Sue Perkin’s HILARIOUS RANT On Theresa May & Brexit | The Last Leg

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
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    Kathy Burke and Sue Perkins join Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker to dissect the week's news.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  6 months ago +8

    Watch the FULL EPISODE:

    • Lynette Cowper
      Lynette Cowper 6 months ago +1

      Hey, how about you post the whole episode monetised somewhere so non-UK people can watch?

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 3 months ago

    Put Ann in charge!

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 3 months ago

    Sue Perkins, should be the next Dr Who!

  • Patrickc9330
    Patrickc9330 4 months ago

    Is there a more odious virtue signalling desperado than the vile Adam Hills. Why is he protesting about Brexit by growing a beard? Go back to Australia if you don't like it. And those unfunny sycophants who just laugh any time he says Trump or May are morons. Most irritating show on TV so far up its own arse

  • Patrickc9330
    Patrickc9330 4 months ago +1

    Playing a bit fast.and loose with the term "hilarious." This show thinks it's so edgy with its anti Trump and Anti government "jokes". Ooh dangerous . Danger of boring the arse off us more like

  • glyn clemson
    glyn clemson 4 months ago

    Still waiting for the hilarious part......

  • Roger Jones
    Roger Jones 4 months ago

    Hilarious? Hardly even amusing. What a load of uninformed twaddle, interspersed with the obligatory swearing. They all appear to be under the influence of something. If they didn't know what Brexit issues were prior to the vote, or what the consequences may have been either way then they were not listening or reading. £9m of our money spent during the campaign telling us what we already knew - except obviously those on this "panel".

  • Tony Shankly
    Tony Shankly 4 months ago

    Crap. Which bit was hilarious? Couch full of complete wankers

  • Bj D
    Bj D 5 months ago

    I think Teresa May was never serious about pushing for a viable deal since she waa a "remainer".
    The process has done so much damage though, The EU has acted with arrogant intransigence that exposes them and entrenches the "leavers" in their position. Meanwhile the divisions in the society have deepened.
    I had thought that a second referendum would reverse the brexit decision but now I wouldn't be surprised that it would result in a leave vote with a higher majority.
    I think leavers have had their worse fears confirmed while some remainers now realise that Brussels is unaccountable and doesn't care for what is best for Britain. If Britain is determined to leave they are happy to cause as much damage as possible.

  • Roy
    Roy 5 months ago +1

    Weak willed, and self serving politicians, we needed a Churchill to guide us through Brexit, I have no faith in any Politicians at present, May is awful, but who wants Corbin ? We should revolt like the French, not just suffer these rats. and I voted out, UK will survive where is peoples fighting sprit ? I hope the EU Mafia crumbles ! Troll replys ignored !

  • MSW 2015
    MSW 2015 5 months ago

    They need to hear Jacob Rees Mogg more than twice. Silly biased show good for kids. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 320,691 at present. MBGA.

  • Joe Bloger
    Joe Bloger 5 months ago

    typical london shit so out of touch with the uk not funny . about as funny as a turd in a swimming pool WHO PAYS THESE RIP OFF comedians why the uk forced tv licence payer

  • Daniel Quintero
    Daniel Quintero 5 months ago

    ....DAMN. I mean just....DAMN.

  • Leia Peison
    Leia Peison 5 months ago

    American here. I am really finding all of this interesting.

  • Giovanni Magnus
    Giovanni Magnus 5 months ago +3

    They're absolutely right. There should have been a plan from both sides as to how to proceed, properly founded and based in realism, before a referendum; the result was 52:48, and treating it like that 52 is all that matters is unproductive, when that number is likely to reduce given some of the poor performance of our politicians, and even amongst that 52, people were still on a differing spectrum of what they wanted to achieve, and how extensive a change they wanted.
    And whilst I don't care for Theresa May as a person or a politician, she has had to deal with everything. She has been thrust into a position that no one wanted to take, whilst facing endless attacks from both sides, one that feels she has "betrayed" them for trying to leave, and another that feels she has "betrayed" them, because she cannot deliver the utopia they promised but had no intention of stepping in to deliver.

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid 5 months ago

    I don't get it, is Perkins a Leaver who dislikes May because May is dragging her feet getting us out of the EU?

