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  • Published on May 26, 2022

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  • Nadine Davis
    Nadine Davis 3 months ago +239

    Thanks so much Paul. I truly appreciate your user friendly, down to earth instructions. I’ve created my first journal at 72 years of age and it makes me feel wonderful that this old grand ma has accomplished this, five years after publishing my first book. God bless and prosper you sir.

    • Cherish Tha MoMent
      Cherish Tha MoMent Month ago +7

      That is so Awesome Ms. Nadine , congratulations, huge accomplishment

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  2 months ago +12

      That’s fantastic! Great to hear! 👍 Don’t stop at just one.

  • Muhammad Sarfraz
    Muhammad Sarfraz 9 months ago +113

    I've self-published and traditionally published and this was very straightforward and easy to follow - I will be recommending your videos to my friends who want to start in making things for KDP. Thanks!

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  4 months ago +2

      Thank you. Glad you’ve found the videos useful.

    • zebiba buseiry
      zebiba buseiry 6 months ago

      do you also do another online business, and will help?

  • Josephine Jacobs
    Josephine Jacobs 6 months ago +144

    I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for sharing your knowledge.
    Have stayed up many late nights and early mornings taking notes, going forward and back and forward again to get info.
    I am so proud to announce that my 1st time
    self publishing EVER …
    1st “Notebook” created is sitting at #27 out of 100 in New Releases - Oriental Plant Gardening on Amazon. Not sure if can put link here for you to take a look at it, and give some tidbits. Thanks sooooo much for being a big part of my KDP self-publishing journey.

  • You Deserve Bling | Debbie Santiago

    THIS was the BEST tutorial I have ever watched and created at the same time. Super easy!! Love this! I think I just published my FIRST journal! SUPER EXCITED! I'm an notebook junky--it's my love language!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Oluwatobi Olaopa
    Oluwatobi Olaopa 10 months ago +411

    Thank you, Paul, for sharing so much information that you could have possibly charged for. I created my kdp account in July last year but all the tutorials I've been watching are like a pain to my brain. I published 4 books today all thanks to you.

    • Tina Walker
      Tina Walker 3 months ago

      How are your books doing?

    • Rotting Rage
      Rotting Rage 3 months ago +5

      @Kiraa C go to the video and have a look... Tells you exactly how much the book costs and how much it costs Amazon to make..

    • Kiraa C
      Kiraa C 3 months ago +2

      @Paks Kataraina does Amazon take a cut off profits? If so how much percentage wise

    • Paks Kataraina
      Paks Kataraina 4 months ago +16

      @GuidedWithLight Hi. Amazon prints and posts. You create and publish. There are no steps missing for us to do. This it's why it's such a doable business. The most difficult part for me is researching the keywords. Good luck.

    • Landa JB
      Landa JB 4 months ago +8

      @GuidedWithLight I believe Amazon prints it out and ships it, like print on demand

  • waltersumofan
    waltersumofan 8 months ago +40

    Just a note to self: If you still see the templating notes on the spine, make sure to select the whole project then go to transparency to make sure it's set back to 100%. Otherwise you'll see it on the finished PDF

  • Rude Auntee
    Rude Auntee 5 months ago +36

    Wow, you really outdid yourself with this one!! So much info & you made it simple, I created 20 covers & published my first book within an hour following your steps, you’re awesome Paul 🎯😁

  • Deborah Fraser
    Deborah Fraser 7 months ago +36

    I am so excited! Just published my first journal. THANK YOU so much!! Best tutorial ever!!! I would have never even considered doing this in my wildest dreams but this video crossed my path and, as fate would have it, a whole new world opened up. You are the best, Paul!! Big super hugs!

    • Javriana Gonzalez
      Javriana Gonzalez 2 months ago

      Hi can you help me publish my first journal I’m literally in the process right now but I need some help finalizing it so I can publish it 😌

    • “Exotic” Apple The G.O.A.T
      “Exotic” Apple The G.O.A.T 3 months ago

      @Paul Marles hi can you do mines for me bcuz I don’t understand

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  7 months ago

      That’s great! I’m glad you’ve found the content useful and has inspired you to start creating.

  • Alexander Felton
    Alexander Felton 9 months ago +51

    I needed this video three years ago. I painstakingly made my own notebook using Canva knowing nothing about how to do it effectively, and I haven't done it since. Thanks to your video, I feel more confident! Thank you so much for this video!

