Japanese Dollar Store Makeup Challenge


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +11770

    HELLO LOVES! happy hump day! or night, rather. hump night. welp this got sexual quick. have u ever been to daiso? what did u think of my parrot-inspired look?

    • Purba Paul
      Purba Paul 11 days ago

      Safiya Nygaar

    • nico l
      nico l Month ago

      I really like daiso, mostly for their stationary stuffs

    • Telma L. Cermeño D.
      Telma L. Cermeño D. Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard When I was 18 that pixie jar made my life, I was broke AF and it was the only brand of make up that I can afford. Today, I'm still broke XD but at least now I can afford other brands.
      Best wishes from Guatemala ;)

    • Mascaraland
      Mascaraland Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard Can you do a Shop Miss A makeup review?? They have a lot more of the Santee makeup and other brands!

    • Carolina draws and vlogs
      Carolina draws and vlogs Month ago

      I bought a flower mat there

  • Avarie M
    Avarie M Day ago

    Okay. I found one of your videos on my pop up page, watched it and now here in am 27 videos later of yours.

  • Emily Whitfield
    Emily Whitfield Day ago

    Do an eyeliner tutorial

  • zaddy
    zaddy 2 days ago +1

    Woah at 6:59 i just noticed how red your ears were

  • Sarcastic MSP Of Chlo
    Sarcastic MSP Of Chlo 2 days ago +1

    I ❤️ YOUR VIDEOS SAFIYA!!!! 😍😊

  • Peeka Boo
    Peeka Boo 3 days ago

    She is so pretty!

    She doesn't need makeup at all!

  • Ilona Sycheva
    Ilona Sycheva 5 days ago

    I use that shadow brush for my creased and its great for applying eye showed as eye liner. U do need to set the brush though. 😊 lol but might not work for everyone. 🤔😏

  • Mandovi Jadon
    Mandovi Jadon 7 days ago

    The eyeshadow brush probably is designed for monolids. And makes sense for a Japanese store.
    Also, I m not being racist.

  • Christine Berry
    Christine Berry 7 days ago +3

    Anyone else see the holo on the bronzer/blush? Where my holosexuals at?

  • JC Charles
    JC Charles 9 days ago

    I actually think those lashes look awesome on you!

  • Jean Mialhe Fadol
    Jean Mialhe Fadol 9 days ago

    That brush is for nose lining

  • Sarah Gregg
    Sarah Gregg 10 days ago

    Your Japanese drugstore and dollar store videos make me to do the same in Spain this summer!

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg 11 days ago

    Love your channel

  • l4tina
    l4tina 12 days ago


  • Lauren Jacobs
    Lauren Jacobs 12 days ago

    Love the gold lipstick! Makes me wanna get some! :)

  • Prachi Mule
    Prachi Mule 13 days ago

    There are at least 3 Daiso stores in Dallas area

  • Life as Noelle
    Life as Noelle 13 days ago

    All of these makeups have a very different smell😂😂😂😂😂😂 love ya girl

  • Rachael Pierce
    Rachael Pierce 14 days ago

    I do realize how long it's been since this video has come out but I looked oh really looked on the comments. The eyeshadow brush would be perfect because an ex had some of those brushes & hooded eyes. She did not have prominent eyelids it actually did work quite well and her makeup traditionally was done more of a neutral natural look subtle rosy cheeks not super prominent eye makeup and subtle or glossy to dark nude lip. In some ways it did have a warm look to it but not tan. Often to warm up the more lighter foundation. she did not Chase a skin tone that look like it had been in the Sun makeup that went on top of that was warm and sparing applied. Think warm pleasent porcelain doll not creepy doll. But slendering the features were definitely a thing. She had this curved hair pick she used to make very controlled not always thin line of dots of contouring makeup to really shape her face. There was no attempt to add any kind of Sunkissed or tan anything by doing that. She's beautiful but that about it. I still help on the Family Farm to this day Forty Acres full of sunshine. I helped with the grounds and maintenance. I'm a ginger who can tan I have freckles. Different beauty standards. Different lifestyles. She thinks peacocks are going to eat her. My mom has over 200 yes I'm in Illinois. I know how that sounds. She dipped off to the Concrete Jungle after nearly killing an urn tree in a nature preserve. She dipped off to p and couldn't walk to the outhouse u could see it and there was narrow path ways she knew where we were and peed on a sapling got caught by a trail cam and fined the cost of saving it. tried it in court and still refused when they threw the book at her to write an apology letter to the family. She tried to sue the park an attempt to get everything drop everything for therapy for being traumatized for peeing on a clearly marked urn sapling. This is not meant to offend anyone. I had those brushes chucked at me alot.

  • Amelia The Diva
    Amelia The Diva 14 days ago


  • Nicole Grisel
    Nicole Grisel 17 days ago

    I have been binge watching your channel since I found it this week and I love your content!!!!

