[defensive stage] 'Dongmakgol girl' - Please,'동막골 소녀' - 제발, 복면가왕 20181007


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  • Yenni Vidal
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  • nik alya
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    She got me on goosebumps

  • harder man
    harder man 4 days ago

    Black Swan 黑天鹅 (블랙 。스완 )42 vs 57 동막골 소녀 东末村少女
    差8票就输了( 57 - 42 = 15 / 2 = 7.5 票 )。

    The results of 86 Episode is
    Black Swan 42 vs 57 Dong Mak Gol Lady
    There is a 8 counts difference only ,
    which is means nearly lose.

    바로,는 , 동막골 소녀 , 승리。
    优胜者 是 ,东末村少女 ,胜利。
    Winner , is , Dong Mak Gol Lady , Victory.
    这是Solji 第5 连 胜。
    This is Solji , 5th even win.

  • 하니exid
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  • Craig Winstanley
    Craig Winstanley 8 days ago +1

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written.
    One of the most beautiful singers ever to hold a microphone.
    Our ears are Blessed to be living during the reign of the undisputed Queen of ballads.
    Solji is extraordinary.

  • kcwu0316
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  • bob Hertz
    bob Hertz 11 days ago +1

    Just beautiful... Solji is such a wonderful singer!

  • Watcharaphol Sriyangnok

    I want original song 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • 00013
    00013 16 days ago

    What's the episode? Pls😊

  • illegal bunny
    illegal bunny 18 days ago +2

    You know what id do? I'd empty my bank acc to see solji solo concert.

  • bob Hertz
    bob Hertz 19 days ago +2

    Just hauntingly beautiful... Solji’s voice is very special.

  • Sandy Aprian
    Sandy Aprian 24 days ago +3

    My 134642516 times play this video

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz 23 days ago +1

      Sandy Aprian I know the feeling.... these King Of Mask Singer performances are incredible!

  • Zul FIKRI
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    Title of this song please

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  • # YOO
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    SOLJI :3

  • Hồng Hải Nguyễn
    Hồng Hải Nguyễn 28 days ago

    Song name

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz 23 days ago

      Hồng Hải Nguyễn Please.

  • ซินกับ ความเหงา


  • park sung hye
    park sung hye 28 days ago +3

    Woah. This song portrays her feelings for a different reason in an exquisite way. I’m speechless 😶

  • ian dwiki
    ian dwiki 28 days ago +5

    Honestly. Not many singer can sing and deliver the feeling as good as this. I myself only knew a few.
    You dont understand what it means. But it still hit you. Simply by her singing.
    Looking at those audiences. I wouldnt surprise if some of them shed some tears. Since they do understand.

  • Linh Nguyễn
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    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz 28 days ago +2

      Linh Nguyễn The voice of a Queen!

  • Unidentified Soul
    Unidentified Soul 29 days ago +1

    the man in 0:47 is ME!!

  • Mary Joy Ramonida
    Mary Joy Ramonida 29 days ago +1

    Did she lose? I'm sorry. Not updated 😭

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz 28 days ago +2

      Mary Joy Ramonida she won this one but just lost yesterday after five wins... try to listen to all of her performances on King Of Mask Singer... I hope that you will love them!

  • Nikki Pfaff
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  • Broadway Style
    Broadway Style Month ago +2

    Even i don't understand korean language, but i can feel the soul of this song. Because of solji voice..

  • j seolhee
    j seolhee Month ago +2

    I wish EXID raise again after solji back.. 😢😢 together with the great icon NUEST.. I support both groups..

  • js_
    js_ Month ago +1

    Her style is too generic and lesson-based. Sounds like borrowed the song and not "own" it

    • Leggo Loon
      Leggo Loon Month ago +5

      I definitely agree with you on this one, exactly what I thought when I heard her the first time,
      everything she does in here is copying this one particular legendary singer,
      she's even trying to imitate her voice and mannerism, as if she's just wanna be her.
      I wanna scream so loud to this girl in here:
      But then again,
      we're living in the world of "Bias"
      where saying things without explanations is a form of satisfaction.
      Congratulation @js_ , whoever you are.

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +3

      js_ 😳🤣🤣🤣- okay 👌 thanks for sharing! Clearly your opinion is not followed by many.

