Petit Biscuit - We Were Young (ft. JP Cooper) (DROELOE Remix)

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • Petit Biscuit - We Were Young (ft. JP Cooper) (DROELOE Remix)
    We Were Young - Out everywhere
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    We Were Young Lyrics
    I didn’t wanna open my heart no I didn’t wanna get too deep
    I knew that I’d get lost in her eyes
    So I stared down at my shoelaces
    I took her to the car in the drive and we stared at the sky and we laughed 'til we cried
    And we got so high and she stayed all night
    We were young, and helpless

    When I wake in the morning
    And I see the light
    Pouring from my bedroom window
    What a day, what a day, what a morning
    When I realize
    I was cautious but I’m guilty
    I’m in love


    I wanted you to stay for the day
    But you left with a kiss on my cheek
    I couldn’t get my mind off the way that you looked in my Daft Punk T-shirt
    I took a little drive in my car with a smile on my face and a hope in my heart
    Maybe this is the start of a bon voyage
    We were young, and helpless

    When I wake in the morning
    And I see the light
    Pouring from my bedroom window
    What a day, what a day, what a morning
    When I realize
    I was cautious but I’m guilty
    I’m in love


    Take me back
    Darling won’t you take me back
    Take me take me take me take back
    Darling won’t you take me back take me take me
    We’ll be Juliet and Romeo
    Falling in love like dominoes
    Talking all night in stereo
    All night all night
    We could make love and hide away
    We could take off and fly away
    Tell me can we go back again
    Take me take me take me back
    Take me back
    Darling won’t you take me back
    Take me take me take me back take me back
    Darling won’t you take me back
    Take me take me take me

    I guess I'm falling helplessly
    I can feel it taking over me
    I guess I'm falling helplessly

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Comments • 193

    DROELOE Month ago +483

    hope y'all enjoy it 💕💀

    • Paulina Elizabeth
      Paulina Elizabeth 27 days ago +1

      Saludos desde Ecuador!
      Su música es única!
      Adelante en todo!

    • Rayy Gerardo
      Rayy Gerardo Month ago

      Droeloe im a simple fan i love to here a instrumental of this song of ptit biscuit and you it will be cool

    • Danny Maher
      Danny Maher Month ago

      It's freaking gold omg

    • Yolanda Ogim
      Yolanda Ogim Month ago

      Are you kidding. You just blew my mind. God bless you and jp cooper for this 😀

    • Edjin
      Edjin Month ago

      Classic Droeloe drop

  • Batman
    Batman Hour ago

    DROELOE are seriously some of the most consistent artists out there. So much content, all of it so good, it's crazy. This is infectiously catchy and one of their best remixes.

  • ChrisfromtheDeep
    ChrisfromtheDeep 5 days ago

    why do people dislike this...

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice 7 days ago

    Bravo pour tes musiques, toujours créatives et pleines de good vibes 🤸‍♂️😊

  • Chris Kingo
    Chris Kingo 10 days ago

    This Bass!💥

  • Yazemin Yilmaz
    Yazemin Yilmaz 16 days ago +1

    Seriously, why can't this song be longer? Petite Biscuit and DROELOE?! A win win!

  • franz fefe
    franz fefe 16 days ago

    Damn droeloe

  • cosmic cat
    cosmic cat 28 days ago

    This one is my favourite remix, just love it.

  • Professor Extasy
    Professor Extasy Month ago

    The ending and beginning are beautiful I love those beats

  • Rayy Gerardo
    Rayy Gerardo Month ago

    wee all ned the instrumental why not pt is the best

  • azhar seedat
    azhar seedat Month ago

    1:56 is pure euphoria :L

  • GoFundme
    GoFundme Month ago

    TheXvid auto-play actually gave me something good instead of primitive building

  • Hamed x
    Hamed x Month ago +1


  • José Benitez
    José Benitez Month ago

    This is beautiful 🥺

  • Ivelisse Ivelisse
    Ivelisse Ivelisse Month ago

    Me encanta esa canción

  • Emiliana
    Emiliana Month ago

    F YES!! this is awesome!!!

  • Quentinos
    Quentinos Month ago +6

    Only 167 comments, and 2 M views? Okay..

  • るー
    るー Month ago


  • Michii
    Michii Month ago +7

    First time I listen to you. Thats Awesome ❤✌

  • iovi
    iovi Month ago +28

    Petit Biscuit, JP Cooper, and DROELOE? Tripple the goodness

  • riya mukherjee
    riya mukherjee Month ago +7

    *Epic piece*
    Am glad to have got such a frnd who suggested me this song😍 love with the music

  • piraporn sujaree
    piraporn sujaree Month ago

    Great song dear.❤️

  • The Goddess Akasha
    The Goddess Akasha Month ago

    Soulful as fuck... With that right amount of pop 🥰😍👌👌 🔥🔥 I'll look for ur name amongst the STAR!! 💯💓

  • Sophie Williams
    Sophie Williams Month ago +4

    Saw Petit biscuit at the Vieilles Charrues front row and it was amazing!

