that were "mean". Cheers from Utah! I hope whoever's reading this doesn't get too butthurt and I hope you find a path to a healthier lifestyle.

  • dawiser1
    dawiser1 Day ago

    Bill Maher just gets worse and worse on all topics

  • Funktionary
    Funktionary Day ago +1

    I'm just gonna imagine that James said "The Emoji Movie" instead

  • CherPsKy
    CherPsKy Day ago

    Stop eating your ass out and do exercise.

  • leROBBY
    leROBBY Day ago

    He's just too stupid to understand what Bill was trying to say.... It's almost like whe should celebrate fat people these days... That's equally wrong as fat shaming

  • MakiGirl2010
    MakiGirl2010 Day ago

    Another lazy excuse: my genes! :D Yeah, right! :D
    If you can produce mass out of nothing thanks to your genes: you should win a Nobel price!!
    It's not rocket science: you have to eat less than you burn!!
    ...if you've ever noticed how much effort fatties have to put into eating to maintain their weight!!! :S

  • Nathaniel J. Capenos

    I'm sure what he's saying is true and perhaps even wise but James Corden is just so God damn annoying.

  • Airborne
    Airborne Day ago

    Bill might not be overweight but his humor and show are overdue.