  • Dissonantia Cognitiva
    Dissonantia Cognitiva 5 months ago

    The leadership contest was called because theresa may not is a treasonous cunt, that's why
    She does not want to lead, why she stepped up is a mystery to anyone with one eye open

  • Brydon Sinclair
    Brydon Sinclair 5 months ago

    Just had a crazy thought. Sack all the politicians and have all the comedians, who've been trying the damnedest to make Brexit as entertaining as they possibly can, take the empty jobs in parliament, at least we'd actually get straight talking people telling us like it is for a change!

  • Gary Dunn
    Gary Dunn 5 months ago +1

    Blair did not have balls to call it. Just used the sentiment to get elected, Cameron did. Non of them actually thought we would vote to leave. Credit to Cameron. I am a labour supporter but Corbyn will never be Prime Minister. I do agree with some points..More work should have been done on a plan. I think the EU leaders are hell bent on making the UK look bad anyway. I would rather have no deal and deal with it.than continually drag it out as a final say on a final say on a final say. Respect the vote.

    • Farmer ned 6
      Farmer ned 6 5 months ago

      Ageed! - Major, Blair & brown were all technically traitors to their country , by ceding sovereignty to the EU , without the consent of the people, much as everybody blames Cameron, he's the PM , that had to work with the Libdems , with No Money, and oversaw 3 referendums during his premiership,
      To my mind - he should have been neutral/objective over brexit , and not involved himself, and then carried out the result, and not run off "This is your decision. The
      Government will implement what you decide"

  • Din
    Din 5 months ago +1

    "Contains adult humor" *middle aged man covered in foam"

  • nooka88
    nooka88 5 months ago


  • Josie Fox
    Josie Fox 5 months ago

    Fuck Brexit! And fuck Corbyn ! Give us another referendum! Nobody knew what they were voting for because there was no plan!!

    FULL MOON 5 months ago +1

    Sue Perkins Idea of democracy, if the left win a vote they get what they voted for, if the right win a vote they spend 2 and a half years of the rich and privileged doing everything in their power to stop winners getting what they voted for.

    FULL MOON 5 months ago +1

    AGAIN RE-MANIACS.... IT WAS A CLOSE CALL SO LETS SHARE IT.... WTF, can you imagine a losing leave people telling the re moaners that it was a close call so lets share it... YOU CAN NOT SHARE AN IN OR OUT SITUATION.. its either one or the other ffs

  • erzan
    erzan 5 months ago +3

    May is Right Wing and not Centre-Right like Cameron. She lacks the personality and ideology that would lead her to reach out to the Centre-Right let alone Centre-Left. She called a snap General election to increase HER majority and demanded, even after she lost it, that the 48% get behind HER. She can get lost.

    • erzan
      erzan 4 months ago

      @no hassle He supported same-sex marriage, free movement of labour, gave a tax cut to the poor and supported foreign aid. Now I am Labour and dislike Tories but that does not mean I will pretend there is not a Centre Right and Right Wing Tory. Cameron is not in the same camp as May or Boris, that's just obvious.

    • no hassle
      no hassle 4 months ago

      Cameron was Centre-right? You could have fooled me.

  • Hubert 58
    Hubert 58 5 months ago

    Theresa May has worked hard and she has achieved winning Scottish trust in England, and her being a normally hated tory, what does she have?, answer, sexy bitch.

  • Leonard O'Grady
    Leonard O'Grady 5 months ago

    More roaring, angry gammon here than in a piggery before feeding time :D :D :D

  • Ironhide
    Ironhide 5 months ago

    They aren't wrong.

  • High Light
    High Light 5 months ago +1

    I can’t wait for a hard Brexit. I can’t wait to hear the ‘I didn’t vote leave’ or ‘I didn’t know I was going to lose my job as well’ you won’t be able to find a lever when this goes pear shaped. Get ready to hide you worms.

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore 5 months ago +4

    We have already had the people's vote. We voted for Brexit a Hard Brexit. Us Brexiter's are more than happy to have a no deal Brexit. We would rather do trade deals with Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand rather than Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. BREXIT MEANS BREXIT 🇬🇧

    • Juggler4071
      Juggler4071 5 months ago +2

      The idea of a hard, no deal brexit was dismissed by Leavers as Project Fear. Now you claim it's actually what you voted for? Really?

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago +1

      Paul Moore oohhh another thicko not letting his ignorance get in the way of forming an opinion , as daft as it is.