  • bob Hertz
    bob Hertz Month ago +5

    Listen to these performances from Solji with headphones and close your eyes... it’s impossible not to feel her emotion and passion. Incredibly beautiful performances!

  • Chrishak Lee
    Chrishak Lee Month ago

    이게 팦이냐 가요냐 씨블 댓글이다 영어네...

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Month ago +4

    when i heard 3:18, I cried 😭

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +1

      Honey Bee her voice.... I have never been moved more by anyone... Solji is amazing

  • Maks Maksymiv
    Maks Maksymiv Month ago +3

    0:55 same girl same

    LAW WOEI LIANG Month ago +6

    Great song ,not many singer can put is so many emotion to it ,Great singer solji

  • Bui Nhi
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  • Bich Thuy
    Bich Thuy Month ago +1

    Vietsub please !!!

  • bob Hertz
    bob Hertz Month ago +8

    Counting down the days until Solji’s next performance and defense of the crown! Just about three more days... no matter what the future holds, she’s already proven just how amazing she is! So many wonderful performances!

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +3

      Champ Fanm Every two weeks I have the same feeling... part of me wants her to be done on KOMS so she can focus on the EXID Comeback and also she will be able to go on other shows and talk about her being able to win so many times...plus I want the whole world to see her face and know how amazing she is! But on the other hand I selfishly hope that she keeps Winning so we can have more amazing songs and performances from her! But the most important thing for me is how she feels... her health and happiness is really all that really matters.

    • Cham Cham
      Cham Cham Month ago +2

      now is just about two more days but I feel like two seasons passing my life

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +2

      TheNight Prince I couldn’t agree more! Solji is just at another level. I don’t really know how to explain it... she is just my favorite singer ever. As for EXID, I really appreciate many wonderful groups. But there’s really something very special about EXID too! Each member has her own vibe and charm and they’re so close... really like a family! All I know is that I am very thankful and lucky to have found this wonderfully talented group that has given so many people such happiness.

    • TheNight Prince
      TheNight Prince Month ago +2

      Agree. She did an impressive job coming back silently to the show, taking (again) the crown and defending it 4 times already by showing us all those amazing performances. She did really good and no matter what happens next i'm just happy to know that she's back to sing with her amazing voice and talent. Leggos must be happy and proud to have back their shining fifth gem.

  • Khairul Arifin
    Khairul Arifin Month ago +1

    I think if solji singing good day - IU, she will singing really well.
    I was little bit disappointed when solji last time sing that song was not good enough especially in high note. hope one day solji sing that song 🙏

    • cy
      cy Month ago

      I totally second the point you'd like to make though :)

    • Cham Cham
      Cham Cham Month ago

      ah okay got it now , sorry OP

    • cy
      cy Month ago +1

      I thought OP did not mean being disappointed by the KOMS performance but the Good Day impromptu on My Small Television variety show.

    • Cham Cham
      Cham Cham Month ago +4

      At first I also thought Solji wanted to step down by not giving too high notes as the previous ones but after made a research, I found that actually this song isn't easy as it seemed. This song Solji still did a very amazing job but it requires normal people like us to watch more than one time + watch other performances for reference if we wanna feel and understand the most accurate way. And you should look the way Solji was when she finished, she was very emotional, somehow trembled and exhales sharply. We won't know how much control and process she put into this. So please don't feel disappointed :(

    • cy
      cy Month ago +1

      That karaoke impromptu was indeed far from optimum as she supposedly could be, though probably in part for serving its main purpose of a comedy show besides that Solji's high note is not airy with less falsetto which makes it more difficult to do the three elongated swirls.

  • M YUNGG_03
    M YUNGG_03 Month ago +1

    Nổi hết cả da gà❤️👍❤️

  • sáng nguyễn
    sáng nguyễn Month ago +1

    Con sợ, sợ lắm con đang đi đâu đây. Mẹ đừng lo lắng cho con, con sẽ k để mn lo lắng đâu. Con ks đâu, thật sự con k sao đâu, con sợ nhưng sẽ k sao đâu 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Love EXID VLeggo
    Love EXID VLeggo Month ago +5

    Solji unnie and Dongmagol Girl are on top seaecho no Naver. 👍😘😊 Love EXID 💕

  • Erman Yudistira
    Erman Yudistira Month ago +14

    she isn't solji. she is SUPER SOLJI.

