• Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  8 days ago +6280

    Who's the shit? You the shit.

    • tennis
      tennis 2 hours ago

      bullshit video

    • Fern Fore
      Fern Fore 4 hours ago


    • Tracy K. Black
      Tracy K. Black 8 hours ago

      Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I box dyed my hair purple 2 summers ago. I wasn't super impressed after 5 hours bc I was not as vibrant. It stayed in for a while though and after 6 months and no recolor (don't judge), it had faded to a magenta pink.
      I had it professionally colored a deep violet purple last April. The color was way more vibrant and I love, love, LOVED IT!!!! (My thumbnail photo is the cut she gave me!)
      UNTIL!!!! It bled color for daaaaaays and only 3 weeks later (and I was using the purple shampoo like the stylist said) and I had lost so much color it was practically pink and I had blonde patches in the front of my head! 😭😭😭😭
      Very traumatizing. I cut it all off and have been trying to cut my own crew/faux hawk ever since.
      So where is your salon? I need help 💛💜💙

    • Meggles *
      Meggles * 9 hours ago

      What was shit was spending 20 minutes watching this bullshit. If you were my hairstylist, I'd never go back after seeing this.

    • Caitlin Andersen
      Caitlin Andersen 16 hours ago

      Brad Mondo i really loves ur Chanel but it made me sad that u lied to ur fans and switched the heads :(

  • Danni Haverfield
    Danni Haverfield 15 minutes ago

    Do not use box black dye. Its terrible.

  • Kay Ka Nut
    Kay Ka Nut 39 minutes ago

    I always smile when you open lol

  • daisy panssino
    daisy panssino 44 minutes ago

    Lol why would I pay 50 dollars to get my hair done and listen to a hairdresser gossip about bullshit I don't care about and NEVER shut up when I can pay like 13 or 15 to do it on my own in my own house??? Been doing it for like seven years

  • Akanksha Sinha
    Akanksha Sinha 44 minutes ago

    Why is Brad pulling off Salman Khan hair?

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 48 minutes ago

    Your hair bothers meeee! FLIP IT OVER!

  • Hannah Grant x
    Hannah Grant x Hour ago

    Anyone from the UK, where in the Uk can we buy ‘professional hair colour’ like the ones brad tried in this video? I’ve used box day for the past few years & want to change but don’t know where I can buy it from?! Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question! If anyone from the UK can reply I’d be happy 😃 thanks x

  • Ryana
    Ryana 2 hours ago

    Haha the price really does go up based on where you live because it costs me an average of about $300 for a color and cut in Alaska..

  • pvnch
    pvnch 2 hours ago

    Im laughing at all the outrage, its not that deep lmfao. I'm SURE all of you were going to be swayed by his opinion of box dye regardless of what he says. hashtagging "uncoverbradslies" like common get your fucking panties outta your ass. Second hand embarrassment for all the offended, truly amazing.

  • tennis
    tennis 2 hours ago

    dude, why would you switch the heads and lie just to make professional dye look better. cause it really looked like shit?

  • Roxanne Stone
    Roxanne Stone 2 hours ago

    The reason you were so bad at the box dye is cause you’ve never used it!!! 😡😡

  • Lex
    Lex 2 hours ago

    Before this video gets taken down, I got the screen caps.

  • Amber Springer
    Amber Springer 2 hours ago

    I actually really like loreal feria dyes especially the purples and blues i think its a nice brand but i usually do get my hair dye from sallys because buy 2 get 1 free and the dyes are like $4 or $5 well thats just depending on the tubes you buy i buy the ion and it works really well.

  • Keena Simpson
    Keena Simpson 3 hours ago

    Box dyes normally have three different predictor shades on the box. One for people with a blonde shade, one for brunettes, and one for people with darker shades of brown, not quite black. The color the box dye predicts will depend on how dark the hair is, which is something he ignores in this video, not to mention, most box dyes that I’ve used will also tell you that the color on the box is not guaranteed. If you don’t have the money to go to a colorist, boxed dyes aren’t bad, especially if you are going from a lighter hair color to a darker hair color.

