• Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  4 months ago +9875

    Who's the shit? You the shit.

    • N O
      N O 16 hours ago

      No YOU R

    • heyitsnia S
      heyitsnia S 22 hours ago

      This is why i love you. You compliment us on every video. You're the best.❤❤❤

    • Derek
      Derek 2 days ago

      No you are. 😄

    • TeDdY BeAr
      TeDdY BeAr 3 days ago

      thank ya

    • Skyler Star S.
      Skyler Star S. 4 days ago

      Are you gonna address the fact that you switched the heads???

  • Scott Brady
    Scott Brady 4 hours ago

    I always watch the whole video before reading comments to not be biased but I already knew you switched the heads. The sudden colour change of the heads is more than enough to be able to tell... 🤔🤔

  • Jessica Jane
    Jessica Jane 5 hours ago

    If professional colour is so cheap to buy, how do stylists get away with charging so freaking much in a salon??!

  • Cyber wolf
    Cyber wolf 6 hours ago

    i havent watched the video yet but i always have used box dye and ive only dyed the ends of my hair. i'd reccomend splat because although its messy (isnt all hair dye?) it smells amazing (kinda like cherries) . Also, it has an amazing color (i used ruby red) imma watch the video now ^^.

  • meghan shannon
    meghan shannon 8 hours ago

    You should try the hair dye from hot topic

  • Kaylee Adkinson
    Kaylee Adkinson 9 hours ago

    I went to a salon to get my hair cut. I asked for a shoulder length Bob,, got chin length and even-ish. Plus i have naturally curly hair

  • Briana Bernot
    Briana Bernot 10 hours ago +2

    OMG I just realized what everybody was talking about I keep scrolling down in the comments and I see everyone saying that you switch the heads I didn't believe it at first and then I looked at the mannequin and the box I had some red dye on the forehead it was like a line on the forehead like next to the scalp and the professional. I had like dots in the forehead and was a little bit messy on the neck like when the dye got on top of the mannequins so the box that was better then!? I'm not going to throw shade because you changed the mannequins but there's absolutely no way you could have mixed them up when you were blow-drying their hair you obviously cut the video and switch them around because the box. I looked better than the professional hair color we love you no matter what whether you're wrong or not so it's kind of not right to lie to the people who look up to you and watch your videos I'm not saying that you did anything wrong but lying to the people who depend on you and we're actually trying to follow this videos pretty mean some people were actually going to follow this video so they could dye their own hair and buy the products you were talking about but the fact that you switched it up could have basically just messed up their hair sorry for writing a whole paragraph but I have a phone that If I talk it will automatically write it down for me so I really don't know how but I have a phone that if I talk it will automatically write it down for me so I really don't know how much I'm talking until I look at the paragraph but anyway just be true to your subscribers cuz we look up to you and we follow your videos and what you did just really wasn't cool

  • Grubble Pubble
    Grubble Pubble 12 hours ago +1

    Oh my virgin hair is, in fact, prepared.

  • DEJA moss
    DEJA moss 13 hours ago

    There both in boxes

  • ally Willis
    ally Willis 14 hours ago

    Personally I think you defiantly need to go to a professional if you’re bleaching your hair or having anything to do with bleach. Or at least use professional bleaching products and DO YOUR RESEARCH before just slapping that shit on your head without knowing how bleaching works like a lot of people do. And that’s where hair fails come in BUT as far as colored dye I really don’t think it matters what brand or type you use it all kinda does the same thing. And I’ve done my friends hair and moms hair for years with box dyes and it’s always left their hair feeling and looking really good so 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • chloe faulkner
    chloe faulkner 14 hours ago

    Well i use boxed bleach on my hair n its fine n never had a problem i aint paying loads of money when i can do it mi sen for £10

  • Teo C
    Teo C 14 hours ago

    i can barely watch this because of your shirt colour

  • StickyRice43
    StickyRice43 14 hours ago

    WOW, yeah.. The switch is super obvious. Both the stain near the forehead and back of the neck give it away. This video is shady as hell.. He should've just admitted that it turned out surprisingly well, or just not post the video at all cuz he's losing credibility over this :/ also, him over exaggerating his box dye struggles just make him look like those dummies on the infomercials..

