Fortnite Streamers WHO SAVED FANS LIVES! (Tfue, Ninja, DrLupo)

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Fortnite Streamers WHO SAVED FANS LIVES! (Tfue, Ninja, DrLupo) Fortnite TheXvidrs that helped save viewers lives!
    Streamers & TheXvidrs In This Video:
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    Fortnite TheXvidrs WHO RUINED THEIR CAREERS! (Tfue, Ninja, FaZe Jarvis)
    Music provided by Chuki
    Check him out here
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  • Goji madonna
    Goji madonna Hour ago

    this my name 5:36

  • Samantha Green
    Samantha Green 2 hours ago

    Logan Golding 09

  • naomi picon
    naomi picon 5 hours ago

    has anyone else seen inappropriate ads on this video? My son saw something very disturbing and I am trying to get to the bottom of it? Thanks

  • codninja 123
    codninja 123 9 hours ago

    I would save anyones life no matter if they where my friend a stranger or someone i dont get along with no one deserves to die ive saved people from doing that and ive been saved its not worth it to end your life because some people think the world is better off without them but u have to see how many people u would hurt in the process just find someone that will listen and understand what your going through and u willl find a way out after i tryed doing suicide i realized my calling was to help people so now im becoming a cop and i dont wanna see people hurt like this because life is way to precious to be thrown away because of pain it hurts alot sometimes but u gotta push through no matter what

  •  18 hours ago +4

    Other guy: ... “wut”

  • Riley Collver
    Riley Collver 18 hours ago

    Comments: Call 911 Me: don't do it bro

  • Blake Darnell
    Blake Darnell 19 hours ago


  • Stafford Hunt
    Stafford Hunt 19 hours ago

    all the same thing was said as the message

  • Brandon Irlbeck
    Brandon Irlbeck 20 hours ago
    Check out this guy he also gives away skins.

  • Gretchen Purvis
    Gretchen Purvis 21 hour ago

    I would

  • Harri_The_Killer
    Harri_The_Killer 22 hours ago

    Shroud plays cs

  • Fortnite live streams 123

    I don't want to save that girl so I'm not liking this video


  • skyler price
    skyler price Day ago

    So back story, back when I was in middle school into high school I was always bullied I wasn't the best person to make any sort of friends so yes I was a loner but anyway the bullying got to the point where I was being physically beaten by my bullies and back in 11th grade it got so bad that I took my dad's colt 1911 locked myself in my room which was in the basement at the time and I locked myself in my room like I said and my friend came over that day and he heard me cock the gun and I held the gun to my chest and yelled I'm done with this world nothing I do helps me absolutely nothing and my friend heard me say that and he rushed downstairs and tried breaking down the door but failed and that's when I pulled the trigger of the gun and my friend said to stay with him and I was coughing up blood and there was blood all over the floor and walls and my bed anyway he called 911 and a paramedic broke the door and they rushed me to the hospital the gunshot wound was so bad I instantly was rushed into the ER for immediate surgery and my friend said I was in a coma for 7 months after the accident but anyway come to find out the doctor that did the surgery on me said I was .007milimeters away from blowing up my heart I was at an all time low at that point but I've recovered and am doing well now a days sure I have haunting memories of that time but after I woke up I talked to the suicide hotline and they've helped me with managing my depression

  • Jacob plays
    Jacob plays Day ago

    Can u give me 100 subs pls or 30? Im subbed I been here since u had 700k subs Please I beg u

  • Sagivember
    Sagivember Day ago +3

    Fan: Im gonna end my life...good bye
    Me: Siri play Charlie puth Attention

    Siri: For my attention I kIsSeD a GiRl AnD i lIkeD iT

  • Caiden Russell
    Caiden Russell Day ago

    Is it the same kid saying Giving my fav streamer before ending it all or is it legit or a prank idk someone help

  • XxFootball GamerxX
    XxFootball GamerxX Day ago +1

    I would

  • Bailey Brown
    Bailey Brown Day ago

    Btw instead of kill just say game end

  • Advanced Twig
    Advanced Twig Day ago

    At the beginning highsky was saying not to so he could donate more money

  • Advanced Twig
    Advanced Twig Day ago

    Why can't you just say please like it's getting annoying

  • Starwars BattlefrontPs4

    How much you wanna bet they just saying that to be notice and make themself get attention

  • Mivanpy
    Mivanpy Day ago +1

    Cool video

  • CyberPlaysYT
    CyberPlaysYT Day ago

    You threat life man with spiders.

