• Published on Dec 6, 2019
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  • Loyda-Brent Wheeler
    Loyda-Brent Wheeler 8 hours ago

    how old Alaia she is so cute and also Catherine you look so cute i want to marry you even tho Im a girl i love you guys love austin Catherine Elle Alaia

  • joey dunn
    joey dunn Day ago

    Hi ace family

  • Papito Rosa
    Papito Rosa Day ago

    Yeah 😎

  • Caylani Klein
    Caylani Klein Day ago

    Ya I like ur clothing

  • janaya.g3
    janaya.g3 2 days ago

    My least favorite is when you couldn’t see the boy in the back😕 btw he did an amazing job.!💙
    But other than that I loved the video.!!!💕

  • shankaroon osman
    shankaroon osman 2 days ago

    The wight looks amazing

  • Jelena Menia
    Jelena Menia 3 days ago

    i love you ace family😘

  • Joslyn Ross
    Joslyn Ross 3 days ago

    Catherine: I was so scared to get on that horse because it's a show horse.
    Me: Lies...your pregnant 😑
    Lol y'all know I'm kidding no hate commeni please..
    Also me: But yeah I would be scared too

  • Talia Dale
    Talia Dale 5 days ago

    Elle looks like she was thinking about a million other thing she could be doing

  • Talia Dale
    Talia Dale 5 days ago

    You guys should do more videos where Austin wakes up in random houses

  • Paola Santillan
    Paola Santillan 6 days ago

    I loooove you guys soooooo much

  • Kathy Arana
    Kathy Arana 7 days ago

    Alaia is sooo cute

  • Sable Tessema
    Sable Tessema 8 days ago


  • The J Squad
    The J Squad 8 days ago

    My favorite part is the ending when you guys walk off on the beach and when austin was pulling the horse when catherine was riding but, over all I love the whole Music Video. I love you guys yall are a huge inspiration too me. Ive been watching your videos sence day 1 love jamilah. P.S can i please get a shout out, also if there was a family i would live with it's the ACE family of cousre and i will suport you guys through thick and thin and through hard times. I know im only 9 years old but, I still love the ACE family

  • Mishel Baltazar
    Mishel Baltazar 9 days ago

    elle is a whole mood😭😭😂

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz 9 days ago +1

    My favorite part is at the end like if you do too

    THE S VLOGS 9 days ago

    The best part was the whole music video

  • Virg Neah
    Virg Neah 10 days ago

    i think this two beautiful girls will be a dancer in the future

  • Adriana Embly
    Adriana Embly 10 days ago

    Alaïa freaking loves that 😂

  • Diana Nicole
    Diana Nicole 10 days ago

    Alaïa was waving a ghost did y'all see the

  • Andrea Jackson
    Andrea Jackson 10 days ago +1

    Oh and the horse part

  • Andrea Jackson
    Andrea Jackson 10 days ago +1

    My favorite part of video was when like y'all 2 Catherine Austin was on the tree and y'all look so cute together that was so cute but mostly all of it was my favorite part ❤💕💖💖💕❤🥳🥳🥳😊🙂

  • dennis surgeon
    dennis surgeon 11 days ago

    my favourite part was all of it foreal

  • dennis surgeon
    dennis surgeon 11 days ago

    his sweater looks so cuddly....(i dont know if that's a word but...) and cozy

  • Gianna Garcia-campos
    Gianna Garcia-campos 11 days ago


  • Diandra Castillo
    Diandra Castillo 11 days ago

    they are gping on tour

  • Bigsexyred1985
    Bigsexyred1985 11 days ago

    I love all ur videos no matter what u doing ❤️ in it 💯 LOVE you 😘😘💖

  • Bigsexyred1985
    Bigsexyred1985 11 days ago


  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gonzalez 13 days ago

    I like your outfit

  • Erica Jiles
    Erica Jiles 14 days ago

    Your dotr is cute😘

  • Erica Jiles
    Erica Jiles 14 days ago +1

    Your dotr is cute😘

  • Allia Bee
    Allia Bee 14 days ago


  • McKenzie Britt squad
    McKenzie Britt squad 15 days ago

    I can’t do Apple Music because I have to pay for it so can you just give me the money if I win