  • Girly Girl Animator
    Girly Girl Animator 14 hours ago

    I would like to say something! I use box dye and it works very well on my hair and the same color as the box. I dont get any on my floor and for me the price for the professional hair dye its self is $30 the professional hair dresser is $40-50 and box dye is $10 and for me the box dye is shiny but it also depends on the color of your hair mine is blond so I just wa noted to say that no hate to anything though.

  • Jemini2525
    Jemini2525 15 hours ago

    I only use box dye and I have never ever had any problems

  • Opal Gehard
    Opal Gehard 15 hours ago

    Doesn't box dye come a brush bc most or some brands do

  • Druid Riley
    Druid Riley 16 hours ago

    If you have to MEASURE your hair color before you mix it, that's a FAIL on usability, not a 4!!! And it's a $6 price difference not a $5 difference. The professional hair color looks maroon, not purple and it's not shinier, the color is lighter.

  • N O
    N O 16 hours ago +1

    13:11 professional scar is thin
    13:46 box dye scar is thick
    14:04 the scar is still thick
    19:36 the box dye still has a thicker scar
    Its clearly the same fucking head as he says it is I dont fucking know what everyone is talking about. There is no way he switched heads the professional's head scar is way too thin to look like that. Damm I cant believe you people are so fucking quick to turn against him. I've barely been on this channel yet im more loyal.

  • CrescentMoonDancer15
    CrescentMoonDancer15 17 hours ago +1

    The box dye was 13 while this is 19 which = 5 price difference

    Me: Wat?

  • Lily Lee
    Lily Lee 17 hours ago

    How am I meant to trust or believe anything you say now?

  • Brie 1812
    Brie 1812 18 hours ago

    I've been colouring my hair for 9 years now... always permanent black box dye. Any time I've gone for a haircut the stylists never believe me, they always comment on how healthy my hair is. All I use is tresemme and box dye lmao mama on a tight budget!

  • Ryūjinexe
    Ryūjinexe 20 hours ago

    I've used both box dye and expensive dye and the expensive dye doesnt stay vibrant as long and the hair looks dull after a few weeks.

  • Kelsea Pearson
    Kelsea Pearson 21 hour ago

    Next step! do blonde highlights/all over blonde on both heads! It's been awhile since I've seen box color get set on fire when using bleach!

  • Tracy Willis
    Tracy Willis 23 hours ago

    I've never had a decent colour from a salon, but I use one specific box dye and it gets it perfect every time

  • Libby Cormier
    Libby Cormier 23 hours ago +1

    i mean i don’t blame him for switching the heads. hairdressers need money too bby

    • Libby Cormier
      Libby Cormier 23 hours ago

      also he didn’t lol. you can see the neck stain on the results for the box dye. also just bc it was red applying it didn’t lift. so he didn’t switch the heads

  • Prince Simmer
    Prince Simmer Day ago

    It bothers me on how biased he was being....but I still love him🤣

  • Brisbane Komadina

    When I was younger I used to use markers to colour the end of my hair. Am I the only idiot???

  • Alice Reynolds
    Alice Reynolds Day ago

    I’ve done both but I’ve never used the bottle inside the box I’ve always gotten a family member to dye it with a brush

  • Madelin Ramirez
    Madelin Ramirez Day ago

    anyone else think he loos like Damen from Vampire Diaries?I DO

  • ela aydogmus
    ela aydogmus Day ago +1

    i actually bleached my hair (two strands of the front of my hair) myself using box dye and it not only looks sooo cool, my hair's actually really healthy now.

  • Misty Baby
    Misty Baby Day ago

    I feel like your foundation is the wrong color. Just something I noticed.

  • Cyanís García
    Cyanís García Day ago

    If only I had watched this three days ago...

  • Azmavet M Jaco
    Azmavet M Jaco Day ago

    Tired of my virgin hair. Need some mondo magic.

  • AVL8dy2002
    AVL8dy2002 Day ago

    That box dye looked like straight up ketchup. No wonder it's so cheap XD

  • AVL8dy2002
    AVL8dy2002 Day ago

    You'd never catch me dying hair in a leather jacket that nice. LOL. Take it off Brad! Don't ruin your clothes too!!!

  • acali sweetheart

    Meanwhile I use nice and easy box hair color once a month for my roots and pay $6.50 and look great.