  • Monica Vento
    Monica Vento 3 hours ago

    I love your videos!!!

  • Christine K.
    Christine K. 4 hours ago

    Legit have used that box dye before and I always loved it tbh. Of course I prefer salon colors, but this girl has to work on a budget haha

    Just got further in the video and seeing the color on the mannequin I'm surprised that it isn't more shiny and bright. When I used the box dye my hair was super vibrant and shiny, granted that might be because of the difference between my natural color and the mannequin's color and I used this dye years ago as well so the formula may have changed since then.

  • Josie Walker
    Josie Walker 4 hours ago

    You should do a video reviewing Arctic Fox hair dye!! & maybe Manic Panic.

  • faithlessone423
    faithlessone423 4 hours ago

    I went into this totally expecting to be convinced to your opinion - but seriously, Brad?? I've used box dye many times in the past, and it is way fucking easier to use those bottles than you made it look. You were clearly trying to make it look harder. Why would you not section her hair? And yup, you clearly switched the heads. It was deeply obvious. Also, your saying "I was really rooting for the box dye" is clearly a lie. You tried your best to mess up the box dye, and when it looked better than the professional even AFTER that, you then pretended they were the other way round. WTF, dude?

  • Nkoah
    Nkoah 4 hours ago

    I know that he’s gay; I KNOW...but he looks SO hot when he blow dries hair

  • Naomi
    Naomi 5 hours ago

    I use Korean hair dyes since they are specifically for dark Asian hair so the dye color really shows for me. They're really easy to use; Korean dyes usually come in foam form so it really covers your whole head of hair without leaving any missed spots or patches.

  • Linda Tannock
    Linda Tannock 5 hours ago

    Oh dear. Professional hair stylist, but can't tell the difference between the shades?! Lol.
    You switched the heads and praised the box dye to the heavens. 😂 How embarrassing. It was so obvious to *everyone!!*
    Good to know the box dye came out on top. I always do my own hair 👍👱‍♀️

  • Itzalia Monia
    Itzalia Monia 6 hours ago

    Your awsome i love you ...stay gorgeous ... i love your videos

  • Nataysha S
    Nataysha S 6 hours ago

    he really just switched the heads lmao i can't

  • Ana Natalia Dosal
    Ana Natalia Dosal 6 hours ago

    I love how people complain and say box hair dye is cheaper, bitch have you gone to sallys and bought hair dye?? Ion hair dye is legit 5 bucks! a box is usually 10-15 dollars! cheap my ass

  • Lily Horn
    Lily Horn 6 hours ago

    I actually came across this video after BOX DYEING my hair black, because it looked like Shrek threw up all over my head, and it turned out way better. And no I've had my hair dyed MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY TIMES BEFORE so trust me when I say I KNOW SOME SHIT, and it is soooooooooooooooo much cheaper to dye it with box dye and my hair looks great. But just saying I'm not trying to throw shade on Brad, I just wanted to put that out there for all my fellow broke girls. (And yes he's right you don't know what's in box dye but my mom's been doing it for years and her hair is perfectly fine so that kind of proves my point. But like I said I don't mean to be rude to him I love him very much keep up your great work queen.)

  • Jay Ashlielle
    Jay Ashlielle 7 hours ago

    Lol i paid $100 for a cut and dye a few months ago. The color was meant to be a dark fuchsia/burgundy-ish color... My hair ended up Bright Hot Pink for multiple weeks after lmao,,, RIP

  • alyssa danielle
    alyssa danielle 7 hours ago

    when he did the box dye he looked like it was hard to put on like he was being messy with it on purpose .. and then switched the heads ? ok 🤨

  • Mia Petra
    Mia Petra 7 hours ago

    Sooooo.... 20 minutes of him bashing box dye.... then preferring it over the “professional” hair dye... alright