  • Pete Mac
    Pete Mac 2 days ago

    Don't y'all notice the comment is all the same

  • Console Fanatic
    Console Fanatic 2 days ago

    I'm big sad help me ninja

    LAUREN COOPS 2 days ago

    I would save some ones life
    Not if they want to kill someone

  • Tom Kitt
    Tom Kitt 2 days ago

    I was forced to like..

  • Edah King 2
    Edah King 2 2 days ago

    I once prevented suicide in roblox,belive it or not .

  • Nick Luxe
    Nick Luxe 2 days ago +1

    But how do you know the people are alive

  • Alexandra Castano
    Alexandra Castano 2 days ago

    Shiu wrote alot

  • Zane Martinez
    Zane Martinez 3 days ago

    Some people say to end their life for attention but some people actually will. Whoevery actually will dont do it

  • Timmy tommygaming
    Timmy tommygaming 3 days ago

    U fucker

  • Just A Human
    Just A Human 3 days ago

    i am poor too ok now i can make a suicide

  • The Bacon nation
    The Bacon nation 3 days ago

    I was going to cry ;-;

  • Henry Broman
    Henry Broman 3 days ago


    MILES SOMBRERO 3 days ago +4

    People who say they are ending their life to a streamer, it means two things
    1. They are going to do it
    2. They want attention

    A1M _CYCLONE 3 days ago +5

    Bro why when the people donated it all said "imma donate to my favorite streamer before i end it all" does anyone see what i am saying??

    • Unknown Gamer
      Unknown Gamer 2 days ago +1

      They want to give some of their money to their favorite streamer before they end their life?

  • Charlie Studley
    Charlie Studley 5 days ago

    I am so bad at fortnite

  • Lucid_Melly
    Lucid_Melly 5 days ago +31

    *alll of these people are saying:*
    *”my Favorite streamer”*

  • Max Dimmock
    Max Dimmock 5 days ago

    Lol I won’t

  • Gavin Mesenbrink
    Gavin Mesenbrink 5 days ago

    1:26 XD

  • Super_Duper_ Beastie_Boy

    lol my bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbest friend saved my life when he dosent know him i was choking

  • RNG_ Panda
    RNG_ Panda 7 days ago +1

    Do it do it do it

  • kosi okolo
    kosi okolo 7 days ago


  • BlueDogg08
    BlueDogg08 7 days ago +1

    Look at the title. Isn't Tfue and Ninja the same person?

  • Brian
    Brian 8 days ago

    Streamers that saved fans lifes!

    Don't do it buddy.. life saved

  • Diana Valle
    Diana Valle 8 days ago

    Yea pls cool man

  • Seanplexgaming 2838
    Seanplexgaming 2838 8 days ago

    Is it just me or it kinda feels that they were from the same person they all said ‘’giving all my money to my favorite streamer before I end it all”

  • Kenzie beane
    Kenzie beane 8 days ago +7

    Streamers: don't do it

    GameGoat: He saved his live!!!

  • Zoran Ognjanovski
    Zoran Ognjanovski 8 days ago +1

    Im so sad Cause i also think i hate my Life but life sie the Most valubale Thing you have in life dont do it

  • Tyson Meyer
    Tyson Meyer 9 days ago

    I'ma sub and like before I end it all

  • TwoBros
    TwoBros 9 days ago +1

    Sub to me :) (music videos go check em out)

  • bing jong
    bing jong 9 days ago +2

    Like how does he know that they did not do suicide??

  • Ninjas little brother lol Jack

    I’m going to donate 1000 dollars and kill myself

  • George Contreras
    George Contreras 9 days ago

    I wonce saved saved my brother that was drowning in a pool.

  • Victoria Woodward
    Victoria Woodward 9 days ago

    I would

  • GamerJesus
    GamerJesus 9 days ago

    gaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygay this video is GAY

  • *peyplays* *fnaf*
    *peyplays* *fnaf* 9 days ago

    What if they left before the streamers told them not to poor people I feel bad

  • *peyplays* *fnaf*
    *peyplays* *fnaf* 9 days ago

    I would save one

  • Zechariah Hall
    Zechariah Hall 9 days ago

    aren't there just people that are that nice