  • Tammie K
    Tammie K Day ago

    I was charged $150 to get my kids done one color as well

  • Erin Gillespie
    Erin Gillespie Day ago

    Jfc calm down who cares if he even switched heads, y'all must be secret agents for L'oreal or som fking snakessss

  • cc - X3
    cc - X3 Day ago +1

    I'm sorry to be a miss know it all but uh 19-13=6
    Not 5

  • Eli Foxx
    Eli Foxx Day ago

    Why'd you switch the heads?! It's horribly obvious

  • Nina Ramos
    Nina Ramos Day ago

    I just used splats aqua rush on one part of my hair and it actually looks pretty i didnt bleach it because my hair was already kinda blonde kinda like light brown from the last time it was dyed.

  • Pianoman
    Pianoman Day ago

    Great Video Brad but how did you get 19-13=5?

  • immy
    immy Day ago

    i've used box dye three times and my hair is as silky as ever. i'd recommend dousing your hair in conditioner whilst washing.

  • adrianna roberts

    What about vegan box dye??

  • Hey moon we're all terrified

    What the hell that is the exact color and brand my hair is woah

  • Lea Ziesing
    Lea Ziesing 2 days ago

    At least I Made Brad not that mad xD
    I used Box Dye on Virgin hair, had a darker reddish-purple and asked my hairdresser what brand I should use if I use boxdye

  • LittleOxfordSt
    LittleOxfordSt 2 days ago +1

    putting aside the whole “switch heads” debacle, the “predictability” factor was screwed from the beginning, the “swatch” is always used on lighter base colour for vibrancy. Starting on dark hair messed with the results and hides what colour he was applying anyway :/

  • Cyn Beceiro
    Cyn Beceiro 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks he looka like Ian Somerhalder?!

  • Amelia May
    Amelia May 2 days ago

    That's the box dye I've used the most and it costs 9.98 where I get it :O

  • Charleigh Wallace
    Charleigh Wallace 2 days ago

    do this using blonde hair you would get a better result with the boxs.

  • Kiyra Newman
    Kiyra Newman 2 days ago

    Never using a box hair dye ever again.

  • Abril Tejeda
    Abril Tejeda 2 days ago

    Im getting major Ian Somerhalder vibes.

  • Tiger 0704
    Tiger 0704 2 days ago

    What TheXvid video do you recommend for bleaching your hair at home? I was gonna use a box dye... but i sorta dip dyed my ends using vinegar and food coloring.. so now im scared to. Lol

    • Tiger 0704
      Tiger 0704 2 days ago

      Oh yeah, and my hair (other then my dip dyed ends which is only 2 inches maybe) is virgin.

  • c C
    c C 2 days ago

    Dead ass why would you switch the heads? Just admit that the box dye had a stronger color, but probably is more damaging to hair with worse chemicals and stuff and may not last as long. Not that deep haha. Also it looks like the colors he chose were different anyway so.

  • Makise Kurisu
    Makise Kurisu 2 days ago

    12:48 really man

  • Tinkerbelle Belle
    Tinkerbelle Belle 2 days ago

    When you do box dye you have to check the shade of the hair your putting the dye on, If its a dark shade to begin with obviously its gonna come out darker? i think you failed to check out that aspect when providing your scores

  • Sarah Mazambi
    Sarah Mazambi 2 days ago

    I think it could’ve been better with blonde haired maniquinns

  • Дурга ϟψϟ
    Дурга ϟψϟ 2 days ago

    Hi, Brad. Tell me please, which hair permanent colour did you use to get so sky blue hair colour?

  • annie_anything27 GamePlay

    the dying starts at 6:27

  • Jak h
    Jak h 2 days ago

    Box dye is awful if you're going lighter. Know from experience. It's ok to go darker. Imo. I wont ever not mix my own color or go to a professional

  • Hannah Gollings
    Hannah Gollings 2 days ago

    Ya can't fool us box dye girls 😂

  • 8253nightmare
    8253nightmare 2 days ago +1

    I never thought that box dye is so expensive in the states 🙊 9$? 11$? 13$?In Germany the same brands are at a 2-5€ range, 8€ at most if you buy an "expensive" brand.