  • bernadine roberts
    bernadine roberts 7 months ago +15

    Hi Paul, Thank you so much for this. You made everything so crystal clear. Amazing! I completed my first journal while you went through the steps. I will definitely be publishing others, thanks to you. You Rock!!

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  6 months ago

      Congratulations! That’s great. Best of luck with sales. 👍

  • Hannah Sutherland
    Hannah Sutherland 4 months ago +12

    I love how you said at the end "You are now a Published Author, your tutorial was extremely easy to follow. Thank you.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  4 months ago

      You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Jenna Payne
    Jenna Payne 6 months ago +4

    Thank you, Paul! I had lots of books I wanted to make. I was just wondering though if there are any non obvious tax implications? I have filled it all in correctly for a UK citizen, but will I then have to do other things to make sure I am being taxed as a UK citizen? It's such a clear tutorial, thank you so much :)

  • Nika Games
    Nika Games 8 months ago +9

    While I wasn't thinking of making notebooks, I'm a fantasy writer and I want to sell my books on Amazon because I'd rather not stress about publishers. I think this is a good idea, because I could probably make notebooks for myself as like a promotional item or fandom item.

  • GuidedWithLight
    GuidedWithLight 4 months ago +3

    Thanks for the great info! I’m still confused on the book part. Like when you upload it and choose the number of pages and lines etc, do you pay upfront for the journal to be printed out whenever there is a purchase ( like print on demand)? And don’t you have to set up a sellers account on Amazon and pay them fees too?

    • Leon Darko
      Leon Darko 3 months ago +1

      notice whenever you find videos like this who tell you how to make money they clearly avoid questions that are practical like this... I also read that unless your notebooks are incredibly creative then amazon will block and ban you from being able to sell these.

  • Lars Messenger
    Lars Messenger 8 months ago +8

    Thanks Paul, I'm new to your channel but I'm really grateful for your help! I'm currently in an unfortunate situation where I feel like I'm sacrificing all of my time working to support my partner and our son, meaning I never get to spend time with them. So finding (eventual) passive income is a dream for me. To be able to spend more time with my family without sacrificing our security... that's the goal. Thanks again for giving us a useful resource! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  8 months ago

      I understand your struggle. It can be very difficult but just keep grinding away at it putting in the time when you can.

  • Shalaina Lalonde
    Shalaina Lalonde 7 months ago +19

    I saw this today and I am finally taking the plunge and did my first journal/planner!! Thank you so much 😭❤️

  • Mrs. M
    Mrs. M 3 months ago +2

    Hi Paul, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. After a few setbacks I finally created my first KDP following your step-by-step. Can't wait to marathon watch all your videos to learn more about this. Awesome content!

  • Christine Harkness
    Christine Harkness 9 months ago +22

    Wow, this video is incredibly helpful. Thank you for walking us through the process from the beginning through to published book AND for the lined interior! Great information. Would you recommend publishing a variety of journals by simply changing the cover?

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  4 months ago +1

      Thank you. Yes, that’s how I started and many people start.

  • Alicia White
    Alicia White 6 months ago +23

    Paul you are awesome!!! You just helped me beyond measure!! You rock. This just changed so much for me in so many ways!! I’ve been stuck on the how of things and putting it all together!! Thank you SO much!!!!!! 💐👏🏽👏🏽

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  4 months ago

      You’re welcome. Glad you’ve found it useful. 👍

  • AWE Visions
    AWE Visions 5 months ago +3

    Thank you, Paul, for creating and sharing your knowledge!! I just published my first journal creation and feel so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone hitting the "publish" button. Thank you sooooooooo much!!! Looking forward to 2022 and all the abundance that it has to offer.

    • AWE Visions
      AWE Visions 4 months ago

      @Paul Marles it is published on amazon but now has a "copyrighted material" on the top of each page of the do you remove that???

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  4 months ago

      Congratulations on publishing your first book! Great to hear.

  • JoLyn Branch
    JoLyn Branch 5 months ago +10

    Thank you, Paul, for such clear and informative videos and for sharing so generously. I followed your video in creating my KDP cover, although I used an original photo and created an original interior. Your video made it so easy to put it all together. My first book, My Travel Wish List, is now on Amazon and I’ve actually sold books to people I don’t even know! I will continue to follow your videos to learn more and improve as I publish more books. Thanks for everything!

    • Dee The HYM
      Dee The HYM 3 months ago

      Are you selling physical journals through this site? Congratulations on your sales!!