  • miss whatever
    miss whatever Month ago +23

    Bless youtube recommends, thanks for this gem

  • Reviah
    Reviah Month ago


  • RussianPasta
    RussianPasta Month ago


  • •Adrian Joel••


  • LNR - After Effects
    LNR - After Effects Month ago +24

    Took me a week to find this ABSOLUTE GEM!! The nicest surprises and the best songs always come from @DROELOE

  • Michael Pena
    Michael Pena Month ago +1

    I loven , it's the best

  • Amir khan Vlademir
    Amir khan Vlademir Month ago +32

    The beat plays round and round my head

  • Nick V Summers
    Nick V Summers Month ago

    beat is all i want

  • Nathan Bounthavong
    Nathan Bounthavong Month ago

    Sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • John Angelo Regencia
    John Angelo Regencia Month ago +2

    Set It On 0.25 Please
    Thank Me Later

  • Tïffäny Shavonə
    Tïffäny Shavonə Month ago +2

    a summer bop.

  • Martin CHATELAIN
    Martin CHATELAIN Month ago +1

    Ah lala droeloe un groupe pas très connu avec un grand talent....
    (Le remix est sympa👌👍👏👏👏)

  • Heatherllorusso
    Heatherllorusso Month ago

    Go qdekezdmszddzsdeddddjdddjsjs

  • Low Ghost
    Low Ghost Month ago

    This the worst ‘edm’ I’ve heard

  • Myrlon Ortell
    Myrlon Ortell Month ago


  • Palm Realm
    Palm Realm Month ago

    We love you Petit

  • Dennis Wangira
    Dennis Wangira Month ago


  • jackoffnigward
    jackoffnigward Month ago

    something about the original one seems more magicL

  • Nicolas François
    Nicolas François Month ago

    Good job !!!👌

  • Jodast
    Jodast Month ago +24

    new artist of the year my asss
    this remix proves droeloe should have won that

  • Atul Kumar
    Atul Kumar Month ago +1

    Cool remix love it

  • Isabella De Wit
    Isabella De Wit Month ago

    so damn amazing😍😍😍😍 mijn favoriet tot nu toee

  • Hugo Lam
    Hugo Lam Month ago

    Je prefere l’original... dsl

  • Edileusa Dias
    Edileusa Dias Month ago +1

    AMAZING SONG\(^0^)/...

  • DjApx47
    DjApx47 Month ago +8

    Hard SUMMER 2019 LETS GOOOO!!!!

  • Reagan_With An_A
    Reagan_With An_A Month ago

    I love this!

  • Fuuka !
    Fuuka ! Month ago +2


  • mael trn
    mael trn Month ago

    j'aime beaucoup mais je préfère la version original mais très bon son encore merci

  • lucien
    lucien Month ago +1

    I hope Petit blows up some day

    • TTG
      TTG Month ago

      He's original song has like 10Million views dude.

  • Kaief Rhaiem
    Kaief Rhaiem Month ago

    La musique elle est bien par contre on m'explique pour les images

  • pkvi
    pkvi Month ago

    Wow it’s perfect😋

  • Alquimista Angel
    Alquimista Angel Month ago

    Que es esta mamada??

  • Autumn 0412
    Autumn 0412 Month ago +1

    My two favorite artists 💕

  • LostyTracks.
    LostyTracks. Month ago +6

    Petit Biscuit and DROELOE ... Masterpiece! ❤️

  • edward.t
    edward.t Month ago +3

    Amazing work from DROELOE on an amazing track!

  • Chroma
    Chroma Month ago +1

    par contre ça me fout la haine les gens dans les commentaires qui sortent "FéLiCiTaTiOnS PeTiT BiScUiT c'EsT VrAiMeNt GéNiAl Ce QuE tU fAiS" alors que bah... c'est pas lui. Droeloe ont fait un excellent travail sur ce remix et je trouve ça dommage que tout le monde parle que de Petit biscuit. Eux méritent autant voir plus selon moi.

    • Niki cockies
      Niki cockies Month ago

      Et ont peux quand donner du mérite à Petit Biscuit c'est lui qui a donné sa musique pour le remix donc sans Petit Biscuit pas de remix

    • Niki cockies
      Niki cockies Month ago

      On n'a compris rabat-joie

    • Niki cockies
      Niki cockies Month ago

      On n'a compris rabat-joie