  • Alec K
    Alec K Month ago +2

    South Korea I think this country is too emotional. This can be good but also very bad in some situations.

  • Jarod - ThePopGoat
    Jarod - ThePopGoat Month ago +6

    Solji stop making me cry

  • Hồ Quỳnh Hương FanCam

    i waitting this video so muc. thanks MBC

  • Rahmat Anuwar
    Rahmat Anuwar Month ago +1

    She already removed her mask?

  • xx Unicorn xx
    xx Unicorn xx Month ago +5

    She is SOLJİ!!

  • Thao cute
    Thao cute Month ago +2

    Hy. Vong. Co ay. La. Solji 😊

  • Michelle M. Vang
    Michelle M. Vang Month ago +1

    What is this song called?

    • OSMH
      OSMH Month ago

      please by Lee So-ra

    • Michelle M. Vang
      Michelle M. Vang Month ago

      OSMH “Please” by who? In English plz

    • OSMH
      OSMH Month ago +1


  • bob Hertz
    bob Hertz Month ago +13

    When Solji sings ballads like this, the passion and emotion are beyond words!

  • Alain Lee
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  • blair
    blair Month ago +4

    please rest girlie. we need you in exid. i don’t think i can go another comeback without your beautiful voice.

  • RD DZ
    RD DZ Month ago +3

    أنا متأكد الآن أن هذا هو صوت سولجي
    لأنني لم أسمع صوتًا أجمل من صوتها في الساحة الكورية
    حتى الآن
    لأنها تجعلك تريد الاستماع إلى جميع أغاني العالم فقط من خلال صوتها

  • OSMH
    OSMH Month ago +11

    the lyrics go like this :)
    i just cant forget about you
    look i am still thinking of you with tears in my eyes
    i'm sorry that i was acting immature all the time
    you told me you wanted nothing but only me
    Such memories of our .. crying and laughing together
    they shouldn't be erased by another love
    i beg you to come back to me anyhow
    i wish we can go back to our beginning
    i'm saying that i can wait for you
    but don't be too late
    don't go farther away from me
    come closer.... please
    i can't tell you everything
    please listen to my last words
    i am sorry that i was angry at you
    more as i loved you more
    i beg you to come back anyhow
    i wish we can go back to our beginning
    i'm saying that i can wait for you
    but don't be too late
    don't go farther away from me
    come closer
    i beg you don't forget to come back to me
    if we part, it will break my heart
    i'm saying that i will wait for you
    but don't be late
    don't go farther away from me, come closer

    • OSMH
      OSMH Month ago +2

      +Au Kean Hau Thank you

    • Au Kean Hau
      Au Kean Hau Month ago +1

      this is the Korean Lyrics of this Song.
      Please (제발)
      잊지 ,못해 ,너를 ,있잖아
      아직도 ,눈물 ,흘리며 ,널 ,생각해
      늘 ,참지 ,못하고 ,투정 ,부린 ,것 ,미안해
      나만 ,원한다고 ,했잖아
      그렇게 ,웃고 ,울었던 ,기억들이
      다른 ,사랑으로 ,잊혀져 ,지워지는게 ,난 ,싫어
      (Repeat 1)
      어떻게든 ,다시 ,돌아오길 ,부탁해
      처음으로 ,다시 ,돌아가길 ,바랄게
      기다릴게 ,너를 ,하지만
      너무 ,늦어지면은 ,안돼
      멀어지지마 ,더 ,가까이 ,

      모든걸 ,말할수 ,없잖아
      마지막 ,얘길 ,할테니 ,좀 ,들어봐
      많이 ,사랑하면 ,할수록
      화만 ,내서 ,더 ,미안해

      (Repeat 2)
      어떻게든 ,다시 ,돌아오길 ,부탁해
      처음으로 ,다시 ,돌아가길 ,바랄께
      Repeat *
      기다릴게 ,너를 ,하지만
      너무 ,늦어지면은 ,안돼
      멀어지지마 ,더 ,가까이

      잊지 ,말고 ,다시 ,돌아오길 ,부탁해
      헤어지면 ,가슴 ,아플거라 ,생각해
      Repeat *
      기다릴게 ,너를 ,하지만
      너무 ,늦어지면 ,안돼
      멀어지지마 ,더 ,가까이


    • Au Kean Hau
      Au Kean Hau Month ago +5

      this is the closer translated version of this song.
      Can't forget about
      You. You know?
      Still I cry
      Thinking about you.
      I was impatient
      and complaining. I'm sorry.
      You said all you want
      is me.
      We laughed
      And cried. Our memories
      Are forgotten, because of other love.
      I hate that they are fading away.