    • When in doubt, be a unicorn
      When in doubt, be a unicorn 5 months ago +2

      Umm... you didn’t know what a hard brexit was then and you certainly don’t understand the implications now. Furthermore, it’s widely acknowledged that people who voted leave actually want/ed a whole plethora of different outcomes. There is no one united vision of the future from brexiteers... hence the mess we’re in now.

    • Richard Slater
      Richard Slater 5 months ago

      I think that may have been the general idea, but don't think it was very well thought through.

  • Michael Oxlong
    Michael Oxlong 5 months ago +1

    Comments that focus on how it’s ‘unfunny SJW’ humour as an attempt to justify them being incorrect don’t know how to make a point.

  • Plerp Plerp
    Plerp Plerp 5 months ago

    Why do Brexit politicians sound like the character Andy Pipkin in the comedy series, Little Britain? " I don't LIKE it! I want THAT one! Yeah, I know!" It's a trade negotiation, not pick'n'mix at Wooly's.

  • A G
    A G 5 months ago


  • A G
    A G 5 months ago


  • sven svenson
    sven svenson 6 months ago

    I voted leave because a wasp stung me and I bet the stripey bastard came from the EU.

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge 6 months ago

    They're all wearing black as if in mourning.

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge 6 months ago +3

    Democracy is so inconvenient!

  • Peter Rose
    Peter Rose 6 months ago +3

    Sue Perkins is disgusting foul mouthed woman . Whatever you think of Theresa May, Sue's comments are deeply offensive to any human being....and uncalled for. I found her behavior sickening

    • Barry William Teske
      Barry William Teske 5 months ago

      Peter Rose Oh look! You’ve forgotten your mirror.

    • Peter Rose
      Peter Rose 6 months ago

      @Leigh Chapman You misunderstood the point. The point is, if she said about YOU, in front of 2 million people, would you still think it was funny ? ...I think not. Anyway, if you condone that sort of disgusting behavior, then you must have very low moral standards. ......think it through before you jump on the shallow 'trendy' bandwagon.

    • Leigh Chapman
      Leigh Chapman 6 months ago

      Peter Rose I’m a human being and I didn’t find it all offensive .... you need to get out more🤦‍♂️

  • cary bary
    cary bary 6 months ago

    Adam being jizzed on by soros

  • Trish Traynor
    Trish Traynor 6 months ago +1

    Wow Cathy could almost be Scottish. She’s saying what we all say about being ruled from England!! England voted leave, England voted in a Tory Government.

  • Zed's Dead
    Zed's Dead 6 months ago

    I've had enough of the anti brexit rhetoric and the ensuing media shitstorm.

  • Niku Nashi
    Niku Nashi 6 months ago

    Bringing out the overweight middle aged muff divers now, bottom of the remain barrel has officially been struck.

  • DiarrheaMusketeer
    DiarrheaMusketeer 6 months ago

    Sue Perkins is about as funny as cancer.

  • David Simpson Jr
    David Simpson Jr 6 months ago

    Somebody needs to remind these co-hosts when they start chewing on their fingernails that THEY ARE ON CAMERA!

  • Simon G
    Simon G 6 months ago

    The look alikes look nothing like to may and mogg.

  • TheGoogleChrome
    TheGoogleChrome 6 months ago +4

    3:45 Adam creamed himself over an over-exaggerated left wing narrative

  • TheGoogleChrome
    TheGoogleChrome 6 months ago

    What will probably happen in a future episode on Brexit that has nothing to do with America: orange man bad
    Audience: hahaha

  • Dilly Dachshund
    Dilly Dachshund 6 months ago +4

    What a dozy, ignorant old cow sue Perkins has become. Totally anti-democratic, and supporting a dictatorship which was the wet dream of fascist leader Oswald Mosely.
    Hope she has enjoyed having a public - people like her are going to end up with no career post Brexit.

    • Mark Radcliffe
      Mark Radcliffe 5 months ago

      frenchie jones Sue Perkins comments about Teresa May saying that she was like shit on her shoe, was a total disgrace, and showed a total lack of respect for Teresa May, she should keep her left wing comments to herself, what the hell does she know about Brexit anyhow, and also she is not very funny.

    • Juggler4071
      Juggler4071 5 months ago +1

      You got that out of her suggestion that both sides of the house should have worked together to deliver a brexit that would be acceptable to the majority, rather than the choice between an unacceptable deal that leaves us worse off or a no deal that leaves us much worse off?