  • Caitlin Cobb
    Caitlin Cobb 2 days ago

    Yaaaaaaas Brad! Color Tango is what I use for my hair!

  • KZWolfie
    KZWolfie 3 days ago +1

    Not as shiny as before? That hair is probably how my dream hair “shine” looks like. My hair is dull as hell 😢

  • 해처Crissy
    해처Crissy 3 days ago

    It’s my brithday n I woke up wanting to watch you 🔞

  • Mary Idamha
    Mary Idamha 3 days ago


  • The Lim Zhoo Zhuan
    The Lim Zhoo Zhuan 3 days ago

    If I had fake heads like that, I would colour the hair and pretend they don’t like it and strangle it

  • That Random Inventor

    haha dude looks like a serial killer with his leather jacket and black gloves while messing with a manikin's head

  • Kit Clark
    Kit Clark 3 days ago

    you switched the heads! This makes me so sad, it is really visible on the neck11:53 is the box dye and 13:01 is the "professional" the stain is exactly the same!!

  • sophie adamik
    sophie adamik 3 days ago

    lol he says the difference of 19 and 13 is 5. lol

  • Foxy Cinnamon
    Foxy Cinnamon 3 days ago

    My cousin dyed the wigs, yes wigs, for the Feria tv ads (as IF Beyonce uses that on her hair) - he preaches at me constantly: leave that box dye alone! Well, sometimes a girl needs to touch up them roots. I just use what's on sale & buy 2 boxes. And make an appt for the salon asap. But no work gets done. DVDs & dinner!

  • gacha river123
    gacha river123 3 days ago

    I my mom uses box hair colour all the time and it's awsome

  • deniss.b
    deniss.b 3 days ago

    I'm from Europe and here we have dye boxes with consistency of your professional color😊And also I'm doing it at home same asi you did with professional color😊

  • meg :-]
    meg :-] 3 days ago

    i live by box dye

  • Mara Gragert
    Mara Gragert 3 days ago

    You should have used Garneir, it's a much better brand in my opinion. As for predicting the color on the side are three shades to expect after coloring. I'm more comfortable using box dye vs getting it colored just based on control. I trust myself vs someone else because just like every other job, just because you're a great hair stylist, doesnt mean that every hair stylist is great.

  • Victory Mind
    Victory Mind 4 days ago

    I used Vaseline on my face and around my ears and neck to keep the dye from dying my skin in those areas

  • Taylor Bandicoot
    Taylor Bandicoot 4 days ago

    I don't understand why people are so butthurt trying to say box dye is better 😂😂 First of all if you know Brad at all you know that he's very opinionated on box dye WITH GOOD REASON. Second of all it doesn't take a genius to figure out why box dye is sold at Walmart and is low as $2 and professional hair color is more expensive and requires more care and has to be purchased from a beauty supply store or even in some cases with a license.. because regardless of all of your stories, yes box dye does suck, its more uneven, damaging, unpredictable etc & it is horrible for your hair. So keep using it if you want to I'm not judging anybody if it works for you that's great but stop trying to act like hair stylists have some secret motive 😂😂 Brad could literally not talk about box dye at all and he still going to be making that money and getting those clients

  • Fatin Amirah
    Fatin Amirah 4 days ago

    I used Revlon and it was great okayy

  • BSwithCas
    BSwithCas 4 days ago

    You can’t compare only the price of the professional colour since *most* people can’t buy the professional and do it themselves. Also I’d like to see a non professional rate use ability. Try doing a professional dye on yourself.. I doubt it would be as easy as a box dye for the average person. (Which I’m presuming your video is targeted to)

  • Sup Biiatch
    Sup Biiatch 4 days ago +1

    Box dye isnt that bad the thing is people dont know how to use the way your suppose to. Maybe im wrong

  • Social Tea
    Social Tea 4 days ago

    Smh box dye is fine considering im poor asf and cant afford pRoFsSiOnAl ColOr

  • Mariah Mill
    Mariah Mill 4 days ago

    am i the only on who noticed that he said that there was a 5 dollar difference but the box dye cost 13 or professional cost 19 so shouldn't it be a 6 dollar difference

  • The Little Wheeze
    The Little Wheeze 4 days ago

    Brad, honey, why you gotta switch the heads. Like we haven't used that exact box dye at home. Honey. You can't lie to us heathens.

