Honest Trailers - The Purge


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  2 months ago +428

    Which dystopian future from movies do you think we are headed towards in reality?
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  • Late Night Gamer
    Late Night Gamer 23 hours ago

    What i don't get is the masks? Like, if it's legal to kill or do any crime ONLY ON THAT ONE NIGHT then why tf are they wearing masks? 🙄🙄🙄 Also, the 2nd one was the best 👌💯📼

  • Mr AO31
    Mr AO31 Day ago

    Purge 2 was the only good way, the others were really wasted

  • Marcus Walker
    Marcus Walker 3 days ago

    It worked way better in Rick and Morty!

  • watt2g
    watt2g 4 days ago

    Can you do the Godfather?

  • john lacey
    john lacey 4 days ago

    I want to see the aftermath of the following day. Like, where's Steve from accounting? Oh I killed him.

  • Gabriella Hebert
    Gabriella Hebert 4 days ago

    say: ESKETIT

  • Vontos' Magic Murder Bag

    That's not how power steering works...

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 4 days ago

    Too Deep

  • Dhruvajyoti Sahu
    Dhruvajyoti Sahu 5 days ago

    i wish my mom would let me watch these . can't imagine why she's not

  • Marty FreeSabbath
    Marty FreeSabbath 5 days ago

    Vertica!... the vomit begins

  • triple v 101
    triple v 101 6 days ago

    Jim Carrey was okay as Riddler but Tommy Lee Jones sucked as Two-Face, wait did Jim Carrey just say Tommy Lee Jones hates them

  • Ethan Harrise
    Ethan Harrise 7 days ago

    Do Destiny 2 forsaken

  • heathenbreathinfire
    heathenbreathinfire 9 days ago

    Five Nights at Purgies...in the Panic Room, starring, a bunch of has beens and also rans.

  • SvnPoint SixTwo
    SvnPoint SixTwo 9 days ago

    @Screen Junkies- "Small Soldiers" honest trailer

  • 2ndAgbala
    2ndAgbala 11 days ago

    It's like that rick and morty episode

  • sagor Jaman
    sagor Jaman 11 days ago

    Do la casa de papel

  • Destiny Gamer
    Destiny Gamer 12 days ago

    I'm watching the Purge show :]

  • coolio2654
    coolio2654 12 days ago

    Thanks, Honest Trailers, this was honestly one of the better ones in a while.
    Never settle for anything less than your amazing best!

  • Shannon Ogden
    Shannon Ogden 14 days ago

    I saw these films with my grandpa

  • Anime Hunter
    Anime Hunter 14 days ago

    Imagine a horror movie with Ali-A

  • BloodEagle13
    BloodEagle13 15 days ago

    These are easily some of the dumbest movies made in a long time. Based on the concept alone, these things are nothing short of total idiocy.

  • claudia rios
    claudia rios 15 days ago

    Do the strangers next

  • Lucas Skoglund
    Lucas Skoglund 15 days ago +1

    V E R T I C A L V I D E O

  • D
    D 18 days ago

    One dislike for being PC and saying POC ex machina (saying colored people/person is the same is people/person of color and any with a problem with that statement can suck it.)

  • MixNix999 X
    MixNix999 X 18 days ago

    I can go on a killing spree in this movie

  • Abram Barlow
    Abram Barlow 19 days ago

    Man the joker would love this night.

  • cait can’thuman
    cait can’thuman 19 days ago

    Funny thing is if the purge was real I think there’d just be a lot of middle schoolers going clubbing

  • Googlearedogshit Nomoreautentificationforfreestuff

    The Purge is just propaganda for suckers that belive the idea that without governmente regulating our lives we wouldnt manage on our own.

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 20 days ago

    See you on purge night, I'll be committing tax fraud.

  • Isabella Reagoso
    Isabella Reagoso 24 days ago

    Do the outsiders!