  • B Lawless
    B Lawless 7 hours ago

    lmao he stupidly slaps that box dye on the mannequin's head and still has to switch the heads around bc the box dye looks better

  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez 8 hours ago

    I would use box die all the time it messed up my hair am with Brad on this

  • Jolie Fajardo
    Jolie Fajardo 8 hours ago

    Damon Salvatore is on to bigger and better things

  • Gina Drury
    Gina Drury 8 hours ago

    I have a question. So, I dye my own hair at home with professional color. Well, I dyed my hair red and did a shadow root, which turned out awesome, but decided I wanted to go back to an all over red color because it started looking like my hair was just way grown out and I hadn't dyed it in a while. Not very pretty. I went for my usual color, but now I have a huge band of black in my hair from the shadow root. So, my roots are red, then black band, then back to red. It looks aweful. How do I fix this?

  • marissa malone
    marissa malone 8 hours ago

    I always do my own color. To be fair, I don't do it often so my hair has time to breathe. But I almost always just grab the cheapest box and head home to have some fun. Just a few weeks ago I picked up some black dye for maybe $4.50 after tax. My hair has never felt better and it looks pretty shiny. I've used that exact box dye before, and it looked exactly like the 'professional' head. Brad, Im so dissapointed. I used to love your content, but after this.... It's so obvious they were switched, there's a ton of misinformation here, and you didn't even follow the instructions in the box, did you?

  • ibhouse
    ibhouse 8 hours ago

    Boy what's is with that 90s middle part omg stop

  • Kim Sparks
    Kim Sparks 8 hours ago

    FAKE i used box dye my whole life and all of the capabilities were awesome

  • Nightshade Valenzuela
    Nightshade Valenzuela 8 hours ago

    My youngest sister is literally arguing with me that these weren't switched when it's so obvious they were I-

  • Tamara Moomjian
    Tamara Moomjian 8 hours ago

    I'm a licensed beautician and I've use box color on my hair a lot when I couldn't afford to go to Sally's and buy it. But I've never had trouble using it and it's always turned out very nice. Yeah I have to agree with all the comments. He mixed them up.

  • Jessica Harp
    Jessica Harp 9 hours ago

    I only dye my hair once or twice a year and use the box brand used in the video and my hair ALWAYS comes out looking super shiny and exactly how it's supposed to based on the picture on the box. It's like you said, results can vary based on hair type. The brand in the video is also cheaper where I live if I get it at Walmart.

  • Rachel Dryden
    Rachel Dryden 9 hours ago

    Every time I see you use that Dyson Dryer I get so dang jealous. I wish I had one. Also I love your blowout technique

  • Nightmare Blavk
    Nightmare Blavk 9 hours ago +1

    He obviously switch the heads because the professional head look terrible . Not saying getting your hair professional done is awful and you shouldn’t but hair box dye isn’t bad , I definitely recommend them getting it at Sally’s .

  • Brianna Barnett
    Brianna Barnett 9 hours ago

    The box color is the color my mom uses it

  • Ryan Cole
    Ryan Cole 9 hours ago

    Switched that shit. Shame on you. You're also so cocky it's gross.

  • Kelly Cooper
    Kelly Cooper 9 hours ago

    What you didnt do was follow the actual directions on the box dye. You didn't wash the hair with the shampoo provided which would have given it that shine you wanted...

  • ladani
    ladani 10 hours ago

    Subtitles in spanish pls !! :( i love u

  • Avocado Panda
    Avocado Panda 10 hours ago

    Ok so I'm like 13 and I dyed my friends hair and we RUINED here bathroom!

  • Cami White
    Cami White 10 hours ago +1

    I literally love your look in this video! You look like a 90’s cartoon character and I’m here for every ounce of it lol it’s a look.