      I beg you to come back
      I hope that we go back to
      The beginning.
      I'll wait for you, but
      Don't be too late.
      Don't go far away.
      Come near, please.

      One can't say
      Here are my last words,
      so listen.
      As I fell in love with you more,
      I kept yelling at you. I'm so sorry.

      I beg you to come back
      I hope that we go back to
      The beginning.
      I'll wait for you, but
      Don't be too late.
      Don't go far away.
      Come near.

      I beg you not to forget and
      Come back.
      I think my heart will ache if
      We break up.
      I'll wait for you, but
      Don't be too late.
      Don't go far away.
      Come near.


  • Smith Noahs
    Smith Noahs Month ago +1

    Cholchi! Cholchi! Cholchi!

  • Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen Month ago +1

    Solji ???? And chungha ????

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +3

      Thu Nguyen Solji singing and Chung Ha was a judge in her first appearance as Dongmakgol Girl! Look for Dongmakgol Girl-I Can’t and In A Dream... watch how Solji gives Chung Ha goosebumps and amazes her!

    • Ding JK
      Ding JK Month ago +1

      EXID Solji limida.😍

  • diana romero
    diana romero Month ago +4

    heejin watching her senior slay that stage once again uwu

  • rcmanization
    rcmanization Month ago +1

    why cant exid perform while she is on this competition? This show has a shooting once every two weeks. And it takes maybe 2-3 days to practice. They could easily promote their new song on music shows and then take a rest for 3-4 days every two weeks for this show

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +3

      rcmanization Solji has to take care of her health! There’s no reason for them to rush anything! I have a feeling that they are already preparing for a Comeback!

  • coco rino
    coco rino Month ago +6

    i fell like solji is just stuck in this competition. there's no stopping her

  • Saya Hawna
    Saya Hawna Month ago +15

    My mouth is automatically open . Her voice is very very very very beautiful

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +3

      Saya Hawna you’re not the only one! 😊

  • Saya Hawna
    Saya Hawna Month ago +7

    Stan queen

  • Rose Ann Alindogan
    Rose Ann Alindogan Month ago +3

    I love Korean singers, huhuhu

  • saunghin thakhin
    saunghin thakhin Month ago +7

    It makes me remember my ex.I really don't understand Korean.But while listening,I see his face and tears drop from my eyes.
    So good👍

  • salt lemonade
    salt lemonade Month ago +8

    so solji is back?

    • TheNight Prince
      TheNight Prince Month ago +5

      She is. She is back with EXID too. She was present during their Japan debut tour concerts at the end of august. She performed DDD too with them \(^_^)/ and "vaporize yourself" a song in japanese for their fans there. You can find easily her videos on youtube. It's really a wonderful gift for all Leggos and not only them i think. (for gift i mean her return from the hiatus)

    LOVEXID Month ago +60

    So great, that voice always makes me feel vibrated, SOLJI Unnie was always king of masked, proud to be a LEGGO

  • Ryu Yamaguchi
    Ryu Yamaguchi Month ago +7

    Solji. We love you 💜💜

  • Văn Hiếu Nguyễn
    Văn Hiếu Nguyễn Month ago +5

    I think Dongmakgol girl Will lose next time because i see MBC has revealed the Line judges of one show - solji is one of them. So it couldbe happened

  • Boodle Demic
    Boodle Demic Month ago +7

    Not even that I to EXID but Solji is one of my fav female voices in all of kpop i love her she’s so talented

  • Oreki Amv
    Oreki Amv Month ago +1

    someone stop this queen already shes already taking over the show

  • Joseph P
    Joseph P Month ago +1

    Solji should retire again and still stay undefeated.

