Which is The BEST Subscription Box in India for You?

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
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  • im. Bhavs
    im. Bhavs 9 months ago +90

    This website is the trivago of subscription box

    • rits rits
      rits rits 4 months ago

      i know about this becoz i hv ordered from there

    • Shazia Chintaman
      Shazia Chintaman 8 months ago

      @Yogita Gaur only scroll and saw don't buy from it

    • Yogita Gaur
      Yogita Gaur 8 months ago

      @Shazia Chintaman is it safe ~?~

    • Shazia Chintaman
      Shazia Chintaman 9 months ago +5

      Yes true I searched it after watching video. It's great

    • superWOWstyle!
      superWOWstyle!  9 months ago +2

      Lol! Yes

  • Deepika Sharma
    Deepika Sharma 13 hours ago

    Thanks Prachi for suggesting this site. It's great to shop there.

  • Aromatic ROYstyle
    Aromatic ROYstyle 28 days ago

    Please make it...

  • Bulbul Sarkar
    Bulbul Sarkar Month ago

    di please make video of book box with cod please di

  • Bulbul Sarkar
    Bulbul Sarkar Month ago

    but di in this box cod is applicable

  • Architect ChaNdhana gopal

    U r d best!!!!

  • Pritam Majumder
    Pritam Majumder 3 months ago

    R u from roadies?

  • Yazhini P
    Yazhini P 5 months ago +1

    Hi Prachi sis I am a fifteen year old I love makeup n skincare which subscription box would you recommend me to??? Love you Prachi sis love ❤️ ❤️❤️

  • Kinix Hande
    Kinix Hande 5 months ago

    Wow thank you

  • Jain Girl
    Jain Girl 6 months ago

    Price of the beauty subscription box ?

  • Tulika Dutta
    Tulika Dutta 6 months ago

    Ami order korechilam ei website ta die 30th nov a payment kore.. Akhono obdhi kichue aseni..

  • Manasavarma 2810
    Manasavarma 2810 7 months ago

    I really love u prachi my first ever comment

  • Jeeva Ramya
    Jeeva Ramya 7 months ago

    Tell me one men subscription box which u tried dear

  • Hansa Zala
    Hansa Zala 7 months ago +1

    Prachi the Kajal is actually duplicate.

    • Hansa Zala
      Hansa Zala 7 months ago +1

      @Aishwarya Sharma The symbol eyeconic is different and see the Kajal too nothing is written on it.

    • Aishwarya Sharma
      Aishwarya Sharma 7 months ago

      How are sure about it?

  • Dimple Saini
    Dimple Saini 7 months ago

    Is the quality of shirts good, much needed subscription box for gifting,

  • Chahal Sharma
    Chahal Sharma 7 months ago

    Why people feeling shame for talking in our hindi language 🤔🤔

  • Madhuri Ghuge
    Madhuri Ghuge 7 months ago +1

    Di thnk u so much confusion dur ho gaya..aap bhot acchese samjhate ho..apke honest review hote hai
    Aap bahot cute and sweet ho

  • Akash Bhola008
    Akash Bhola008 7 months ago


  • Crystal Rocha
    Crystal Rocha 7 months ago

    Hey Prachi, i have ordered a subscription box from scriberr. Its been 10 days now since I placed my order and the status of the order still shows that the box is been packed. I couldn't find any means to contact scriberr and i couldn't get any response via the live chat on the website as they just do not respond. Do you know of any way i could contact the scriberr team?

  • Modern India
    Modern India 7 months ago

    @superWOWstyle! I always wanted that you do a video about the contestant you had in Roadies 8. What were your thoughts about those guys at that time? Please do that video for me. Mohit, Suchit and You are my favourite roadies of all time.

    Maybe the reaction video of roadies 8..... Boys also watch your shows. like me who love you.

  • hemavikasparmar31
    hemavikasparmar31 8 months ago

    Hi had a genuine question...actually after i recd my euphorbia box today...i was so excited and then my hubby asked...are these the real products or original ones...how do u know...i was just mum......can u plz answer

  • Nithin Kk
    Nithin Kk 8 months ago

    Supr dear.very much needed video.thank u
    Anisha nithin

  • Rupsa Pal Kundu
    Rupsa Pal Kundu 8 months ago

    Very very informative video...thanks Prachi

  • Manisha Ravikumar
    Manisha Ravikumar 8 months ago

    I think it is sponsor video

  • zyeba shaikh
    zyeba shaikh 8 months ago

    Nice n sweet 😗

  • Neha S
    Neha S 8 months ago

    Thanks sweetie this was very helpful u r way ahead in this field, kudos . xoxo

  • Minkal Agrawal
    Minkal Agrawal 8 months ago

    Where is envy box???

  • priza Jain
    priza Jain 8 months ago +1

    Thank u for making this video n sharing such useful information with us. ❤️

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    Aarti bumataria 8 months ago

    Nice video...very helpful

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    dhanwanti khatri 8 months ago +1

    Really usefull information 😃

  • Tulika Dutta
    Tulika Dutta 8 months ago

    Plz make a video about Winter skin care for extra dry skin

  • Aastha H
    Aastha H 8 months ago +2

    What are subscription boxes??

  • Kanishka Panth
    Kanishka Panth 8 months ago

    videos related to dressing sense please

  • FizzaAskiwala
    FizzaAskiwala 8 months ago

    Mam please review agete onion hair oil..

  • Ankita Sharma
    Ankita Sharma 8 months ago +1

    I am sure you gonna wear those cool tees more than Gorav bhaiya 😛

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    Yo We 9 months ago

    What is your email ID please reply

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    Richa Pandey 9 months ago

    You are the best!

  • Archana
    Archana 9 months ago +4

    Nice video. Can you suggest a website which has subscription box for prenatal and post natal care. I have many friends going through this phase and I thought gifting this would be good

  • Archana Pandey
    Archana Pandey 9 months ago

    U resemble radhika apte😊

  • Chandrika Arora
    Chandrika Arora 9 months ago

    Subscription box are stupid

  • preethy shine
    preethy shine 9 months ago +1

    Prachii hi pls put a video for buying good Kurtis and palazoos in online shopping...except Amazon and Flipkart.

  • thulasi rajkumar
    thulasi rajkumar 9 months ago

    You got a new subscriber!!!! Loved u from the moment I saw u

  • subscriptionboxes_ addiction

    I've also made a video on Scriberr and booked a subscription box through it. I loved it's features!

  • Mithra Prasath
    Mithra Prasath 9 months ago

    You are such a beautiful angel Prachi😘

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    Sis Are you a tamilian???

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    anyone can buy this box???? no matter if u have TheXvid channel or not plz ans

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    Shazia Chintaman 9 months ago

    I know it's not a right place to ask this question. But plz suggest night cream for combination acne prone skin during winter (affordable). Eagerly waiting for ur response. Thank you so much in advance

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    Really helpful video. Ek baat bataie aap itna zabardast content lati kahan se hain??? 😵😵😵😵👏👏👏👏👏. Keep it up ur hard work.

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