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  5 months ago

      Congratulations! That’s great to hear and we’ll done on putting the information into action.

  • T Chappell
    T Chappell 3 months ago +2

    Thank you Paul. I really get a great deal of value from your videos. I also appreciate how you continue to encourage people to move forward with selling. I have one question. Do you have a video about creative interiors? I want to put affirmations throughout the journal. How do I do that?

  • Stephanie Stoner
    Stephanie Stoner 2 months ago +2

    This is incredible! As a visual learner I really appreciate your clear step-by-step instructions while showing your screen. It made it super easy for me to have two tabs open, one to see and hear the steps and another to actually go through the steps. Thanks to you I have my first journal up! WOOT WOOT! Thank you so much!

    • Saeed Iqbal
      Saeed Iqbal 2 months ago +1

      Have you made any income through this method

  • Sophia Dalgliesh
    Sophia Dalgliesh 10 days ago +1

    Thank you so much Paul. I’ve taken the plunge and finally submitted my first notebook by following this amazing, detailed, step by step video. Your explanation in this video is was so easy to follow and I’m now looking forward to creating many more journals and notebooks. Thank you again for taking the time to explain everything in detail.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  10 days ago +1

      Congratulations! That's great to hear. I'm glad you found the video useful and were able to follow along.

  • Josh Buttery
    Josh Buttery 2 months ago +1

    Hi Paul, thanks for this great and informative video! Please can you share with us how to create the interiors for the 6" x 9" books, and whether the pages that require bleed are a different size? Any and all help is appreciated 😁

  • Little Daddy
    Little Daddy 5 months ago +1

    You are wonderful and I always enjoy learning from you. Thank you for keeping us focused, teachable and inspired with practical applications without the noise. I appreciate you Paul and We love supporting you and this channel. Thanks again, new find.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  5 months ago

      You're welcome. Glad you've found the videos useful.

  • ManifestReality
    ManifestReality 4 months ago +4

    Hi Paul! Great video! I have one question re: the bookow interface. Bookow now asks for the book type (paperback or hard cover) just above the width field. It looks like this is a new field since this video was made. For the journal that you create in this tutorial, would you select paperback or hard cover for the book type?

  • Jazzi Belle
    Jazzi Belle 7 months ago +3

    Wow. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! Paul, this video was a one-stop shop; definitely all-inclusive. You've literally covered everything! All other videos I've watched seem so unavailing because I've had to watch several different ones to get answers to everything you've covered in one video. Definitely subscribing to ya!

  • Angela Wanjohi
    Angela Wanjohi 4 months ago +1

    Helpful, articulate and practical guidelines. Great job Paul!

  • TL C
    TL C 7 months ago +1

    You did an amazing job of explaining, demonstrating, and articulating how to publish a journal on KDP. I will be finding more of your tutorials. Thank you so much!

  • Mellisa Amos
    Mellisa Amos 6 months ago +5

    Thank you Paul for sharing your knowledge on KDP publishing. By watching your videos I was able to create and publish 3 notebooks which got approved in less than 48hrs. Super grateful for you.

  • Johanny M
    Johanny M 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this it was so easy to follow, I thought about doing this a while ago and didn't know how to but you made it so easy! I just published my first manifestation journal by following the video. Thank you!!

  • Ivin
    Ivin 7 months ago +8

    Thank you I just published my first journal 🤗 usually am always afraid to try on income generating options I find on TheXvid videos but your instructions were so clear and easy to understand that I was determined to give it a go ❤️

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  7 days ago

      @Muhammad moruff bint MORUFF MORUFF It’s in the description of the video - my Gumroad shop.

    • Muhammad moruff bint MORUFF MORUFF
      Muhammad moruff bint MORUFF MORUFF 7 days ago

      @Paul Marles hi Paul I need the link to your site were I could download interior from thank

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  7 months ago

      Congratulations! That’s great to hear! 👍👍

  • Anabrese Neuman
    Anabrese Neuman 5 months ago +6

    Just want to thank you for this. I started watching this at 8.30pm and uploaded my book at 10.30m by just following along with you. Thank you so much, it's quite exciting and has helped me with going ahead to format an ebook I had written already. So appreciative!

    • Abigail
      Abigail 3 months ago

      have you had any sales so far?

    • healthyguthealthymind !
      healthyguthealthymind ! 4 months ago +1

      I am trying to upload the template that was sent to me from bookow on Canva and it won't let me. Something aboutnot a format that Canva understand. Any idea how I can move forward from here?