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago +1

      Dilly Dachshund people like her ....well no chance for thick twats like you then ....probably a pensioner ....well let's rape the pensions after Brexit , and fuck off health care for the elderly ....big savings to be made here.

  • paint 67
    paint 67 6 months ago +10

    The biggest issue I have with this humour is it ist funny ..the shit on the shoe bit was amusing but overall not funny

    • paint 67
      paint 67 4 months ago

      @frenchie jones I don't watch it ...I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I found nothing witch didn't surprise me as I know the comics on this show are not funny

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago +1

      paint 67 then don't watch ...not difficult . Their ratings suggest some people find it funny.

  • Clayton Wiffen
    Clayton Wiffen 6 months ago +10

    What a SJW panel. The Metrolibs NEVER got over losing the referendum to the working class. /Can fill a Yellow vest revolution coming on.

    • Giovanni Magnus
      Giovanni Magnus 5 months ago

      What exactly did you win?

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago

      Clayton Wiffen ...can fill a yellow vest ????? Thick twat.

    • Ironhide
      Ironhide 5 months ago +1

      ​@Sam McCormick Massive generalisation really. It's like saying all leave voters are racist.

    • ali Servan
      ali Servan 5 months ago +1

      Clayton, you're an imbecile, a snowflake little bitch that would rather see the UK in economic and social chaos of a failed ideology than make fact based policy for the betterment of the nation. You sad little cunt.

    • Sam McCormick
      Sam McCormick 5 months ago


      Most of you are though.

  • Jay D
    Jay D 6 months ago +11

    The plan was WTO RULES!! Did none of you watch the debates?! Putting a Remainer in charge of Brexit was a total stitch up!

    • Ironhide
      Ironhide 5 months ago +1

      @Juggler4071 Revisionism, I think.

    • Juggler4071
      Juggler4071 5 months ago +4

      The official policy of the Aaron Banks Leave.EU campaign was a phased Brexit that would see us remain in the EEA via membership of EFTA for some years as the UK extricated itself from the EU without a cliff-edge economic shock. Staunch Brexiter Pete North was one of the brains behind this 'Flexit' proposal.
      On the other hand not one single person on any Leave campaign advocated WTO rules. None of them. In fact, any suggestions that we might end up without any trade deals with any country anywhere would have been dismissed as Project Fear.
      To claim that you and 17 million others intentionally voted for WTO rules is quite simply a lie. Or revisionism.

    • Jay D
      Jay D 5 months ago

      laura nixon I work for a housing association in homeless prevention...I know exactly where your coming from. I’m old enough to remember what the U.K. was like before the corrupt EU ....a bunch of rich old white men undemocratically dictating to the people of Europe for their own gain ...all we can do is stay positive and don’t let these negative naysayers pollute our souls ...stick together I say, don’t let the elites divide us!

    • laura nixon
      laura nixon 5 months ago

      @Ironhide i did and think from what I've seen of other leavers comments they also read the leaflet, it may come as suprise to some but there's a good few folk out there that will happily tell you they read the leaflet and did additional research before they made their decision, they listened to Cameron say it was a once in a lifetime vote and they went out casting their believing that the result no matter what would be respected and carried out. The problem lies with parliament prior to the referendum who didn't bother to do their homework and set out the plans for a leave result, the reason they didn't? Because they thought remain would win, all the polls pointed to that, Cameron and co. believed it, as did the media and those voted remain. The referendum had the biggest voter turn out in years, people who had been ignored for years and years, who eventually stopped bothering to vote because it didn't matter the political self indulgent idiots left to run our country never listen, then they get told get out and vote we will listen and we will abide the will of the people in this once in a lifetime vote! I don't think for one second the leavers are the misinformed ones in this situation, the remainers who have talked the talk and walked the same walk for years are still ignoring the voices of millions of people and quashing their issues, that have been growing and growing with every passing month and year, about the EU and the direction the country has been going for some time. We're still being told immigration isn't a problem, no matter what the people on the ground say those in power especially labour are still in denial about the people affected by mass immigration, it's good for the economy they say! Well i think the homeless native brits who will be trying to keep warm this winter, worrying they too will succumb to freezing temperatures like so many others last year. Funny how remainers have such big hearts for immigrants yet the people already here who need help and have been dumped by the system and left to rot on the streets, tell me how do remainers think they can fix this problem with open borders? How are you going to build enough new and affordable housing when you don't know who and how many will be coming from the EU? You could build 500,000 new homes and have 700,00 people turn enter the UK. And how are you going to fix the issues with by to rents? How will you ensure that all new builds are run by housing associations and aren't sold off? How will you ensure that any purchases of these new homes cannot be used to sell on after a year or two to make a few quid? And how will you ensure housing associations have the money to take on such a big project? The state can't help out with state aid funding under EU rules. We're stuck with a falling infrastructure that wasn't ready to hold the amount of people we have in the UK as it is, there's not enough housing, not enough jobs, even the roads are struggling with the amount of vehicles we have on our roads, how are you going to address these issues with more and more people coming here year on year? Eventually the infrastructure is going to crumble if we don't take control now and start putting plans in place and fixing the issues, none of this can be done with open EU borders and that means we can't do it whilst we are in the EU. So it's EU or the country goes not just economically to crap but in every other which way it can, mass poverty, mass homelessness of adults and children alike of all shapes, sizes and walks of life, EU, non EU, remainers and leavers. The we cannot do a damn thing to fix what needs fixing under the thumb of the EU.