  • Gu Ren
    Gu Ren Month ago +15

    My dear Solji, you have earned every applaud to this point, from day 1 of debut in your career, KOMS is only a small stepping stone to showcasing your amazing voice.
    You have greatly inspired me in every way possible, fighting all odds, even in facing the lost of hope a 2nd time, you have faced it with heart, compassion, and will. I only wish you the best from here on, may many more years, you continue to shine.

    • harder man
      harder man 21 day ago

      Well Said.
      However , she lose to a Bread of Big Chestnut in 87th Episode at a results 52 / 47 .

  • Gfriend buddy
    Gfriend buddy Month ago +6

    Wow! Solji 💕

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James Month ago +8

    Holy shit she’s incredible.

  • 로빈스사라
    로빈스사라 Month ago +4


  • Swann
    Swann Month ago +12

    2:06 can I just say like wtf was that that was the most beautiful thing ive ever heard also whoever worked the camera knows whats up

  • Moony
    Moony Month ago +13

    Like, I'm always waiting for these beautiful performances.

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +4

      Moony Same thing with me! I am totally addicted!

  • Doremon Nobita
    Doremon Nobita Month ago +13

    i say stay here Dongmakgol girl!!!! Dont lose!! keep choice a good song!!!! stay!! stay!! fighting Dongmakgol girl

  • DelReadAHoe
    DelReadAHoe Month ago +5

    It's not like I will be surprised, but did she win again?

  • Marites Lopez
    Marites Lopez Month ago +1

    Its Park Hyo Shin Song😊

  • Sinn
    Sinn Month ago +3

    Solji ❤❤

  • gary555036
    gary555036 Month ago

    Just curious abt this. Having been on this stage for such a long time, at this moment, they really dnt know she is Solji huh??? hahaha

    • TheNight Prince
      TheNight Prince Month ago +8

      Even if they know it's Solji the pleasure to hear her amazing voice again overcomes the desire to vote for a new king/queen and honestly i can totally understand and thank them because i love her voice too.

    • Noctis Altura
      Noctis Altura Month ago +3

      Obviously they know thats why they keep voting for her haha

  • Hanini
    Hanini Month ago +3

    Oh My gosh

  • Reyz
    Reyz Month ago +3

    solji back hmmmm

  • Indriyana Nur Laili

    is it real solji? how do you know?

    • Anas Rullah
      Anas Rullah Month ago

      +Indriyana Nur Laili iya sih sebelum dia buka mask blm resmi itu solji,😂

    • Indriyana Nur Laili
      Indriyana Nur Laili Month ago

      +Anas Rullah iya leggo juga, tapi apa salahnya nanya, kan emang belum ada pernyataan resminya, walaupun emang kalo dari suaranya sih solji banget. Cuma ingin memastikan kok hehe.. 😂😂😂
      it doesn't mean that i am not believing if it's solji eonni~

    • Anas Rullah
      Anas Rullah Month ago

      Loh bukannya kamu leggo yaa..? Gue leggo dan biasa ku solji, pertama denger gue langsung yakin ini solji😂

    • Indriyana Nur Laili
      Indriyana Nur Laili Month ago +1

      Ok guys, thanks for your information 😁

    • OSMH
      OSMH Month ago +5

      Indriyana Nur Laili everybody knows .. through ''naver'' the korean site you can find many articles and analysis that prove it's her . not to mention that a true leggo '' EXID fandom'' can never mistake Solji's voice.

  • kimchi fan SinB LEGGO / BUDDY

    Solji ❤❤❤

  • Gamer Kid
    Gamer Kid Month ago +5

    man! this song gives me feelings ! such a warm song!

  • roytroll
    roytroll Month ago +8

    I don't understand a thing but why does this hurt so bad?? T.T

    • s d
      s d Month ago +1

      I rec to watch these two stages of her, search for this:
      1. 'solji the reason I became a singer' eng subs are also available, song has great lyrics
      2. 'Solji saldaga'
      Also to know about her, watch EXID unhelpful guide, they all are super amazing.

    • roytroll
      roytroll Month ago +2

      TheNight Prince
      It's not just amazing bro. This is beyond amazing. It's unfathomable how someone's talent can transcend boundaries (language, in this matter).
      Not to mention but technically she's really good (I've watched her other performances). She doesn't just have the emotions she has the voice. Like wtf. Where has she been all this time?