  • Lulu Leitao
    Lulu Leitao 23 days ago

    well im a weeb so daiso will always be good to me

  • Chococacaooo
    Chococacaooo 23 days ago

    Finally, you look like a one dollar girl

  • Chococacaooo
    Chococacaooo 23 days ago

    LOL, chineese traduction : lid brush, it should be meaning eyebrows

  • luz lucy
    luz lucy 24 days ago

    You forgot the highlighter

  • Elensila2718
    Elensila2718 25 days ago

    I actually like the false lashes!

  • Alexandra Andrei
    Alexandra Andrei 26 days ago

    Loving this Effie Trinket makeup tutorial❤️

  • Sheroz Khurram
    Sheroz Khurram 26 days ago

    Are you muslim

  • Hannah K
    Hannah K 27 days ago

    Effie Trinket to Tropical Macaw😂😂😂

  • Hannah K
    Hannah K 27 days ago

    The bath mat has Saf (eyebrows) and a cat with a Tie (Ty-ler)

  • faile486
    faile486 28 days ago

    I couldn't figure out why I had Hello Muddah Hello Faddah stuck in my head until I rewatched this video =)

  • Mini Fish Studios
    Mini Fish Studios 28 days ago

    And..... we've reached unnecessary demonitization

  • Charlotte Mehmel
    Charlotte Mehmel 28 days ago

    You should do a 5 below makeup challenge

  • Caroline Heartsong
    Caroline Heartsong 29 days ago

    I love the Daiso store!!!

  • Puppy Wars
    Puppy Wars Month ago

    She looks so good in fake lashes she should wear them more 😊

  • Aubrey Sylvester
    Aubrey Sylvester Month ago

    I just figured out how to pronounce her name

  • sarah.casas
    sarah.casas Month ago

    you describing the bath mat was so funny 😂

  • Ishita Miglani
    Ishita Miglani Month ago

    Your ear is sooooooo redddd

  • Jay Mathers
    Jay Mathers Month ago

    I'm honestly digging the lashes 😅😂

  • Julia M
    Julia M Month ago

    Was fun watching Tyler on his laptop on the back of your mirror lol. But cool video too I love you guys.

  • isabellaacereto
    isabellaacereto Month ago +1

    I feel like I follow saf like the most intensely out of any TheXvidr, and now I get like super fans of TheXvidrs because like, I would totally lose my bananas if I ever met Saf

  • Kaitlyn Lim
    Kaitlyn Lim Month ago +1

    Just saying in Australia every thing in Daiso costs $2.80 :(

  • Abi Stamper
    Abi Stamper Month ago

    I'm visiting SC in march...do you ever go there

  • Dyanna Calderon
    Dyanna Calderon Month ago +2

    lmao the eyelashes look EXACTLY like the falsies a youtuber name *azzyland* uses all the time.

  • Siobhán K.
    Siobhán K. Month ago

    Wish we had Daiso in NYC. I’d love to try it. Just for a laugh of course, it’s clearly no Sephora!!! 😉

  • Melanie Reimer
    Melanie Reimer Month ago

    Who else see Tyler in the mirror?

  • Brittney Bradam
    Brittney Bradam Month ago

    I have a brush like the eyshadow brush and I use it to contour my nose

  • arooj tahira
    arooj tahira Month ago

    These Sponges are for dishwash 😂😂😂

  • Erin Parrilli
    Erin Parrilli Month ago

    Tyler at 6:43 is my mood in the morning😂

  • Fenris Wolf
    Fenris Wolf Month ago +1

    Saf, thanks to watching your makeup vids I went to Walmart and bought highlighter and a beauty blender along with setting spray.

  • Chelsea Griffin
    Chelsea Griffin Month ago

    Hey there’s this online store called Hollar. I wanted to know if it’s legit.

  • Júlia Dandy
    Júlia Dandy Month ago

    Liking for the old school Polly Pocket memory alone ❤️

  • Halle Ewing
    Halle Ewing Month ago

    You should do a full face of makeup from Claire's or a full face of kids makeup.

  • Stephanie Martin
    Stephanie Martin Month ago

    Lovin d liquid liner😍

  • Sarah Y
    Sarah Y Month ago

    For Aussies it's $2.80 for each item I think

  • Good IDia
    Good IDia Month ago

    Hello person who is reading this comment. What is up?

  • Alexandre Ken Watanabe

    I love her random jokes

  • Andi McEvoy
    Andi McEvoy Month ago

    I like how she just always has Camp Grenada in the background

  • Tiffany Brownell
    Tiffany Brownell Month ago

    Aside from the weird lashes I love this makeup look on you!

  • Pingo Piggy
    Pingo Piggy Month ago

    3:22 “Don’t worry this eyeshadow brush will come into *play* at some point”

  • AngelPlayzz Roblox & More

    The blush thing was HOLO

  • Jade Collins 11 (STUDENT)

    Now I am wondering if trump is Japanese lol

  • Lynn Klett
    Lynn Klett Month ago

    Your eyes look great!