  • Gail Luther
    Gail Luther 24 days ago

    Say: thoooooo

  • nobody
    nobody 25 days ago

    Love that not so subtle social commentary

  • deathshere4u
    deathshere4u 25 days ago

    Honestly y is no one stealing all the cities money during the purge

    • Rock
      Rock 18 days ago

      one guy tried in the latest one

  • Andrew Cuthbertson
    Andrew Cuthbertson 25 days ago

    The government does not control healthcare, housing, or insurance. And never should they.

    • fredener1
      fredener1 21 day ago

      The rest of the 1st world countries seem to disagree with the USA on this...

  • Taylor Bloise
    Taylor Bloise 26 days ago

    Person of color is literally the same as colored person they're both equally offensive why do we use them wtf

  • Blainy Kid
    Blainy Kid Month ago

    That title got me... FBR OMEGALUL

  • one Kitty
    one Kitty Month ago

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  • shamew d vsd v nmfe v

    “Spring breakers” 😂😂

  • Qtrulez Qtrulez
    Qtrulez Qtrulez Month ago

    Fortnite, battle royal... XD

  • G3Orge Moren0
    G3Orge Moren0 Month ago

    Fortnite :battle royal XD

  • Yi Hsing Lee
    Yi Hsing Lee Month ago

    I laughed when I heard him saying Cersei Lannister lol

  • Chris Ortiz
    Chris Ortiz Month ago

    Or say " oopsey poopsey! "

  • satoncho
    satoncho Month ago

    Oh just use a nuclear bomb and end it already

  • MsKathleenb
    MsKathleenb Month ago

    Honestly, I would use the Purge to knock over a Michael's - my hobbies are not cheap!

  • Subliminal Origami
    Subliminal Origami Month ago

    If John Carpenter directed it, it would be much better. : )

  • oskaveli662
    oskaveli662 Month ago

    "If the government really wanted to kill poor people, they'd just make healthcare, housing, and the legal system unaffordable."
    This gives me the sense that Screen Junkies believes government should provide housing and health insurance? The government shouldn't be sticking their noses in housing or health insurance. Let the free market be truly free and housing, insurance, college and everything else would come down in price drastically.

  • Kamen Prowler
    Kamen Prowler Month ago


  • A Greedy Dragon
    A Greedy Dragon Month ago +12

    Allen 3:38 You're welcome. ;)

  • strifey07
    strifey07 Month ago

    3:38 "Woah, a guillotine?!"..............."ALAN"

  • Sandro Yankovski
    Sandro Yankovski Month ago

    I want to see an honest trailer for Battle Royale. So many honest trailers for films that are either inspired, or are a crude copy of it. BATTLE ROYALE!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Bee Well
    Bee Well Month ago

    saints row

  • superferrariman
    superferrariman Month ago

    Do Pickle Rick next!

  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire Month ago

    Fornite 😭

  • 8trigrammer
    8trigrammer Month ago

    Screen Junkies, masters of American pop culture and cinema.

  • Lapidot 4 ever
    Lapidot 4 ever Month ago

    There is not nearly enough looting for these movies to be realstic.

  • Daniel Flanard
    Daniel Flanard Month ago

    I just watched the first one and I gotta say, it's by far the worst

  • Dr Naphthalene
    Dr Naphthalene Month ago

    So, basically it's the franchise about how government uses the purge to dress special forces in all the kinds of fancy dressing and send them after people government dislike?

    • fredener1
      fredener1 21 day ago

      It's more a free for all deathmatch - every US citizen is allowed to do every crime without punishment in this one night. The rich have better protection, ofc.

  • Daniel Acevedo
    Daniel Acevedo Month ago

    3:38 HIDDEN “ALAN!”

  • Yeti Cool Bro
    Yeti Cool Bro Month ago

    Hidden Alan = 3:38

  • Gameatag at the best!

    i love fortnite. good one

  • Dave Cullins
    Dave Cullins Month ago

    And they could just have killed the upper class, but noooooo xD

  • Mogoogala -
    Mogoogala - Month ago

    The Purge

  • The Tyrant
    The Tyrant Month ago

    With all my heart, I ask you - can you please Honest Trailer "The Strangers"??!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline Kenney
    Caroline Kenney Month ago

    DO INFINITY WARS!!!!!!!!!