    • TheNight Prince
      TheNight Prince Month ago +5

      That's Solji's voice peculiar trait. When she sings she's able to make her emotions hit you like a train even if you don't understand a word and that's honestly amazing for me too.

  • loveliertin
    loveliertin Month ago +1

    I prefer taeyeon's version

  • Ice_ Nifty
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  • Krongkaew Thongnak
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  • guren veggie
    guren veggie Month ago +14

    And she's back slashing hearts again 😥. Stop making us emotional. My heart would really break at this point now.

  • guren veggie
    guren veggie Month ago +22

    6 more wins, and ill have a full album of dongmakgol girl.

  • thythouthee
    thythouthee Month ago +9

    I got goosebumps.

  • s d
    s d Month ago +46

    Solji is selected as a vocal coach for a new MBC program starting next month 😁. Solji and MBC will go a long way.

    • Letsgo Magica
      Letsgo Magica 29 days ago

      eralcen ur prediction was correct.

    • TheNight Prince
      TheNight Prince Month ago +8

      She could go on and do both. This show takes a full day (13 hours to be precise) to be recorded but then it's divided into 2 parts that are aired during 2 different weeks. So basically she has to work one day every 2 weeks. I think it's still manageable. Of course i'm not taking into consideration EXID activities, but it looks like they will delay their comeback since Jeonghwa took the main role in a new web drama that they're recording right now. Hani is abroad recording a show. Hyerin is doing her radio show and the gourmet idol program. LE went to Bali to show off her bikini again XD and maybe to get the inspiration to write new songs (don't forget she's a producer with 58 songs copyrighted.. she's the second among females song writers). Right now all EXID members look busy. I'm happy for them.

    • eralcen
      eralcen Month ago +3

      omg, then she will be unmasked next defensive stage.

  • Ryan Fan Lai
    Ryan Fan Lai Month ago +3

    Solji 🙆🙆🙆

  • Exid Leggo
    Exid Leggo Month ago +3

    Queen 👑❤💪

  • Lauren Liu
    Lauren Liu Month ago +4

    our queen soljiiiii

  • bob Hertz
    bob Hertz Month ago +20

    If all these performances were published on one album, it would be one of the best albums of all time!
    Every song has been amazing! I have never loved any performer so much! It’s not like how you feel about an Idol... it’s very very different, it’s respect, thankfulness and so many other emotions!
    I really just feel so blessed and thankful for being able to listen to such a wonderful artist!

    • Mikhail Miller
      Mikhail Miller Month ago +2

      You can download the live version thru apple music without audience and panelists voices.

    • cy
      cy Month ago +1

      Don't get me wrong. I do see how they are tightly glued together with harmony and faith in each other.
      Gifted as she is, she was hampered by her looking as Lee Hae-ri was so that for the purpose of marketing both of them had to debut as a duo group. However, her group was not as lucky as Davichi and forced to disband. Joining an idol group was her last chance to continue her career on stage but supposed to be far from optimum for being a member implies some sort of sacrifice of personal traits as they way Eunji posited herself in Apink. If they were able to pick their own paths for debut from the very first beginning, it's fair to say all of them three would rather be recognized as a solo singer.

    • bob Hertz
      bob Hertz Month ago +2

      cy I don’t really know...EXID is a family. I don’t think she’s ever unhappy about being with the rest of EXID. I also think that she LOVES LEGGOS, it’s like you can feel her love for them, the way she talks... I do agree that some of the Idol lifestyle is not the best thing for her, but it seems like Banana Culture has been amazing how they support Solji.

    • cy
      cy Month ago

      Sad to say being part of an idol group might be her least favored option if she got a chance to choose then...

    • s d
      s d Month ago +4

      We should daily thank god to let us born in the same generation as of EXID

  • sanashine
    sanashine Month ago +15

    Solji never ceases to amaze me. It's incredible how she is capable to deliver emotions while singing. Thank you Solji for all your hard work, leggos are so proud of you.

  • Puff Daddy
    Puff Daddy Month ago +11

    damn that last word had my entire body in goosebumps

  • Dzung
    Dzung Month ago +8

    Just got goosebumps

  • H A N A
    H A N A Month ago +7

    Solji unnie now, winning or losing is not important! This talent has been recognized in the first match already! Him nê sê yoo unnie!!!