So I Trapped 100 Players in a Tiny 5x5 Border World

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Install Raid for Free βœ… IOS: βœ… ANDROID: Start with πŸ’° 50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion πŸ’₯ on day 7 of β€œNew Player Rewards” program
    I got 100 of my twitch subscribers to try and survive in a 5x5 area on my server
    Filmed Live on Twitch:
    Follow me: WilburSoot
    Edited: elodie.gif
    Music used:
    Incompetech - Kevin Macleod
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  • Wilbur Soot
    Wilbur Soot  19 days ago +1786

    Hey guys.
    By the way:
    Install Raid for Free βœ… IOS: βœ… ANDROID: Start with πŸ’° 50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion πŸ’₯ on day 7 of β€œNew Player Rewards” program

  • Tyler Utt
    Tyler Utt 6 hours ago

    whenever you're in photoshop and you don't want your rectangle to have color: 20:16

  • Makayla Miles
    Makayla Miles 8 hours ago

    Techno got his revenge on all those who wronged him

  • bigboy lilsucc
    bigboy lilsucc 11 hours ago


  • Ratko997
    Ratko997 11 hours ago


  • Jimmy Bongo
    Jimmy Bongo 14 hours ago

    Wilbur β€œI’m going to get in that girls hole”

  • T0XiC VooDoo
    T0XiC VooDoo 21 hour ago


  • T0XiC VooDoo
    T0XiC VooDoo 21 hour ago

    2:01 rip wilbur

  • bananasinfrench
    bananasinfrench Day ago

    So many chacters, so many beautiful arcs

  • YowiYT
    YowiYT Day ago

    Plz explain how someone might've spawned in a giant zombie

  • Lazu Imani
    Lazu Imani Day ago

    Techno vs. Charlie seems pretty fitting with the whole Smash Bros vibe, what with Techno suddenly going off-stage and Charlie just yoloing trying to get the FORWARD AERIAL

  • life 7
    life 7 Day ago

    Stop with the messages

  • Cameron Deprey
    Cameron Deprey Day ago

    Unpopular opinion:
    19:16 Is the best part

  • Darius Mario
    Darius Mario Day ago

    every player in the existence of minecraft: *exists*
    thechnoblade: i'm about to end this man whole career

  • Dev
    Dev Day ago

    "Im getting in that girl's hole" says willbur.

  • Mr Chimpanzee
    Mr Chimpanzee 2 days ago +1

    Thanos Garfield Sans Chad

  • soft n wet
    soft n wet 2 days ago

    Oh, mjopa, my boy

  • Ohad Primor
    Ohad Primor 2 days ago

    2:49 why

  • spicy drama
    spicy drama 2 days ago

    14:43 "im getting in that girl's hole"

  • I Play Minecraft
    I Play Minecraft 2 days ago


  • Kenny Davila
    Kenny Davila 2 days ago +1

    Technoblade: Angel of death

  • KiritoNoiharaQuartz
    KiritoNoiharaQuartz 2 days ago

    I love it when strangers work together to progress in Minecraft. I wish I had Minecraft friends who played a lot more often and didn't quit the world because my house is a thousand blocks from spawn.

  • Can we hit 100 subs for no reason?

    16:55 why is no one talking about the *hous*

    VANILLAZILLA 3 days ago

    1:50 pause the vid and "aiden" looks like Chris from Mr Beast

  • Something something Youtube

    Godamm i was skipping through the ad and saw the girlfriend text and actually tried to click it

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 days ago


  • Branden Manuel
    Branden Manuel 3 days ago

    Press F to pay respects to Hous and Aqua

  • Doggo like Beanz
    Doggo like Beanz 3 days ago

    4:13 rare footage of technoblade being killed

  • Prismal
    Prismal 3 days ago

    "I'm getting in that girl's hole"

    MONSTER CAT 3 days ago +1

    Raid shadow legends is gay

  • Deko_03
    Deko_03 3 days ago

    20:08 how?

  • Ch33ki
    Ch33ki 3 days ago +1

    "hacks are now allowed"
    FitMC: let me inn... *LET ME INNN!!!"

  • Guus van Hout
    Guus van Hout 3 days ago +3


    nothing to see here just a PERSONAL time stamp

  • Emrik Blondin
    Emrik Blondin 3 days ago

    No one:
    Wilbur: I'm getting in that girls hole

  • Dis-knee Channel
    Dis-knee Channel 3 days ago +1

    do this but with random loot drops

  • Carter Toro
    Carter Toro 3 days ago

    Techno on top

  • Pitivan38 FURGAZ
    Pitivan38 FURGAZ 3 days ago

    Someone told techno to execute order 66

  • Zedlocke
    Zedlocke 3 days ago

    WIlbur, I know you need the money, and you're hurting for cash...but raid shadow legends ad reads aren't worth it....

    Buuuut, I can tell you what is, (Have you fuckers ever heard of "LootCrate"?


  • Koro Moro
    Koro Moro 3 days ago +1

    Chaotic god

  • Pryce MacSavvy
    Pryce MacSavvy 3 days ago

    _Therapeutic effects of Minecraft game modes:_
    Creative: "So up here we got the best of friends hanging together"
    Survival: *"Fight each other, Hate each other! My house now you fucker." , "And then we run the fuck away."*

  • M3mey Bo1
    M3mey Bo1 4 days ago

    14:43 πŸ€”

  • Tamia Simms
    Tamia Simms 4 days ago

    Charlie said f it and jumped

  • cLimber
    cLimber 4 days ago

    "im getting in this girls hole" - wiblur soot 2019

  • α…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿα…Ÿ

    This could have been a wholesome society building video, instead it turned into a hackers abusing people game. But whatevs

  • Calzonio
    Calzonio 4 days ago

    14:43 β€œI’m getting in that girl’s hole.” -Wilbur 2019

  • real noice
    real noice 4 days ago

    Wilbur 'i'm getting in that girls hole' Soot

  • Balthasaurs Rex
    Balthasaurs Rex 4 days ago +4

    alternate title: *Wilbur fanboys over Techno*

  • RyeDex The Gr8
    RyeDex The Gr8 4 days ago

    14:41 β€œim getting it that girls hole” nice

  • Skeletor
    Skeletor 4 days ago +1

    "I'm getting in that girls hole!"

  • Quiet Mushroom
    Quiet Mushroom 4 days ago

    RAID is shit

  • Rensho Gaming and Music

    People: Techno, there's too many. What do we do?
    Techno: *equips diamond sword*

  • Akshat Kumar
    Akshat Kumar 4 days ago +1

    Me: Hears Raid shadow Legends
    Also Me: *S H U T*

  • Commander Cox
    Commander Cox 4 days ago

    You know the content is gonna suck when the 3 sec preview of the video before clicking on it is the ad he has in the middle of the video

  • ayyy macarena
    ayyy macarena 4 days ago +1

    'wilbur. it's over' .... 'find yourself someone else to ignore'

  • R3digit
    R3digit 4 days ago

    Mjopa @ 6:05

  • Greta Xanthe
    Greta Xanthe 4 days ago

    2:44 hehe made me chuckle

  • shiro whitecat
    shiro whitecat 5 days ago


  • Brett
    Brett 5 days ago

    17:05 *Techno goes mad.*

  • Mr. Catty
    Mr. Catty 5 days ago