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  5 months ago

      Wow! That's good going and great to hear. 👍👍

  • Ariyah Isaac
    Ariyah Isaac 6 months ago +4

    Thank you Paul for this in depth step by step guide, and for the freebies! I created and published my journal in less than an hour start to finish! All from my phone! Wow, I’m so excited! I can’t believe I found this gem on TheXvid!! Thanks again!

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  5 months ago +1

      Congratulations and well done for doing it from your phone!

  • Renee Meyer
    Renee Meyer 6 months ago +2

    Wow! I have never had something in detail and so easy to follow. I just published my first notebook in Amazon as I followed your video. Thank you so much and with much respect and appreciation. Wish me luck!

  • Jamie G
    Jamie G 6 months ago +5

    Thank you for this! Questions though - You said KDP requires you to have a title on EITHER the spine or front cover - can you do both - have the title on the spine AND the cover? Also, in line with that, are you restricted to having graphics JUST on the front cover - or can you do the back cover as well? And can you wrap an image from front to back?

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  6 months ago +7

      Yes you can do both and yes, you can put graphics on the back cover and wrap the image across.

  • Venus Phoenixx
    Venus Phoenixx 6 months ago +3

    I just published my first notebook thanks to you! I look forward to creating more and having some passive income roll in! Thanks so much for such an informative video!

  • Liang's Wonderful World of Toys

    Hey, Paul. I'm a space opera author trying to finally make a profit by working on Amazon ads. It takes me months to write books. Now, thanks to you, I'm going to publish space-themed notebooks etc. Then I will set up other pen names to sell other-styled low content books. Who knows, this might fund my sci-fi publishing until I do make it as an indie author. You are a STAR. Did anyone ever tell you that? Well, you are. Amazing teacher, with a kind soul. Thank you 😊

  • Lost Girl Publishing ASMR

    This was really good. Thank you for the information. However, I do find it a bit of an issue when you say you can call yourself a published author after doing it. I have been an author for years and whilst creating a notebook is a great thing to do, it does not involve back breaking work that writing does. It doesn't qualify you as an author. Books need a story and content for that.

  • Joe Palladini
    Joe Palladini 7 months ago +3

    Awesome information, sir. Your passion and your knowledge of subject is supreme!

  • Natalie Pope
    Natalie Pope 10 months ago +28

    Your a legend Paul, sold my first book, so happy. Couldn't thank you enough :) Your content is so valuable.

  • dadpraxis
    dadpraxis 5 months ago +4

    ( I am posting on my husband's account) Phil THANK YOU so much for posting these. As someone recovering from Chronic Illness who has some cognitive impairment I am restoring, your videos have been insanely helpful for me to understand. I have published two items so far for usage of Children with PANS PANDAS and other complex illnesses, as well as Teachers of those students- to help support them in class. Thank you so much for sharing the tools I needed to help a community of those who are chronically ill, or recovering from chronic illness. Children will be so much better supported now.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  5 months ago +1

      I'm glad you've found the content useful and been able to use it and your skills to help others. Thank you for letting me know and best of luck going forward.

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M 4 months ago

    Thank you so much Paul! Great tutorial. Very straightforward and easy to use. 💖💖

  • D’Amalya
    D’Amalya 6 months ago +6

    Thank you for this tutorial it was so clear and simple to follow. I have created my first note book!🙂

    • Kaylese Gomez
      Kaylese Gomez 4 months ago

      Hey girl hey, are you making any money off of your notebook?

  • Rachel Fowler
    Rachel Fowler 4 months ago +1

    Thank you so much, Paul. Love your videos! I just published my first journal too and am eager to do more experimenting and creating. :)

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  4 months ago +1

      Congratulations! That's great.👍

  • Tony Zammy
    Tony Zammy 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for this tutorial. I just published my very first journal today based on your instructions! You are awesome. Regardless of my outcome, I appreciate your video! Took a leap and let's see where I end up! Peace!

  • Priya Paul
    Priya Paul 8 months ago +4

    Thank you for the step by step instructions... It is the only way I could get started. I've wanted to do this for so long and I just created my first one today, thanks to you! I'm very grateful and now I feel energized to keep creating more... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Many blessings to you for sharing!

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  8 months ago +1

      You're welcoome. I'm glad you've found it useful and been able to create your first book. Congratulations!