  • The Little Wheeze
    The Little Wheeze 4 days ago

    My hair always turns out pretty good. It's never perfect but I'm no dang professional lmao.

  • Mariah Ki’erra
    Mariah Ki’erra 4 days ago +4

    Garnier is good tho I’ve used and my hair is still soft and wasn’t dried out 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Elizabeth Gibney
    Elizabeth Gibney 4 days ago

    Im So sorry and I love u really really big fan but wen I had hair I never have 40 dollars to spend on it

  • IceQueen975
    IceQueen975 4 days ago

    My mom has always used boxed bye and she always looks great. *shrug* Plus you put it on wrong. Yes, you squeeze the dye form the bottle but then you... brush it in.. like the professional. You genuinely didn't even try...

  • Cat Lessor
    Cat Lessor 4 days ago

    most box dyes are aimed towards older women who want to touch up graying hair.

  • aesthetically anna
    aesthetically anna 4 days ago +1

    Lol I was dying when he said “my girls are ready” 😂

  • Marisol Manzo
    Marisol Manzo 4 days ago

    My dude looking like Trunks/Bulma from DBZ. I'm impressed at that color of blue he was able to achieve.

  • Corina Byrd
    Corina Byrd 4 days ago

    I've used box color, and the tango. Tango is way better, and this is with my friend who is a professional recommending it to me after all the damage the box color did. Sooo even if he switched the heads (which I dont think he did) I'll side with Wella

  • Z I P P O R A H
    Z I P P O R A H 4 days ago

    im cringing so hard. why would he even post this?..

  • Abnormal Productions

    Brad looks like 2D from Gorillaz and I am LIVING for it!

  • Leda Theotokoglou
    Leda Theotokoglou 4 days ago

    Dude, if you really want to show how bad box dye can be, why not use Syoss, which can really be a mess? Like, you could make a point about box dye without having to do the good old switcharoo.

  • The Amateur Point
    The Amateur Point 4 days ago

    You are such a sweet person! 😊 it's captivating. Love the purple fingers at the end of the video 😜

  • Tami timeless
    Tami timeless 4 days ago

    Love those people here be like "I always used box dye and when I had it bleached at the salon it became orange"... Yeah, that's what happens to pre dyed hair, genius. You can't expect it to go white when you dyed it at home for years, probably with darker colors. That is not how it works. Try bleaching your natural hair and it will turn out just fine.

  • Ban theUndead
    Ban theUndead 4 days ago

    wich blue hair dye did you use ?

  • Ice Age
    Ice Age 4 days ago

    I didn't go to the comments through the middle of the vid which was hard...but I knew it would probably reveal stuff●-●

  • Maddysmac
    Maddysmac 4 days ago

    Wow... the people in these comments are being so... toxic. If he lied that's not cool, but jeez... you're this upset over him preferring professional dye? I've had my hair dyed and I've used box. And I can honestly say that it looked better professionally done EVERY TIME. The only time it looked good when I did it myself is when - SURPRISE- I used professional level box dye. And it lasted longer- so a few extra dollars is worth it rather than redying the whole thing sooner. It makes sense for a professional to recommend things that are better quality for your hair. I know this is an extreme, but would you like your doctor to cut treatments? Or do you want him to make you healthy? I know people in the comments take the whole "box dye is horrible!" Thing as an attack because you use it, but chill. He's not saying your hair is ugly, he's not saying you're doing bad, he's not saying you're wrong. He is saying professional is better. Whether that is a fact or opinion- THAT DOESN'T MATTER. It's his opinion if it is an opinion. Calm down.
    And I know people are mainly upset over him lying, but I honestly don't see what y'all are seeing... I think that people are so quick to jump on this "cancel" trend now that they will try to attack anyone over anything for the drama. He'll probably make a statement explaining what y'all are seeing or if he actually did it. I don't believe he did, but that is my opinion. Use your freedom on the internet for good, people. Don't try to destroy someone's career over a stupid thing like this.

  • Chelsea Shaffer
    Chelsea Shaffer 4 days ago

    I think you mixed up the heads. The box dye head was brighter and had a stain on the neck where you “dripped”. The professional color was darker and didn’t have a stain.