  • Stephanie Backs
    Stephanie Backs Month ago

    and now Daiso is bankrupt (in my country, dunno about USA)

  • Ella Ryan
    Ella Ryan Month ago +2

    Your hunger games reference (“I think I went from like Effie Trinket to Tropical Mcaw!”) made my day!!

  • I need A better life

    Hi saf I think you should try make slime and in diaso they have a soft clay and if you mix it into slime it feel very nice and airy

  • Db76 Legos7
    Db76 Legos7 Month ago

    safiaaaaaaa i have abserdly long eyelashes for a guy and let me tell you its teh freaking worsttttttttttttttttt AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Gabby_Gamer Girly
    Gabby_Gamer Girly Month ago

    In my phone it says its sponsored by daiso makeup

  • Bhavee Rathod
    Bhavee Rathod Month ago

    I feel like saf’s personality could be hilarious if she also did some other stuff like arts and crafts on her channel. But I really like this!

  • InkImpa
    InkImpa Month ago

    I would say use the eyelashes again!! They look so good on you!!

  • Sani Sims
    Sani Sims Month ago

    I’m upset
    She didn’t do her foundation first or even after her brows ugh 😑

  • AquamarineDays
    AquamarineDays Month ago

    6:47 cards against humanity lol

  • Server Girl
    Server Girl Month ago

    Everything is orange because it's trump's makeup

  • Camila Jusino
    Camila Jusino Month ago

    well the thing is, she looks amazing with everything! Love u Saf!!!❤️

  • m.odpizza •
    m.odpizza • Month ago

    my daiso doesn’t allow filming 😂

  • jade Mack
    jade Mack Month ago

    I love daiso. You can find so much random and useful stuff in there. I've noticed a lot of asian girls prefer a more subtle look so they don't have a lot of big, bright pallets or strong contor sets in stock.

  • Hi Hi hi
    Hi Hi hi Month ago

    This owls me coz... look at his eyebrows 😂😂

  • Lium Rhett
    Lium Rhett Month ago

    "Nothing better than a golden butthole" 😂😂😂

  • Lisette
    Lisette Month ago

    Wow, this look is amazing on her.

  • senpai buns gold
    senpai buns gold Month ago

    I love caaaaaaaaats !!!!!!

  • Érika Sayuri
    Érika Sayuri Month ago

    she seems like dua lipa

  • Hailey Jean-Pierre
    Hailey Jean-Pierre Month ago

    1. You look pretty with and without make up.
    2. I really like the make up look you did .

  • Sarina Revenberg
    Sarina Revenberg Month ago

    those kind of lashes are used a lot by anime cosplayers. since they look a lot like anime/manga lashes

  • Henrialice Mcjunkins


  • Darpan Shah
    Darpan Shah Month ago +1

    No highlighter??!?!?

  • Madison Miller
    Madison Miller Month ago

    isn't Daiso's makeup full of lead

  • AnaL Velazquez
    AnaL Velazquez Month ago


  • Dee
    Dee Month ago

    The eyelashes actually look good

  • Evette Jade Tan
    Evette Jade Tan Month ago

    what about minisu

  • Lauren 0405
    Lauren 0405 Month ago

    Her makeup never looks bad I wish

  • No thanks B
    No thanks B Month ago +2

    Only Safiya can make dollar store makeup look good

  • New Moon Witch77
    New Moon Witch77 Month ago


  • Melanie Leboeuf
    Melanie Leboeuf Month ago

    I have been to daiso also I really like the blue eyeshadow the lipstick you got but in a diff shade and I got the other fake lashes But overall the completion products were very good for there price bu t I agree with everything you said. You are my idol and I love your videos I named one of my cats after you so please read my comment

  • SlimebyGabi & GamingbyGabi

    She made a Hunger Games reference. I am so proud!

  • Emma Somenek
    Emma Somenek Month ago

    Actually Looks Really Good

  • AandJay'sEndlessPlaylist's 1

    That eyebrow stencil worked great love how it shaped your brows.

  • Mish
    Mish 2 months ago

    Perhaps you should do it the Japanese way. They dot the foundation on the face and then use the sponge

  • Mutesm
    Mutesm 2 months ago

    I love daiso and its funny that i actually got the same lashes that you got and i love the lashes. I think i spend so much money in daiso lol

  • Leona Zhang
    Leona Zhang 2 months ago

    Tbh at my daiso there is only makeup from la girls.. haha i hope my daiso have the same Japanese makeup

  • Emily Slaycriss
    Emily Slaycriss 2 months ago

    "Nothing better than a golden butthole, I do say".....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rachel Conor Lauren
    Rachel Conor Lauren 2 months ago

    I have that exact blue eye shadow palette