  • Melblueyes
    Melblueyes 10 hours ago

    one thing about box dye i dont like is if you leave it in the bottle mixed and closed and left in your bathroom over night; you will have a bomb. Why I say this is cause my mother (I love her to death) always used boxed dye and one night after she was done with her hair she left the bottle closed; the next morning after my parents went on a trip she never opened and tossed the bottle away I woke up to an explosion from the bathroom. scared the shit out of me and i run to see what happened and you think it was a murder scene but there was red dye all over the place I called my mother while they were away and tell her what happened lets just say I was the mom in this situation and she the child, but i did clean it up thankfully the cleaner (i forgot what i had used) was able to take it off the walls mirror and lights .NOT FUN AT ALL. Looking back on it it was funny but not fun to clean up.

  • Rainey Evans Yake
    Rainey Evans Yake 10 hours ago

    Okay, since you don't know how box dye works, let me explain the differences as both a box dye user and someone who taught themselves how to use professional dye.
    1) Box dyes must be put on unwashed hair. Your last shampoo should be no closer than 48hrs previous for best results. Mannequins don't produce sebum to facilitate this reaction. Already not accurate to a real person's experience
    2) You are not meant to use just the bottle nozzle to apply the color. You apply small amounts at a time, working it into the hair with your fingers. You can also use a brush if you have one, but you can get perfectly acceptable saturation with just the bottle and your fingers.
    3) The reason you had enough of the box dye is because your mannequins had the same length and thickness of hair they design their dye for. Any longer or thicker and you would've needed 2 boxes
    4) Only very pale blondes can get away with 25 minute color times. Most people will go the full 60 minutes max safe time listed in the directions. This is bound to affect the outcome. You should've done at least 45 minutes to be even with the pro head
    5) If your box dye comes with conditioner(sometimes shampoo, as yours did) you are supposed to use those after you rinse the color. Most box dye comes with an after-color conditioner. This very likely affected the luster and shine of the box dye.
    6) As far as price goes, you didn't even choose a cheap box dye. When I kept my hair black, I used Revlon Colorsilk which used to be $2 a box(it is now between 3-4 I believe). You can get hair dye at the dollar store. So your point about price is not 100% accurate either.

  • DaBunne
    DaBunne 10 hours ago

    box dye is easier for the average person to apply because of how you don't need an application brush or scale or any other professional tools, and can still get a fairly even coverage just by slopping it on like shampoo. Most people probably take precautions to avoid making a mess, like towels everywhere, or just applying right inside the shower. AND they are designed to finish setting in a relatively short period of time, so you should be done in essentially about a half hour and get on with your day. BUT yes they are harder on the hair and don't have variables of intensity to suit different hair types etc... and all the other unpredictability things hairdressers tend to complain about too. :)

  • Shintaro Kisaragi
    Shintaro Kisaragi 11 hours ago

    really out here switching heads huh 😔😔😔😔 shameful 😔😔😔

  • Kawaii Fox
    Kawaii Fox 11 hours ago

    idk why but in this vid you remnd me of a gay version of damon from TVD

  • Alyssa Horn
    Alyssa Horn 11 hours ago +1

    You can tell its switched because he stained the box dyes neck and when he blow dries the heads the supposed professional color has a stain in the same spot that wasnt there when he dyed it. And the supposed box dye no longer had a stain.

  • Heather Marie
    Heather Marie 11 hours ago

    Your bias is really showing. If you’re so disgusted and put off by box dye, you shouldn’t have made the video. Stick to reacting to videos or something.