  • Fannie & Parcels
    Fannie & Parcels 15 days ago

    I love you as family can I come home to you

  • casey
    casey 15 days ago +1

    elle's part is my favourite part

  • Taianna’s Nation
    Taianna’s Nation 16 days ago

    Ok 1 is that yes Austin does look good in all white and I’m scared of horses is because I used to live in Jamaica and I was walking to my babysitter’s house and there was a man with a horse and carriage selling yams and then for some reason he whipped the horse with a skinny branch and it turned around and looked me straight in the eye and started to chase me so I turned around and ran back to my grandma’s house then she called my babysitter’s granddaughter to walk me to her house because I was scared at that time I was 6 years old and now I’m 10 years old........and my babysitter is 53 years old and not older than that but anyways While I was running back to my grandma’s house there was a church right across from there and then a random lady told me stop running but I didn’t then I went to school the next day and shared my story in front my whole class and it sounds even funnier in patwa

  • Giovanna Zavala
    Giovanna Zavala 16 days ago


  • Gaby Torres
    Gaby Torres 17 days ago

    Wait I forgot Catherine was pregnant

  • Joanna Cerda
    Joanna Cerda 17 days ago

    So cute loved all of your videos and songs and outfits

  • Adamari Lopez
    Adamari Lopez 17 days ago +8

    I just realized when he said “I thought you were gonna tell them something else” he thought she was gonna say that she’s pregnant

  • Maryam Ishaq
    Maryam Ishaq 17 days ago

    Elle why you didn't want to be in the music video

  • rocio moreno
    rocio moreno 18 days ago

    Her baby is a boy

  • Rima Ford
    Rima Ford 18 days ago

    Ell is bord

  • Tania Calle
    Tania Calle 19 days ago +1

    The video is amazing I can’t stop watching it.

  • BabyJ Marie
    BabyJ Marie 19 days ago +1

    All of it was my favorite becuz Alaia and Elle was just so freaking adorable and Catherine and Austin just made me wanna cry💛😭

  • Diego Zavala
    Diego Zavala 19 days ago

    I still listen to your last song You're my Ace

  • Diego Zavala
    Diego Zavala 19 days ago

    I don't have apple music

  • lexi manley
    lexi manley 22 days ago

    iv been watching all of ur videos since elle was a babey

  • lexi manley
    lexi manley 22 days ago

    I love ur channel sooooo much i hope u carry on making videos like this because I enjoy them so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u

  • Marleigh and Makenszie kin

    That could be a intro

  • Fire Queen
    Fire Queen 23 days ago

    Elle was so so over that lmao she just showed no interest in making the video 😂

  • Nalah Garcia
    Nalah Garcia 23 days ago

    I listen to your songs ever day

  • Nalah Garcia
    Nalah Garcia 23 days ago

    I like you white stuff

  • Jonayah Jean louis
    Jonayah Jean louis 23 days ago


  • Yagurldior’s Blogs
    Yagurldior’s Blogs 23 days ago +2

    At 14:00 Austin gives us a hint about the pregnancy😭😭❤️, and we didn’t even catch it!!

  • Jhanelle Murray
    Jhanelle Murray 23 days ago +1

    Austin how does it feel to. Hear. Your song

  • Luz Adriana Polo Mercado

    Póngale subtítulos en español por favor

  • Fun Fam
    Fun Fam 23 days ago

    My favorite part is the whole song!!

  • Tanya Long
    Tanya Long 23 days ago +2

    7:17 I think alaïa was tryin to do poop poop lol not being mean
    And those dancers were lit

  • Azaria Campos
    Azaria Campos 23 days ago

    That family part