    • Jay D
      Jay D 5 months ago

      BdaMonkey the choice at the ballot box was Remain or Leave, we decided to leave - no mention of a deal. Adopting WTO rules and offering the EU a free trade deal was argued by many Leave campaigners ...that’s what millions believed they were voting for. Don’t feed into the fear and negative spin of the alt-remain established elite, they don’t have our best interests at heart ...if anything the “people” should be pulling together.

  • liefhebber179
    liefhebber179 6 months ago +1

    staying in the EU will make the national humiliation even bigger

    • Dilly Dachshund
      Dilly Dachshund 6 months ago

      not at all. It will make Remoaners have to exercise their "freedom of movement".

  • Brexit Forum
    Brexit Forum 6 months ago

    More scare tactics - Have Your Say

  • Ray LV
    Ray LV 6 months ago +1

    Is this what gets a laugh these days? It's really quite disturbing that our democracy is being commented on by these uninformed, C list celebrities! George Orwell must be spinning in his grave right now!

  • Danny bhoy
    Danny bhoy 6 months ago +2


    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago

      Danny bhoy .....which is far better than tas. Thick as shit know the acronym for leave voters.

  • Argh Jay Em
    Argh Jay Em 6 months ago +3

    The Jacob Rees-Mogg impersonator looks more like John Major...

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago

      Argh Jay Em ...hard to find a lord snooty that looks like a lizard.

  • thisisbob1001
    thisisbob1001 6 months ago +1

    At last the voice of reason!

    • lucky ducky
      lucky ducky 3 months ago

      @Leigh Chapman im sorry but i still to this day have failed to meet anyone who votes leave that was persuaded by a bus or any other so called lies that the leave campaign spouted. However in your defence it is proving far more difficult to leave than anyone had any idea about and i mean that in terms of dealing with the EU rather than remainers making it difficult. We are so entranched in the EU with supply chains etc that its a complicated business. Does that not worry you ?

    • Leigh Chapman
      Leigh Chapman 6 months ago +1

      Dilly Dachshund No, the voice of people who put the well-being of their country first, unlike leave voters who only think of themselves and believe all the bullshit fed to them by an illegal LEAVE campaign.

    • Dilly Dachshund
      Dilly Dachshund 6 months ago +1

      What - the anti-democratic voice of pig-ignorant minor celebrities?

  • Tricky g
    Tricky g 6 months ago

    Channel 4 is full of leftist losers.

  • Kate Young
    Kate Young 6 months ago +7

    sue hilarious not - Kathy Burke very hilarious

    • Peter Lund
      Peter Lund 6 months ago

      "I can't believe it's not BREXIT" was pretty good, though :)

  • Fob Boss
    Fob Boss 6 months ago

    She’s a stupid cunt

  • Damian Moody
    Damian Moody 6 months ago +17

    Not at all funny and actually very inaccurate- basically standard B.B.C 'comedy'

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago +3

      Damian Moody four you thick twat . Another example of 'if Putin tells me it's BBC , then it's gotta be true ' thicko.

    • lynnisstrange
      lynnisstrange 5 months ago +3

      It’s channel 4 🙄

    • Ross Steven
      Ross Steven 5 months ago +12

      Yes, that famous BBC station: 'Channel 4'

    • xyzz Doe
      xyzz Doe 6 months ago +10

      It's not on the BBC.