  • Ariana Thurman
    Ariana Thurman 12 hours ago

    At 1:56 Brad looks like he was a Disney channel actor drawing the Mickey Mouse head thing 😂😂

  • Alyssa Horn
    Alyssa Horn 12 hours ago

    I've dyed my hair with box dyes for years and I've never had any trouble with them. I currently have red and blue hair. If you're interested in seeing that look on my Instagram @flexible_pizza

  • Imogen Howard
    Imogen Howard 12 hours ago

    I've never used box dye but if it's meant to be applied how Brad describes it.... like shampoo, it sounds a lot easier than professional hair dye.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 12 hours ago +1

    i have used both brands and i have to disagree with some of those scores. the box dye i get same brand actually same color was bout 8 dollars here on east coast at walmart. the salon is bout 4 plus developer which is bout 6-8 depending on brand. however i need 2 because i have long hair so it does tend to cost more. that box color is much more red than purple and thats why i had to change shades. i did not find really any red violet bout it just a deep dark red. i switched to deepest violet for that reason. the box colors are truly runny. i put down plastic on my floor for it. it can be a huge problem. the mannequins that got used if you look at the stains of their face got switched around. the box dye i like cuz of price but also it does not fry my hair. ive been using box dye since 15. i've used and own developers n salon dye but it dries the ends of my hair drastically. i dye my hair quite often and never keep the same shade. i see people now a days doing beautiful ombre effects and all and yet their hair looks silky smooth. not at all damaged. what am i doing wrong? why cant i seem to use salon dye without over drying my natural hair. someone please help???

  • Kristine Galant
    Kristine Galant 12 hours ago +2

    I have ALOT of problems with this video. One problems is that you didn't keep them side by side when comparing... why? To compare something you need to show both products next to each other. It is much easier for the brain to remember and compare seeing them at the same time... Another problem is that I really think the two mannequin heads were switched due to the dye on the forehead, etc. I don't think you did it on purpose like most people are saying but i really think you had them backwards. Next problem is that the boxed hair dye, not the "professional" one, was way nicer and more cost effective, less time to apply if doing by yourself on your own head and less time in your hair. Overall, the better product. I have been using boxed hair dyes and boxed hair bleach for 40 years. I have NEVER had a problem doing this by myself. Saves me time, money and going to a hair salon. I have received loads of compliments through the years on my hair. I get an ash type blonde for my hair. My natural hair color is light brown. Everybody is different hair and different preferences. I, personally, will always choose hair dye over professional or salon dye. I even had a salon bleach my hair but since she was multitasking, she left it in too long and my hair was grey at 24 years old. She wanted $60 for that. I told everyone i knew where i got my disgusting hair from and at that moment decided to never go back to a salon. I used to go a couple times a year just to give me a break from doing it and to see the difference. Not worth it in the end unless you literally don't want to do it yourself... Good try on the video but you got to make it and edit it totally different for comparison. Just my opinion.. Have a wonderful day xo

  • Marissa Whetsell
    Marissa Whetsell 13 hours ago

    Have you tried the Mr. Clean Eraser? Those work like magic on Many tough spots & stains without damaging anything.

  • Lulu
    Lulu 13 hours ago +1

    u mixed up the heads

  • ChelleBelle
    ChelleBelle 13 hours ago

    I want to stop dying all together and let my gray hair shine. I’m tired of the cost and the time and I’m ready to embrace my gray. Any suggestions for the best way to go from jet black to au natural? I’ve been just growing it out but it’s at that weird point. HELLLLLP! Lol

  • Freya Hewitt
    Freya Hewitt 13 hours ago

    Guys come to the uk box dyes are usually range between 7-9 pounds (dollars) and the exact box dye he used is only 8 dollars and they are usually pretty good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 brad I LOVE YOU!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Chelsey Cookson
    Chelsey Cookson 13 hours ago

    I need some help I dye my hair a lot I've been blonde pastel pink pastel purple dark purple and blue but each time I dye my hair the colour doesn't ever seem to last even though it says permanent any help please and thank you

  • Adrienne Marcus
    Adrienne Marcus 13 hours ago

    By the way brads hair can we talk about it the cut he copied Aaron carter at 9 years old lol

  • heavymetallust
    heavymetallust 13 hours ago

    I still have a box of unused Wella in that shade!