  • Khàli LaBré
    Khàli LaBré 5 months ago +2

    You just made this soooooooo easy! Thank you for being so clear and straight to the point!

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  5 months ago +1

      You're welcome. Glad you found it useful.

  • Jessica Abel
    Jessica Abel 3 months ago

    I just want to thank you for your videos. I have learned so much from you and I appreciate the straight forward this is how it is no candy coating. I hope to make an regular income from KDP in the next year or two. I thought about creating notebooks a few years ago but, didnt know where to start and didnt have as much time to work on educating myself in this area as i do now. My children are older. And this I hope will be of help to bring income in along with my husbands income. And passive at that. Thank you again.

  • Val Wiley
    Val Wiley 7 months ago +6

    Thank you so much for showing us how easy this process is! You relieved a lot of stress! (1) how do I create a hardcover book? I only saw the paperback option (2) Where do I locate the keyword sales stats that you demoed

  • Ashley Munday
    Ashley Munday 4 months ago +1

    I’ve been scouring videos wanted to get started with KDP for children’s books but no matter how many I watched they didn’t ACTUALLY get me to the point I feel comfortable. I just sat down for an hour and followed through your video and am extremely happy with the outcome of my very first notebook! I feel more confident now exploring the world of children’s books. I’ll be keeping up with more notebooks now too thanks to you!!
    One question- what does it truly mean when you click “I own the copyright”? Do I have to take any further action?
    THANK YOU again, seriously!

  • Da ECOM Gal
    Da ECOM Gal 8 months ago +8

    My god how nice and smooth this was! To think I was going to pay someone to help walk me through this! Thanks a ton!

  • Lena Petrova, CPA - Finance, Accounting & Tax

    This is SUCH a helpful video!! I’m just now starting to think about Amazon publishing and your video is the best one I’ve seen! Big thank you, Paul!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Konita Sasraku
    Konita Sasraku 9 months ago +10

    Hi Paul, ever since you showed the style feature on Canva, I've loved it. Can you publish the same notebook with different styles on KDP?

  • The Financial Spotlight
    The Financial Spotlight 5 months ago +2

    This tutorial was awesome. You provided great information and allowed me to upload a book today in one hour. The longest time was designing the cover and waiting for KDP to review everything. Thank you so much.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  5 months ago +1

      Congratulations! And in 1 hour? Wow, that's an amazing start.

  • Alan Culbert
    Alan Culbert 7 months ago +2

    Brilliant Paul. Thank you so much for helping to make something tricky so so simple. Top work and lets hope I hit the ground running.

  • Preston Baker
    Preston Baker 6 months ago +2

    Great, very informative video, thank you so much. Question, Do you think it is worthwhile to also offer hardcover versions of the notebooks?

  • nick12137
    nick12137 3 months ago +1

    Thank you Paul. This was a very straight forward and helpful video that I learned a lot from. Appreciate the time you took to make this available for us.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  3 months ago +1

      You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • cristyn wu
    cristyn wu 3 months ago

    Hi Paul! Thank you for the video. Very clean and clear. How do I add design pages to the journal?

  • Toni Sussex
    Toni Sussex 6 months ago +1

    Thank you, I published my first notebook with your help. So helpful xx

  • Ann Ekstrom
    Ann Ekstrom Day ago

    Thank you so much, Paul! I have hundreds of images that I have created in my life as an artist and this is a perfect platform for using my digitized images. I made a journal while I watched your clear and understandable video. I look forward to exploring all of your content Best of luck to you!

  • Shane Walsh
    Shane Walsh 8 months ago +2

    Hey Paul, I'm just going through this video now, designing as I go. Already created my first Low-content book yesterday. So far you are laying things out in a nice and straightforward manner. So how many books will I need to upload before I start seeing some $$$ signs?

    • Kristin Cole
      Kristin Cole 7 months ago

      @Paul Marles how long does it take to get your money? I have heard around 3 months. Is that true?

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  8 months ago +4

      There is no set number. You could have success with your first or 1000th book. It depends on how good your books are.

  • Educated Fashion
    Educated Fashion 7 months ago +2

    I am over the moon excited to try this!!! Thank you so much for your clear and easy to follow video! I really appreciate you and your effort.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  7 months ago +1

      You’re welcome. Glad you found it useful.

  • Z
    Z 6 months ago +2

    Thanks for an easy to follow guide! I submitted my 1st journal today!! 0 dollar investment, awesome!!