    • Robert Medd
      Robert Medd 6 months ago +3

      How is it inaccurate? Although I do agree the comedy in this clip is very weak, I would like to know what you disagree with.

  • 10 9
    10 9 6 months ago

    Bunch of cunts the lot of them, go fuck yourselves.

  • Jolly Roger
    Jolly Roger 6 months ago

    Fuck the EU.

  • Iazzaboyce
    Iazzaboyce 6 months ago

    Skip to best bit 4:35

  • gratisversus
    gratisversus 6 months ago +36

    SJW comedy - truly the worst

    • gratisversus
      gratisversus 5 months ago

      Not as upset as you are when you realize there are only 2 genders

    • TheValeyard92
      TheValeyard92 5 months ago +1

      You upset, snowflake?

    • chrisose
      chrisose 5 months ago +2

      ali Servan,
      Social justice is a noble cause. Social justice warriors however do almost nothing to actually advance the cause of social justice, preferring instead to virtue signal by being offended on behalf of those who are not offended themselves. SJWs presume to speak for others based on their race, gender or sexual orientation which makes them just as racist and sexist as those they label as racists and sexists, in the process becoming just as big a bunch of cunts as the people they believe they are fighting.

    • gratisversus
      gratisversus 5 months ago +2

      ali Servan spoken like a true SJW

    • ali Servan
      ali Servan 5 months ago +8

      I've never understood why SJW is an insult. What you're saying is that social justie is something you don' like, which makes you a cunt, you do see that, yes?

  • Dobbs Mill
    Dobbs Mill 6 months ago +13

    I will eat humble pie if Theresa May gets less than 100 no confidence votes. Gets 117.
    Well you still have to eat humble pie anyway. Typical remainer.

  • Julian Abbott
    Julian Abbott 6 months ago +1

    Stewart Lee's let himself go..

  • Nunnha B
    Nunnha B 6 months ago +5

    Adam Hills is a pathetic 20/20 hindsight wiseman

    • Dean Lowdon
      Dean Lowdon 5 months ago

      Nunnha B Pretty sure a lot of people predicted that deciding to leave the EU would be a complete mess 😂😂

    • Lies Tricks
      Lies Tricks 6 months ago

      Right because no one could have possibly told you this was gonna a be shit show and that there was no plan to start with. ....only they did.

  • skysurfer
    skysurfer 6 months ago

    "The whole things is happening because there wasn't a plan in the first place..." Didn't they have two years to figure this out? And why would you not have a referendum first in order to gauge sentiment? There are a ton of details involved, so why would you waste your time planning all that if the people ended up voting to remain?

    • OriginalPiMan
      OriginalPiMan 6 months ago +2

      They didn't need to have the whole thing outlined and provided with the ballot as supplementary material (to go to an extreme), but at the very least the Leave campaign could have had a coherent and plausible plan. The only thing I've seen that approaches a coherent plan for the Irish border without Britain staying in the customs union, is to cut them off and let them figure out their own fate. A completely unacceptable plan to the vast majority of Britons.
      I wouldn't vote for someone who said, "I've got an idea of what I want; vote for me and work out how to get there."

    • TRiG (Ireland)
      TRiG (Ireland) 6 months ago +3

      They should have had at least a vague draft plan.

  • Steve Y
    Steve Y 6 months ago +2

    It's all over democratized, too many opinions causing more rivalry than progress. Its a mess and embarrassing

  • IrishBoer
    IrishBoer 6 months ago +11

    Highly " controversial"- no that only applies to what English lefties don't like...

    • Michael Coward
      Michael Coward 5 months ago +1

      because we're the only ones with any sense of shame or dignity left...

    • Steve Nugent
      Steve Nugent 6 months ago +8

      You don't think it's controversial that the Tories were held in contempt, or that May knew she wouldn't win the vote so called it off, or that May has a 3rd of her own party that want her out?
      If you find all that normal then I worry about your sanity.

  • SkyGuy 675
    SkyGuy 675 6 months ago +1

    i think im missing some context... did he... did he have a shaving foam malfunction

  • Felicity Cook
    Felicity Cook 6 months ago +2

    is sue Perkins john Oliver's sister or something...uncanny mannerisms...