  • AlienMissy 483
    AlienMissy 483 13 hours ago

    I live in Norway... going to a salon to dye your hair costs a loot more than only 40$. You can BARELY get a haircut for 40$... and coloring the hair is much more expensive. So yeah, when/if I'm coloring my hair I'd choose the box because its much cheaper and I can do it at home with the stress of needing an appointment etc

  • Emily Anzivino
    Emily Anzivino 13 hours ago

    You were one of my biggest inspirations to go into cosmetology:) I’m a junior in high school and I’m about 6 months into the 2 year cosmetology program. I’m going to go to state board in 14 months wish me luck!! ❤️

  • Adrienne Marcus
    Adrienne Marcus 13 hours ago

    I hate ppl who talk shit about box dye everything is in a damn box no colour is considered professional chemistry does not change I always use box dye im not forking up 400 to 500 dollar for a rude employee to kill my hair

  • AlienMissy 483
    AlienMissy 483 14 hours ago

    But for someone who doesn't have much money, a 5$ difference can be a lot 😅😅

  • Julianna Tryon
    Julianna Tryon 14 hours ago

    Holy shit, the box dye is the same dye that I used!!!

  • Lisa Dominick
    Lisa Dominick 14 hours ago

    1) schools dont teach how to use sqeeze bottles anymore. 2) the ingredients in box dye are horrible for you and your hair. 3)Bix dye adds junk to make your hair appear shiny but it doesnt last. 4)Like Brad, I was raised in a salon and a person does become "spoiled".

  • lilmisskitten 83love
    lilmisskitten 83love 14 hours ago

    OH MY GOD YOU LOOK LIKE PHILLIP FROM SALLY FACE!!!!!!!!!1 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can die happy now

  • TheStyleOfTheTimes
    TheStyleOfTheTimes 14 hours ago +1

    I was shocked by the switch comments so rechecked the video and they are switched. The professional one at the end has the dye marks on the top of the forehead and the neck that he made when putting the box dye on

  • Misster Miki
    Misster Miki 14 hours ago

    Dude i really love you with all my fricking heart but this video its just a NO i get it you are pro who wants more people to actually go to professional but geez

  • Maura McBride
    Maura McBride 15 hours ago +1

    also, that box dye has a very runny formula which does suck. i personally prefer garnier, the formula is a bit thicker and they have a wider red color selection (which is what i dye my hair)
    (edit) the loreal box dye he used is SUPER shiny. it always gives such a good finish.

  • Annie Wray
    Annie Wray 15 hours ago +1

    bro the heads are switched lmao

  • Osha Daniels
    Osha Daniels 15 hours ago +1

    Definitely switched them

  • Laura laura
    Laura laura 15 hours ago

    box die has almost always worked better

  • fun with shayla
    fun with shayla 15 hours ago

    wait what im a little confused if this is the brad dont think it is but if it is i really dont like the new look or additude

  • Bertdell Estep
    Bertdell Estep 15 hours ago

    I was for real hoping the comments weren’t real but 😒

  • RaineMusic
    RaineMusic 16 hours ago

    Maybe he did not do it on purpose but is it just me or it looks like he switched the mannequin for the reveal?? The box dye manequin had wider looking eyes than the other and when he bring them back, he shows the one with the wider eyes as the professional...
    Edit: it's not just me lol just saw a bunch of comments about it

  • Pooky-Raed
    Pooky-Raed 16 hours ago

    The way he handling the hair while coloring them is far from professional. Any one can name him self a professional nowadays

  • Poppy Snowden
    Poppy Snowden 16 hours ago

    I like your nails

  • VTookAllTheJams
    VTookAllTheJams 16 hours ago

    Y'all getting mad about him switching the heads, BUT HE ACTUALLY SAID 13 AND 19 IS A 5 DOLLAR DIFFERENCE ?!HELLO?!