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard Month ago

    If there really is a purge I would try to find a way to rob every store and/or bank there are in my neighborhood and white neighbirhoods that aren't all that racist.

  • _Eisenstein_
    _Eisenstein_ Month ago

    Song played while showing the stylish murder scenes is called "Einzug der Gladiatoren"

  • martijn baaten
    martijn baaten Month ago

    PLEASE SAY A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.

  • Dinoscarex
    Dinoscarex Month ago

    I want an honest trailer for walking with dinosaurs 3d

  • runnofff
    runnofff Month ago

    The poor need to be killed.

  • Butter Smite
    Butter Smite Month ago

    it just works

  • Robyn Adair
    Robyn Adair Month ago

    And on the 32nd day, he did The Fifth Element

  • The Good Rev. Clemens

    Say "First name Mister, last name Glass" in your epic voice.

  • Gari De Ramos
    Gari De Ramos Month ago

    "PoC ex machina" I'm shook

  • Lisa Zarb Adami
    Lisa Zarb Adami Month ago

    do the kissing booth

  • Lisa Zarb Adami
    Lisa Zarb Adami Month ago

    do the kissing booth

  • Kayarash Karami
    Kayarash Karami Month ago

    Please say "kiiiiir" :)))

  • csgrambauer
    csgrambauer Month ago

    Well that's one way to reduce America's population down.

  • Ruben de León
    Ruben de León Month ago

    Cercei? Nah, she will ever be Sarah Connor to me 😉

  • Yotty Poty
    Yotty Poty Month ago

    Do Infinity war

  • Monty Tech wrestling

    Please say "Bucky do you love me or are you down for me always?"
    Also you guys should do the hostel

  • Wareesha Zafar
    Wareesha Zafar Month ago


  • Wareesha Zafar
    Wareesha Zafar Month ago

    Car troubles 😂😂😂

  • StarLightFire
    StarLightFire Month ago

    Why were things blurred out?

  • OpTic Quiznos
    OpTic Quiznos Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks these movies are dumb?

  • Ger Cuijpers
    Ger Cuijpers Month ago

    Starring: "After Sunset, but Before Sunrise" is the best one!! LMAO! XD

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 2 months ago

    If fornite was rated M

  • Karen Reta
    Karen Reta 2 months ago

    Please do infinity war and address Loki's stupid death

  • Nutella Dip
    Nutella Dip 2 months ago

    Why did I hear god save the queen in the background

  • MrTopHatMan
    MrTopHatMan 2 months ago

    If I was in the middle of a purge I'd just toke until it was over

  • SiriusMined
    SiriusMined 2 months ago

    please say "consequences schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich"

  • Jack Bear
    Jack Bear 2 months ago

    Please say:CHOMP ON THIS?

  • Eric Winkler
    Eric Winkler 2 months ago

    Please say:
    Help! I'm a prisoner! I can't get out!
    We all prisoners, chickee-baby. We all locked in.
    Huh, a couple of weirdos, Guenivere.

  • ErickTheGreat
    ErickTheGreat 2 months ago


  • Emily Cruz
    Emily Cruz 2 months ago

    The end is funny in my opinion

  • Suzana Laşcu
    Suzana Laşcu 2 months ago

    Do Hereditary!!!!!!!!!

  • venera13studios
    venera13studios 2 months ago

    Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers
    Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers
    Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers
    Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers
    Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers

  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson 2 months ago

    The purge = fortnite

  • Dean Wolfe
    Dean Wolfe 2 months ago

    Do one for Smallville?

  • Moses UBF
    Moses UBF 2 months ago

    Literally all crime is legal...and everyone is focusing on murder????