  • isa sole
    isa sole 6 months ago +1

    I think the best way to diffuse this complicated situation is by inviting all the MP's over to a game of ping pong and winner decides 😂

    • Al Zheimer
      Al Zheimer 6 months ago

      If you can stop the public school boys from batting each others bottoms long enough, they would argue over if the table conforms to EU standards... Not to mention the ball fiddling scandal that will erupt post first serve.

  • Brandon Corona
    Brandon Corona 6 months ago +4

    I honestly like Teresa may, becuase everyone know shes a lizzard sent to take over the world like the Queen, Obama, trump, and of course Beyonce.😂😂😂😂

  • Creepy Custard
    Creepy Custard 6 months ago +1

    “What’s your job?”
    “I pretend to be Theresa May on the Last Leg”

  • rexel666
    rexel666 6 months ago +4

    Oh, my God, her neck - she looks like Bo' Selecta.

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago

      rexel666 ...says the guy who looks like a piano .

    • Shiv
      Shiv 5 months ago

      rexel666 lol

  • pete b
    pete b 6 months ago +1

    Perkins offered to pay men to rape her but nobody was interested not even a Muslim which is why she is a muff diver

    • Ironhide
      Ironhide 5 months ago

      @Drink Water 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rob Duncan
    Rob Duncan 6 months ago

    May shit on a shoe .

  • Lucy C
    Lucy C 6 months ago +39

    THANK YOU KATHY FOR SAYING IT!! Exactly how I feel about the whole thing

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 6 months ago +8

    Aids > adam hills

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath 4 months ago

      frenchie jones Did I trigger you npc?

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago

      Michael McGrath ....brain dysfunction, brain tumour = Michael McGrath.

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 6 months ago +10

    Send Adam Hills back to Australia! We don't want that woke npc twat!

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath 4 months ago

      Alien Bodo Did i trigger you npc?

    • Dire Wolf
      Dire Wolf 6 months ago +2

      We don’t want the cunt either.

    • Nunnha B
      Nunnha B 6 months ago +2

      Only if the ship or plane goes down on the homeward trip.

    • Alien Bodo
      Alien Bodo 6 months ago +12

      Michael McGrath how about dumping a turd in your mouth and flush you down the drain, comrade?

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 6 months ago +22


    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago

      Michael McGrath oohhh....all in capitals as well . Fully paid up member of the thick brigade here then .

    • Sebastien Devos
      Sebastien Devos 5 months ago

      this is like red dead when you ride into camp and see two npcs talking each other

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago +3

      @Michael McGrath As is your response.

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath 6 months ago

      Adam Generic NPC response

    • Alien Bodo
      Alien Bodo 6 months ago +2

      Ok, enough about you...what do u think about the show?

  • Barry William Teske
    Barry William Teske 6 months ago

    Full burn!

  • yuki
    yuki 6 months ago +3

    BURN 🔥 🔥

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 6 months ago

    Shit Storm, yeah, I'd say so. Trump's MAGA MuriKKKA, May's UK, France, Vlad and the Saudi are sittin' back laughing their arses off. You're not powerless, you Can do something, VOTE

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 6 months ago +27

    Shit Storm. yes. I would say so. Trump's MAGA MuriKKKa, May's UK, France, you know who's laughing, did you see Putin and the Saudi? ...yeah, the ''Bad Guys'' are sitting back laughing.

  • Raymond Hall
    Raymond Hall 6 months ago +45

    Man, this panel is an SJW wet dream

    • TheValeyard92
      TheValeyard92 5 months ago

      Raymond thinks it's all going swimmingly, apparently.
      Raymond is also available to juggle and ride a unicycle at parties.

    • Robert Medd
      Robert Medd 5 months ago

      @frenchie jones You know the reason people like him don't like people like you is because you're attacking them, right? Just calling people "thick obnoxious twats" for making the slightest comment isn't how you win an argument, it's just provoking unnecessary conflict.

    • frenchie jones
      frenchie jones 5 months ago +2

      Raymond Hall ..whereas you prefer nazi or Russian propaganda. Being a thick obnoxious twat disables you from being someone who wants social justice . It just flies over your stupid head.

    • Dean Lowdon
      Dean Lowdon 5 months ago +1

      Raymond Hall I keep seeing comments like this with no explanation. How is any of this anything to do with being a SJW?

    • Barry William Teske
      Barry William Teske 6 months ago +1

      Michael McGrath One day, this proud SJW might be the only person that recognizes you too deserve respect and equal measure for what you experience as an injustice and a debasing of your humanity.