  • MoebiusQueen
    MoebiusQueen 2 months ago +2

    Thank you soooo much. It took me about 2 hours to publish and create my first book due to stopping and rewinding this video lol but after I did it, I realized how easy it really is and then created another one in under 30 minutes. Best tutorial ever. I appreciate your help

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  2 months ago +1

      Great work! That's still pretty fast for your first book!

  • Jenny Rice
    Jenny Rice 10 months ago +20

    This was awesome, thank you! I have made a couple KDP books (and actually had a couple sales last month) but put the template in Canva and just decreased it's opacity as opposed to putting on a new layer. I think I like your way better. Going to go try it now.

  • Andrea D
    Andrea D 2 months ago

    This is a very informative video and was really helpful for me when I just started out. I came back to rewatch to make sure I hadn’t missed anything now that I’m two months in on my KDP journey. I haven’t really made any sales yet but I’m still learning. Hope it changes once I learn the more technical skills.

  • Caroline Mannix
    Caroline Mannix 6 months ago +2

    Quick question if I may please? Thanks for the great content btw, helped spur me into action finally! I've noticed a lot of listings for journals have 3d looking photos rather than the 2d that Amazon post based on your tutorial above. Theirs actually look like journals and not just a 2d image. Is there any particular way to do this, or are people just adding their own photos to the listing? Thanks.

  • Smilte Marija Art
    Smilte Marija Art 9 months ago +85

    I sold a lined journal today, yay :D uploaded 4 new notebooks, waiting for approval, hope to spike up my sales a bit with new journals up on my page :) and now working on a new coloring book as well!

    • Karen Chapman
      Karen Chapman 4 months ago

      @Smilte Marija Art ok thank you. I’ve created a journal with different inner pages too and most print on demand companies so far only print your cover with lined paper. I’ll just find a decent journal type on Amazon then.

    • Smilte Marija Art
      Smilte Marija Art 4 months ago +1

      @Karen Chapman Hi, no they aren't as Amazon doesn't make spiral notebooks. Redbubble offers spiral notebooks though :)

    • Karen Chapman
      Karen Chapman 4 months ago

      hey there, are any of your notebooks wire bound? I want to make mine wire bound but I cant see if thats possible.

    • Aisha
      Aisha 5 months ago

      @Maryam Anees are you using canva for designs?

    • Smilte Marija Art
      Smilte Marija Art 6 months ago +2

      @Alexx.x There are no payments.

  • Jessica Murby
    Jessica Murby 8 days ago

    This content is excellent!!! I was able to follow along and publish a journal in a very short period of time. Granted I have published a full content book on kdp in the past, however I had used a kdp template and had never created my own and you made it very easy. Looking forward to watching more of your videos, hoping you’ll have some on marketing :)

  • Žaneta Sýkorová
    Žaneta Sýkorová 9 months ago +2

    Thank you so much for your videos!
    Do you also use the images from Creative Fabrica to make a cover of your books? If so, what’s the best image format to use - SVG or PNG (or JPEG) in Canva?

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  9 months ago +1

      Yes. I tend to use vectors, so .svg, .eps and .ai

  • A Little Bit Of Everything 2

    I found your channel yesterday, August 19, 2021, and am so happy!!! I used KDP for self-publishing my 8 ebooks, many years ago, and made very little sales, and decided to take all my books off the platform. I now feel hopeful with your tips and videos! Thank you so much, for sharing your ideas! very grateful to you, sir! god, bless.

    • Paul Marles
      Paul Marles  9 months ago +1

      Thank you and best of luck this time around.

  • PRAYER FILLED HOME By Rachel WKB Matembe

    This is amazing. Soooooo helpful. Easy to follow and so clear. Thank you so very much

  • JoLyn Branch
    JoLyn Branch 8 months ago +3

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    • Paul Marles
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      Yes, you can.

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      Canva does a full description of what is allowed regarding the commercial license and usage on its licesning page. It is quite lengthy but essential to understand.

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      8.625x11.25 is the correct size for a lined page which has bleed. Gutter issues is an issue with your margins which you shouldn't have with a lined page unless you've added other content on there.

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    After further review, we’ve decided to uphold our previous decision and won’t be making the series page available on Amazon as we don’t currently support series pages for book(s) without significant content on the interior pages. This includes books intended to be filled by the user (e.g. lined journal, notebook, sketchbook, planner, calendar), “gag” books that intentionally have blank interiors, and books used for a professional purpose like staging a house

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