  • Trevor
    Trevor 16 hours ago

    someone please get him off youtube

  • Lauren Anders
    Lauren Anders 16 hours ago

    I unsubscribed after this.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 16 hours ago

    I use box dyes because I'm just not interested in learning how to use professional dye, and I know witch dyes work for my hair and I use some tricks that makes it better. Ammonia smells horrible and is very harsh, so I use dye with hydroperoxide and zero ammonia. I always blend the ingredients together in a separate bowl so that it's even, because shaking it in that bottle isn't good enough. I also use a brush to apply it, because just squeezing it out like that increases the risk for it being uneven. A professional would probably think the result is horrible, but I like it well enough.

  • April S
    April S 16 hours ago

    I have been using box hair dye for 20 years. Blue black or red. I have never had a issue. I got my hair professionally dyed once and I had black with red highlights and the red faded in 2 washes and the blue black washed out to a funky brown black.

  • Bob Heatherhill
    Bob Heatherhill 16 hours ago

    If you predicted it to be unpredictable then surely, it was very predictable

  • yaya_28
    yaya_28 17 hours ago

    He switched the heads. When he pulls them out to blow dry the one he says is the professional clearly you can see where the scalp line is that it's bright red like the colour of the dye from the box.

  • Miriah Trinidad
    Miriah Trinidad 17 hours ago

    I used that exact boxed hair dye in 2015. 😨

  • Addie Watson
    Addie Watson 17 hours ago

    Bro I dyed my hair with box dye for AGES before switching to using dye from Sally's. I never had any problems except running out because I have longer hair. My sister dyed it for me, she has NO training or experience and it came out perfect. Color was spot on to what I wanted. I went from dark cinnamon hair to bright auburn hair in 1 application. you have an obvious bias against box dye, and WE CAN ALL TELL YOU SWITCHED THE HEADS. Also, for those who want to know, I switched to using dye from Sally's because they had a brighter auburn that was much closer to the color I want. Otherwise I would have probably stuck to using the box dye.

  • Sofea Richie LGBT
    Sofea Richie LGBT 17 hours ago +1

    My gay ass twin is quaking when he find out Im watching you Brad
    He literally tryna fit into my bed and watch you with me 😂

  • Sonjariffic
    Sonjariffic 17 hours ago

    Of course he switched the mannequin heads. No one would watch his videos anymore, if they knew that the box dye isn’t the problem, but the person applying it. I’ve been using box dyes for 10 yrs until I stopped dying my hair all together. They were cheap and worked pretty damn well. As a woman with thick and long hair I wasn’t able to stroll into the hairdressers and pay three times as much as someone with thinner/shorter hair. It’s ignorant of Brad to assume that box dyes are bad. They’re a cheap alternative to getting your hair done at the hairdressers. If you can’t reach all spots on your head ask a friend or family member to help. And don’t try to bleach certain types of hair. If you read up on hair and colours etc you won’t need a hairdresser. Fact. The examples he shows on his channel (clearly) didn’t know what they were doing.

  • Andrea Tews
    Andrea Tews 18 hours ago

    i love the fact that he calls the doll head thingys clients

  • maria lewis
    maria lewis 18 hours ago

    You out rightly came to diss box dye....your comparison is very bias......

  • kal3ssa
    kal3ssa 18 hours ago

    40 dollars? in Norway it costs at least 200 to go to the salon

  • Nikky Johnson
    Nikky Johnson 18 hours ago

    I used that exact box hair dye and I LOVED the result.

  • Crystal S
    Crystal S 19 hours ago

    I have been using box dyes for YEARS and have always used Revlon's Colorsilk. It's also ammonia free. It's $3 a box and works GREAT on my hair. I have to get 2 boxes because my hair is so long. I love it though. I've tried other brands and they do not do well on my hair. I love your personality so much! Thanks for the video.

  • Loreal Madonna
    Loreal Madonna 19 hours ago

    I use Schwarzkopf and my hair looks great! There wasn't a huge oder. There wasn't a mess I used this thing called a towel. It comes with a leave in conditioner I use the days following. You were biased from the beginning and acted like you were lost which is super dramatic 🙄