Vigor Mortis | NIGHTGOWNS 1 | "Mad World"

  • Published on May 22, 2017
  • Vigor Mortis performs Michael Andrews' "Mad World" at Sasha Velour's monthly show, NIGHTGOWNS, April 2017 at National Sawdust in Brooklyn.
    Footage: Gypsy Hill & National Sawdust | Editing: Sasha Velour
    Vigor Mortis is a drag king and burlesque performer with the collective, Switch 'n Play. His day job is also in drag... as assistant to Sasha Velour. IG: @vigormortisvelour
    NIGHTGOWNS, an evening of short performances dedicated to celebrating the diversity, depth, and wild power of drag. Each month features a new lineup of performers, using gender, dance, music, fashion, and visual art in combination to explore both the political and the personal…surprisingly funny, moving, and glamorously queer!
    See more at and view the whole show in HD at

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  • Andy Simmons
    Andy Simmons 6 months ago

    Them titties tho. 😣😣😣

  • Greg John
    Greg John 8 months ago

    Serving Lena Dunham realness.. brilliant!

  • Maya Antonia
    Maya Antonia Year ago

    This is so beautiful and powerful!

  • Ben Petty
    Ben Petty Year ago +11

    I came across this video for the first time a few days ago. By the time I finished watching it, I was absolutely stunned - but couldn't find the words to articulate exactly how this performance made me feel. I keep coming back. Finally, I think I know how to put it into words.
    As a transmasculine person, there is so much pressure to fit inside a certain box. And that box is a fine box - there's nothing inherently wrong with transitioning along a timeline that includes hitting specific goals at specific points of time and checking off all of the traditionally "masculine" boxes along the way. Sometimes, though, it can feel like that's the only narrative that is visible - that the end-all-be-all goal, if you are a trans person, must be to become cis-passing. That if you haven't taken hormones, had surgery, crossed all of your t's and dotted all of your i's - well, you're going to have to make some compromises, because your gender just isn't going to be taken as seriously by everyone else. (Never mind the endless other factors that may complicate matters - race, religion, class, ability, access to healthcare...)
    But now, here, the narrative is flipped on its head. This is a performance that says, "No, dammit, I am here and this is who I am and you are going to see me." It is so real and raw and honest. Those three simple letters - "BOY" - hold so much depth and magnitude and power.
    As someone who doesn't "pass" all the time, who's not conventionally fit, who doesn't have financial access to top surgery - sometimes these things add up. Sometimes I don't feel "man" enough (whatever the hell that even means). Sometimes it really, really gets to me. But to see someone with a body like mine stand up on stage and turn that body into such beautiful, moving art - it speaks to me on a level that I can't even fully describe.
    Thank you for owning your journey and your truth with such depth and vulnerability. Thank you for not backing down. Thank you for creating such a powerful work of art.

  • Erica Boynton
    Erica Boynton Year ago


  • Mery
    Mery Year ago

    That was beautiful

  • Cate Ellington
    Cate Ellington Year ago +1

    This is very very powerful! Thank you Vigor. Your eyes talk. The eyes of an artist and poet.

  • alice k
    alice k Year ago +4


  • Holly Blair
    Holly Blair Year ago +2


  • RP G
    RP G Year ago +3

    Thank you for putting on a show that is simply art and not some polarizing cliché political activism. Anyone could go to this and enjoy it. Please keep it accessible and enjoyable for all.

  • Casper
    Casper Year ago +13

    this is so powerful, and it's always so brilliant to see trans-masculine people doing drag!! Keep up the amazing work Vigor 😊

  • Gracie Whitefoord
    Gracie Whitefoord Year ago +1

    That was INCREDIBLE

  • MisterBassBoost
    MisterBassBoost Year ago

    Excellent video. Keep it up!

  • Emmy Lennon
    Emmy Lennon Year ago +6

    Vigor is literally the best Drag King in the world